Best Motorcycle Racing Gloves

10 Best Motorcycle Racing Gloves (Review)

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Whether you’re out on your bike in the rain, wind, or sun, you need motorcycle racing gloves as a safety precaution. After all, it is pointless and risky riding without the motorcycle safety gear – notably, the boots, motorcycle thermometer, helmet, and gloves. 

Understandably the nature of the motorcycle market today may make even the most meticulous shopper go for the wrong motorcycle racing gloves. They may end up wasting their resources that are scarce to come by in the first place.

Denim & Leather Motorcycle Gloves (Brown)...
Viking Cycle Premium Heavy Duty Half Finger...
Hugger Affordable Men's Gel Padded Palm...
Denim and Leather Motorcycle Gloves
Viking Cycle Leather Motorcycle Riding Gloves
Hugger Fingerless Black Leather Gloves
Denim & Leather Motorcycle Gloves (Brown)...
Denim and Leather Motorcycle Gloves
Viking Cycle Premium Heavy Duty Half Finger...
Viking Cycle Leather Motorcycle Riding Gloves
Hugger Affordable Men's Gel Padded Palm...
Hugger Fingerless Black Leather Gloves

To avoid the stress and possibility of buying a sheep in the poke, you’ll need to take a look at this post as it will guide you on the best motorcycle racing gloves on the market. You’ll also come to know the considerations to have in mind before buying any motorcycle racing gloves.

Don’t forget; you also need to know the benefits of wearing the best motorcycle racing gloves and the often asked questions bothering glove users.

Types of Motorcycle Racing Gloves

Looking at the different types of motorcycle racing gloves, what you’ll find out is that they are separated by the material with which the manufacturer builds them. Generally, gloves are made with leather, textile, or reinforced materials.

Let’s take a look at the types:

Leather Gloves

Typically, leather gloves are made from goatskin, cow skin, and kangaroo. Its material enjoys a lot of goodwill among manufacturers. Even though leather motorcycle racing gloves are less breathable than textile-made ones, they’re more flexible. They break in quickly and can resist impact significantly in the event of a crash. Leather gloves are also an excellent option for a wide range of weather conditions and riding on the highways.

Textile Gloves

Textile gloves can come from either natural or synthetic materials. Usually, synthetic gloves are made from polyester, while natural ones come from cotton. TPU is one of the best materials used in making textile-made gloves.

Textile gloves are more breathable and can survive and work efficiently under a wide range of weather conditions more fluidly than their leather counterparts. They also absorb heat more efficiently.

Reinforced Gloves

These are different models of motorcycle racing gloves exclusive to some brands. In recent times, Alpinestars are associated with this kind of gloves. Reinforced gloves are constructed from steel or Kevlar materials. They’re designed to protect the knuckles, joints, and skin against impact and abrasion. They’re more safety-driven than style or look.

1. Denim and Leather Motorcycle Gloves

Denim and Leather Motorcycle Gloves

Indie Ridge makes another comeback with the production of the Denim and Leather Motorcycle Gloves. The first two models have proved why this brand can even dominate the entire space of the best motorcycle racing gloves.

The Denim and Leather Motorcycle Gloves are made from perforated yet pre-curved comfortable black leather. The perforation is to ensure enough ventilation while making the model breathable and lightweight.

You can don this product in the summer’s scorching sun, in the extreme cold of the winter, or in the snow of the fall.

 The denim and leather material construction quality ensures maximum protection and safety of your hands, skin, and fingers from abrasion, fatigue, and stress.

All your fingertips work while inside the gloves. Meanwhile, you can operate your mobile devices thanks to the touchscreen surfaces of the thumb, middle, and index fingers.

On top of these, the palms are properly padded in inside while the knuckles are hardened with reinforced plastic material. Yet, the Denim and Leather Motorcycle Gloves are incredibly flexible and durable for lasting use.


  • Breathable and Flexible
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Material: Denim and leather

2. Viking Cycle Leather Motorcycle Riding Gloves

Viking Cycle Leather Motorcycle Riding Gloves

This premium model from Viking Cycle is a pair of heavy-duty motorcycle racing gloves. This product is half-finger, fully padded, and made from vintage genuine black leather; the Viking Motorcycle Riding Gloves offer nothing short of comfort.

The gloves will give riders the freedom to have better control and throttle grip on their bike’s handlebars. The palms are adequately padded with a sizeable breathable feel that is accompanied by a substantial ultimate comfort.

The other part of this model is that it’s customizable, thanks to its sturdy adjustable Velcro strap around the wrist. It also prevents slipping or any loose grip of the bike’s throttle    

It is a blend of comfort and protection on the one hand, and style and design, on the other. It is well ventilated for smooth riding while the knuckles are designed with beautiful glossy black leather.  

You won’t have to break the bank before you can buy this top-quality product. It is reasonably priced.


  • Material: black leather
  • Size: half-finger gloves
  • Adjustable Velcro strap
  • Multiple holes for ventilation
  • Fully padded palms

3. Hugger Fingerless Motorcycle Riding Gloves

Hugger Fingerless Motorcycle Riding Gloves

The Hugger Fingerless Motorcycle Riding Gloves are a product to beat. This imported premium leather model is made from high-quality goatskin. With these gloves on, it means your hands will be protected against the elements. You’ll also have a firm throttle grip on your motorcycle handlebars.

The other great feature the Hugger Fingerless Motorcycle Riding Gloves boast is the dense padding. The palms are adequately padded to give a maximum reduction of stress to the hands. The knuckles are also safe from the elements while it prevents your skin from abrasion.

Besides, the Velcro closure at the wrist is to ensure easy removal from the hand once the trip ends. With the pull of the finger, you can remove these leather gloves quite effortlessly.

What’s more, the Hugger Fingerless Motorcycle Riding Gloves are a great pick for summer riders because it is well ventilated to ensure comfort.

Overall, this is one of the best leather motorcycle riding gloves you can find on the market.


  • Resistant to skin Abrasion
  • Prevents knuckle stress
  • Material: Heavy-duty goatskin  

4. Riparo Motorsports Motorcycle Driving Gloves

Riparo Motorsports Motorcycle Driving Gloves

If your choice is unlined leather motorcycle gloves for racing, Riparo Motorsports has something for you. With the evolution of the Riparo Motorsports Half-Finger Motorcycle Racing Gloves, you have your protection guaranteed as you race on the best motorcycle rides.

It is a snugly fit model you can order for a loose size if you want that from the seller as it does not discriminate against any hand. It is adjustable and fits appropriately into any hand.

It is about the best stylish motorcycle racing gloves on our list. The red color matches most of the chromed-plated motorcycles out there. The design is quite unusual in every respect.

On top of that, this model with perforated leather also features multiple knuckle holes that ensure that riders can feel cool, comfy, and excited riding. It comes with large and tiny holes.

Overall, donning and duffing this pair of gloves is a walk in the park, thanks to the wrist strap that brags a snap button.


  • Perforated leather
  • Snug fit
  • Incredible style
  •  Great color to match

5. Indie Ridge Leather Motorcycle Gloves

Indie Ridge Leather Motorcycle Gloves

Indie Ridge is another brand that has made a name for itself in the gloves market. This premium model is built from high-quality leather material which protects your hands, skin, and knuckles from stress and abrasion.

Whether you want in the hot sun of the summer or the cold weather of the winter, these all-season glove models will help resist impact in the event of a crash. It comes as large, cool, and comfortable gloves. It is also friendly to the touchscreen of your mobile devices.

The genuine leather material of these gloves comes from cowhide, which makes these camel racing gloves the best product if you’re looking for style, durability, and quality craftsmanship.

 The flexible and smart grip you enjoy as you control the handlebar and throttle effortlessly on your bike is quite unparalleled. The gloves come in various sizes, from large to extra-large. The flexibility owes it to the flex that makes the gloves blend along with your finger.


  • Reinforced knuckles for protection
  • Material: Cowhide leather
  • Flexible and affordable
  • Durable

6. NiceWin Motorcycle Cycling Gloves

NiceWin Motorcycle Cycling Gloves

Let’s move a little away from the usual leather gloves and shift our attention to the NiceWin Motorcycle Cycling Gloves. This full-finger padded gel palm model is made from high-quality injected rubber.

Protection is atop the feature of this pair of motorcycle racing and protective gloves. The plastic material is reinforced with finger joint covers that help protect your hands and fingers from injury.

The NiceWin Motorcycle Cycling Gloves are also known for their excellent breathability, thanks to their multi-layer Spandex-type fabric, which permeates the gloves’ surface. This fabric is to offers enough airflow when you ride on a hot day.

What’s more, the gloves are stitched with light mesh that helps to absorb all moisture, sweat, and water that find their way between the fingers. This feature essentially provides more comfort and ensures a snug fit.

The surface of the gloves is made with touchscreen material that makes it easy for riders to operate their devices while donning these gloves.


  • Durable silica get palm
  • Material: injected rubber
  •  3-layer Spandex fabric.
  • Anti-slip

7. Robox Goatskin Leather Motorcycle Gloves

Robox Goatskin Leather Motorcycle Gloves

Robox Goatskin Racing Motorcycle Gloves is beautifully designed from premium goatskin leather coated with an aniline finish. It brings quality protection in contact with an excitingly natural and stylish look.

The construction material also adds a lot of edge to the overall suppleness, resilience, and durability of the gloves. If you’re looking for a pair of gloves that are fully resistant to abrasion and stress, this is the right guy.

Motorcycle racers will also find this model attractive to use due to its water resistance, lightweight, soft texture, and skill-enhancing features.

It is coupled with a breathable and moisture-wicking capacity. The gloves are equipped with soft interior fabric, which soaks up the water and sweat that find their way into the gloves. This means that riders’ hands will remain warm and cool for a firm throttle grip and control.

The unisex and double-stitched Robox Goatskin Leather Motorcycle Gloves come with fully padded palms that ensure reduced muscle fatigue while enhancing better traction. Plus, the gloves brag two adjustable non-Velcro closure straps.  


  • Side pads for max protection
  • Abrasion and water-resistant
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Material: Goatskin

8. Indie Ridge Pre-Weathered Leather Motorcycle Racing Gloves

Indie Ridge Pre-Weathered Leather Motorcycle Racing Gloves

Indie Ridge brand makes its second appearance on the best motorcycle racing gloves for a good reason. While the cowhide leather gloves from Indie Ridge boasts excellent features; the Indie Ridge Pre-weathered leather model is more significant.

Beginning with its excellent standard pre-weathered leather material, this pair of gloves is famous for protecting riders’ hands, skin, and fingers from fatigue, abrasion, and the elements. You can don them in the summer, fall, or winter.     

The knuckles of the gloves come quite flexible and supple, making it easy to grip the throttle and handlebars of your bike. It also guarantees comfort riding. Size is not an issue with this product because it is made from large to XL.

Riders won’t have an issue donning and duffing this model of gloves because it comes with a Velcro strap closure. It is one product that is dense yet soft to touch. You can operate your touchscreen mobile phone while donning the gloves.


  • Reinforced knuckles for max protection
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Material; pre-weathered leather
  • Variety of sizes

9. Milwaukee Motorcycle Cruiser Gloves

Milwaukee Motorcycle Cruiser Gloves

If you love cruising, the Milwaukee Cruiser Gloves will be a great pick to don before you start the racing contest.

This pair of adequately padded gloves proves to be one of the best you can find on the market, thanks to its perforated body that helps to give ventilation to the palms, wrists, and hands of the riders.

This model’s durability is evident in its capacity to stay on for years without any hole, wear, or ripped threads. They will stay up well. These comfortable gloves aren’t over-padded to make grip less firm, maneuvering unsafe, or controls difficult.

The knuckle guards fit perfectly and protect your wrists, knuckles, and fingers against debris and rocks. The knuckle guards also help reduce the amount of stress and fatigue in these parts.

Although they’re recommended for use in warm weather, these gloves breathe well in the heat. They keep you fresh in both 90o and 45 degrees.

They also feature a Velcro strap with which you can release or tighten the gloves.


  • Soak up water
  • Made of leather
  • Firm grip
  • Great for warm weather

10. PEARL iZUMi Full-Finger Motorcycle Gloves

PEARL iZUMi Full-Finger Motorcycle Gloves

This model makes the second non-all-leather motorcycle racing gloves on our list. It is a blend of leather and fabric, and it has every reason to be here.

It is made of imported synthetic material, with 88% of the gloves’ backhand made of polyester, while 12% consisting of elastane. The palm of the gloves comes sturdy with its top-quality 40% Polyurethane and 60% of Nylon.

It is a vibration absorbent, reducing the amount of pressure that goes into your hands. The gel palm is correctly padded for superior comfort. The Clarino microfiber leather palm also comes to soften the palm, making the gloves durable, flexible, and reliable.


  • Material: Synthetic Polyester
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Soft low-end touchscreen and wiping surface

Motorcycle Racing Gloves Guide & FAQs

There is a lot to benefit from using gloves for motorcycle riding. The rider must be concerned about the life of others as much as they do for theirs too.

Ensure Safety

The ultimate purpose of wearing motorcycle protective gear is safety. Gloves ensure that your hand has a firm grip on the handlebar, and it can put the motorcycle under total control. 

Provide Enhance riding Comfort

You need comfort while on the road, and it is not something you negotiate. The ability to efficiently handle and be in firm control of your bike with the handlebars is always a great relief. The gloves play a considerable role in making comfortable handling happen, especially when you’re on a long-distant ride.

Prevent Cramps

A lot can happen to your hands and skin if you leave them exposed to the elements. That is why you need to put on your motorcycle racing gloves. In or out of a contest, riders must wear gloves. This will help to prevent skin irritation, cramps, calluses, and tingling.

Keep Water out

You cannot avoid riding in different weather, rain, sun, snow, and ice. Wearing motorcycle gloves helps to keep your hands away from the effect of the elements. This is one reason you must always look for a pair of gloves that’s water-resistant and can filter water through getting to your hand.

What To Consider

Desiring is one thing: buying the right type of motorcycle racing gloves is another. But it’s up to the shopper to equip themselves with the correct information before making an order.

Typically, motorcycle racing gloves boast a comfortable grip, are lightweight, have multiple layers of protection, and are made with padded leather.

Here are a few essential things to consider before buying motorcycle racing gloves.

Material for Construction

It’s crucial to look at the material with which your motorcycle racing gloves are made. I have hinted earlier that gloves can be made from textile, leather, or steel materials.

Your choice depends on several factors, including the track you’re riding on (street, trail, dirt, or highways), weather conditions (rain, sun, wind, summer, winter, autumn, and lots more), or your preference (style or safety, design or look).


All motorcycle gloves should be reinforced with enough padding inside and out. The benefit of the filling is making the gloves have a good grip with your hand and the handlebar. Typically, the padding comes from carbon, foam, steel, fiber, or rubber materials. 


Fit is a huge factor you cannot ignore when deciding which motorcycle racing gloves to buy. Your pair of gloves must not be loose. Otherwise, it falls off and makes riding very difficult; it must not be too tight; otherwise, it will stifle your freedom to maneuver the vehicle and control the handlebar.


While motorcycle racing gloves are primarily designed for safety, getting one that also features a great style isn’t bad. Some models guarantee security and even look great on your motorcycle, matching in color and design. It is not out of place to look for a stylish look while making a great design and protection priorities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I tell a racing glove will lift snugly on my hand?

The best way to be sure your gloves will suit your hand comfortably is to measure your palm and side’s dimensions. You can inspect the models you want to buy to see if they match the length so measured.

Q: How do I wash my motorcycle racing gloves?

 Before knowing the kind of washing method to apply to your racing gloves, you need to know its material. The way you will wash textile-made motorcycle racing gloves will be different from how you’ll wash leather gloves.

But generally, with a piece of towel and warm soapy water, you can easily clean your gloves. You can consult the manufacturer’s manual for a proper cleaning procedure.

Q: How safe are fingerless gloves for racing?

All kinds of gloves are intended for safety and protection. Although other options of racing gloves are safe, fingerless gloves keep your knuckles and skin away from abrasion while resisting impact. They also make your hand remain flexible on the bike’s handlebar.


Our focus has been on the best motorcycle racing gloves, and the post has revealed quite some information that you can use the next time you go out to purchase the gloves for your contest.

Let it be repeated that riding without a pair of gloves is both risky and unsafe for you. Such an attitude also puts the lives of other road users at risk in an accident.

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