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6 Best Motorcycle Tents (Review)

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Motorcycle tents have become a great necessity among riders who also like camping. A motorcycle is, perhaps, the best vehicle to get if you like exploring the great outdoors. With that, camping remains at the top of activities that get people immersed in nature.

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That’s why it only makes sense for motorcyclists to own a tent. The best motorcycle tents don’t only keep you warm at night but also keep your motorcycle safe during camping trips. So, to keep you safe throughout your camping trip, here are 6 of the best tents you can cop today.

1. Lone Rider MotoTent

Lone Rider MotoTent

Sure, you can take a typical camping tent for camping with your motorcycle, but it can’t safeguard your bike quite as motorcycle tents do. The Lone Rider MotoTent V2 specifically meets the needs of motorcyclists out on a camp.

This shelter comes in lightweight and durable materials that never fail to protect not only the rider but also his motorcycle. It’s the latest from Lone Rider with a tunnel-shaped back as well as a red shelter. It can house either one or two people as well as an adventure motorcycle.

This garage keeps shelters the motorcycle for protection and maintenance purposes. The built-in garage also proves spacious as it can house a large adventure motorcycle and still have plenty of space for gears.


As usual, the MotoTent comes with a carrying bag as well as a footprint. It also comes easy to set up with its one-way color-coded poles made of aircraft-grade aluminum. At 6 feet in height, it also allows a good enough headroom to move around. Two doors allow entrance either from the garage or the rear entrance. Made from 210T ripstop polyester, the fly of this 3-season tent proves completely waterproof. It comes up at 10,000 mm of durable water repellent (DWR) coating. It’s also treated with CPAI 84 to be fire-retardant. Similarly, the floors of the tent come with 10,000 DWR coating and are treated with CPAI 84, but are made of 190T ripstop polyester.

At 13 lbs., it’s one of the lightest tents in the market today that includes a motorcycle garage. Moreover, for even better safety, the tent itself comes with reflective guy lines, and the carrying bag has reflective tape.

2. Coleman Elite Montana Tent

Coleman Elite Montana Tent

Just like the Lone Rider MotoTent, the Coleman Elite Montana Tent is also a 3-season tent. However, it’s way bigger than the other with a capacity of 8 people. With that, it only makes sense how it weighs a whopping 29 lbs. This, however, is easy to carry on a motorcycle with a packed size of 13″ by 33″ by 8 inches. It’s also a tad taller around the center at 6 ft. and 2 inches.

The size of the base, generally, comes at about 16 by 7 feet. With this size, three queen-sized air beds can easily fit inside. However, we suggest not taking up all the space to leave some for storage and gear.

Despite it being big, however, it remains water and wind-resistant. The Coleman Elite Montana Tent employs the use of fiberglass poles to create its domed construction. Meanwhile, the fabric is polyester taffeta 75D.


Both were constructed with the patented WeatherTec System. This system is responsible for the tent being wind-resistant. It gives the tent a wind-responsive frame that even high winds can’t break. The WeatherTec system also assures that the seams of the tent come inverted to prevent water from leaking inside. While the tent’s floor also comes water-resistant, it’s always best to ensure protection by still putting a durable tarp underneath it as you build. With that said, it’s not the easiest to build. However, it’s made convenient with color-coded sleeves.

A few bonuses from Elite Montana include the LED lights. You can opt for a tent without the lights however, they’ll work wonders during camping trips. These lights have three settings: high, low, and nightlight. You can set it depending on your needs. The lights also come with CPX 6 rechargeable power cartridges, rechargeable by any USB charger.

3. Harley Davidson Dome Tent

Harley Davidson Dome Tent

This may be quite a splurge but the Harley Davidson Dome Tent surely knocks it out of the park. It’s a spacious tent that can house up to 4 people. It also reserves enough space to store your bike gears as well as a whole Harley Davidson motorcycle inside.

Packed, this tent comes up at about 24″ by 10″ by 10″ (LxWxH), so it truly is portable by design. The floor space on the sleeping area comes up at around 8 by 7 feet with 52 inches of headroom. Attached to the domed tent itself is a vestibule designed specifically for bike storage.

It measures about 8’4″ by 8’7″ with 66 inches of headspace. Moreover, the vestibule is removable. So, if you prefer to take some load off the packing weight and size, it helps to easily detach it. At 12 lbs., it easily rivals the Lone Rider MotoTent as the lightest motorcycle tent. For a 4-person tent, that’s generous yet easy to carry.


Rated as a 3-season tent, the Harley Davidson Dome tent comes with a high-quality rainfly. The rainfly of this Harley tent has ‘Clearview’ transparent windows. This greatly improves the visibility inside the tent. So, you don’t have to worry about cloudy or gloomy camping days. Building upon this tent’s portability and optional functions, the rainfly itself easily attaches or detaches to the tend via side-release buckles. Not to mention, the 40″ by 40″ front and rear doors have mesh layers and zippered storm flaps for optimum protection.

The shock-corded fiberglass frame of the tent makes it easy to set up. However, it does take some practice to build it quickly since it’s not an instant dome tent. The tent also has 14 aluminum stakes for an overall secure pitch.

4. Redverz Atacama Solo Expedition Motorcycle Tent

Redverz Atacama Solo Expedition Motorcycle Tent

Also on the more expensive range of the list, the Redverz Atacama Solo Expedition Motorcycle Tent offers more than just comfort. This luxury tent perfectly fits any adventure. It can house up to three people. However, a safe two-people limit can be set. This also makes sure that you have just enough space to move around and store some of your items.

The tent has a garage bay that’s spacious enough for adventure motorcycles. Even a Harley can fit in it. Packed, it only measures 21 by 9 inches. That’s highly portable even with 14 lbs. of weight. The sleeping area of the tent comes at 54 sq ft. Meanwhile, its garage dimensions are 38 by 93 inches. The Garage storage is pretty spacious as well at 62 by 46 inches. Generally, this is a huge tent with a peak height of 77 inches.


The tent includes 4 doors including a rear entrance. With hybrid floors, it combines a bathtub-like structure as well as taped seams. Redverz also assures great water resistance for this tent that can withstand wet weather camping and high winds. You can also use this tent just as fine in the summer due to the excellent ventilation in the tent body.

Because this tent only uses 3 poles, setting up is a breeze despite its large size. Moreover, the color-coded pole sleeves aid in easier building.

5. Catoma Switchback Motorcycle Tent

Catoma Switchback Motorcycle Tent

Catoma remains a trusted brand not only among riders but also among frequent campers. Unsurprisingly so, this tent also works wonders to keep you and your gears safe during camping trips.

Generally, the tent can accommodate up to two people. While that’s not a lot, it’s still a convenient choice for a motorcycle tent. The whole tent can easily be set up within only 60 seconds.

Even beginnings to setting up sent will find its installation manual easy to understand and, therefore, execute. Once you’re done with the tent, one can also store and carry just as easily. The name “Switchback” refers to the pull-out storage area for motorcycle gears.


The Catoma Switchback comes with a great ventilation system as well as weather protection. These make it a tent for all seasons. As part of the tent’s ventilation system, the roof of the tent has vents. it also has two layers of walls that will keep you and your companion safe and sound inside.

If by any chance, the first wall gets damaged, a second wall serves as backup protection from various environmental factors. While the net doesn’t come with mosquito nets, it’s still sealed tight enough to keep mosquitoes away at all costs. To safeguard your tent even further, you can easily purchase a net and install it in the tent easily.

At 17 lbs. this tent is in the lighter range of motorcycle tents.

6. VUZ Motorcycle Tent

VUZ Motorcycle Tent

The greatest thing about the VUZ Motorcycle Tent is its capability to shelter not only people but also a whole bike. Its design specifically works for camping with your motorbike. At a glance, you’ll get a 3-season tent that houses up to 3 adults. It also comes with a garage to park your bike in. At 18 x 8 ft, it’s quite spacious in itself. Not to mention, you get a pretty generous peak height of 5’11”.

The tent opens up to 4 entry points so it’s easier to navigate within the tent without having to bother the friends you’re camping with. These doors come in large at 47 x 68 inches (W x H) with panels that also help in ventilating the tent. The size of the doors makes it easier to accommodate even large bikes like a Fat Boy Harley or a KLR650. With that said, the garage of the tent is a convenient inclusion to the tent. It’s a secure enclosure attached to the tent that can keep bikes as well as gears.

The rainfly of this tent is also waterproof with the floor reaching 10,000 DWR. Additionally, setting up camp comes swift at only 15 minutes for experienced campers. However, if you’re new to camping, you’ll get the hang of it easily after a few tries. It weighs a light 13.6 lbs which are significantly lighter than other motorcycle tents of this size.


Best Motorcycle Tents Guide & FAQs

Learn more about what the best motorcycle tents on the market boast!

What Makes the Best Motorcycle Tents?

Size & Portability

Camping, in itself, already requires a lot of work and gear to carry with you. That’s why size remains a vital consideration when it comes to buying a motorcycle tent. Firstly, you have to know how many people you plan on housing within your tent. You might be able to house more than two people in the tent you’re about to buy. However, this can weigh a ton and therefore won’t be convenient to transport.

Make sure that you have the right size tent for your camping trip. If you’re the designated tent guy, check whether your tent can house the number of people you’re camping with. It would be great if you provide more than enough space for your personal belongings and gear. You don’t want to keep your gears stored in an area without proper security like outside your tent. Look for a tent with a vestibule where you can store your gears. If possible, get a tent with an area to park your motorcycle. This ensures that your tent is just as safe and sound as you are especially through rains.

Portability is just as important. While you’re comfortable during your stay at a campsite, your trip to and from there might not be as nice if your tent isn’t portable. Find the lightest option for the size you’re picking. There are plenty of lightweight tents that can house 3-4 people.

Comfort & Durability

Campers generally rate tens based on their comfort level. While browsing, you might want to check what material your tent is made from. Common materials you’ll find include polymers such as Nylon. This is a pretty decent material that can provide just the right amount of comfort. It’s also one of the cheapest materials out there. If you’re looking for higher levels of comfort, it would most likely cost you more. They’re most likely made of cotton.

If you do choose a cheaper option, make sure that it can at least keep you safe from external factors like rain. Check the materials twice and make sure that they’re not easily torn. Moreover, check whether your tent is water-resistant or, if possible, fire-repellent.


Motorcycle tents can cost a lot more if they offer more features. Given your needs and the factors above, make sure that you’re not going overboard with your budget. Sure, tents don’t come as cheap. However, these could be great investments especially if you’re fond of camping. Set a realistic budget and stick to it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are motorcycle tents?

Contrary to what you may believe, you can just use any tent when going out on a camping trip with your motorcycle. Firstly, a regular can’t store your gears or even your bike. The very purpose of a motorcycle tent is to protect not only you but also your gear. Motorcycle tents are very portable large ones that come with a port or vestibule. These ports and vestibules serve as storage space for your bike and gears. This keeps your most precious belongings safe from environmental elements like rain or direct sunlight.

Q: What is the difference between a regular and motorcycle tents?

Backpacking tents are, for one, much lighter than motorcycle tents. This is in the absence of bike ports or vestibules. After all, a motorcycle tent is not meant to be carried on your back but your bike. If you’re thinking you can just use the large family tent in your garage, you might want to think twice. Motorcycle tents aren’t meant for big group camping trips. Instead, space is used to store gear and motorcycles. It has to be lightweight and incredibly portable without the unnecessary caused by features you likely won’t use or need. A motorcycle tent should be able to give you space to work on or store your items.

Q: What are the benefits of using motorcycle tents?

A good motorcycle tent can keep you, your bike, as well as your gears protected throughout the night. Having a proper motorcycle tent will keep your bike dry and clean. A vestibule can also provide you with ample space to work on your bike. Any adjustments before hitting the road will come easy with a motorcycle tent.

Q: What do water-resistance ratings mean on motorcycle tents?

First of all, water resistance doesn’t mean you’re completely safe from rain. It only means that the tent can house you for a while without having to worry about getting wet. With that said, keep these numbers in mind for future references:

  • 0-5,000 mm: Provides no resistance to some resistance from light rain or dry snow without pressure.
  • 6,000-10,000 mm: Rain and waterproof under light pressure such as with light rains and average snow.
  • 11,000-15,000 mm: Rain and waterproof under light to high pressure such as with moderate rain and average snow.

Final Thoughts

Investing in the right motorcycle tent can ultimately give you the best motorcycle camping experience. Not only will it keep your bike safe but also provide the proper shelter even during rains. After all, if your bike is one of the most important things for you, you’d only want the best for it. This could complete your overall motorcycle camping gear!

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