Best Motorcycle Storage Sheds

Best Motorcycle Storage Sheds

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Are you looking for storage sheds with the idea of using them for housing your motorcycle when you are not riding it? Better still, maybe you want to use it for utility and recreational storage and purposes? Well, you’re not alone. With the diverse options available in the market today, it’ll be quite challenging to settle on a particular choice, especially as a rookie engaging in such for the first time. Without further ado, you need to learn more to understand the subject matter properly.  

Below, we provide you with extensive information on the types, materials, uses, and brands that you can find in the market. This way, you can buy the storage shed that best suits your needs, budget, and complete the task in the best way.

What Are Storage Sheds?

A storage shed, as it can also be found in shopping catalogs, is an outdoor shed that we commonly use to store objects that we do not want to have indoors. In other cases, you look for them to beautify these spaces or as garages for cars, motorcycles, or bicycles. Also, it serves as a place for recreation for children and adults, as a garage or animal shelter. There are also more professional outdoor sheds designed as guest rooms, workshops, or greenhouses.

You will always have an excellent reason to want to install an outdoor house, but deciding to buy one will depend on how much space you have, the type of use you are going to give it. They also import the materials that best suit your requirements and the budget you plan to invest in.

Types of Storage Sheds

In truth, there are five types of storage sheds. They include;

  • Wood: Wood is a robust, highly decorative, durable material if adequately maintained. They are highly thermal, sound, and electrical insulators. They come with modular structures that are easy to assemble and with a five-year warranty. Care must be taken with excess humidity and the presence of pests that attack the wood.
  • Metal: They can be a good alternative if our priority is rigidity and resistance and simplicity in assembly. They have low maintenance requirements, especially if they receive little humidity and salinity to avoid rust. They are not the best for thermal and electrical insulation.
  • Resin: They are made of a type of plastic resistant to shocks and the impact of ultraviolet rays, so they retain their color very well. They are straightforward to install, generally include the floor, do not rust or decompose, making them suitable for saline environments. Most manufacturers often offer long years of warranty to resin-made products.
  • PVC: PVC is a particular type of synthetic resin. Amazon and other online stores use the names of resin or PVC outdoor sheds interchangeably and present them with equivalent qualities.
  • Sheet Metal: Sheet metal is a material made of galvanized steel sheets, resistant to humidity and sun. They are washable, deficient maintenance, and fire retardant. In search engines, most stores do not differentiate between metal or sheet metal storage sheds.

Ranking the 12 Best Motorcycle Storage Sheds

About 95% of people in Europe have access to the Internet. And almost everyone uses it to ask before buying and products before making a purchase decision. That is why I am more interested in enabling you to make the right decision to buy and get the best quality for which you pay.

Also, this section offers you the opportunity to compare different products from different areas. Through reviews and comments from other buyers, we can provide you with a lot of useful information and help you find your best-selling product. Here you will find a list of the best brands and outcomes of the group, as well as valuable and qualitative information about each product.

Let’s get to see the top-ranking sheds available in the market right now.

1. Outsunny 6′ x 9′ Motorcycle Shed


If you have ample space and want a shed where you can store your bike safely without hindrances, I recommend this alternative with a spacious interior space. It is one of the most functional and large sheet metal motorcycle sheds on the market, without being too expensive.

It stands out for its manufacturing material in sheet steel and propylene lacquered, which makes it an excellent and stable house, resistant to inclement climates. It also incorporates four vents and is designed with two sliding access doors that can be padlocked.

The dimensions of this house are 277 x 191 x 192 cm, and its net weight is 65 kilograms. Also, the gable roof allows the rain to slide to the sides, and there is no stagnation. Likewise, the roof ridge is reinforced for more excellent resistance to strong winds.


  • Gabled roof
  • Weather-resistant
  • Anti-abrasive
Security padlock: this allows you to add a padlock on the door to prevent theft.Height: According to users who bought the product, the door height is not wrong, but it could be higher.
Spacious parking area

2. Keter Premier Tall Resin Outdoor Storage Shed


If you are among those who believe that it is too expensive to pay to invest more than budget on bike storage shed, as beautiful as it is, you can be sure, because the Keter brand has more than one trick up its sleeve. Why invest so much when the shelter is only used to store bikes, tools, and equipment? If you share the same opinion, it may be that the Premium 86 model may interest you.

This bike storage shed has been designed in resin, which makes it entirely waterproof, but also resistant to bad weather and insects. Then you will be able to resist very well in the face of the harsh outdoor conditions and will house your various materials and equipment without worry.


  • Usage: outdoor
  • Warranty: 5 years (S)
  • Gray Shade
  • Maintenance-free
  • Product Weight: 55.3 Kg
ResistantFragile Floor: These are PVC storage sheds, which already suggest a certain fragility, especially at ground level.
Easy to assemble

3. Keter Fusion Large 7.5 x 4 ft.

A booth with a Premium finish for people who want to install in their space something that gives a touch of class. It is made with a high resistance plastic resin, which has a treatment that provides the wood with an appearance, making it attractive to the eye, but at the same time reliable.

It is equipped with a double folding door, with a design that also looks like wood, which also integrates two windows, which gives the space more lighting. On the sides, it also has two windows and has a skylight, so in the daytime, you will have no problems with light, and you will not have issues with strange odors, as it has proper ventilation.

Due to its design and materials, it does not require special maintenance.

The dimensions of this house are: 223.5 length x 229 width x 252 cm height and interior: 201 length x 201 width x 246 cm height.


  • Minimum maintenance
  • Double folding doors  
Appearance: It has a premium appearanceIt is plastic: it is somewhat expensive compared to the other metal alternatives, but it has the right balance of materials and appearance.
Space: It is quite large, allowing you to save a variety of tools.

4. Lifetime 6405 Motorcycle Storage Shed


For users looking for a resin motorbike shed, this is one of the best alternatives. Being one of the cheapest resin models, this house stands out for its modern and compact design, which in turn allows secure storage of all work tools in an organized manner.

Thanks to its gabled roof, you won’t have to worry about leaks caused by rain. Also, you will have the possibility of fixing the house to the ground well to prevent the strong wind from moving or overturning it.

It incorporates practical vents and a side window to take advantage of natural light. It has external dimensions of 130 x 102 x 203 cm, and its interior space is approximately 90″ W x 114″ L x 70″ – 94″ H. Also, this product weighs about 39 kilograms and is painted gray with white accents.


  • Weight: 39 kg
  • Color: Gray
  • Gabled roof
Compact: it is ideal for small spacesConstruction materials: it is plastic, which makes it more flimsy, compared to other alternatives that are metal
It has a window: lighting and ventilation assured

5. Duramax 8×6 StoreAll Vinyl Storage Shed SHED


One of the best alternatives in motorcycle storage sheds that you can find today is this model from the well-known Duramax brand, which stands out for entirely resisting all kinds of climates thanks to its high-durability vinyl construction and which does not require much maintenance.

On the other hand, its galvanized steel structure will guarantee maximum stability and optimum protection of all the tools you keep inside. Also, this product has been tested to hold approximately 20 pounds or 4 m2 of snow without any problems.

Its design with two access doors allows you to secure the handles with a padlock for greater security. Its gabled roof design prevents stagnation of rain, and its external dimensions are 168 x 245 x 220 cm. This PVC bike storage shed has four vents to keep your interior well-ventilated.

Choosing an ideal storage shed for your bike requires a preliminary analysis of the positive and negative aspects of each model in the list, without forgetting to take a good look at this shed.


  • Weather-Resistant
  • Padlock included
Material: Its galvanized steel construction guarantees excellent stability and durability of the structure.Not easy to assemble
Storage: It has an internal space of 160 x 239 x 185 cm that will allow you to store all your tools without a problem.

6. Keter Oakland 7.5×9 Foot Large Shed


One thing is sure, the artistic side of this model is among its greatest strengths. The brand has been able to faithfully reproduce the authentic and aged appearance of the wood, with a sanded wood finish with visible grain, for the walls, doors, and windows of this model. Your space can only be more beautiful and elegant, and this model will also help give your bike a better character.

These sheds have been around for a long time, but the oldest ones are quite difficult to make. At that time, you had to cut wood, work on it to make boards, etc. Today, there are “ready-to-assemble” bike storage shelters, it’s enough to complete assembly in a day at most, and you’re done. The Keter offers us here a charming shed, which will certainly not leave you indifferent.


  • Weather-Resistant
  • Large storage capacity
  • Easy to assemble:
  • Customizable
Aesthetics, Robust, Maintenance-freeWithout shelves
Outdoor and indoor shed to store all tools and utensils for home and garden.

7. Outsunny 9′ x 6′ Motorcycle & Utility Storage Shed


Another Outsunny brand model, the Outsunny metal shed, has the advantage of having valuable storage space and construction with very durable materials. More so, it allows you to save various biking objects, such as helmets, or other tools.

It has a structure with lacquered sheet metal, which is very solid and resistant to being outdoors, resists humidity, dust, and other inclement weather. The roof has a slight drop, although it is horizontal.

It has a sliding gate that has a ring to put a padlock and thus secure the door and prevent theft.

It is equipped with two ventilation windows that allow good air circulation, which makes it ideal for storing various materials, avoiding corrosion or problems due to humidity.

The dimensions of the house are 277 long x 130 wide x 173 cm high, and the interior dimensions are 267 long x 117 wide x 173 cm tall.


  • Exterior dimension = 277 long x 130 wide x 173 cm high
  • Interior dimensions are 267 long x 117 wide x 173 cm high.
Spacious: it is a house that has a great interior space.It has no interior light: it would facilitate vision.
Padlock: one more security function, necessary when outdoors.The ceiling: it is horizontal, it has a small drop, but it can cause accumulations.

8. Keter Manor Pent Outdoor


It is a motorcycle shed with an exciting design, which looks like wood, painted gray, which gives it a spatial touch and is ideal for decorating available or for being located near the house.

It contains noble materials in its construction and is free of maintenance. Also, it incorporates a base so you can support your tools without touching the ground.

It has a door with a latch, which also contains the possibility of adding a padlock for greater security, the hinges are metal, which gives the door higher resistance.

It has built-in ventilation in several parts to achieve adequate airflow and thus maintain the space without unpleasant odors. It also has a rear window, which provides good lighting.

The measures of the house are 183.5 long x 111 wide x 200.5 cm high and the internal measures: 169 long x 97 wide x 195 cm tall.


  • Latch door
  • Spacious
  • Maintenance-free
Easy mounting: Due to its design, mounting does not take too long.Somewhat flimsy materials: some materials can be damaged more quickly than in other houses.
Appearance: It has a neat and modern look.

9. Gardiun KIS12989 Shed


A booth is larger than the alternatives seen so far since it not only has the usual interior space in the booths but also has an outdoor annex that allows more tools or machinery to be kept outdoors.

As for its materials, it is made of galvanized steel and has a ribbed finish on the sides. Also, it has polycarbonate on the top that provides the unit with lighting during the day, and being a less fragile material than glass; it is more durable.

The door has a double sliding door, so it opens easily from side to side completely, making it possible to take advantage of all the space in the door, thus facilitating the access and exit of tools or machinery.

The side annex is very useful to store items and protect them from the rain; you can store tools, a bicycle, or whatever you want.

The measures of the house are: 355 (Width) x 193 (Depth) x 237 (Height) cm and the interior measures: 342 x 181 cm.


  • Double sliding doors
  • Galvanized steel on its sides
  • Polycarbonate top to protect from lightning
  • Interior measures: 342 x 181cm  
Side space: allows the storage of other elements, giving the house more space than usual.It has no windows: although it does have a skylight on top.
Materials: it has a steel composite structure, which makes it very resistant.

10. Metal Roses


For those who have little space and little budget for a storage shed, rest assured that many models are not very bulky, and that is unusually affordable. In this registry, we have the Metal Rosas model, whose price defies all competition, at least in our list. And yet, it is not because it is the wrong product. On the contrary, this model offers particularly interesting advantages, which could be adapted to a good number of clients.

A respectful storage shed must withstand bad weather, as it has no choice but to be installed outside, at the mercy of the rays of the sun, rain, and winds. , snow, etc. At this level, this bike shed has nothing to fear; it has been treated with antioxidants and anti-UV.


  • Green and white metal storage shed
  • End-to-end dimensions: 3.19 x 3.40 x 2.10
  • Concrete anchor kit included.

11. Gardiun Metal Garden Shed Bristol


A house-made with quality elements, which allows you to store all kinds of tools thanks to its ample space and materials. It is made of galvanized steel, with ribbed panels.

It has a gabled roof, which prevents water from accumulating, an action that can damage the materials if it is maintained for a long time.

The door is full at 130 (Width) x 157 (Height) and is sliding, so it allows you to open and close it quickly, making it ideal for easy access to your tools.

It contains vents on top; it is not blind. In this way, it allows air circulation inside, which helps to avoid corrosion or other problems that electrical machines can have. It is also useful to prevent bad odors.

The dimensions of the house are 321 cm wide, 241 cm deep, and 205 cm high. The structure is made of galvanized steel from 05-0.8 mm.


  • Vented roof to allow ventilation
  • Water-resistant
  • Ribbed panels
Materials: it has a structure with galvanized steel.Manual: contains only a few instructions
Sliding door: simple and easy openingAssembly is quite complicated

12. Gardiun KIS12767 


A shed with a small size, which makes it ideal for small spaces and where the storage of large machinery is not required but is designed to have a space to store some other tools.

The measures of the house are 55 (Width) x 130 (Depth) x 186 (Height) cm. And inside: 145 x 120 cm. It allows us to save various tools without problems.

It contains an easy-opening sliding door, and the entire construction is made of galvanized steel, an ideal material for exteriors that promises a good duration over time and almost no maintenance.

The roof is gabled, which prevents the accumulation of water, leaves, and other debris that could damage the unit in the long term.


  • Gabled roof
  • Water-resistant
Sliding doorsAssembly: be careful when mounting as the materials are somewhat sharp
Compact: ideal for small spacesWeight: it is very light; it requires a good grip on the ground to prevent it from being damaged by a strong wind.

Buyers’ Guide – How to Choose a Motorcycle Storage Shed in 2020

The storage shed is a warehouse space that has existed for long interior dimensions are 267 long x 117 wide x 173 cm high. Many things are not made to be stored in the house. We are talking about lawnmowers, bikes, motorcycle helmets, different tools, etc. If you read through from the beginning of this guide, you’ll understand the usefulness of a storage shed and know that it is not being exaggerated. Even so, you should know that there are different types. So there are some criteria to keep in mind to make sure you choose the right one.

Defining Your Needs

This criterion is often at the top of the list, simply because it’s about finding a solution to your needs. Also, are you looking for a bike storage shed to store your various tools, or are you planning to turn it into a living space like a guest room? What type of instruments do you plan to store in your bike storage shed? Great tools like an XXL lawnmower, a generator, etc., or some shovels, brooms, etc.

Available Space

Needless to say, how could you choose a six m² bike storage shed if the space available to accommodate such a facility is only four m² on your property? Therefore, remember to preview the location where you will install your future bike storage shed and measure the usable area. Do not forget to include the necessary free space for doors and windows, if you choose a model with folding doors and windows. In some cases, space is saved by selecting a model with a sliding door or window.

Still talking about doors and windows, keep in mind that some models have them, while others will only have a large double door in the front. Again, everything will depend on your needs. Is it necessary to bring natural light to your storage shed? In this case, it will be better to choose a model with a door and a window. A bike shed with ventilation will always be preferable, to refresh the space as well as possible and thus better preserve the various tools stored in it.

You need to understand that It needs to be spacious enough for the use you are going to give it and just enough to fit the space available for it without distorting the landscape of your beautiful home. The height, width, and length, as well as the internal distribution and its location within the space or patio, are essential. It is expected to have the possibility of entering without having to bend down and be able to carry out your activities within it. Lighting and ventilation requirements are details that you should also think about before making a decision.


The materials are other variables that must be present for there are bike storage sheds made of wood, metal, hard plastics such as PVC or resins, and sheet metal. You must choose one of these based on maintaining the aesthetics of your home. If wooden details abound in your house, a metal shed may not fit well; the use that you are going to give it. If you are going to store highly flammable products, an outdoor metal shed might suit you; the lifetime and maintenance requirements you want. With a plastic or metal one, you could get more durability and fewer maintenance requirements.

As they are outdoor booths, you must bear in mind that they need to resist the onslaught of the environment, climatic changes, winds, sun, and humidity. You also have to be aware of fire safety, electrical conduction, the need for locks, and adequate ventilation. Above all, you will need to find out about the maintenance required for each model.

Roof Type

Like houses, bike storage sheds can have different roofs. A flight sheet or a simple roof, or a flat roof, it’s up to you to decide which would best suit your space. For example, if you are going to stick your shelter in front of a wall, a single-sloped roof overhanging the shed will be more suitable.


It is another essential criterion. A “shelter” is supposed to be reliable, capable of withstanding adverse weather. But not only that, but its various elements must also be robust. For example, for a model with an integrated floor, remember to check the maximum weight it can support. Also, remember to check if the bike shed requires a base (slab, wood floor, anchors, etc.) or not.

Pay Attention to the Regulations

If we barely mention it in the product descriptions, it should be noted that the installation of a bike storage shed may be subject to certain conditions. In general, for any shelter with an area of less than five, no action is required. Beyond that, you will have to go to the municipality to find out what to do and what to do (declaration of work or application for a building permit).

Generally, storage sheds are evaluated poorly or based on quality, depending on preferences. Hence, it’d be improper to gauge the best types of bike shed based only on the positive reviews you see.  Checking it out qualitatively can help you decide whether or not it is the right quality product. Always look at the number of different grades. The more qualified the storage shed is by the client, the safer the opinions and information about it.

Also, it’d be overly wrong to base your evaluation based on the number of reviews given. The product at hand might just be a few weeks old and might not have been evaluated overly, unlike the others. To combat this is where you should search and check.

How We Reviewed These Products?

User experiences offer different opinions. If the buyers or users, at first glance, misjudge the product, it means that they did not like anything, since the size, cut, or even color was not suitable for them. However, these so-called 1-star reviews often contain only the frustration the user has had.

Maybe you just made a wrong purchase, and it just wasn’t right for your ideas. To avoid this, we always recommend that you read the reviews carefully. If not, stop by a store around the corner that also offers this item. There you can take a closer look and form an opinion. You will have to follow our advice.

Take a look at the best versions in this review. There are valued based on the quality that they possess. Most times, buyers’ comments are indications that show they are satisfied. These customer reviews also say something about the quality of the product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I use my storage shed?

In the network, we can get a large number of models of very functional booths and all kinds of sizes. Depending on the proportions of the model you have, you can use it for one thing or another. The primary use of these products is to help you organize and store in an organized way all your tools for DIY.

Q: How can I insulate my storage shed?

Insulating a bike storage shed, in addition to helping it resist moisture and rainwater, will bring a certain level of comfort to your interior. That is why many manufacturers make available a wide variety of types of insulation, which can be easily placed in any house.

One of the most important parts is the roof, so you should put a layer of insulation on the wood and then a bit of asphalt, shingles, or any type of coverage you want. The part of the floor can be carried out similarly, laying wooden slats first, then the preferred insulating material, and lastly, other wooden boards.

Q: How is a metal storage shed assembled?

After gathering all the tools necessary to construct the bike storage shed, you must follow the manufacturer’s instructions, making sure to remove the protective plastic that covers and protects the parts of the shed if you have one. You always start by looking at the exact place in your property where you are going to place it and then place the base frame, trying to secure it well with screws so that it is correctly aligned and you have stable walls. You can then continue with the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Q: Which is better: Plastic or Wooden Motorcycle Storage Sheds?

In the first place, the huts made of wood tend to rot in bad weather. However, their installation is usually easier than models made of other materials. On the other hand, plastic motorcycle storage sheds tend to be less maintenance, although over time and the sun tends to discolor and crack. In this sense, both materials have their pros and cons. Still, the majority of users prefer wooden stalls, since, in addition to being able to change parts damaged by lousy weather easily, wood is considered a natural insulator.

Q: How much can the right product cost?

You always want to be able to buy the best product at the best possible price. Of course, this also applies to the purchase of this product. Everything should always have a low price and not cause additional costs.

Q: Is this what we want?

However, quality now comes at a price. Buying cheap might sometimes cost us to purchase often double or triple again. Therefore, it is crucial to know the different prices for each item. With each product highlighted above, you will always find the current rate, although this may be different at times and may not have increased shipping.

Enjoy the money a little more and enjoy the product in the long term. Buying the right quality product will please you in the long run, which is not always the case with cheap bargains.

Q: Where to buy my storage shed?

Many online and physical stores offer a wide variety of models and brands. Depending on your availability of time and resources, you could search in physical stores for products related to biking or buy them online, comparing prices, offices, guarantees, and everything you need from the comfort of home. Amazon, eBay, among others, are some of the places where you can buy your storage shed comfortably and at a reasonable price.


Before buying a motorbike storage shed, you need to clarify any open questions in advance. Comments from other buyers will help you; you’ll need to investigate in a specific forum on the subject. Are there other things to consider besides the noted product details? Is the available color the same as the one posted online in the store? How does the product behave, depending on weather conditions?

Typically, there are questions you would have to consider asking yourself before buying a storage shed. Only then would you be able to decipher that you’ve made the right decision for yourself. Naturally, different brands’ fashion producers want to get a good turnover for themselves. They tend to want to capitalize on the fact that most buyers believe that huger brands produce better products. But then, there are smaller, unknown brands that adequately match up, or even better than what the so-called renowned brands offer.

Here you have to pay attention to the additional purchase criteria. Finally, of course, the price is also decisive. If the amount is not only proportional to the quality, it is advisable to buy another product.

With all this, we hope that you have found the best motorcycle shed you are looking for. You’ll need to look at my post on the best motorcycle hitch carriers or ramps. These are super-exciting posts that make your day.

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