Best Motorcycle Jump Starters

3 Best Motorcycle Jump Starters & Boxes

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Imagine getting stuck in the middle of the road at awkward hours of the night, with your bike battery already dead and no one around to give a helping hand! For many ride enthusiasts, a motorcycle jump box or starter must be in a perfect state just as the motorcycle itself.

1. Nekteck Car

Nekteck Car Jump Starter Portable External Battery Charger

Using the right and best jump starter becomes very important for the rider. Our selection in this post has come as a perfect relief for all that you’ll need to know about the best motorcycle jump boxes.

What should you expect about the great motorcycle jump starters that’ll give you value for money, time, and resources invested? Versatility, compatibility, flexibility, high capacity power bank, durability and longevity, low energy consumption, and protection circuitry.

Some of the key specs are Portable power source, Capable of covering 500peak amps with 12,000mAh battery juice, Flexible and versatile to charge smartphones, tablets, speakers, etc, and Built-in Led flashlight indicator.


2. Bolt Power D28-Ultimate

Some of the key features are 13,600mAh battery capacity at 500 amps, Capable of jump-starting motorcycles, cars, trucks, boats, SUVs, and more

Anti-injury safety measures called to reverse polarity.

Great for charging electronic devices including laptops, smartphones, and tablets, and Hardy and good for temperatures of -20oF or as high as 130o F.

3. Vepagoo 800A Peak 19800mAh Portable Jump Starter & Battery Booster

  • Works on 12V vehicles, including gas and 4.5-liter diesel engines, work with a peak 800 amp and 19,800mAh battery juice.
  • Temperatures within -4oF and as high as 140oF.
  • Safety measures, preventing reverse-polarity, overcharge, overcurrent, and overvoltage.
  • Versatile to charge smartphone, e-reader, tablet, and other USB devices.

What are the Features of Motorcycle Jump Starters?

Let’s get to the real deal. Here’s the warning before you continue: never get carried away by the top three tantalizing features. Read about all the features of motorcycle jump starters to know what you should expect for an ideal motorcycle jump starter.

1. Versatility

One thing any good motorcycle jump starter must feature is its capacity to revive your dead battery and charge it to full capacity. Such a battery must have a high-quality built-in power bank capacity. Part of the versatility is the capacity of your jump starter to charge your smartphone, tablet, and other devices that use a USB cable.

Added to that, ask if the jump starter has dual USB ports that can be used to jumpstart boats, trucks, cars, or UTVs. Similarly, can the device work on diesel or gas cars or lawnmowers? That sounds weird? You could also look out for a motorcycle jump box device that is capable of a wide range of DC outputs (12, 16, or 19 Volts).

2. Affordability

It is one thing for a motorcycle jump box to be versatile and compatible with your motorcycle; another is whether the price fits into your budget. There are some high-quality motorcycle jump starters that will sink your hard-earned cash; we also have a range of them that feature quality and come at competitively affordable prices. For example, with less than $50, you’ll get an Arteck Jump starter auto battery charger from amazon.

3. Power and Capacity

Whether it is mini or large jump starters, having one with great capacity is a factor you must consider. The power capacity of jump starters ranges. We have those that cover and deliver a wide range of peak amperes, from as low as400 peak amps, (Suaoki U3), 600A (Nekteck Multifunctional Car Jump Starter Portable), 800A (Vepagoo Portable Jump Starter & Battery Booster), and even 1000A amps (GOOLOO SuperSafe Jumper Starter). You also have the option of a jump starter with an internal battery capacity of 16,800mAh, 19800mAh, etc. The jump starter should be capable of a range of DC output (from 12, 16, up to 19 Volts), giving you a lot of options from when you activate the jump starter’s key switch.

4. Compatibility

This is another important factor to look out for when planning to get a motorcycle jump starter. It is always challenging finding a jump starter model that’s compatible with your motorcycle, especially important is getting the perfect model which comes with all the features you need and the ones you don’t. The good news is that any of the following jump starter models will fit perfectly into the need for your battery.

Final Thoughts

Now that you understand the clear buying considerations and what to expect when you want to make an order from your e-store for motorcycle jump boxes, what is next than to start buying. You can’t afford to fail in your choice of the right motorcycle jump starters. Selecting the right jump starter will require you to take your time and do an adequate assessment of the device you want to buy.

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