10 Best Motorcycle Tank Bag (Review)

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Getting the best motorcycle tank bag is the best idea to have a wholesome trip on a two-wheeler. No doubt, there’s so much excitement being on the bike. Riding is one of the outdoor activities that offer the most considerable freedom one can ever imagine. Without counting the risks and dangers involved, the journey comes with so much fun.

While you’re thinking about the excitement, fun, and freedom, you also remember that motorcycles do not provide enough space for storing your valuable articles. Unlike four-wheeled vehicles, two-wheelers don’t have a storage compartment that is spacious enough to take as many items as you would have loved to make.

VUZ Moto Dry Motorcylce Tank Bag Backpack,...
Kuryakyn 5281 Momentum Hitchhiker Motorcycle...
Coleman Magnetic Motorcycle Tank Bag
Vuz Motorcycle Tank Bag
Kuryakyn 5281 Momentum
Coleman Magnetic Motorcycle Tank Bag
VUZ Moto Dry Motorcylce Tank Bag Backpack,...
Vuz Motorcycle Tank Bag
Kuryakyn 5281 Momentum Hitchhiker Motorcycle...
Kuryakyn 5281 Momentum
Coleman Magnetic Motorcycle Tank Bag
Coleman Magnetic Motorcycle Tank Bag

Especially while you’re on a long-distance trip, you need a lot of things, including vehicle repair and maintenance tools, baskets, small motorcycle coffee mugs, extra shirts and sandals, backup protective jackets, other safety gear, and many more. All of these are essentials, and you only need a motorcycle tank bag to be able to store and take them along.

While it may be frustrating having to continually navigate the internet all to no avail for the best tank bag, I’ve helped narrow your search by providing the right pieces of information you need. It will help shoppers cut down on the unnecessary spending that goes into buying castoffs that are often presented as motorcycle tank bags.

Here is a list of the best motorcycle tank bags on the market:

1. Vuz Motorcycle Tank Bag

Best Motorcycle Tank Bag

The next item on our list is this amazingly designed motorcycle tank bag from Vuz, one of the favorite brands with a rich history and trusted delivery.

The Vuz Motorcycle Tank Bag is a relatively affordable guy, given its quality build and performance. It is made of excellent 100% TPU tarpaulin material. This synthetic construction attests to the bag’s capacity to resist water and moisture. It also naturally confers durability on the product.

Added to this are the clear panels that adorn the bag’s front designed to hold your phone and other sizeable items. The bag is designed with an interior sleeve to hold a 15-inch laptop firmly in place.

This bag is not limited to the small items alone because it can also serve a dual function of being used as both a tank bag and a tuck-away backpack. You can attach it to your motorcycle fuel tank with a strong magnet. Otherwise, you can strap it to your back with the durable and adequately cushioned nylon straps that it features.

Mounting this bag to your vehicle is entirely seamless, thanks to its non-slip and scratch-resistant mounting bottom. It will help to prevent damage to your tank while also offering tremendous support to your back with fantastic breathability.

Other features include six sturdy magnets, chest straps, and anti-slip rubber zippers.


  • Material: waterproof TPU tarpaulin
  • Weight: 2.56 pounds
  • Waterproof and Anti-scratch
  • Dual function: tank bag and backpack

2. Kuryakyn 5281 Rack Bag

Best Motorcycle Tank Bag 1

Next up on our list of the best motorcycle tank bags is the Kuryakyn 5281 Motorcycle Rack Bag. Compared to its features and value, this item is incredibly under-priced.

The construction material is a heavy-duty, durable, weatherproof, and UV-protected 1200 denier textile. This material is known for its capacity to maintain its shape and stature whether the bag is empty or loaded with stuff.

You’ll also come to find this item more attractive when you discover that it boasts built-in expandable and stretchy shock cords. It also features hook-and-loop fasteners intended to secure the bag firmly in place for your motorcycle fuel tank. You won’t have to go through any hassle when you need to attach or detach it from your motorcycle.

Added to these features include a storage cargo compartment that can house several items and objects for your trip. These include bottles, coats, bedrolls, toilet tissues, phones, and many more.

There are also bottle pockets at the outer part of the bag. These pockets face the passenger and may be used by them. The bag also offers easy access to the primary storage cargo compartment.

It comes with a tethered waterproof, easy-to-handle cover that you can stow the bag into in the rain to protect it against damage. When not in use, the bag is foldable and can be stashed effortlessly into a saddlebag or trunk

Overall, the Kuryakyn 5281 Motorcycle Rack Bag is easy to fit and remove.


  • Weight: 3 pounds
  • Material” 1200 denier textile
  • Quick to attach
  • Multi-fit

3. Coleman (Best Magnetic Motorcycle Tank Bag)

Best Motorcycle Tank Bag 2

The first item on our list of the best motorcycle tank bags is the Magnetic Motorcycle tank Bag from Coleman. Coleman is one of the incredibly tested and trusted manufacturers of motorcycle accessories in the industry. It is only natural to assume we’re up for a reliable tank bag and will deliver optimally.

First off, you do not have to break the bank to buy this synthetic bag because it comes reasonably priced and is designed for low-budget shoppers.

Besides, attaching the bag to your motorcycle is quite seamless. You’d only need a strong magnet to fasten it to your fuel motorcycle fuel tank. It stays strong and firm, provided it is not overloaded.

The Coleman Magnetic Motorcycle Tank Bag doesn’t feature any strap, so riders will have to ride at a relatively low speed so that the bag doesn’t detach from the tank due to a massive storm or wind.

What is more attractive about this bag is that it comes with an expandable zippered compartment for all your cargo and valuable items. The base is made of an anti-skid, anti-slip, and anti-scratch material, making it very strong and resistant to easy damage.

The magnetic motorcycle tank bag is constructed with synthetic 1680D polyester material, making it sturdy, durable, and elastic. It also features a see-through map pocket that allows you to view your GPS direction map without having to take it out of the bag.

Overall, this is an extremely lightweight, durable, and affordable item that the little bucks placed on it.


  • Extremely lightweight and durable
  • Weight: 0.16 ounces
  • Affordable
  • Material: 1680D polyester
  • Weight0.16 ounces

4. Chase Harper USA 450M Magnetic Tank Bag (Waterproof)

Best Motorcycle Tank Bag 3

Chase Harper USA always comes with something new that will turn riders’ heads. The design and construction of the 450M Magnetic tank Bag are incredible, coupled with the fantastic features that it brags.

To start with, the Chase Harper USA motorcycle tank bag is constructed from firm and durable air-to-air nylon that is coated with urethane to prevent the bag from dirt, water, and heavy rain. This industrial-grade material is known for its definite proof against water, tear, and dirt, and many riders would love to go for it.

That is not all. The Chase Harper tank bag is a universal fit. Whether you’re riding an Enduro, cross-country motorcycle, motorcycle, or dirt bike, this is the right tank bag. This is because it will fit snugly and with an excellent mounting system.

Now, let’s turn to another feature that many shoppers would love as well about this model. If you have had a problem mounting your most admired tank bag before now, taking the Chase Harper will ease your hassle.

It is because the bag comes with a solid neodymium magnetic material that makes it easy and almost effortless to fasten it to your fuel tank. The magnet is located in each wing of the bag to secure it firmly in place.

The bag’s base is made with an anti-slip and anti-skid rubberized material to prevent slipping and scratching to your bag and its entire body. This also ensures that the bag gets enough traction.

Other features include a detachable and reversible map pouch as well as multiple full-length and compact-sized pockets. The bag comes with a touch-sensitive screen to house your mobile phone.


  • Weight: 1.7 pounds
  • Material: Urethane-coated nylon
  • Anti-spill and anti-scratch base
  • Waterproof

5. Nelson-Rigg RG-1045 Motorcycle Tank Bag

Best Motorcycle Tank Bag 4

The Nelson-Rigg RG-1045 Motorcycle Tank Bag comes as one of the best motorcycle fuel tank bags you can have in your garage. It saves you a lot of time and space with its array of storage compartments.

This product is made of a vintage ultra-quality UltraMax polyester material. One thing that this assures riders is durability. This is one item that has an elongated lifespan, given the quality of the content. You don’t have to worry about replacing it from time to time.

One thing that often gets buyers pissed off about a fuel tank is the lack of UV protection. Nelson-Rigg doesn’t take this essential feature because it equips it with maximum protection against the effect of Ultraviolet light.

Fastening the item to your fuel tank is no rocket science because it is equipped with quick-release straps that help you to mount and remove the bag from your fuel tank. This means removing the bag each time you want to refuel your tank.

With its reflective piping, this bag will maintain its shape, whether it is over-filled or empty. There is also a washable inner liner that keeps the product clean and hygienic. 

Other features include a clear and transparent map pocket for your trip direction. It comes as with a touchscreen feature with an incredibly user-friendly interface. The built-in reverse coil zippers help the item to resist dust, water, and dirt. This feature makes the zippers work smoothly.


  • Weight: 2 pounds
  • Material: UltraMax polyester
  • Suitable for street-sport bikes, touring motorcycles, and off-road bikes

6. Lozom Motorcycle Fuel Tank Bag

Best Motorcycle Tank Bag 5

Lozom presents this amazing tank bag to beat many competitors in the market, thanks to a mosaic of superior features.

To begin with, the Lozom Motorcycle Fuel Tank Bag comes with a built-in audio cable port. This means it is easy for you to connect your device’s charger through port access without opening the bag or removing the device from it.

You will also find this bag surprising with its map window, where you can easily view your trip direction using the GPS tool. You will not need to open the bag while your hands are held to the handlebars.

The cargo compartment of this bag is massive as it is constructed with storage to house your cell phone and eyewear.

 What’s more, the Lozom fuel tank can be easily mounted on your motorcycle fuel tank with the advanced powerful 4-sided magnet’s help. Plus, you can also fasten the bag to the motorcycle using the buckle-equipped fasten belt. You do not have to worry about losing the bag when you are at top speed.

This fuel tank bag is also compatible with many motorcycles, Enduro, and dirt bike models. It will also work with a variety of brands, including Harley Davidson, Suzuki, Ducati, BMW, Kawasaki, and Yamaha.

Another feature to amaze you is the water-resistant capacity of the bag. The package comes with four pockets in total, including the transparent, primary, and secondary pockets.


  • Weight: 13.6 ounces
  • Affordable and water-resistant
  • Multiple pockets
  • Easy to mount and fasten

7. Tuxi Motorcycle Tank Bag

Best Motorcycle Tank Bag 6

There is always that joy when riders find that their motorcycle tank bag brags features a top-quality design and a mosaic of cargo compartments. These two features ensure safety when they’re in the saddle of their bike.

If multiple storage and incredible design are two features that interest you in a tank bag, you may have to drop all other options available and go for the Tuxi waterproof tank bag. It is truly a model to behold and admire in all respects.

It comes with four pockets, including a transparent pocket, main pocket, and secondary pocket. It means you’ll have the option to segregate your items based on their use and urgency of purpose, fragility, and preferences. You can separate your money, cards, repair tools, and other essentials. It also has a separate pouch for your phone.

The Tuxi motorcycle tank bag is made of high-quality material. The bag comes from the durable and sought-after 1680D Oxford fabric. This material is famous for its high resistance to water, dust, and dirt. What it means is that your items are safe from contamination, damage, and breaking.

Added to the quality of the material is the maintenance of shape. Whether you fill the bag or it’s empty, it retains its structure. And it doesn’t matter how many years you have used it; the Tuxi tank bag is extremely lightweight, reliable, and durable.

Having a tank bag that works for all kinds of motorcycles is a delight for the rider. The Tuxi tank bag prides that feature because it’s suitable for tricycles, cross-country motorcycles, motorcycles, Enduro, and dirt bikes. It can be used as a backpack or handbag.

Mounting the bag to your motorcycle tank is very simple and easy, thanks to the powerful magnetic force coming from the magnet that fastens it in place. The bottom of the bag is made of an anti-slip and anti-scratch material. 


  • Weight: 14.4 ounces
  • Material: 1608D Oxford fabric
  • Extremely lightweight and durable
  • Waterproof and dirt-resistant

8. OHMotor Motorcycle Tank Bag

Best Motorcycle Tank Bag 7

It is one of the reasonably priced models on our list of the best fuel tank bags. With its array of unmatched features, you can be sure the Ohmotor Waterproof Motorcycle Tank Bag is worth all the bucks you might potentially splash on.

One thing every rider looks to see in a tank bag is the number of cargo compartments. And if you can’t find this feature, it can sometimes get frustrating. But having the Ohmotor motorcycle tank bag offers a lot of excitement. This is because it comes with multiple (five pockets) enough storage where you can store your wallets, phones, MP3 players, and other valuable travel items. You will have ample space to keep fragile away from non-fragile belongings. 

On top of this, the item also comes with a strong and powerful magnet that firmly attaches the bag to your motorcycle fuel tank. It makes riding safe, practical, and straightforward. The magnet holds the bag in place and won’t shake or bulge at 120 kilometers per hour without additional bundles for comfortable riding when you run at a speed of up to 120 kilometers per hour.

What’s more, the OhMotor Motorcycle tank bag can be attached to your fuel tank; it can also be strapped to the back as a backpack or carried around like a handbag. This is due to its portable size.

Interestingly, the bag can fit motorcycles, Enduro, Dual Sport, dirt bikes, and many other two-wheeled vehicles. The interior of the bag contains a strip of reflective liner. This makes it quite safe for you to ride at night.


  • Weight: 2.75 pounds
  • Waterproof and durable
  • Multiple (5) cargo pockets
  • Clear Map Pocket

9. Aztop Waterproof Motorcycle Tank Bag

Best Motorcycle Tank Bag 8

The Aztop Waterproof Motorcycle tank Bag boasts many things that will attract shoppers to it. It is made from 1680D Oxford fabric to make it water-resistant, durable, and reliable.

The product also features multiple storage compartments where you can store your items. Specifically, there are four compartments to keep your valuable things, including phone, wallet, charger, book, and lots.

There is also a transparent non-touchscreen front pocket to take GPS readings. With a clear pocket that’s not friendly to touchscreen, you will always have to remove your phone each time you want to receive or send calls, messages, or voice notes.

The product comes with an upgraded 5mm magnet. This is a reliable and more durable magnet to make the item stay in place on the motorcycle fuel tank.

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  • Four storage compartments
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Durable 5mm Magnet
  • Material: 1680 Oxford fabric

10. Cortech Magnetic Tank Bag

Best Motorcycle Tank Bag 9

Next up on our list of the best motorcycle tank bags is the Cortech Magnetic tank Bag. This is one of the highly-priced and sought-after models on the market, thanks to multiple features it brags. You won’t regret every penny you spend to acquire this guy.

First off, the Cortech Magnetic Tank bag features an expandable and elastic main cargo compartment. This is massive enough to take several valuable items. The main store has enough room to accommodate your cellphone, wallet, water bottle, and a host of other sizeable items.

This 18-liter capacity motorcycle tank bag also has a reputation for quality. The internal lining comes soft and lush to touch, meaning that your belongings are prevented from scratch. Inside the bag is also a top flap organizer that arranges your things in place.

The Cortech tank bag harbors backpack straps suitable for use as a backpack bag when you’re out and about besides using it as a fuel tank bag. There is also an inner detachable water protection shield tote, as well as a water bladder holder.

It is integrated with headphone tube ports for an easy plugin and connection of your charger and earphone plug to listen to your favorite tunes. 


  • Anti-scratch and anti-slip bottom
  • Hideaway straps for backpack
  • Reflective piping for night use
  • Weight 3.15 pounds

Best Motorcycle Tank Bag Guide & FAQ

Multiple Cargo Compartment

What’s the purpose of having a bag with no pockets to store your cargo? It’s like having a wedding without a groom. Make sure your tank bag has enough pockets, including a separate storage space for phones, wallets, and more. Not only that but the pockets must also be padded to prevent your items from scratching. The pockets must also be lockable, whether with a lock or zipper.

Anti-slip Base

One of the things your tank bag must also feature is a bottom that won’t slip or skid. A non-slip base will prevent damage to fragile items or loss of the entire bag. It is because your wallet won’t move and so remains flat and sitting well on the tank.

Magnetic or Strap Fastener

The motorcycle bag is called a tank bag because it’s attached to the fuel tank of your motorcycle. It means you can either use hideaway straps or a magnet to connect your bag to the fuel tank. 


When choosing the kind of tank bag to go for, the material from which is constructed should be considered. Consider top-quality materials that are waterproof, lightweight, durable, reliable, and long-lasting. Typically, tank bags constructed with synthetic or polyester materials deliver these features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there alternative bags to use besides motorcycle tank bags?

Yes. In place of tank bags, you can go for Back Seat Bags, sissy bar bags, saddlebags, or locking luggage.  They also serve similar functions and will help your trip in a significant way.

Q: Should my tank bags have locks?

The purpose of storing anything inside a storage device is to preserve it. It’s advisable to always lock your tank bags, either with a lock or zipper. Riding on bumps or jumps can cause your tank bags to shake and may lose everything inside it if not covered. 

Q: How long does a motorcycle tank bag last? 

Each manufacturer often indicates the date of their product. Check the manufacturer’s manual to know. However, typically, a tank bag can last for three years, depending on its frequency.


Wrapping up this post on the best motorcycle tank bags, we also need to stress that tank bags are not just accessories; they are also safety gear like your motorcycle jacketsbootshelmets, and more. Hence, they’re not optional things you must.

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