Best Motorcycle Jackets For Summer (Review)

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A motorcycle jacket is an indispensable gadget for every biker. For our best list, a team of experts and I took out the time to conduct various tests on the available best motorcycle jackets for summer. This resulted in a formidable leaderboard, which also has ratings for sizes, protectors, weight, and other advantages.

When searching for motorcycle jackets, the primary reason is to protect yourself from possible injury. This way, you are focused mainly on using protectors that are integrated into the jackets. Also, the modern motorcycle jackets comparison winners prove to be comfortable clothing that offers ideal weather protection and is breathable.

Alpinestars Men's Andes v2 Drystar Motorcycle...
Dainese Air Crono 2 Textile Jacket (54)...
Revit Flare Motorcycle Jacket Army Green, XXL
Alpinestars - ANDES V2 DRYSTAR Black Motorcycle Jacket
Dainese Air Crono 2 Textile Jacket
Revit – Flare Army Green, Waterproof Motorcycle Jacket
Alpinestars Men's Andes v2 Drystar Motorcycle...
Alpinestars - ANDES V2 DRYSTAR Black Motorcycle Jacket
Dainese Air Crono 2 Textile Jacket (54)...
Dainese Air Crono 2 Textile Jacket
Revit Flare Motorcycle Jacket Army Green, XXL
Revit – Flare Army Green, Waterproof Motorcycle Jacket

Due to the relatively close fit and the connection options with the associated trousers, no straps or straps can fly around: they would pose a safety risk at higher speeds. That way, they care motorcycle to ensure that the drivers are safe on the road and that they remain fit to drive even under challenging conditions.

The motorcycle jackets from the test are made of abrasion-resistant materials. Often it is leather, but individual textile fibers also protect against a fall. Motorcyclists have a very high risk of slipping on the road after an accident. To keep the risk of injury low, the jackets also serve here as clothing.

The protectors can dampen an impact, and the body is protected accordingly. Ordinary jackets, even if they are made of leather, do not have this protective function. The protectors are not only missing here, but the abrasion resistance and the climatic properties can not compete with the comparison jackets in motorcycle jackets.

Next, we offer you a list that includes the best motorcycle summer jackets of 2020. With these options, you can be sure of having only the best protective suits suitable best for summer.

1. Alpinestars ANDES V2 DRYSTAR Black Motorcycle Jacket

For many, Alpinestars wouldn’t come as much as a surprise to them.

This brand has continually clouded the motorcycle accessories market for a while, thus earning its significant trademark recognition.

However, it is specially designed for men.


  • Waterproof
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • With reflectors
  • With removable lining
  • Ventilation system available
  • With removable lining
  • Abrasion-resistant


  • Conducive for great ventilation
  • It is available from size S to 5XL.


  • Does not have Gore-Tex
  • It has no trellis

2. Dainese Air Crono 2 Textile Jacket

This jacket is also from a well-known motorcycle clothing and equipment brand: Dainese. The model has breathable materials that protect durability and freshness during the summer.

This product has protections in different areas so that you can protect various parts of the body. You can find it available in different sizes to choose the one that best suits you.

It has reflective fabric sleeves to provide greater security against engravers in low light and a breathable mesh lining that ensures greater comfort and prevents excessive sweating. This product has reinforced lumbar support at the waist to reduce fatigue when driving.


  • It is D-Synth 350 fabric and has mesh fabric inserts
  • The protectors are removable and have quality certificates on the elbows
  • It has a ventilation system
  • It has a system so you can grab the jacket to the pants
  • It has 2 outer pockets
  • No Gore-Tex lining
  • It has reflectors
  • Lightweight
  • It is specially designed for the summer months and is available from sizes 50 to 60.


  • Safety certification on the elbow protections
  • With outer pockets
  • With ventilation system
  • Available in different sizes
  • Jacket-pants closure system


  • It is specially designed for summer. So the fabric may be too thin for the coldest months

3. Revit – Flare Army Green, Waterproof Motorcycle Jacket

This urban motorcycle jacket is from the Revit brand. It is camouflage and incorporates a hat that you can put on when you get off the bike.

The Revit flare army camera is especially for gentlemen, and that is available in XL. It is perfect to use during the summer and the materials are completely breathable. Its design is short but quite modern, so you will surely love it. It’s made with a high-quality polyester textile.

Also, the product has a mesh that allows air circulation more efficiently, it uses both summer and spring, and it also has protection on the back that can gin, as well as the protection zones on both shoulders and elbows. This way, you can wash them quickly without losing their intrinsic properties.


  • It is polyester
  • Has removable thermal lining
  • It is waterproof
  • It has a ventilation system (using zippers under the arms)
  • It has pockets
  • The logo is reflective
  • Double zipper and belt
  • It is available in sizes S, M, XL, XXL, and XXXL.


  • Hooded for when you get off the bike
  • Double zip
  • With pockets
  • Waterproof
  • With ventilation system
  • Available in many sizes


  • Not reflective enough.

4. Hairpin Belstaff – Motorcycle Jacket for Women

It is specially designed for all those women who are motorcycling lovers.

The Hairpin Belstaff motorcycle jacket for women is a product with a large number of protectors and stands out from the rest for excellent water resistance. It is available in a striking orange color that cannot be overlooked; the product also has excellent resistance to high temperatures, making it ideal for hot weather.

This product can be used at any time of the year, and it has an innovative design, with details on the neck, cuffs, elbow patches, and a high level of protection. The product has a long zipper that allows you to connect the jacket at the rear; the inner lining can be easily removed.


  • Protections with CE certification
  • Different pockets
  • Two-way zip
  • Removable padding
  • Abrasion-resistant


  • It’s waxed cotton and has removable padded padding
  • It has protectors on shoulders and elbows and a protective pocket for the back (they are certified)
  • Features 4 front snap pockets and one zip pocket
  • The closure is bi-directional zipper and also has two buttons.
  • The neck is stiff
  • The light
  • It is resistant to abrasion
  • It is available in sizes: 42, 44 and 50


  • Only for women
  • It has no reflectors

5. IXS – Evans Motorcycle Jacket

The IXS Evans men’s jacket is available in black, yellow/black, and black/blue. This product features highly resistant armor and quality mesh that provides freshness during the summer. This product is available in size S. It has excellent durability, is entirely resistant to abrasion and tear, so that you don’t have to worry about breakages.

This product has a large mesh and a high level of freshness; the arms are pre-curved for a better fit and give you greater comfort. Also, this product includes elbow, shoulder, and back protectors That can be easily disassembled, so they provide the mayor with COMFORT when it comes to washing it: In addition to having custom-fit straps.


  • It is 600D Oxford cloth
  • It has reflectors
  • It has a ventilation system
  • Has outer pockets
  • Lightweight
  • It is available from size XS to 5XL.


  • With reflectors
  • With ventilation system
  • It is available in many sizes and colors
  • It has a good price


  • Does not specify whether or not it is waterproof

6. Borleni – Windproof Motorcycle Jacket

This Borleni brand jacket is one of the best sellers on Amazon. It is also the cheapest of the remaining ones already shown to you.

Interestingly, it is available in different colors: black, blue, and red. That is ideal for men, and that has an Air Flow mesh that guarantees the maximum level of freshness. So we do not have to worry about moisture compensation or sweating. It is made of high-quality polyester and a shell of resistant mesh and is easy to wash. It also has reflective elements for night places.

This product has different removable areas, including the elbow, shoulder, and back, so it provides maximum comfort and fit. It also has an adjustable system that allows you to adjust the waist, sleeve width, and cuffs for greater adaptability to the shape of your body.


  • It is suitable for all seasons of the year: spring, autumn, winter and even summer.
  • Wind resistant
  • Made of polyester
  • Has a removable cotton lining
  • It has 5 removable protectors (back, shoulders and elbows)
  • It has a ventilation system
  • It has 2 outer pockets
  • Lightweight
  • It is specially designed for men and is currently available in sizes: M, L, XL and XXL.


  • Amazon best seller
  • The cheapest
  • With 5 protections included
  • Available in different sizes and colors
  • With outer pockets


  • Only available for men
  • Some clients mention that the sleeves are too wide.

7. CHQQQ Motorcycle Jacket Comfortable Breathable

If you are looking for a jacket to reinforce protection with composite protectors, this choice is for you. Integrated with aluminum inserts on the shoulders, various adjusters, and pockets on the chest and back for protection, this jacket is excellent enough to be considered even for winter biking. Interestingly, you can also wear underwear. During summer, the clothes are comfortable and breathable and will not make you feel warm.

Some users mention that it would be better if the model included more compartments or pockets to store small objects that need to be on hand. It is a very light model with a structure recommended for the summer, offering protection from the sun, and in a black color that will combine with the rest of your clothes.


  • Safe, high-strength fabric
  • Reflective night label
  • Windproof  


  • Four seasons apply
  • Suitable for different climatic conditions
  • Strengthen protection


  • Requires regular and quite expensive maintenance

8. Men’s Infinity Airflow Perforated Leather Motorcycle CE Armor

With a kind of super reflective materials – adjustable at the waist and cuffs, you definitely will not mind having this jacket all to yourself. Laced with high-quality protections homologated level 1 removable elbow, shoulder, and back, every summer biker would need to rethink not wanting to have this product.

It incorporates extra reinforcements on the back, shoulders, and elbows, two of the bodies most at risk of injury when riding a motorcycle, so it has an essential level of protection. They can also be removed in case you don’t want to use them.

It is possible that the size that the person chooses does not coincide with the contexture of the user’s body, so it is recommended to check the measurements of the jacket in advance before making the purchase.


  • Removable
  • Waterproof and thermal lining. Lightweight and breathable
  • Sanity in a perfect ventilation mesh.
  • Reinforced stitches


  • Detachable lining
  • Super reflective materials
  • Not heavy
  • Cordura material


  • Lacks durability.

9. Borneair Protective Motorcycle Jacket

Riding during summer has never been easier than or is with this Borneair summer jacket. This product is duly made with two side pockets and one internal pocket to enhance bikers’ movement with small gadgets strapped to the body. Also, it comes with a heavy-duty short-waist zipper to tie pants together as well as a comfortable padded collar. Indeed, this is a fitted design; I recommend that you buy one size more. CE approved removable armor at the elbows and shoulder.

Its polyurethane plates and pads placed in places of great importance for torso protection make this model one of the highest safety levels when riding a motorcycle.


  • Size s for 91 cm to 122 cm
  • Removable lining and soft rear armor plate.
  • Heavy-duty short-waist zipper


  • Airvent zippers
  • To get a full range
  • Strong build


  • It is too expensive for what you get.
  • Not recommended for daily use.

10. SunTime NFS-001

Its light and ergonomic design differentiates it from other models available on the market, as its elastic and velcro bands allow the user a better fit to the body, without having to make any modifications to the design.

It also has PVC protective plates that are flexible, especially those located at the rear, in order to provide protection without taking away the user’s ability to move.

It also has thick pads on the sides of the waist, as well as on the shoulders and elbows that are rigid and made of nylon. To complement, it has compression pads on the chest to minimize an eventual impact against the pavement.

The entire dorsal part of the jacket is removable in case the plates need to be removed and replaced to mitigate risks and increase user protection.

The piece has a mesh of lycra and EVA -a foam rubber-, which reinforces the user’s safety and facilitates perspiration, so that it provides freshness, especially in summer where temperatures rise.


  • Lycra foam rubber
  • PVC protective plates
  • Removable dorsal parts.


  • Lycra foam rubber
  • PVC protective plates
  • Removable dorsal parts.


  • Lightweight
  • Thick Pads to withhold the waist and shoulder.


  • Quite Expensive

11. Flavor Hood Leather Jacket

This jacket has a security system consisting of protections on the back, shoulders, and elbows, which are removable in case they need to be replaced due to wear or damage so that it can have a useful life of several years.

It should be noted that it has two protective linings: one thermal, to give protection in case the friction against the pavement increases the temperature and generates burns, and the other waterproof so that in case of rain, the user does not get wet.

Thus, the manufacturers made a jacket that can tolerate various climatic and temperature conditions due to its structure of 600D polyester, a much more reliable and more durable double fabric material.

It also has reflective material on its front, rear and side so that from all angles, other drivers at night can see the user who is driving the motorcycle and thus reduce the risks of impact on the road.


  • Great reflectors
  • Made of polyester
  • Waterproof


  • Durable and Dynamic
  • Water-Resistant


  • Quite expensive than some others on this list

12. Nerve Run Motorcycle Jacket

This model has removable shoulder and elbow protection plates; it also has CE certification for its commercialization in the market. It was made with reflective details on the piping both on the front and on the back for the user to be seen at night while driving on the road, and it is waterproof, so it keeps you protected from the rain.

The back padding that cushions shocks and falls is removable, in case it needs to be changed. The materials with which Nerve was made are of the highest quality, with 100% polyester construction and a polyurethane coating that provides greater rigidity and enough flexibility so that the person can move freely.

As it is a summer jacket, it has mesh panels on the chest, back, and armpits to ensure that drivers sweat and also to keep a cold temperature for the typical weather conditions of this season.


  • Waterproof
  • Removable cushion shocks


  • Helps riders maintain cool temperature
  • Flexible enough to allow riders better room


  • Not conductive for winter rides.  

Best Motorcycle Summer Jacket Guide & FAQs

When it comes to motorcycle jackets, most people first think of the classic leather jacket in black. The stable material is abrasion-resistant and can withstand high loads, but it must also be thick enough. In this case, accidents with longer slides can be weathered without scratches.

The motorcycle jackets made of smooth leather are cut close to the body, which means that the protectors nestle close to the arms and shoulders. So nothing can slip, and the protection increases.

Compared to other materials, leather is relatively heavy and also stiff. Also, the water-repellent properties of leather jackets are not as good as synthetic jackets. In the meantime, some manufacturers are also presenting jackets made of waterproof leather that has a functional membrane. This keeps the inside dry even when it is raining.

Leather jackets require a certain amount of care so that the material does not become porous. The appropriate care sprays and impregnations help to keep the leather supple and smooth. With the natural material, however, care must be taken so that the pores do not become clogged; therefore, they should be economical when using the care products.

The second main variant of motorcycle jackets is the textile jacket. It scores with its lighter weight and excellent comfort. It also proves to be weatherproof and is often breathable. Depending on the strength of the impregnation and the climatic properties, the textile jackets can keep the cold out and allow specific temperature compensation. Some of them have ventilation openings, which is an excellent advantage on warm days.

There are other distinguishing features of motorcycle jackets in the test. You can find jackets for men, women and even children who travel with them. Also, motorcycle jackets can be divided into winter and summer jackets, depending on their heat functions.

The advantages mentioned here apply to all motorcycle jackets from the product comparison:

  • Good protection against injury through integrated protectors,
  • Protection against wind and moisture,
  • Low drag when driving,
  • Expandable with additional elements,
  • Can be combined with motorcycle pants,
  • Close securely.

The disadvantages of motorcycle jackets:

  • Relatively High Weight,
  • Partly Not Breathable.

Above all, a motorcycle jacket has to fit perfectly. Only then can it protect motorcycle riders. The protection system also includes adaptation to weather conditions. If you do not only ride your motorcycle from spring to early autumn, you are well-advised to wear a jacket with a removable inner lining. Such a motorcycle jacket can be worn with a warm lining with thermal function or with a breathable mesh lining. For those who go on tours with their two-wheelers mainly in the summer season, a thermal lining is not so important.

Protectors, in particular, play a significant role in the search for a motorcycle jacket. You can find the necessary information using the standard report if you want to find out more about the protective function of these elements. Various standards are responsible for the joint and back protectors. In general, the protectors are made of several materials. The core of the EPS protectors consists of styrofoam, which is based on expanded polystyrene. The hard shell protectors have a robust outer shell, which is either made of polycarbonate or made of polypropylene.

Inside, the protectors are made of softer foam material, which is responsible for the padding. When using polyethylene foam, you often get an ergonomic shape that is correspondingly comfortable. This also applies to the protective elements made of elastane, which, however, are significantly more voluminous. The damping properties of polyurethane foam are particularly impressive.

The test of the motorcycle jackets was about carefully examining the various features and their relevance. When it comes to the fit, it is difficult to make a pre-selection: Here, the motorcyclists have to try out which jacket best fits their body. However, we were able to decipher which jackets are particularly resistant and what the combination looks like. The decision for material depends on your own taste but also on the feeling of security. These are the things to consider before buying a summer motorcycle jacket?


The motorcycle jacket can only fulfill its protective function if it fits perfectly. The jacket should not only be comfortable to wear when you stand or walk. It is much more critical that she neither pinches nor sits too loosely when riding the two-wheeler. You can determine this by putting on the selected jacket and sitting on the motorcycle in the usual positions.

The motorcycle jacket must be so tight that the protectors cannot slip away. At the same time, the sleeves have to correct length so that they cover the wrist even when the arms are bent. A zipper at the end of the sleeve helps to put on and optimally protect the joints. At the waist and hips, the motorcycle jacket comparison winner has the ideal length so that the kidneys are kept warm, and nothing can slide up. Jackets can be combined with compatible motorcycle pants: this is particularly useful in colder temperatures.


The protectors integrated into the motorcycle jacket should have excellent damping properties so that you feel safe when driving.

At the same time, the protectors must be the right size and also be in the right place. Otherwise, the shocks cannot be absorbed in the event of an accident. If in doubt, a slightly larger area should be covered by the body.

Climatic Properties

Motorcycling can be exhausting so you can work up a sweat even in cold temperatures. So that it does not get wet under the jacket, many manufacturers rely on breathable equipment. In the meantime, there are also leather jackets that can wick away the moisture, but the textile jackets are somewhat more advanced.

An inner lining, which serves as heat insulation in winter, can help against the cold. In summer, the drivers prefer to use the mesh lining, which ensures a pleasant indoor climate thanks to its air permeability. If you don’t have a jacket with a replaceable lining, you need two motorcycle jackets: one for the warm season and one for the cold months of the year.

Seam Processing

Jackets with fewer seams are more robust than models with many seams. Therefore, a small number of seams is an indication of the reliable quality of the motorcycle jacket. So that the seams do not come loose in the event of a fall, they are usually on the inside. For the same reason, the zippers on the motorcycle jackets are covered. This processing method also ensures that wind and water do not penetrate.

Combination Ability

This is not only possible for motorcycle clothing from the same manufacturer. If you choose a combination jacket from the start, you can often combine it with pants from another brand. This is done using the connection zipper, which is incorporated in the jacket and trousers.


Some motorcycle jackets have additional functions such as closable pockets and adaptable sleeves. Some jackets can also be adjusted at the waist, which can usually be recognized by a two-part belt system. With this, it is possible to fasten the jacket tightly so that it has as little air resistance as possible while driving. Of course, the freedom of movement must not be restricted too much.

A zipper is often used to ensure that the arm openings tightly enclose the wrist. This also reduces air resistance, as does the optimally coordinated collar width.

Other Useful Accessories

Of course, there are suitable accessories for the motorcycle jackets from the product comparison. The motorcycle pants, gloves, boots, and other items of clothing can be technically and optically matched to the jacket. Often you buy this protective clothing right away, but later additions are also possible. If it is a leather suit, you can be sure that the motorcycle jacket and pants fit together. In many models, a connection is possible even if the jacket and pants come from different manufacturers.

The wide kidney belt is a valuable extra. It lowers the risk of injury in the event of a fall and also keeps the body warm. The kidneys, in particular, are susceptible and can cool down quickly. That is why the kidney belt was developed that covers precisely the right area.

Additional protectors for the back can also be combined with the motorcycle jackets highlighted here. Some of the protectors are already integrated into the jacket, but other protective elements can also be used if necessary. Since the protectors are worn under the jacket, there must be enough space for them.

The footwear plays motorcycle racing, a significant role particularly. That is why the boots are shaped so that they offer a secure hold. Due to the raised shaft and targeted reinforcements, you are better protected against injuries and can still move freely. This makes it easy to keep control of the motorcycle. Of course, the boots must fit perfectly with the motorcycle pants so that there are no problems at the transition.

Another indispensable part is the motorcycle helmet. The road traffic regulations stipulate the wearing of such a protective helmet. This is primarily about the safety equipment of motorcyclists, even if many bikers are guided by the look of the helmets and also the protective clothing. The motorcycle helmet should sit comfortably without restricting the view so that even longer journeys can be mastered without stress. The different forms of cross, jet and full-face helmets are tailored to the respective preferences and individual needs. So the helmet can be tailored to the type of motorcycle.

Probably the most widely used full-face helmet is also known under the name of a full-face helmet. It protects the upper part of the head as well as the chin and neck as it extends up to the neck. In contrast, the flip-up helmet has a flip-up chin guard, which makes putting it on easier. A cross helmet has been designed for the unique requirements of motocross riders and represents a perfect protection system that still leaves enough freedom. The classic half-shell shape of the open-face helmet is reminiscent of the earlier aviator and racing helmets. Motorcyclists who love vintage cars, in particular, like to opt for authentic open-face helmets, even if the protection here is somewhat lower.

With the right accessories for motorcycle jackets comparison winners, the utensils for care must also be listed. For this, you need either a leather cleaner or a special detergent and other care products. If you own a leather motorcycle jacket and wipe it regularly, it is best to always use the same soft clothes for it. Moreover, guests are offered for leather and textile jackets impregnation to choose from. This can be sprays or liquid solutions.

If you want to keep your motorcycle clothing perfectly, you can prepare a special place in the closet and buy solid hangers.

Not only do the jackets hang securely on these, but there is also a holder for the motorcycle pants. This way, the motorcycle gap can be pulled out with one hand when the next tour starts.

Alternatives to the Motorcycle Jacket

Of course, there are suitable accessories for motorcycle jackets from the product comparison. The motorcycle pants, gloves, boots, and other clothing items can be technically and optically matched to the jacket. Often you buy this protective clothing right away, but later additions are also possible. If it is a leather suit, you can be sure that the motorcycle jacket and pants fit together. In many models, a connection is possible even if the jacket and pants come from different manufacturers.

On short distances with a moped, this may still be fine, but on a real motorcycle, you should only get on with the right clothing. Otherwise, the high speeds that are possible mean that the danger is too great.

Not only do the jackets hang securely on these, but there is also a holder for the motorcycle pants. This way, the motorcycle gap can be pulled out with one hand when the next tour starts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does a motorcycle jacket work?

How a motorcycle jacket works can be well described by comparing it with regular street clothing. On the one hand, the material is very resistant to the outside and can also withstand heavy loads without showing any cracks or other traces.

This is ensured by tear-resistant outer materials such as leather or Cordura, a durable synthetic fiber. This already shows the motorcycle jacket’s primary function, which is to protect the rider from injury. A fall with the right protective clothing does not have to lead to bloody scratches or worse consequences.

Q: Where can I buy a motorcycle jacket?

Motorcycle jackets are primarily available from specialist shops. There is a large selection of different models and different materials. The Internet, with its sales portals and shops, offers a significantly more extensive selection.

Q: What sources are our grades based on?

The grades are made up of various factors. Tests and specialist magazines form the basis, and in the end, there are customer reviews.

Q: Do motorcycle jackets guarantee maximum protection when riding?

The motorcycle jacket is just as important for a motorcyclist as the motorcycle helmet. It protects the upper body from injuries if there is a fall. The right motorcycle jacket is, therefore, very important and offers maximum protection.

Q: What are the major materials that determine the type of motorcycle jacket?

A motorcycle jacket is either made of textile material, i.e., synthetic fibers like polyamide/polyester, or classic leather. Which jacket is preferred for the motorcycle depends, of course, on personal taste.

Q: What other things do I need to know about choosing a particular brand?

A motorcycle jacket should not be too tight, but should not flap either. It must sit optimally while standing and relaxing so that protection can be guaranteed and does not interfere with the journey.

Final Thoughts

It should be solidly made for motorcycle clothing to perform its function to the users’ satisfaction. Typically, the comparison winners of motorcycle jackets have material doubles in the areas of the buttocks, hips, shoulders, and elbows. This serves to improve the impact of protection and gives the jackets their typical appearance.

It is advisable to check the protectors carefully and also to look at the corresponding test seals. This is how you learn more about the safe quality of motorcycle jackets comparison winners. If you try on the jacket, you should not only stand in front of the mirror but also sit on your motorcycle: This is how you determine whether the kidney protection also covers the lower back area when you bend over.

However, this element can also be used separately. On the one hand, a motorcycle jacket should fit snugly, as the advisors repeatedly emphasize, on the other hand, the drivers also need a little freedom of movement. That’s why stretch panels can be useful. They are often present, especially in leather motorcycle clothing, because these stretch zones improve ergonomics and promote air circulation.

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