10 Best Motorcycle Leather Jackets (Review)

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As an experienced rider, you are aware that you need specific tools in your arsenal for a safe ride. One of the tools you cannot do without is a motorcycle jacket. While your helmet, a pair of boots, and a pair of gloves play essential roles, the role of a motorcycle jacket is as well irreplaceable.

In this article, I will discuss everything a rider needs to know about motorcycle jackets. This article will focus on the best types of jackets and their importance. Also, in the article, we will discuss factors to consider when purchasing a motorcycle jacket.

Men’s Leather Crossover Scooter Jacket...
Levi's Men Faux Leather Motorcycle Jacket,...
Alpinestars Andes V2 Drystar Men's Street...
Crossover Scooter Motorcycle Jacket
Levi's Men's Faux Leather Motorcycle Jacket
Alpinestars Andes V2 Drystar Men's Street Motorcycle Jackets
Men’s Leather Crossover Scooter Jacket...
Crossover Scooter Motorcycle Jacket
Levi's Men Faux Leather Motorcycle Jacket,...
Levi's Men's Faux Leather Motorcycle Jacket
Alpinestars Andes V2 Drystar Men's Street...
Alpinestars Andes V2 Drystar Men's Street Motorcycle Jackets

Before we go into the review properly, it is worth knowing that motorcycle jackets are of two major types: textile and leather. Before the advent of the textile made, the leather version was widely accepted for its durability. Leather jackets were first used in other fields, such as the aviation industry.

Due to the kudos the leather jackets received from users in those industries, the motorcycle industry had to give it a trial, which was worth it. However, the textile-made jacket type found its way into the industry a few years later. As such, we have two main types of motorcycle jackets on the market. However, this article will focus on the best leather motorcycle jackets.

1. Crossover Scooter Motorcycle Jacket

Crossover Scooter Motorcycle Jacket

If you are on a low budget and want one of the best motorcycle jackets, this might be an excellent choice. Besides its impressive design, it comes with a removable mesh lining that makes the jacket a perfect choice for cold and hot weather.

Not minding the low price, the jacket offers quality performance. The elbow, shoulders, and back are protected with pads to improve comfortability. The pockets are also a feature you will want to know about, and the jacket pays so much attention to that aspect too.

With a Crossover jacket, you have four pockets around you to keep your items. The two inner pockets will safely house your sensitive items while keeping your other things in the outer pockets. What else, you have a list of sizes and colors to suit your choice.

2. Lewis Faux Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Another jacket that made it to our list of the best ten motorcycle jackets is this Lewis product. Lewis brand deserves some kudos for this excellent product. With this product, you have many things put under control. One feature you will probably fall in love with is the two large zippers: one on either side.

The zippers cover two large pockets for you to keep essential materials while riding. Not only this, but your articles are safe when it is raining because the jacket is waterproof. As such, if you have to ride in the rain, you have nothing to fear as far as water is concerned. Also, as a rider, you feel warm in the jacket.

The Lewis product knows you are not going to ride in the winter all year. As such, it makes a provision for removable thermal linings. It means you can remove the coating when it is hot, and you must ride. As this might not be enough to provide comfort while riding in warm weather, there is provision for a ventilation hole to enhance airflow inside the jacket.

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3. Alpinestars Andes V2 Street Motorcycle Jackets

Talk of everything you need in a motorcycle jacket and the Andes V2 Drystar is ready to meet it. If you need a jacket with enticing features, this might be your choice. To start with, you have a variety of sizes to choose from. Its array of colors and waist straps make the jacket well ranked on the list of best motorcycle jackets. The dual waist straps make it easy for riders to adjust the jacket to their suits.

The overall quality is another set of features to boost its marks: ranging from its zippers to its stitching. As you will expect, the zipper is waterproof, and the stitching is perfect that you won’t find any loose threads on the jacket. It is to give you the impression that the construction team behind this product is excellent at what it does.

Also, since you will be riding all year, you will want a jacket that makes provisions for summer and winter. Fortunately, the Drystar earns the marks in this aspect.

While the jacket may not have the elegant design you want, it provides your riding needs when you need them – while riding on the road. The brain behind the jacket focused the design on the safety and comfort of riders rather than eye-catching designs.

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4. Milano Sport Gamma Waterproof Motorcycle Jacket

Though it might be different from the majority of jackets on our list, the Milano Sport Gamma is another motorcycle jacket not to skip any best motorcycle jackets. The Gamma is different from other jackets above as it is purposely designed for sporting. It means that it might not be the best one if you are a daily commuter. While you might still want to go for it for its enticing features, you will not utilize its sporty capabilities.

To start with, its waterproof exterior promises to ensure you are comfortable while riding in the rain. It does not mean you cannot also use it in hot conditions, as it makes provisions for summer touring with its mesh interior that helps cold body heat while riding on summer days.

While this Gamma jacket may not be one of the best aesthetic aspects, it beats many other motorcycle jackets in the market. Besides being a fan of great design, the functionality of the jacket is excellent for consideration.

If you want to choose this jacket, you have different colors and sizes to choose from. Other features include armored padding, pockets, mesh ventilation, and waterproof material. All these features are to enhance riders’ safety and comfort. As such, you have nothing to fear aside from the not-too-much-enticing design.

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5. Alpinestars Celer Leather Motorcycle Jacket

If you are a fan of great designs, you will love to have this jacket. To complement its first impression of impressive design, the jacket comes in different sizes and colors, so you have your choice of color and size.

This jacket comes with pads on the shoulder, elbows, and back. These not only improve its design but also ensure you feel comfortable riding with the jacket as it absorbs impact.

Maneuverability is another great feature you will want to look for in a jacket, and this jacket does not miss that aspect as it comes with sleeves made from microfiber material. What else, this jacket features outside pockets. There is one pocket on either side of the jacket. With this, you can keep your valuables. Also, the pockets are safe as they come with zippers.

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6. Pilot Trans Urban Riding Jacket

The Pilot Motospot brand is well known in the industry for its great products. This jacket from the brand is not an exception. The features of the Urban V2 are what you cannot shift your eyes away from. To start with, this jacket comes in a different style to other styles in the market to ensure your protection and comfort are not compromised.

It is worth mentioning that this is the second version of the Trans Urban Jacket. While this is different in style from its predecessor version, it has all the great features of the first version, which we will talk about.

Like many other jackets on this list of the best motorcycle jackets, the Pilot MotoSpot jacket is also made from a waterproof material to aid your riding in the rain. Not only this, but the jacket as well features shoulder and elbow padding to support your comfort.

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Not only that. During the hot season, you can easily remove the inner sleeves and only have the breathable interior membrane to allow air circulation in the jacket. You might be concerned about if the inner layer will not give room for moisture. No, the membrane is intelligently designed only to give way for sweat and block humidity. With these features, riding is made easy, as you can remove the sleeves and still have your chest protected while journeying against the direct wind.

7. BlingSoul Brown Riding Jacket

This leather is no different from most other jackets on this list as it comes with fantastic style and functionality. However, the jacket comes with another feature that is rare to find in other jackets. The feature is that you can wear the jacket on casual occasions. With this, you can wear the jacket on a night out and still have a dominant appearance that excellently distinguishes you from your friends. Thanks to BlingSoul’s design team for this impressive innovation.

As this BlingSoul jacket is concerned, their kudos is not restricted only to its style. The jacket still has the marks when it comes to versatility. The leather material enables you to commute with the jacket regularly and even have it for a long time. It doesn’t stop there. The leather jacket keeps you warm while the weather is cold.

Another rare feature you will love this jacket for is its four pockets to keep your valuables. These are not just ordinary pockets but deep ones that give you enough space. The pockets are of two types: two outer and two inner pockets. You can keep your sensitive belongings in the internal pockets and others in the exterior pockets. Plus, the external pockets are lined with viscose material, so you can keep your hands in to feel warm.

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8. Viking Cycle Ironborn Waterproof Motorcycle Jacket

Like many other jackets on this list, the Viking Cycle Ironborn jacket is water-resistant and comes with shoulder, elbow padding, and insulated full sleeve lining. The question is, why does the jacket stand out? In addition to these standard features, the Viking jacket is more of a street riding style than a cruise style.

Choosing this jacket lets you enjoy an impressive design and protection against direct wind with the material it is manufactured from. Moreover, just as you would expect from our list of best motorcycle jackets in the market, this comes with a removable lining to enhance riders’ comfort while riding on hot days.

In the aspect of style, the Viking jacket is not missing out. The jacket is designed in a way that you barely notice the padding. Yet, it protects your elbows and shoulders against impacts. As if those are not enough to make them one of the best on the market, the jacket ensures resistance against the wind while riding in cold weather.

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9. Hot Leathers Men’s Heavyweight Double Piping Riding Jacket

It is made of very thick leather. Mere carrying the jacket, its heaviness is enough to give you a taste of what to expect. It is not just heavy for nothing, but to enhance durability and maximum protection. Don’t be deceived by its texture when you first buy it. On the first wear, it can be stiff, but as you continue to use it, it becomes well consumed. One setback of many jackets is how they flip in the air while riding. The Hot Leather Men’s jacket deals with that.

It also comes with pockets safeguarded with zipping. With this, you can keep your valuable items without the fear of falling off as the ride gets interesting. The zippers are not only limited to the outer pockets but also one of the inner pockets. It gives double protection to items in the internal pocket. Also, to the inner pocket without a zipper, it is to provide quick access to your items when you need them quickly.

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10. Joe Rocket Velocity Motorcycle Jacket

When it comes to choices of color, individuals are different. As such, you will want a jacket with various colors to choose from. The Joe Rocket comes in different colors and sizes. Also, one great feature of motorcycle jackets is adjusting them to fit you, and this jacket makes provision for that.

If you are a lover of lightweight jackets, this might be the ideal jacket for you as it is lightweight to enhance your comfort while riding. While this jacket does not come with four pockets as many other jackets, it comes with three pockets: two outer pockets and one inner pocket. With this, you still have enough space to keep your items.

Prohibition is also made for pant attachments as the jacket comes with belt loops. Wearing this jacket is safe at night as it comes with a reflecting stripe. With the strip, you are visible to other road users at night.

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Buying Guide for a Motorcycle Jacket

It is a law of nature to love the best things in life. So, you will want the best motorcycle jacket on the market. However, what is best for one rider might not be the best for others. Differences in individual tastes and styles back it.

If you are a new rider, chances are you do not know which jacket is best for your riding needs. Many experienced riders still make mistakes when making choices of riding tools. Realizing this, we deemed it our duty to give you guild on how to select the best motorcycle jackets that will suit your riding style and needs. This article will provide you with directions to the ideal jacket for you by providing you with factors to consider while making your choice of jacket.

Here are what to consider while about to purchase the best jacket for you:


The material from which a product is made determines the quality and performance of the product. It is not different for motorcycle jackets. As mentioned earlier, motorcycle jackets are made from two different materials. While each article is excellent and unique, know that what you will get from one is different from what to expect from the other.

The question now is: which is the best material for you? To know which is best for you, you must understand what each of these materials offers. Here are the features of each element:

Leather: leather jackets are made from different sources of leather. Leather can be from cow skin, goat hide, or kangaroo hide. Whichever leather type a jacket is made from, originality surpasses. When a jacket is made from quality material, expect the best performance from it, such that you can easily clean it and are well protected in it. Quality leather also means you will enjoy the jacket more in cold weather than in hot weather.

Textile: just as leather is categorized, textile also has categories, with nylon as the most common type in the jacket industry. It is because leather can easily adjust to the requirements of other materials to make great jackets. Armscor, Kevlar, and Denier Cordura are materials commonly blended with nylon to manufacture jackets that feature waterproofing, insulation, and breathability.

In the aspect of versatility, expect more from textile jackets than from leather jackets. Plus, textile jackets have better performance than leather jackets in cold conditions.

Hybrid: this is a combination of both leather and textile materials to form a single element. It is to bring together the positive features of both materials and eliminate their negative characteristics. You would expect an excellent result from jackets made from either hybrid materials than from leather or textile material.


While you try to avoid accidents while riding, there are uncontrollable conditions that might lead to road accidents. When this happens, your wears play essential roles in protecting you. For this reason, you will want to consider safety while making your choice of jackets.

In the aspect of safety, leather does a better job than textiles. The reason is that leather can more easily stretch than nylon.


Other than your safety, another factor you will not want to sacrifice is your comfort. Other factors that influence your riding comfort include:

Weight: a lightweight jacket will offer you more pleasure than a heavy coat. Therefore, it is worth knowing that textile jackets are lighter than leather jackets.

Fit: based on your riding needs, you will want to know if a jacket is loose or snug. If you are a commuter, it is wise you go for a loose-fit jacket, while a snug fit jacket is ideal for sport riders. To strike a balance between these, it will be wise you look for a coat that features adjustable straps, which allows you to adjust to your desired fitness.


Another factor to consider while making your choice is what features a jacket has to offer. Here are a few standard features to consider:

Zippers: the material of the zipper attached to a jacket matters a lot. Zippers made from plastic are not as durable as metallic zippers. Also, look for a jacket featuring a zipper that is protected from moisture.

Colour: dark color jackets are not advisable if you are the type that rides at night. It is because dark colors are difficult to spot when it is dark.

Thermal Linings: check if you can remove the thermal linings. The purpose of the coatings is to keep you warm when the weather is cold, but you will want them removed when the weather is scorching.

Mesh Ventilation Membrane: this is used while riding in hot conditions. It enhances air circulation, so sweating is minimized.

Pockets: you will need pockets to keep your valuables. Also, check if the jacket has inner pockets, as they are meant to keep sensitive items.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will my motorcycle jacket last?

It depends on the level of care you give to your motorcycle jacket. If you take good care of your jacket, you might still find it excellent and useful after a decade, but you won’t expect the same with a jacket that you give anyhow care. However, you should replace a damaged jacket to ensure your riding safety is intact. 

Q: How do I care for my jacket?

Caring for your motorcycle jacket is essential, not minding the material it is made from. As per taking care of a leather jacket, it is as simple as working specific solutions. These solutions are purposely designed for maintaining leather products.

Caring for your textile jacket is more comfortable and cheaper than caring for leather. You can achieve this by simply cleaning it with a wet towel.

If you are concerned about how to care for your jacket without tampering with its performance, check the manufacturer’s instructions.

Q: How should a motorcycle jacket fit?

While considering how to install a motorcycle jacket should provide, there are two things to consider. First is a jacket that is not too large to expose you during an accident. Also, it is equally not wise to go for a jacket that will obstruct your movement. As such, while looking for the right jacket size, strike a balance between these two.


Making your choice of the best motorcycle jacket may be more challenging than it seems, going by the numerous jackets on the market. However, a proper guild will give you an insight into what is best for you. Thus, we have taken our time to painstakingly do research and come up with a list of the best on the market.

Make your choice of motorcycle jacket from our list based on the guild provided. The one you choose from jackets on this list promises to deliver its functionalities and ensure you get the value of your money.

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