Best Motorcycle Tail Bags

6 Best Motorcycle Tail Bags (Review)

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The best motorcycle tail bags will provide all the storage solutions you need on your bike.

A lot of bikes still don’t come with luggage compartments. That’s why it can be hard to go on a trip with just a motorcycle to accompany you. Whether it’s a day tour or an overnight trip, the right storage solution is a true game-changer. You should be able to carry clothes, food, and more. A motorcycle tail bag is a great idea. Here are the best tail bags on the market today.

1. Nelson-Rigg Black CL-1060-S Tail Bag

Nelson-Rigg Black CL-1060-S Tail Bag | 6 Best Motorcycle Tail Bags (Review) in 2021 | Gear Sustain

Many people turn to this tail bag for all the right reasons. The Nelson-Rigg Black CL-1060-S Tail Bag is one of the top-rated bags in the market.

Unsurprisingly so, it has all the features motorcyclists look for when commuting on a bike.

Nelson-Rigg uses UltraMax® fabric on the CL-1060-S Tail Bag. It’s a durable material that also comes with resistance to UV rays.

It comes with a zipper closure that’s also guarded with great quality. The zippers have high-density rubber pullers. This makes opening and closing the bag a lot easier and smoother.


The tail bag also comes with four quick-release straps. These straps work perfectly when you’re mounting the bag on your motorcycle.

It is also compatible with a lot of motorcycle models that exist today. You can always easily and swiftly attach it to the rear seat or tail section of your bike.

To make sure that your bag is secured on the bike, you can find its mounting system conveniently placed on either side of the bag.

Most items flail around tail bags due to the vibrations it receives. To lock your items in place, the main compartment of this tail bag includes self-fastening straps. It not only secures your items but also prevents them from moving around the bag.

Aside from its functional features, it’s also a good looking bag. The interior of the bag has a high-quality lining. This adds aesthetic value to the bag.

Typically, the bag can hold up to 24.78 L of items but it can easily expand to a maximum of 33.04 L.

To expand the bag, you simply have to unzip the expansion unit. This lets you carry more items and even have some room left.

That said, make sure not to overload the bag. It will not be safe to carry and you may risk the security of the items you put in it.

2. OGIO 110091.36 Stealth Black Duffle Tail Bag

OGIO 110091.36 Stealth Black Duffle Tail Bag | 6 Best Motorcycle Tail Bags (Review) in 2021 | Gear Sustain

This motorcycle tail bag from Ogio is one of the most versatile bags you can have. Despite it only being medium-sized, it holds up well on every occasion.

The OGIO 110091.36 Stealth Black Duffle Tail Bag has three compartments in total. Like the previously discussed bag, this one also has an expandable main compartment. It can typically hold up to 21 L but with the expansion, it holds up to 30 L.

It also comes with side pockets. These pockets are perfect for carrying bottles of drinks or even other extra sets of items.

The overall design of the bag is streamlined. That said, you don’t have to worry about the wind affecting your bag and your ride with this on. It comes with a feature that helps the bag stay secured on the bike as it moves.


Moreover, it comes with a non-slip pad. This adds a layer of stability to your bag so it doesn’t slip off as you go. It also keeps the bag from sliding toward the seat.

Generally, such a feature limits the wear and tear on the bike. It will keep the paint from being scratched off or damaged.

With a 600D polyester construction, you are sure that it’s a strong and durable bag. It can also face any environmental element along the way.

Additionally, it comes with a rain cover. This allows you to ride with the bag even during heavy rain or snow.

Plus, with foam padding in the wall lining, you’re sure that the items in the bag are safe and secure. They won’t get damaged, especially if you’re planning on carrying fragile items.

3. Chase Harper USA 4000 Aeropac Tail Trunk

Chase Harper USA 4000 Aeropac Tail Trunk | 6 Best Motorcycle Tail Bags (Review) in 2021 | Gear Sustain

Are you looking for a premium choice of tail bag for your motorcycle? The Chase Harper 4000 Aeropac tail bag is the one for you.

It boasts a long list of features and benefits that will make you turn to this all-American brand for a trusty tail bag. However, keep in mind that this is a premium tail nag so you will find yourself spending more on this bag versus other entries on this list.

Firstly, the made-in-USA lifetime warranty will surely give you a peace of mind. It’s not something other brands offer easily. However, this comes with the price tag of a Chase Harper bag.

Not to mention, this alone shows exactly how confident the brand is with its products.


Made with Industrial Grade Ballistic 1680D Urethane-Coated Nylon, this one’s surely built to last. Not only is it extremely durable but also water and tear-resistant.

You can fit up to 19.6 L of items in this bag. That’s not a lot but it’s not bad for its price and quality.

To mount this bag, you have a standard bungee mounting system to work with. That makes it ultimately easy to mount this tail bag on a variety of motorcycle models.

You can rest assured that it won’t damage your motorcycle with this bag as well. It comes with a non-abrasive vinyl material to keep your bike from getting scratches.

There are certain features to this bag that not other motorcycle tail bags have. For instance, inside the bag are a key fob hook as well as a full-length mesh pocket with hook and loop openings. This provides extra security for the items when stored inside.

Not to mention, the thermoplastic design of the bag holds shape even when it’s empty.

Outside of the bag are mesh zipper pockets for quick access to certain items. You can also find cross-cross bungee fasteners on the top. These fasteners also come with tab locks as well as a front handle to easily carry the tail bag when detached.

For added safety for the rider, the bag comes with highly visible reflective strips perfect for night-time rides.

4. Riding Tribe Motorcycle Tail Bag

Riding Tribe Motorcycle Tail Bag | 6 Best Motorcycle Tail Bags (Review) in 2021 | Gear Sustain

Durability and longevity are just some of the greatest things you can get from this tail bag from Riding Tribe. It’s a motocross-style meant to last long.

Made from high-quality PU leather, this bag works for all seasons. It can withstand rain showers without a rain cover at all. However, if you’re facing heavier rains, a rain cover will add an extra layer of protection to the bag.

This bag only weighs 0.48kg when empty with a measurement of 30 cm in length, 21 cm in height, and 28 cm in width.

It’s also easy to mount. You can just simply tie the bag to the bike’s seat or rack. It comes with straps that secure fast to the 4 buckles on the bike.

Despite being a motocross-style bag, it’s actually a very versatile bag. It comes with a universal shape as well as a mounting system that fits most bikes. You can use it on sports bikes as well as dirt bikes.


5. Saddlemen TS3200DE Tactical Deluxe Cruiser Tail Street Motorcycle Tail Bags

Saddlemen TS3200DE Tactical Deluxe Cruiser Tail Street | 6 Best Motorcycle Tail Bags (Review) in 2021 | Gear Sustain

There’s not a single thing to hate about the Saddlemen TS3200DE. It’s extremely well-built and comes with big enough space.

Just by the looks of it, it’s already a one-of-a-kind bag that can carry just about anything. It comes with a unique gap that fits on the motorcycle seat.

It also comes with multiple external pockets. There, you can store just about anything from small items like smartphones and even keys. Anything you need easy access to can be put in these pockets.

Moreover, it has large side pockets where you can store water bottles and other items.


It also has a unique rain cover made from a reflective material. This makes it easier to spot the bag (and the bike) even in the dark. It’s an added layer of safety, especially when riding in the dark.

Moreover, the zippers of the bike have high-quality nylon meshing construction. Attached to the zipper sliders are huge pullers. With its rugged design, you can surely operate the zippers without any slips or hassles.

It also comes with a great frame that maintains shape even when empty or strapped down. A lot of tail bags lose shape when tied down and that’s not very pretty to look at.

To secure the items inside the bag, the main compartment has extra buckles. It also helps to lock the opening of the bag for maximum security.

6. Wosawe Motorcycle Tail Bag

WOSAWE Motorcycle Tail Bag | 6 Best Motorcycle Tail Bags (Review) in 2021 | Gear Sustain

Another leather bag in our midst, this tail bag from Wosawe is one of the most durable ones for its price. Made from premium quality PU leather, it also has fiber tech accents for better overall quality.

Having such materials on a bag easily makes it wear and tear-resistant. Ultimately, you’ll have a bag that will surely last you a very long time.

The bag also has high-density polyester that keeps the items in the bag safe and secure from agents like water.

Aside from the typical mounting straps, this tail bag has an ergonomic shoulder strap. Having such a feature makes it easier to use the bag when it’s not tied to the bike.


The handle of this bag comes with a rubber coating. This makes gripping easier, especially if you’re carrying the bag manually.

To secure the bag on the motorcycle, it comes with straps strong enough to prevent wiggles and slides. With that, it has high-quality buckles for a more dependable mounting.

The flap of the bag comes with a compartment where you can store items that you need easy access to.

Best Motorcycle Tail Bags Guide & FAQs

Why You Need Motorcycle Tail Bags

Convenience is one of the reasons many riders use tail bags versus other storage solutions. It offers extra storage space when necessary. However, the most popular reason why you need a tail bag is its versatility.

A lot of storage systems only have certain motorcycle models it can fit to. Tail bags, on the other hand, fit practically anywhere. They’re easy to install or detach when needed.

Not to mention, a lot of motorcycle tail bags can be used as a backpack or sling bag when not attached to your bike.

Tail bags also have certain features that not all motorcycle compartments have. They easily expand and even waterproof at times. They have a lot more use no matter what the need is.

What to Consider When Buying Motorcycle Tail Bags

Storage Capacity

The storage capacity your tail bag has is one of the reasons why you’re buying it. Don’t skip on learning how much your tail bag can store. Buy a tail bag depending on your need and the available storage you already have in your bike. You may already have a saddlebag or motorcycle tank bag so you won’t need a huge tail bag for that.

Waterproof vs Water Resistance

Tail bags may come with 100% waterproof material or some that are only partially water-resistant. Make sure you know how much water it can repel so you don’t have to sacrifice your stuff getting wet. A lot of bags are water-resistant which means heavy downpour can still penetrate the bag. For an extra layer of protection, get a bag with a rain cover available.


Nobody wants a bag that wobbles on the bike. There are many reasons why you need a stable bag. You can come across rough roads and vibrations easily displace items inside the bag. Check whether your tail bag has a great strapping or mounting system. You should also look for reliable reviews of the bag and make sure that it doesn’t move in the wind.

Theft Prevention

Some tail bags have theft prevention systems that keep them from being opened. However, if your tail bag easily detaches from the bike, you should carry it with you instead. Some bags have fixed mounting systems but that doesn’t mean the bag isn’t removable. Double-check the safety features of your bag before your purchase.

Other Features

Tail bags come in various price points. More premium bags have extra features that are surely worth investing in. For one, a lot of high-end tail bags have quick-release fasteners for convenient use. This way you can easily access the contents of the bag. They may also come with reflective materials that make them visible even in the dark. You can also get more compartments for a few extra dollars. They can hold bottles and other items you need quick access to like phones and maps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are all tail bags a universal fit?

Generally, yes. A lot of tail bag brands fit various models of motorcycles. They attach to the bike with the use of straps. These straps are then attached to the pillion, the seat behind the rider’s saddle. However, there are still some that have special requirements before installation. Make sure to check twice if your bag can fit your motorcycle.

Q: Do tail bags need a rack or frame to mount them on?

A lot of brands don’t require a rack or a frame to mount a simple tail bag. However, there are still a select few that make rack systems for a tail bag. This requires the rack to be bolted onto the bike’s subframe. But this is not something you see every day since tail bags are generally attached through cords and straps.

Q: Why should I use tail bags instead of other bags?

A hard bag can be hard to install and even remove. Some require racks and frames for you to even put on the bike. This is in comparison to very versatile tail bags. Since they usually come with softshell construction, they’re a lot more flexible to use.

Q: Can a tail bag fly off when the motorcycle is moving?

Yes, it can. If the bag is not secured on the bike, it can slip off or even fly away when you reach high speeds. Make sure that your bag is secured on the bike before taking off. Better yet, before buying, make sure that the bike you bought can handle fast rides. You don’t want to spend your days picking up broken items that flew off of your bag.

Q: Why are some tail bags padded?

There are various reasons why some items end up getting damage despite being stored in a tail bag. For one, vibrations generated during motion can reach the items in the bag. Having foam paddings lessens the vibrations inside your bag. This gives your belongings an extra layer of protection.

Final Thoughts

The bags on this list will surely give you the solution you’re looking for when it comes to storage and accessibility. These motorcycle tail bags are easy to install and detach, and even comes water-resistant! Make your rides convenient as possible with these high-quality tail bags.

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