6 Best Motorcycle Saddlebags (Review)

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Motorcycle saddlebags are the best storage solutions for your bike!

These items work perfectly whether you’re on short-distance rides or on long tours. Most riders use it for gear as they’re easy to access. It can also easily carry bulky gears you can’t keep on your under-seat storage.

But don’t be fooled by that. Saddlebags are multi-function solutions that can carry just about anything. That’s why it’s a great addition to your motorcycle no matter what your type of ride is. From your everyday commute to work to long journeys to lands across, these bags will be there for you.

However, there are various brands and styles to choose from. Aside from those, there are types of saddlebags that you should consider. It may not be easy to pick one from those. So, we gathered 6 of the best motorcycle saddlebags you need today.

We have hard-shell and soft-shell options that will fit just about any bike you can imagine. Read on to learn more about saddlebags and how to pick the right one for you and your bike.

1. Stansport Saddlebags

Stansport Saddlebag | Best Motorcycle Saddlebags

Right off the bat, you would know that these saddlebags from Stansport will last you a long time.

These saddlebags are perfect for motorcycles as well as scooters and bicycles. You can easily drape it over the saddle pillion without any hassle.

From its material and construction, it’s hard to doubt the quality of this product. Its materials consist of heavy-duty cotton duck canvas and vinyl.

It’s a convenient choice with two large pockets to place your gear on. It also has double-strapped flap covers. This is a great way to make sure that your items are secure inside.

That said, you can place anything you can imagine with these bags. From food and perishables to even work clothes a large motorcycle jacket.


Moreover, the stress points of these saddlebags come reinforced. It increases the overall durability of the bags.

Overall, the canvas of the bag gives it a very rugged look. The stitches are done well so you know it’s a sturdy unit. What’s more, these Stansport Saddlebags are perfect for their price point. It comes at an affordable price that you can’t say no to.

However, since they’re made from canvas and vinyl, you need to keep them away from high temperatures. It does get burned.

You should also make sure that you’re not carrying too heavy of objects. If you really need to put anything heavy on it, you can modify the bag to your needs.

2. Tourmaster Black Elite Saddlebags

Tourmaster Black Elite Motorcycle Saddlebags

What’s a list of the best motorcycle gears without an entry from Tourmaster. The brand simply has all the gears you need and they excel in producing saddlebags as well.

Firstly, let’s look at the materials of the bag. As expected from Tourmaster, these saddlebags are durable. Made from heavy-duty polyester, these bags are perfectly great for any season.

They also come with rain covers so that you don’t have to worry about your items getting wet. Plus, the design comes integrated with a Tourmaster Elite tail bag.

These bags also come with heat shields. That way, you wouldn’t worry about burning it with the bike’s hot pipes.


For mounting, it’s fairly secure with an adjustable Velcro. You can mount it under the seat. Both bags also come with a great safety feature which is a reflective triangle. This way, it’s visible even at night.

You wouldn’t have a hard time using this bag. What you see is what you get! You only need a second to put them on. Plus, you can remove them without the need for any adjustments.

However, they only have one back-to-front zipper for every bag. This lowers the security you get from the bag. And while they have heat shields, it’s always best to make sure that your bags are away from the exhaust.

As for the storage, it provides plenty of it with dimensions of 19 x 12 x 10 inches. Overall, it’s an excellent set of soft saddlebags perfect for your bike.

3. Givi Easy Range Saddlebags

Givi Easy Range Motorcycle Saddlebags

Looking for saddlebags perfect for sport or sport-touring adventures? Try the Givi Easy Range Saddlebags. These bags are specifically made for bikes without a dedicated touring rack.

Givi created saddlebags that are versatile and they attach easily to the bike. They’re easy to use and you can just slide them over the motorcycle.

We all know how expensive mounting systems can be. They’re hard to install and many riders don’t see any use for them. So, saddlebags like these are great options.

They’re efficient and you can attach them to your bike without any fuss.


The bags are made from polyester and they come with rain covers. So, it has protection in case of heavy downpours. They’re also very heat-resistant so that it doesn’t burn or melt due to the engine and exhaust.

These saddlebags are expandable as well. So, they can handle up to 40 liters so that’s plenty of room for your gear. You can even use them for your commuting needs and weekend camping gear.

They also have a shoulder strap available so that you can carry it anywhere. Overall, these great options for people on the go and needs generous storage space.

4. Cortech Super 2.0 Saddlebags

Cortech Super 2.0 Motorcycle Saddlebags

A great thing about the Cortech Super 2.0 Saddlebags is that they’re very versatile. On top of that, they’re incredibly easy to use.

These bags can fit on a wide range of motorcycles. So, whether you have a sports bike or a cruiser, these will work just fine on them.

Made from ballistic polyester, these bags are water-resistant. However, they aren’t waterproof. This is where rain covers help in keeping your gears dry when it comes to heavy downpours.

The great thing is that it comes with a protective heat shield. You’re sure that the engine and exhaust won’t melt your bag off. But anything excessive can still damage your bag so use it with caution.


That said, it’s very easy to install. You simply side them over the backseat or the tail of your bike. Then, you can adjust the straps according to your preference. Make sure that the bags are secured to your bike and then you’ll do great.

With this type of installation, you won’t need a luggage rack at all.

The interior of the bags is very generous for storage space. You get two compartments for every bag. From there, you have the main compartment and it has a soft interior. You place bigger items on this one.

It also has small zippered side pockets for small accessories and belongings. They’re easy to access as well!

These saddlebags are generous as they can carry up to 25 liters of items. You get a lot of room if you’re looking for a long commute or weekend trip. Plus, you get a quick-release mounting system as well.

Overall, the Cortech Super 2.0 is as super as it gets. It’s simple and you won’t get hassled when traveling with gear and extra items!

5. Milwaukee Leather Saddlebag

Milwaukee Leather Motorcycle Saddlebags

Milwaukee Leather is a constant player in the industry and it only makes sense that they also make great saddlebags. This time, we’re talking to riders who own a Harly-Davidson. These are the saddlebags for you.

These bags perfectly match the design of most Harley motorcycles. The black, PVC material on these saddlebags will compliment your motorcycle.

You might expect that since it’s made for a Harley, it’s hard to use or are incredibly expensive. Milwaukee Leather made sure that these bags remain affordable and easy to use.

These storage solutions will help out in providing you extra space when you’re commuting. You will have extra space for your gears, personal belongings, and a whole lot more.


You can expect that these bags are durable. The PVC material that makes these bags are weatherproof. So, they are made for cruisers and long-distance rides.

They also have reflective piping for an added layer of safety. These make them visible even at night. The studs and buckles of these bags have chrome plating to match the Harley look.

The storage of these bikes is also very secure. You get not one but two outer Velcro lock pockets. The compartments are also easily accessible with just a quick-release mechanism and double straps on the front.

You can store a variety of items in these bags. From your camping gear to clothes and even food. Everything you need in a long or short ride will fit these bags.

If you have a Harley-Davidson, there’s nowhere else to look but there. This is an easy and affordable solution to your storage problems!

6. Nelson-Rigg Sierra Dry Saddlebags

Nelson-Rigg Sierra Dry Motorcycle Saddlebags

We’ve mentioned water-resistant saddlebags on our list. However, not everything is completely waterproof. That means that even the hardest rains can affect your bag.

These saddlebags from Nelson-Rigg defies that. They’re 100% waterproof and they have very stylish designs. These bags are perfect not only for motorcycles but also for snowmobiles and even watercraft!

With a universal fit, you’re sure that it can fit most bike models. They also have heat-welded seams for robust construction. These saddlebags also have UV coating so that they’re easy to clean.

Mounting these bags isn’t the easiest but it’s all worth it. They’re made of aircraft-grade aluminum. So, you’re sure that the bags are secured on your bike.


Each side can hold up to 7 gallons. You can easily secure them on the mount and easily remove them as well. They have four quick-release buckles as well as double pull straps.

However, some user reviews indicate that these straps are not the strongest points in the bags. Over time, they may break and it can be difficult to fasten and unfasten them in a hurry.

It’s also a little inconvenient that you may have to reposition the straps every time you put something in the bag. This results in constant retightening and that’s pretty hard to do, especially in the dark.

These heavy-duty bags are some of the best in the market. The interiors of the bags come with liners that are also lightweight.

Given all the features of the bike, they’re pretty expensive as well. So, if it’s within your budget, you should consider investing in these.

Best Motorcycle Saddlebags Guide & FAQs

Benefits of Motorcycle Saddlebags

Having a saddlebag on your bike provides various benefits. Firstly, this is a convenient addition to your ride. You don’t always have to carry them like backpacks but you can store just as much if not more.

Most of these saddlebags have locking mechanisms as well. So, even if you leave your saddlebag behind, you’re sure that it won’t get stolen.

Moreover, long-distance trips usually require you to carry more items. So, to accommodate the items you’re carrying, you need extra storage space. These are a great option for that.

They provide more space to put stuff in without troubling your space as a rider. Saddlebags can store anything from gears to tents and even clothing.

Types of Motorcycle Saddlebags

Soft Saddlebags

A lot of riders still prefer soft bags over hard ones. They’re usually made of materials like leather and other synthetic options.

Soft motorcycle saddlebags, no matter how great they are, aren’t usually water-resistant. They don’t have any waterproofing lining a well. So, this could be detrimental to your gears.

They, however, usually come with rain covers that could help protect your belongings. If they don’t rain covers are pretty cheap and you can always purchase them for your bags.

Another downside to these is security. They generally don’t have locking mechanisms. However, this makes them easy to teach so you can carry them with you. They can also easily be turned into a sling bag if possible.

Hard Saddlebags

Meanwhile, hard saddlebags appeal more to dual-sport or adventure motorcyclists. Some cruiser riders also use hard bags.

These bags tend to be expensive but that’s due to the materials and features they have. They typically have better security features like a locking mechanism.

Moreover, you can trust them to be weather-resistant if not weatherproof. That means that your items are secure even against torrential rains.

However, they do require mounting brackets to be installed. Sometimes, you would even need to make some modifications to your bike. But this still depends on the bike model you have.

Hard saddlebags have very sturdy and durable constructions. They can handle heavy gears and they usually have large capacities.

What to Consider When Buying Motorcycle Saddlebags


There are different materials used to make saddlebags. There are of course pros and cons to these materials. Some are also more durable than others.

You can easily find saddlebags made from leather, nylon, and plastic. They’re generally cheap. Nylon is a good option if you’re looking for a strong material that can handle some weight.

Meanwhile, leather is a stylish option. Not to mention, leather is known for its natural abrasion-resistant qualities.

Some are made from plastic but they have negative effects overtime like cracks. That’s not a good look on your bike.


Motorcycle saddlebags usually hold a lot of stuff. Your saddlebag should be able to handle riding gears and other personal belongings. So, you should always inspect the size of your saddlebag.

Generally, the size of your saddlebag depends on the size of your bike. So, the bigger your bike is, the more your saddlebag can carry. Meanwhile, sportbikes may have smaller bags.

Make sure that you double-check what your bike can handle and if that will suit your needs. If possible, you have the bags modified or custom-built yourself.


Security is a great feature you can get from a saddlebag. A lot of gears get stolen because the saddlebag gets left behind by the owner. That said, look for a saddlebag that has a locking mechanism.

If you’re traveling far and you don’t have any other protection for your bike, this is a great feature to consider. If your saddle bag doesn’t have this, you may look for a quick-release function. This will let you carry your bag anywhere with ease.

Water or weatherproofing

Riding a motorcycle has its pros and cons. Perhaps, the biggest detriment to most riders is the weather. That’s why your saddlebag should be able to handle any type of weather. None of us wants wet or damaged belongings.

If possible, it should be waterproof. It not, a good water resistance can help a lot. You can always purchase a rain cover to give it an added layer of protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are hard saddlebags better than soft saddlebags?

Generally, yes. But there are also great benefits to soft saddlebags such as their flexibility. You can store just about anything in it without worry about it ruining the shape of your saddlebag.

Q: Will any saddlebag fit my motorcycle?

No. You should always check the manufacturer description before purchasing the bag. Some are designed specifically for a certain motorcycle model so keep your eye out on that information as well.

Final Thoughts

Saddlebags are great storage solutions for people on the go. These bags will definitely save you the hassle of having to always carry a backpack or not having enough space for certain carry-on items.

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