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6 Best Motorcycle Shocks

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Every biker wants their motorcycles to ride as smoothly as possible. They would also want excellent handling on top of that. Motorcycle shocks are usually the go-to part that turns these desires into reality. Your bike’s suspension can change how your motorcycle handles on the road. Your ride doesn’t need to be bumpy from here on out. Here are the best motorcycle shocks you need for your bike today.

1. Progressive Suspension 412-4069B Black

Progressive Suspension 412-4069B Black Anodized Finish 12" Heavy Duty Low Buck Factory Replacement Rear Suspension Shock Motorcycle Shocks

These shocks from Progressive Suspension are top-rated by motorcyclists. It’s unsurprising due to the brand’s long history of producing top-notch shocks for Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

However, you don’t need a Harley of your own to experience the magic of these shocks.

You can get the same experience with these durable shocks from Progressive Suspension.

Progressive Suspension also provided plenty of size and style choices to pick from. This makes sure that there’s one that would surely fit your bike. The brand also came up with shocks that show the covers. A lot of motorcyclists prefer this, that’s why the brand gave an option for that. Basically, you can name anything you want and you can still have it.

These shocks are great upgrades from the factory stock shocks you get on your bike. They make your ride ultimately smoother and way easier to handle. Moreover, there’s no hassle in installing these shocks. It would only take you minutes, at most, compared to other brands which could take hours.

These shocks also come at an affordable price, so you’re sure to get your money’s worth with them.

2. Harley Davidson HD 159 Ohlins Shocks

Ohlins HD 022 Motorcycle Shocks for 1998-Newer Harley-Davidson FLH/FLT Touring Motorcycles

If you’re looking for a more premium choice of shocks, then this one’s for you. These are the most expensive you’ll find on the list. However, I can guarantee that these will be worth every penny you invest in them.

While these are more premium choices for shocks, everything about it will prove it deserves that.

For one, the quality of the HD 159 Ohlins Shocks is on a whole new level. This is in comparison to other shocks even on our list. You can rest assured that these shocks will last you a really long time.

With these shocks, quality is important. These aren’t disposable shocks. They’re one-time purchases that should last you a really long time. How so? These shocks can be rebuilt if necessary. That’s something you can’t get from other shocks on this list.

They also come with a five-year warranty. This adds even more to the overall value of the shocks. Not every manufacturer offers such a long warranty period for shocks. You can’t even expect other brands to offer a warranty at all!

The dimensions of these shocks also fit all Harley-Davidson FLH/FLT tourers from 1998 onwards. They’re 13.5 inches long and filled with pressurized gas and oil. You will never have an issue with losing air again.

With this, these shocks will guarantee that you won’t get unexpected hitches on your ride. It’s all smooth sailing from here.

The ride quality also proves unparalleled with these shocks. The HD 159 Ohlins Shocks can make the performance of your bike way better. It also provides a comfortable ride without bumps on the ride.

With the price, you also get the company to pre-set the shocks according to your preference and needs. If there are any changes you need to make, you can easily adjust them as well.

3. Anngo 12.5″ Motorcycle Air Shocks

Anngo 320mm A Pair Motorcycle Air Shock Absorbers Universal Fit For Honda Suzuki Yamaha Kawasaki ATV Go Kart Quad Dirt Sport Bikes (Black & Gold)

At 320 mm, these shocks from Anngo fit a wide variety of road bikes. From brands like Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Suzuki, you’re sure that these shocks will fit your bike.

They also fit a selection of dirt bikes as well as other types of sports bikes. With that, it fits most bikes powered by 150cc up to 750cc engines.

In these situations, you should always go with shocks that have an eye-to-eye distance of 320 mm. You should also consider a round hole that is 12 mm in size.

With that said, these shocks come with adjustable strength. Many users back it up as one of the best choices for replacement, bike modification, and style upgrades.

These shocks come with a smooth finish that can take a lot of toll along the way. You also don’t need to sacrifice the fork system. Take out your old system and replace it with a new one so you can experience a great ride.

Another great feature of these shocks is their robust construction. Just make sure that the shocks are charged enough with gas.

4. BURLY B28-1201B Black 10.5″ Slammer Shocks

BURLY B28-1202B Black 10.5" Slammer Motorcycle Shocks Slammer Shock Absorbers

Want to have a lower motorcycle plus an improved comfort and ride? The BURLY B28-1201B shocks are perfect for you.

These shocks measure only 10.5 inches. This will immediately lower your bike’s stance by 2 inches.

There are certain effects to lowering your bike. Firstly, it improves the handling and cornering of your motorcycle. And secondly, well, it just looks a lot cooler.

Any vehicle closer to the ground gives it better stability when cornering. That’s why it’s always a good choice to lower your bike. Just look at racing cars or motorcycles. They’re so low that they almost touch the ground.

A lower motorcycle also provides a more aggressive and sporty stance. While 2 inches might not be a lot right now, seeing your bike lower would make a huge change in itself.

However, because your bike is lower, you should be careful around rough surfaces. Ensure you have a good clearance so you won’t have to risk bottoming out.

To make up for that, you can rest assured that you can use it for any type of load. They’re adjustable for your weight and your load’s weight. Moreover, it adjusts as fine for riders who regularly tour or ride two-up.

These shocks are a total bargain, and you can never go wrong with black shocks. Plus, you can easily remove it. It’s not as hard even with the loud noise that most people worry about.

5. GZYF 12.5″ Rear Suspension Motorcycle Shocks

GZYF Pair 320mm Rear Suspension Motorcycle Shocks Shock Absorbers

These shocks also come in 320 mm so they’re also shock absorbers are universal. That’s about the same as a 12.5-inch shock.

They also fit ATV, go-kart, or dune buggies just as fine. However, you should always keep in mind the manufacturer-set maximum limits.

That said, the GZYF 12.5 320mm Universal Shocks can take a maximum load of 200 kg per shock absorber. That’s 400 kg at the rear. Remember: these are rear shocks, not front shocks.

For its style, you have a lot of colors to choose from. So, you will surely find the shocks that will match your ride.

6. Newsmarts Adjustable 12.5″ Motorbike Air Shocks

Newsmarts Adjustable 320mm Motorbike Shocks Air Shock Absorber

As expected, we get 12.5 inches for each shock. The coils of these shocks also prove thick at 7 mm thick and 60 mm wide. The eye diameter, with the bush, measures about 16 mm. Bush removed, it sits at 12 mm.

It can also carry a maximum load of 200 kg per shock with a stiffness rating of 110 kgs. With a working stroke of 60mm, you can get 2,000 Kgf of tensile strength for the eye.

Similar to the GZYF shocks, you get an adjustable air system and chambers of a similar size. As expected, the shocks are factory set at 0.4 mpa with a maximum of 0.5 mpa.

You can use these shocks for any motorcycle as a universally fit pair.

If the GZYF already has a great selection of colors, then you’re sure to love even more choices here. You can always check between the two about which one’s more affordable since its price can change without prior notice.

Best Motorcycle Shocks Guide & FAQs

Why You Need Motorcycle Shocks

Having aftermarket motorcycle shocks can drastically change the way you ride.

Firstly, you will experience improved handling. The stability due to aftermarket shocks makes a huge difference on your ride.

Rough roads are nothing as your bike can glide on smoothly over them. A superior set of shocks can do this, and those aren’t the ones that come with your bike when you buy them.

Rear shocks, in particular, support the weight of the bike through a spring. This softens the bumps you encounter ahead.

They also control suspension via damping. This prevents any bouncing that you can encounter whenever you hit a bump on the road.

Lastly, your motorcycle can stand at a lower, sportier stance. Not only because it’s cool, but it proves helpful, especially when cornering.

Types of Motorcycle Shocks


As seen on our list, coil shocks have large metal springs outside a telescopic tube. It’s the most common type of shock seen on less expensive bikes.

Just like the other type of shocks, you can easily adjust this type to meet the rider’s weight or riding style. Typically, it is done by changing the entire spring for a lighter or heavier one.

A lot of motorcyclists who ride fast or go through rough terrain prefer this type. It’s usually since they tend to be smoother and even more durable than air shocks.


On the other hand, we have air shocks. Air shocks or air-sprung shocks come with compressed air springs inside their body.

This type of shock is usually lighter than coil shocks. Riders who like to keep their shocks light prefer this one.

Air shocks are also very easy to adjust in order to accommodate the rider’s weight and style preferences. You can just use a shock pump to increase or decrease the air pressure on the air springs.

What to Consider When Buying Motorcycle Shocks

Size & Type

It’s always important to consider the size. It should be one of the first things you should check before upgrading your motorcycle’s suspension.

Check whether the shocks are compatible with your bike’s make and model. You should also check the specks just to make sure that the product would work just fine on the bike that you have.


Shocks take a lot of abuse. Therefore, you should always check the material used to construct your shocks. They should be made out of durable steel.

You can expect some shocks to have black paint over them. Others differ with a chrome coating instead. Depending on your style and preference, you can always pick one or the other.

Either way, you should ensure that the shock construction will not fail you during your ride.


Factory shocks may not perform as well as aftermarket shocks. You should make sure that the shocks you’re replacing the ones you already have provide better performance.

That said, you should check how much weight it carries, how it absorbs vibrations, or how they take bumps on the road.

Other Considerations

Your shocks should be able to take not only your weight but also the bike’s weight. If necessary, it should also come adjustable so that you can always ensure your bike runs smoothly no matter the load.

You should also check for the damping of your shocks. It’s related with the performance of your shocks. Damping is the way that the shock absorbs impacts it encounters.

Compatibility to Bike Frame

Another consideration that people tend to look over is the compatibility of the shocks to the bike frame. Check the shock’s stroke length and eye-to-eye-measurement to make sure it fits.

You should also check whether you have the correct connecting hardware. Among those, check for the end bushings and bolts that attach the shock to the frame.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will aftermarket shocks improve the quality of my ride?

Yes, it will. Upgrading your stock shocks will greatly improve the handling and breaking experience of your bike. Generally, you get a much smoother ride throughout. You should be able to pass through rough roads without a hitch. These things should help you keep a steady ride throughout.

Q: When should I change my motorcycle’s shocks?

You should change your shocks whether or not you buy a new or used motorcycle. The shocks you have always depend on your weight and riding style. If you’re buying a secondhand bike, they most likely have a different load and style so make sure your shocks adjust to your needs.

You should also check if the forks bottom out or if your bike squats or slides on hard acceleration. If you can’t feel the changes in the road surface, you probably need to replace your shocks.

Q: How do I measure the rear shocks on my motorcycle?

It’s pretty easy and you can do it yourself. Measure from the center of the mount holes at full-extended length. For instance, the best range for HD Sportsters is 12.5 inches. It can also have 14.5 inches for the dampers.

Final Thoughts

Easily, the best shocks on our list are the HD 159 Ohlins for FLH/FLT Touring Motorcycles. While they’re expensive, they provide a great deal for your money, and it’s something missing from many of the aftermarket shocks you can buy today. They also prove a really great investment if you’re looking for the smoothest ride of your life.

However, if you’re looking for something more affordable, the Progressive Suspension 412-4069B Black Anodized Finish 12″ Heavy-Duty Low-Buck Rear Suspension Shocks are great choices. They’re not that hard to find and prove affordable. They come from a great brand with a great reputation for providing motorcycle shocks. These shocks will give you a smooth ride and great handling without spending much on them.

But, whatever it is you choose from our list, you are sure to experience a changed riding experience. These shocks will definitely surprise you to how they can enhance your overall ride. No more bumpy roads ahead!

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6 Best Motorcycle Shocks

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