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6 Best Motorcycle Lift Tables For Harley

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The best motorcycle lift table for Harley motorcycles will take a load off your servicing work.

Servicing and repairs are already hard tasks to do. Doing it with your motorcycle flat on the ground can be much harder, especially with a bike as big and heavy as a Harley-Davidson. That’s why it’s only right to invest in the best motorcycle lift table for Harley motorcycles. Lift tables will help you be comfortable when servicing your bike. Having your Harley way higher can take away all the pain in the back and neck you experience when maintaining your bike. Say goodbye to strained muscles and stiff necks with these lift tables you can get today.

1. APlusLift MT1500X 1,500 lb. Air-Operated 48″ Motorcycle Lift Table

APlusLift MT1500X 1,500 lb. Air-Operated 48" Motorcycle Lift Table for Harley

The APlusLift MT1500X Motorcycle Lift Table is the best-rated in the market today. Search motorcycle lift table online and chances are this is the first one you’ll see. Harley-Davidson bikes need something heavy-duty. This lift table is made just for that, plus a range of ATVs and other heavy motorcycles.

With its construction alone, the APlusLift MT1500X doesn’t fail to amuse. Most of its parts consist of heavy-duty steel which makes it a genuinely durable lift table. It also has picot shafts that help with its stability.

Weight isn’t a problem with this lift table as well. It can carry up to 1,500 lbs. That means that this lift table can carry almost any Harley model out there.

Furthermore, it also comes with a 3-stage adjustable front extension. This can easily be tweaked to help accommodate motorcycles that are longer.

What’s even greater about this lift table is the 7-position safety locking system. This keeps the table locked in position so you can work without worries. Your bike won’t fall. It just won’t slide off! This is a good safety and convenience measure to have for a lift table.

This lift table also comes with a drop-out tail. Having this makes it easier to service the wheels. Meanwhile, a detachable ramp keeps the bike from rolling off and protects it from damage while you roll it up the platform.

Overall, this is one excellent lift table that you need today. It’s perfect for any Harley bike and it also comes at a great, reasonable price. Not to mention, purchasing this lift table also entitles you to a service jack.

2. Black Widow BW-ProLift-HD Air-Operated Heavy-Duty 1,500 lb. Motorcycle Lift Table

Black Widow BW HD Air-Operated Heavy-Duty ProLift 1,500 lb. Motorcycle Lift Table for Harley

Black Widow is another brand that many motorcyclists look to for a reliable hydraulic lift table. This one, for instance, is a wonderful choice for your service or maintenance needs.

The brand may not be the most popular, but many people are starting to recognize its products. The Black Widow BW-ProLift-HD proves that it deserves much more recognition than it’s getting.

It’s extra-wide to accommodate your Harley bike. It can also carry up to 1,500 lbs of weight. That’s way beyond the weight of many Harley bikes in the market.

With an adjustable height setting, you can always work on your bike from various angles. You can use the multi-positional lock to secure the bike in place. It will also ensure you’re safe enough that your bike won’t drop on you.

It also comes with wheels so you can easily transport it from point A to point B. Moreover, you also get a foot pedal to easily control the lift.

With the convenience of the foot pedal plus the guarantee of quality and durability, you’re sure this is one of the best lift tables you can find in the market today.

3. Kendon Folding Stand-Up Motorcycle Lift

Kendon Folding Stand-Up Motorcycle Lift Table for Harley

Are you working on a tight budget? If you’re looking for a budget-friendly choice, then the Kendon lift table is the one for you. It’s one of the best lifts for Harley that won’t cost you a fortune.

It comes with the typical safety and convenience features. This lift table will surely make working on your Harley a lot easier.

As expected, you get a hydraulic pedal to help control the lift height. This takes away all the stress of manually adjusting the height of the motorcycle.

It’s also one of the most compact lift tables you can get. With a dimension of only 17 x 29 inches, it can accommodate virtually any Harley model.

It uses a hydraulic cylinder, so you get easy control over the lift. Plus, it adds up to the safety features of the lift table.

For safety features, you can expect it to come with clamps serving as strongholds for your motorcycle. It can also carry up to 1,000 lbs of weight. Aside from Harley bikes, this lift can also accommodate ATVs, dirt bikes, and even racing bikes. A feature that other lift tables don’t have is portability. This lift table has a foldable design that makes it easy to store anywhere.

Moreover, this easy comes with easy set-up instructions. It’s a great bargain with its price, quality, and features.

4. Titan Ramps Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift

Titan Ramps Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift Table for Harley

A lot of motorcyclists don’t like the way some lift tables weigh so much in themselves. For instance, the APlusLift MT1500X weighs 550 lbs in itself. However, lighter options do exist to get that load off the table.

The Titan Ramps hydraulic lift table is one of the lighter ones you can buy today. Despite having heavy-duty steel construction, it’s light enough at only 293 lbs.

This lift table can hold up to 1,000 lbs of weight. That is over the typical weight of most Harley motorcycles. So, this lift table can do the job for you and more.

It also comes with a compact design that makes it easier to work with if you have smaller bikes. Having such a design also doesn’t make it hard to place it anywhere in your garage.

As a hydraulic lift table, you get a two-pedal hydraulic system that makes it easy to raise or lower the table. This feature makes it easier to work on the bike at your preferred height and setting.

It also comes with a diamond-plate surface. This ensures you are safe and your bike is secure while you work on it. That said, you shouldn’t have to worry about letting the bike slip and slide.

However, it doesn’t come with side extensions. So, what you see is what you get with this lift table.

Overall, this is one convenient lift that you need today. It’s light, compact, and can carry the right of your Harley bike just fine.

5. APlusLift MT1500 1,500LB Air Operated 24″ Width Motorcycle Lift Table

APlusLift MT1500 1,500LB Air Operated 24" Width Motorcycle Lift Table for Harley

If the APlusLift MT1500X is too much for you, you can look at its lighter, younger sibling, the APlusLift MT1500. There’s quite a difference between the two and quite the similarities.

Firstly, the APlusLift MT1500 is at par with the APlusLift MT1500X in its popularity. It comes with a front-wheel clamping vise to keep your motorcycle in position.

It also has the same weight capacity as it also carries 1,500 lbs. It also weighs a tad less at 423 lbs. However, its shipping weight is only the same at 500 lbs.

It measures 84 inches without a front extension. However, this lift table has a 3-stage adjustable front extension to accommodate your bike.

With a front extension, it measures 97 to 110 inches. With a 24-inch width, it can easily handle just about any Harley bike.

It also comes with a drop-out tail sized 21 inches in length and 14 inches in width. This helps to transport your bike to the lift table safely. Like the MT1500X, it has a 7-stage safety locking position for even better safety measures. It also carries the same heavy-duty materials but on a tad more compact and lighter than the MT1500X.

6. Black Widow BW-1000A-XL Extra-Long Motorcycle Lift Table with Center Jack

Black Widow BW-1000A-XL Extra-Long Motorcycle Lift Table with Center Jack

It’s hard to resist the products from Black Widow. From the BW-ProLift-HD, the brand also produced the BW-1000A-XL. The great thing about this is, as its name suggests, it’s extra-long, perfect for your Harley motorcycle.

The platform measures 7 feet and 8.75 inches in length. Meanwhile, it has a 24-inch width that could serve your Harley bike just fine.

It also has a height that can go from 8 to 33 inches from the floor. You can do this by using a foot pedal controller.

Moreover, it can carry up to 1,000 lbs to handle a variety of Harley bikes. It also has dolly wheels so that you can move it around your bike or garage easily.

It has a rear drop-out panel so you can easily access the bike’s wheel for tire changes. This also makes it easier to access the bike for brake and chain repair or maintenance.

With a built-in adjustable wheel chock and tie-down eye loops, this lift table provides a lot of anchor points to secure the bike when being lifted. It also has a motorcycle center jack with a 3.75″ to 16.25″ lift height to raise the bike further from the lift table. This motorcycle lift table also uses durable 11-gauge powder-coated steel to ensure it doesn’t give in immediately.

Best Motorcycle Lift Table For Harley Guide & FAQs

Why You Need a Motorcycle Lift Table

There are a lot of benefits to having a lift table. This generally helps a motorcyclist in more ways than one.

Firstly, you’ll reduce the risk of back pains when using a lift table. Experts advise any motorist to use lift tables for health purposes. No more bending your body or staying in a position for a long time, causing your back to get sore.

It also helps with making maintenance more comfortable. We all know how hard it is to do maintenance work in itself. Having a lift table will guarantee that you get to work on your bike without stress or constraint.

Having a lift table also reduces the risk of your bike harming you unexpectedly in any way. If you try fixing your Harley on the ground, you’ll risk having the bike topple over because only a stand supports it. Having a lift table will reduce this risk significantly, so you’re sure that you and your bike are safe and secured to the lift table.

A lift table can also serve as excellent storage for your motorcycle. You can keep your bike safe inside your garage and even extend its life by preventing rust and stealing.

Having your own lift table also helps reduce the cost you pay when you send your motorcycle out to shop for maintenance. They’re compact, comfortable, and, most of all, you can do the servicing yourself.

Not to mention, it will keep you and your clothes clean versus when you’re fixing your bike on the floor!

Types of a Motorcycle Lift Table

Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift

A hydraulic lift is one of the most popular choices among Harley bike motorcycle lift tables. It has a foot pedal that allows the air pump to transfer pressure from one cylinder to another.

The air moves from a small cylinder to a bigger one with the help of hydraulic fluid. It creates a certain pressure that should be enough to lift heavy bikes. While these lifts come at higher prices, they’re also the most solid ones in the market. They’re stable and, most of all, reliable, especially for a Harley bike.

Scissor Jack or Lift

You’ll likely find motorcycle scissor lifts when looking for a lift table online. Scissor jacks or lifts are usually hand-operated.

They also have a screw-like level that brings together or apart two metal frames. This effectively raises and lowers the motorcycle loaded on the jack.

Typically, scissor lifts are more compact and lightweight. That also makes them very budget-friendly. Moreover, they have a safety lock mechanism that keeps the load right in position.

Air Motorcycle Lift

Air motorcycle lifts work almost the same way as hydraulic motorcycle lifts. They have compressed air in the system. This lifts and lowers the bike with the help of foot-operated valves.

Given that it’s air-operated, the foot valve controls the movement of the compressed air cylinders. This effectively adjusts the height of the lift.

They take a lot of effort to operate because the air motorcycle lift doesn’t have hydraulic fluid. The hydraulic fluid helps and facilitates the overall movement of compressed air in the system.

Electric Motorcycle Lift

Also similar to hydraulic lift tables, electric motorcycle lifts also uses a hydraulic pump. It is, however, powered by electricity. It activates the lifting cylinder that raises or lowers the lift table.

What to Consider Before Buying a Motorcycle Lift Table For Harley


Among the things that differentiate a Harley lift table from others is the width. Harley motorcycles have a certain width, and only a number of lift tables can accommodate that.

Ensure you get a lift table that can handle the width of your Harley. It will affect the usability and stability of your bike during maintenance.

Safety Mechanisms

Every motorcycle lift table has safety features to offer. These will help keep you at ease when you’re servicing or maintaining your motorcycle. You should look for a rubber platform and locking mechanisms so your bike won’t slip off. You should also check if it has side extensions to even further the stability of the platform.

Weight Capacity

Every lift table has a maximum weight that it can carry. It helps determine what bike or bikes it can carry. If you’re looking for a motorcycle lift table for Harley, make sure it can accommodate at least 1,000 lbs.. At most, you’ll find lift tables that carry up to 1,500 lbs. However, remember that the heavier it carries, the heavier the lift itself is.

Lifting Height

Make sure that your lift table offers a height that is convenient to you when you work on your bike. A lot of lift tables have at least 3 inches of height. At most, it should be raised to 30 inches or more.

Material & Construction

The motorcycle lift table should also easily be stable enough to handle a bike, especially a Harley. They are not particularly light motorcycles.

A material you should look for is steel. It’s a strong and durable material that can certainly handle your bike. They should also have a finish that resists dust and oil. This makes your work environment ultimately clean.

A rubber platform enhances its stability, especially if there’s a motorcycle on top.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need tie-down straps if I already have a stable hydraulic motorcycle lift?

It’s always best if your motorcycle lift table has tie-down straps, loops, and any other locking mechanisms. They help provide an extra layer of safety. This keeps your bike stable if you lift it to the maximum allowable height. Hydraulic lifts can also get faulty, so having these safety measures will ensure that your bike won’t tip or fall over.

Q: Can I use motorcycle lifts for other equipment?

You can use your lift for other equipment or bikes as long as it doesn’t exceed the lifting capacity of your lift table.

Final Thoughts

The right motorcycle lift table will definitely help you in the long run. Make sure that you’re picking a heavy-duty lift that can handle your Harley. Always prioritize your safety then your bike’s safety when servicing it!

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