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8 Best Motorcycle Movies (Review)

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Motorcycle movies do not relate to tell-tales, romance, or folklore. They depict actions, furiousness, and speed. They are the movies that make you fantasize about a motorcycle ride exploring, making you crave so much for an adventure with a motorcycle.

These movies portray a high level of freedom and excitement with a ride on a motorcycle, unlike other means of transportation. With the momentum and speed of motorcycles, it is no wonder that it has been a base subject in action movies for years.

In this article, we’d succinctly give you the top motorcycle movies that’d pique your interest in motorcycles and get your mind lurking in expectancy towards a motorcycle ride explore. The world also answers your mind-boggling questions.

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1. Motorcycle Diaries

Best Motorcycle Movies 8

It has not just passed for a movie, ‘The Motorcycle Diaries’ has also been recognized as a time-thriller as its plot recounts the journey of two men who gave a clear insight into revolution.

The movie is known for its unique thrills and suspense, a quite entertaining movie that speaks to the heart and eyes. The movie revolves around a 23-year-old medical student, Ernesto Guevera de la Sena, and his friend Alberto Granada. Guevera, in an ecstatic mood to see new things, set out on a voyage to Latin America. It is a journey that would later change their lives and worldview.

At the start of the film, we see a youthful doctor on a trip of adventure. By the end, it is entirely different from a revolutionary in stages as they witness the poverty and disregard of the poor and ill throughout South America. It is a story of ‘Che’ that has not been told before. The two leads are awesomely portrayed, and the direction is amazingly paced. Watter Salles directs the movie, and the storyline is a revolutionary-tailored adventure.

It is not a movie that would ever get you bored. It is both captivating and engaging. A sight-shot at it keeps you glued to it till the very last scene. Check it out here. It was released in 2004 and had an IMDB rating of 7.8. Two hours and six minutes on a cool Saturday evening won’t be a waste if you spend them watching this movie.


Features and Themes:

  • Depicts revolutions
  • IMDB Rating: 7.8
  • Year released: 2004
  • Duration: 2 hours 6 mins
  • Drama and action
  • Portrays two leads
  • Has an English subtitle

2. On Any Sunday

Best Motorcycle Movies

Sometimes you get bored and angry with the way events in the world, especially as they could make one go crazy. So, you want to change your mood. Coming in contact with this motorcycle movie could turn things around and enliven the dead soul. A movie of this type will help you understand how things pan out in real terms.

In the records, the movie ‘On any Sunday’, is one of the first motorcycle documentaries dating back to 1971. The movie, which received an academy award, is produced by its main actor Steve McQueen and directed by Bruce Brown.

It features the top motorcyclists as of the time it was produced. The list includes Paul Carruthers, Mert Lawwill, Malcolm Smith, and outstanding financial support from Steve McQueen. The movie has a length of 1 hour and 36 minutes. It also has an IMDB rating of 7.9.

With this movie, Bruce brings every person of different ages into a cinema and teaches something new about motorcycles and riding. Regardless of your age, if you are a lover of adventure and dirt riding on a two-wheeler, On Any Sunday will inspire you and get your blood gushing, sending some chills down your spine. You could twitch your throttle hand.



  • A length of 1h 36mins
  • Has an English Subtitle
  • Year released: 1971
  • Duration: 1 hour 36 min
  • IMDB Rating:  7.9
  • Featured by top motorcyclist ever known.

3. Why We Ride

Best Motorcycle Movies 7

If you ask a typical motorcycle lover or veteran rider, ‘why do your ride,’ you’re likely to hear things close to ‘I ride because of the fun I derive.’ Some may say, ‘Oh, it is my hobby.’ While these answers are not out of Place, there is more to riding than fun and a little outdoor activity. How would you validate or disconfirm this? watch ‘Why We Ride.’

The movie ‘why we ride’ is a documentary that depicts the ravenous passion of the riders and the high speedometer of their machines. After watching this movie, your hunger for something similar spikes off as they keep you tensed up with unique tactics that are so entertaining. The beautiful storyline of this movie makes it more exciting and exciting for the audience.

The movie, which was documented in 2013, was directed by Bryan H. Carroll. It also gives an incredibly bright and beautiful insight into why motorcycles mean so much to people. With over 74% of audience participation, it comes with an IMDb rating of 7.2, making it one of the most highly rated movies on the internet.

If you’re finicky about movies, make sure this motorcycle has a place in your scale of preference. You should consider making an order for it. Why not now?  



  • The movie illustrates motorcycles and passion for riding.
  • Awesomely structured plot
  • Years Released: 2013
  • Duration: 1 hour 29min
  • IMDb rating: 7.2
  • Gives out a brief insight into why motorcycles mean so much to people.
  • Shows furiousness in riders

4. The Great Escape

Best Motorcycle Movies 6

Looking for the best motorcycle movie that would keep you marveled at the speed of motorcycles? I mean the movie that shows the in-depth passion of riders? Then, make the ‘Great Escape’ your number on the list of ‘To-Watch’ movies. 

You can’t be making a list of thriller motorcycle documentaries or movies without having ‘The Great Escape’ on the top list. Does the movie feature the legendary rider, Steve McQueen? Do you remember that incredible guy? Yes, he is.

As a matter of validity, it has become a usual thing that he must be featured in any intriguing motorcycle movie, and he is known for his excellent riding skills. Well, what do you expect of a legend? The great escape is a high-class movie in filmography.

John Surges directed it in the year 1963. From the first scene to the last is a great chase in the history of movies. It has a duration of 2h 52mins. That sounds long? I can assure you this is a motorcycle movie worth all your time on a cool, crazy Sunday morning. 



  • Has a duration of 2h 52mins
  • Featured the legendary motorcyclist Steve McQueen
  • IMDB Rating: 7.8
  • Year Released:1963

5. The World’s Fastest Indian

Best Motorcycle Movies 2

No doubt, Indians are known for their crazy love for bikes and adventure. They are also good at producing the best motorcycles the world has ever seen. But in ‘The World’s Fastest Indian,’ a foreign lover of Indian motorcycle and riding culture gave the world something to behold and a new memory that would linger.

The World’s Fastest Indian is a story of Burt Munro, a New Zealander and motorcycle builder who takes many years to construct a 1920 Indian motorcycle. The bike would later become a sought-after machine that would help Munro set a world record in 1967.

No one saw it coming, not even Munro, at the 1967 Utah’s Bonneville Salt Flats. But the New Zealander comes from the blues, showed up, and gave the world what it never saw in riding. 

The movie was directed in the year 2005 and was directed by Roger Donaldson. It captures a true-life story that recounts the records of Munro, who broke so many ride chronicles. The adrenaline that surges through the body of the audience as they gasp in awe is what shows you that the riders are highly modified.

In the movie, Munro broke records for speed with motorcycles in the 1950s through to the ’60s with motorcycles with less than 1,000cc engines. The movie also has a fantastic soundtrack that made the rides more exciting and voracious. Do you care to abandon your lunch to see Munro’s exploits? It’s worth it.



  • A true-life chronicle
  • Has an English subtitle
  • Years released: 2005
  • IMDB Rating: 7.8
  • Duration: 2 hours 7min
  • Has an amazing soundtrack
  • It was directed and documented in 2005

6. Riding Solo To the Top Of The World

Best Motorcycle Movies 5

A lot defines riding, and even riders are sometimes caught short of words to describe how they feel about their experience while on the road. Now that you are making a foray into the motorcycling activity, how would you describe yourself? Is there a need to realize your riding skills? I think so, too. Riding can spark off a boring and unexamined life.

Well, without saying much, you can visit Netflix and download the ‘Riding Solo to the Top of World.’ Let’s have a hint into what you should exploit from this thriller documentary.

‘Riding to the solo’ is one of the best motorcycle movies the industry has produced. Directed by the famous, legendary rider, Gaurav Jani, in 2006, this documentary is about self-realization.

Jani was, at one point in his life, tired of his usual self. He wanted to be more productive, active, and resourceful. He wanted more for himself. He wanted to get to know the better part of himself. What would he do to achieve these lofty ideas?

Jani went on a journey to find himself and realize his ambitions, all by himself. He takes his ride from Mumbai, which is one of the most famous places in the world. He rides through one of the remotest places known as the Changthang Plateau in Ladakh.

What did he find out? There, he found solitude, peace of mind, and self-fulfillment. This, for him, was the perfect altitude for self-actualization, recovery, and discovery. Like Jani, you can also realize the hidden purposes of your existence by only riding.



  • Beautifully told storyline
  • A solo ride on self-actualization
  • Produced in 2006
  • Duration of 1 hour 26mins

7. Place Beyond The Pines

Best Motorcycle Movies 3

The first time my team and I watched the ‘Place Beyond the Pines, almost half of us chose to make riding our pastime. It was so intriguing that one of them told me, ‘Henry, I wouldn’t mind taking a loan to get a new motorcycle.’ This is the transcending power of this movie.

The plot of the documentary ‘The Place Beyond the Pines’ is a resisted storyline with tugged-up action, yet not in the wrong style. The biker, known as Ryan Gosling, an Academy award-nominee, who has his whole body tatted-up, had plans to set out on a journey.

Along the line, he finds out he has a son. What would he do? He intended immediately to make a U-turn, but things turn sour. He starts hopping on motorcycles and robbing banks. The movie inherently illustrates a badly compelled plot in a perfect style.

Gosling, alongside Ray Liotta, Bradley Cooper, and Ray Eva Mended is the star actors in this epic movie. It recounts and rivets crime and a shatterproof bond between a father and his son.

It was directed in 2013 by Derek Cianfrance. Does anyone remember Cianfrance? Yep, Cianfrance is the director of that famous movie, Blue Valentine, a realistic family drama.



  • A tatted-up writer
  • Thuggery
  • Duration of 2ours 20 minutes
  • Has an English Subtitle
  • Illustrates terrible in a beautiful manner

8. Long Way Round

Best Motorcycle Movies 4

Show me a long mile, and I’ll show you riders that care less about life and would do wonders on the road with motorcycles. It doesn’t matter whose ox is gored; the typical rider is crazy about the fun, thrills, and entertainment that come with riding than talking about billions of dollars from Silicon Valley. 

Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman are not joking when on the thing they know how to do best: riding. These two friends decided to embark on a journey to New York from London. They traveled through Europe and Asia in their BMW R1150GS.

The journey summed up a distance of 17,881 miles. That is a whopping mileage. They rode all through western and Central Europe, Western Russia, Canada, Siberia, Mongolia, and more on the back of the motorcycles. It is daring, too. They encountered so many wild adventures. Those are expected, as well.

If you dared to cross 12 countries, cover more than 20,000 miles, and ticked all the boxes of no less than 19 time zones in less than a century and 15 days, you’re a legend. And I think McGregor Boorman deserves a place in the Guinness Books of Records.


The outcome of these long, fascinating, and exploring adventures gave birth to this epic blockbuster. The duo was highly engaging, producing this incredibly entertaining series. Against all the odds, you can carve an identity for yourself with a two-wheeled vehicle.

This fantastic adventure series premiered on BBC for a whole season.


  • Has two lead characters
  • Was premiered on BBC for one season
  • Duration: 1 hour 40 min
  • Year released: 2005
  • IMDB: 8.7
  • Illustrates a long journey of 17,881 miles on a bike
  • Entertaining

Best Motorcycle Movies Guide & FAQs

Motorcycle movies are different from the way you choose other movies. Before going to get these movies, there are things you must look out for. They are guides, fore buyers.

Interest: What category of motorcycle movies do you prefer? Which picks your interest? When you know the ones you are most interested in, you’ll know the movie to settle for.

Duration: Most people prefer short-duration movies, while others do not. You, as an audience, should know what goes down well with you. How long can you sit for the movie? Once you’ve answered this question, you can go ahead and get the movie of your choice. Get familiar with the movies, or you can visit our site for more movie ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is watching motorcycle movies worth the time?

Certainly. How much time can you devote to reading essays, white papers, and long-page books to learn about motorcycles? By merely listening to the tunes of ‘Born to be Wild’ from one of the classic movies’ Easy Ride,’ you can learn a lot about riding. The truth is that learning from books can be annoying, contemplative, dull, slow, and unimpressive.

A single action-packed motorcycle movie can teach you what 10 books on a motorcycle will do. The thrills, inspiration, fast pace, excitement, cinematic, and practicality of a movie inspire you to action. Movies are full of confusion, speed, and chaos. You can see the rider and feel the pains, anguish, joys, and gracefulness of being on the bike.

Q: Can I watch these movies online?

Yes. Apart from the fact that this is a technology-driven world, the industry is keen on the availability of products, including accessories, movies, gadgets, and gear. This is why you won’t have an issue searching for any movie of your choice online. There are several different motorcycle and dirt bike YouTube channels that are dedicated to motorcycle movies and films. Feel free to search and get a ride movie of your preference.

Q: Are the movies in the 90s still available in film houses? 

Sure. You will find many movies in film houses, cinemas, and online channels and sites, including those produced and released way back in the 50s. But for more comfortable and stress-free viewing, you can search them online, stream or download.

Q: How do I recognize motorcycle movies?

There are several ways you can recognize motorcycle movies. Although it is cast in stone, a guess can work. The first thing is to look at their titles. The titles of motorcycle movies are always weird and reflect things that have to do with adventure.

For instance, ‘Easy Ride,’ ‘World’s Fastest Indian,’ and ‘Riding Solo to the Top of the World’ are titles you can quickly point at and say this should be for bike lovers. At other times, you have to watch or check online reviews to know the category of a movie title.

Q: Can I learn how to ride motorcycles from the movies? 

The reason for creating motorcycle movies is not only for the fun of it. It is also intended to teach the audience some lessons. You can learn how to ride a motorcycle from the movies.

But, there are notices of ‘DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME’ when it comes to some unusual tactics displayed. So, you have to guide your kids from lifting ideas from the movie to the tracks. Even adult riders who do not have the requisite skill and training shouldn’t go to the trails or roads to start displaying to on-lookers how much of skills he has watched in the movies.      

Q: Are the actions in motorcycle movies real or tricks? 

Well, some are real, while some are tricks. This is why you see the notice reading “DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME” clearly displayed on your screen.

What does ‘DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME’ mean? When you see this caption displayed on your TV screen while watching a motorcycle movie, it informs you that you shouldn’t attempt any of the skills or seeming expertise you see in the movie. This is because some are faked to show how skillful riders can be on this two-wheeled vehicle.  


In particular, when we watch these movies, it makes us want to see more action. The unique tactics, styles, and storylines in the documentary make you want to ride. Most times, we ask, “When will they stop riding?” The list mentioned above is, no doubt, classic motorcycle movies. You won’t regret opting for any of the movies above.  

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