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10 Best Motorcycle Radios (Review)

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While it is necessary to have your safety gear such as your motorcycle boots and helmet in place, a motorcycle radio is one essential accessory to provide for while riding. It is time-consuming stopping now and then to communicate with other members of your team.

One other method you will not want to try is to communicate with your cell phones while still in motion. This will hinder you from maintaining your speed and can even cause an accident. Therefore, you must have a radio while riding.

LANZAR Motorcycle Waterproof Speaker...
UTV ATV Bluetooth Amplifier Sound System...
GoHawk TT3 3” Waterproof Bluetooth...
Lanzar 700 Watt AUX Radio
Motorcycle Hand-Free Speaker Audio System
GoldenHawk USB, SD Card, FM Radio
LANZAR Motorcycle Waterproof Speaker...
Lanzar 700 Watt AUX Radio
UTV ATV Bluetooth Amplifier Sound System...
Motorcycle Hand-Free Speaker Audio System
GoHawk TT3 3” Waterproof Bluetooth...
GoldenHawk USB, SD Card, FM Radio

With a radio, you can communicate with other riders or others at the main station with less effort. However, the challenge lies in choosing the best motorcycle radio due to several of them available on the market. What makes choosing the best radio more complicated is how they look similar in terms of design.

This article will provide you with the ten best motorcycle radios you should choose from.

1. Lanzar 700 Watt AUX Radio

This radio is perfectly designed to ensure that you get excellent sound quality from the speaker. This radio is intelligently constructed to ensure you have it for a long time.

Since you will want to ride while it is raining, you will wish to waterproof accessories. The extreme rain of the winter does not have effects on the motorcycle radio. It has strong immunity against moisture, water, and all other elements. The harsh heat of the summer won’t also affect this radio.

This radio is one you can choose to complement your other waterproof accessories, as the radio itself is waterproof. You cannot only use this radio on a motorcycle but also use other items, such as ATV and snowmobiles.

With the weatherproof feature, you rest assured you can use it, regardless of how harsh your environment is. Also, its chrome finish makes it perfect for use in any environment you are in.

  • Waterproof
  • Compatible with motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, and lots more.
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Chrome finish

2. Motorcycle Hand-Free Speaker Audio System

Looking for a well-constructed weatherproof speaker, this is one to consider. Riders who have invested in this radio have testified to how durable it is. As such, this radio will serve you for a long time. In the aspect of quality sound, this speaker scores fine. With the high-quality amplifier kit, you are guaranteed to get quality sound.

If you want to use this product with other devices, such as iPhones or pads, you are good to go, as the radio features a 700W operating current. The ease of charging this radio is another feature you will like about it. Coming with necessary items, you don’t need to stress yourself while charging it.

  • Ease of charging
  • Suitable for use on iPhones, iPads, and other smart devices
  • High-quality amplifier
  • Affordable

3. GoldenHawk USB, SD Card, FM Radio

GoldenHawk is a well-known brand in the industry. The company is known for its great products, and this radio is no different. Whether you are riding a UTV, ATV, or even a scooter, this is one radio you will want to consider. It is versatile and works with many other vehicle options.

To make riding interesting, you will want to listen to music as you ride. Therefore, if you must go for a radio promising to produce quality sound, this is one of the very few with such a feature.

It might be difficult to connect your smartphone with a radio using a wire connection while riding; this radio features a Bluetooth system. With this wireless connection, you can connect your device with no physical connections. However, if you’d like to connect using wiring equipment, the product also provides for that.

  • Bluetooth connection
  • Compatible with scooters, ATVs, UTVs, snowmobiles, and many more.
  • Quality sound
  • Wireless connection

4. GoHawk Tj4-Q 1000W Radio for Motorcycles

Most motorcycle radios on the market do not come with mounting accessories. GoHawk TJ4-Q does not follow that tread as it comes with the necessary equipment. With this, you do not need to spend extra funds to mount the radio on your motorcycle.

One other feature you will also like about this product is how it is compatible with other devices, such as your Smartphone and MP3. It does not discriminate. All you have to do is to quickly open up Bluetooth and connect to these devices to make communication and intercom easier and clearer.

If you want to import your favorite music to this radio, you can easily do so with the USB card and SD card support. You’d also love to learn that this product is weatherproof. The elements have no power whatsoever over the functionality of this product whether in the summer or winter.

  • Compatible with smartphones, tablets, iPhones, iPads, and more.
  • Weatherproof and waterproof
  • Usable with USB

5. BOSS Audio Volume Control Motorcycle Radio

BOSS is a leading brand in the industry, and the evolution of the Boss Audio Volume Control Motorcycle Radios even makes it a brand to reckon with come rain, and come shine.

With this intelligently constructed radio, the brand has successfully proved its commitment again to reeling out top-quality models that everyone would love to see. The design is the first impression you get from this product. The music is also of high quality to fuse fun with your riding experience.

It’s one of the few Bluetooth-compatible motorcycle radios on the market. This great feature enables you to stream your favorite music from your Smartphone or MP3 player. It is also worth mentioning that this radio is weatherproof.

The product comes with two speakers that blast out your favorite music as you journey on. No matter how noisy your environment is, the sound from these speakers is hard to beat.

  • Brilliant construction
  • High-quality music
  • Streams music on smartphones, tablets, iPhones, iPad, and lots more.
  • Lush sound

6. Sena Motorcycle Communication System

Sena 20s

For several years, this motorcycle radio has appeared as the number one best motorcycle radio on many lists. It has been able to make it to that position due to its great features.

This radio comes with every single feature you will look for in a motorcycle radio, from intercom to charging, auto power-off, among other exciting properties.

With most radios on the market, your music will automatically switch off when having an intercom conversation. But with this product, your music or FM radio is not interrupted while conversing with other team members.

It is a durable brand thanks to its aluminum make which confers on it the lightweight feature it enjoys. It is also highly resistant to the elements, including water, rain, and heat, among others. Here is a Sena Comparison you may be interested in.

  • Auto-power off when making calls
  • FM radio still on while on intercom
  • Playable on smart devices, phones, tablets, and so on.

7. BOSS Waterproof Motorcycle Radio

If you are a lover of great designs, this might be your best choice, as it features an elegant design. Other than the design, the quality sound that blasts from the two Chrome 3 speakers will add fun to your ride.

The Bluetooth technology and wired remote volume control make the speaker stand out among other motorcycle radios on the market. The speakers are also compatible with smartphones and MP3 players, should you want to stream your favorite music from your device.

Boss will not produce a motorcycle that is protected against the effects of the elements and so come with such an incredible model that is resistant to both water and corrosion. It means you can ride with this device in the rain or under the harsh heat

  • Two chrome speakers
  • Playable on smartphones, MP3 and stereo players
  • Waterproof
  • Riders can stream favorite music

8. Jensen JHD910 Heavy Duty & Waterproof Radio


Do you need an easy-to-install motorcycle radio? Then this is one to consider. It features a 12V DC power system with portable MP3 players and CD players. The electronic control also enables you to preset 30 programmable stations.

One other feature you will want to learn about this radio is that it features a daylight display, with which you don’t have difficulties reading in the sunlight.

  • Features 12V DC power
  • 30 programmable stations
  • Easy to mount and set up
  • Daylight display

9. Lexin S3 Motorcycle Radio

If you need a motorcycle radio that will let you stand out among your fellow bikers, this is one to consider. With the attractive design, the radio distinguishes you from other riders. Also, while riding, you will need a loud radio to overcome the noise in your environment. The LEXIN S3 comes with a loudspeaker to help you achieve this.

Regardless of the weather that you are riding in, you can use this radio without the fear of it being damaged as it is waterproof. To protect the speaker, this product features metallic housing, guarantying that it will serve you for long.

It is also worth mentioning that the speaker features Bluetooth connectivity, making it possible to connect to your MP3 player and Smartphone.

  • Metallic shell
  • Features loudspeaker to amplifier intercom
  • Durable
  • Bluetooth connection

10. GoHawk 1200W Motorcycle Radio

This is a good combination of amplifiers and speakers that will provide every feature you want in a motorcycle radio. The ease of installation of the product is one reason it has gained the interest of bikers.

The sound coming from the speaker is also of high quality, so you can enjoy your best music as you ride. This is one of the rare radios that come with an inbuilt amplifier, so you don’t need to spend extra money on one.

With the Bluetooth wireless connection, you can connect the GoHawk 4 to your Smartphone, iPod, or MP 3. You can connect the product to your other devices at a distance of up to 30 meters apart.

  • Bluetooth wireless features
  • Ease of installation
  • 4 channels
  • Compatible with multiple smart devices

Best Motorcycle RadioGuide & FAQ

Most motorcycle radios on the market look similarly designed. This makes it difficult for you to know which one to choose. Here are a few tips to guild your decision to choose the best motorcycle radio from the numerous ones flooding the market.

Water & Dust Proof Radios

You need a radio that is both waterproof and dust-proof. You might think you would not ride in the rain or dusty environment but might just find yourself with the need to. As such, it is ideal to look for motorcycle products that are protected from water and dust.

The truth is that you cannot avoid riding in the extreme rain of the winter. And when this season comes, would you decide to remain indoors until the summer returns? No motorcycle enthusiast should miss the beauty of winter riding.

Excellent Speaker Quality

The quality speaker is another feature to look for on a motorcycle radio. While riding, you have different factors against the sound you have from your speaker. Besides the noise around you, the wind you are riding against will also reduce the quality of sound coming from your speakers. Therefore, this makes it necessary that you look for a motorcycle radio with quality speaker(s).


Just like every other accessory, you need to consider your budget before admitting that a particular motorcycle radio is the best for you. This will ensure that you are not spending beyond your budget.

But again, you shouldn’t stress pricing at the expense of standard. This is why I always advise a lot of beginners and established riders to prioritize standard and quality over style or price. If you focus too much on the cost, you may end up buying sub-standard items. And that’s not a good deal.

Input Sources

It is also important that you consider the method of connection of the music source to the speakers. While some radios allow you to connect through wire accessories, some can only connect through wireless Bluetooth, while others only allow you to insert your SD card.

Why You Need A Motorcycle Radio

There is quite a lot to benefit from using the motorcycle radio. Sometimes, I go out on my newly acquired Harley Davidson Sportster without my radio on. The entire journey feels like a bore. I regain my mood and the essence of my going out only when I have my radio on.

The lyrics of the new releases from my favorite artists are clearly buzzing right in my ear. Trust me; I can stay on the long distant ride for hours without even knowing. Wouldn’t you rather feel the same way? Now, let’s look at some of the benefits of using the motorcycle radio:

Enhance Riding Fun

Riding is not all about you and the bike. You also have to connect with the world by making it fun. Well, I can’t say that not everyone loves listening to music. After all, Shakespeare will make us believe that music is the soul of life. And I think I agree to the extent that without music I can have a fun ride. Not even in the near-solitary life of the rider will he not want to listen to some cool music.

Listen to Exciting Headlines

When will the next election take place? Maybe politics is your pet hate, right? There are exciting headlines in entertainment, arts, fashion, music, wildlife, and many more industries that will tickle your fancy. You don’t want to miss the jokes and your favorite radio programs. The time is not always there to go back home.

Receives Traffic Update

What about listening to traffic updates? Using the motorcycle radio can keep you updated about events around you. As much as possible, the rider should not fall prey to the cop. If you tune into your favorite station and get a traffic update, you will get to know the rides with the best lane splitting. It will also help you avoid traffic to arrive home early.

Follow Weather Forecast

This is one of the essential things a rider should be aware of. Knowing ahead of the hazy, snowy, and possibly icy zones and areas will help you plan your trip. Motorcycle radios will help you manage yourself and plan your route correctly. By conversing with other bikers, you will also get information about the weather of a particular area you plan to ride towards.

Different Types of Motorcycle Radios

There are a handful of options you can choose from when it comes to motorcycle radios. The more the features, the more excitement, and fun you get from a motorcycle radio. You can either choose them based on a band or model. Invariably, that means you’re looking at the features.

Let’s do a quick highlight:

Helmet Speaker Radio

As the name suggests, a helmet speaker motorcycle radio is one motorcycle radio that is mounted on your helmet. They’re often built without wires and that’s why they are called wireless helmet speaker motorcycle radios. The wireless connection means that you need to connect a USB to the ports.

Other features include the 3.5mm jack, high compatibility with many devices, universal intercom, and HD sound. But you’ll have to pay more because they’re an expensive type.

Handlebar Speaker Motorcycle Radio

The second type of motorcycle radio is the handlebar speaker motorcycle radios. These are the most used and most common types and are mounted on the console. You can easily find them on the market, unlike the helmet type. They are straightforward to set up and install. They also come with their kit complete.

Other features of handlebar speaker motorcycle radio include high speaker power, top-quality audio sound, higher decibel rating. Interestingly, you don’t have to break the bank before you buy this because it is budget-friendly.

Other Types of motorcycle Radio

We also have compatible motorcycle radios. By this, we mean those motorcycle radios that can easily connect to external devices and can be found easily in the shop. They connect to devices such as MP3 and stereo players. They can also work with iPhones, tablets, and iPad.

On the other hand, non-compatible motorcycle radios are not easy to install. They also do not easily connect to external devices. Even if they do, they are very selective in terms of the devices they connect to. They lack an LCD display.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are all motorcycle radios waterproof?

No! While some speakers are waterproof, some are water-resistant, and others make no provision for protection from water. A water-resistant radio is only protected from drops of water and gives in to water while it is pouring.

But I will advise that you go for the motorcycle radio that is water; I mean the one that will soak up the rain and remain intact.

Q: What is the average price of a motorcycle radio?

The price of a motorcycle radio depends on its performance. However, the best motorcycle radios on the market range from $70 to $110.

You have to have something in the region of this range to make an order for the best motorcycle radio. Anything below this threshold might not be the right product to feature on the list of the best motorcycle radios. This price range is reasonable compared to the value you will get from using the products.


Choosing from the long list of motorcycle radios on the market seems more difficult than it sounds. However, with the right guide, purchasing one that will meet your riding needs and style becomes easy.

As such, this article is designed to guide you. Follow the instructions in this guide and choose one from the list. Whichever one you choose will provide the value of your money, and you will have no regret doing so.

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