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6 Best Motorcycle Throttle Locks

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A motorcycle throttle lock is a great way to fight off hand fatigue.

Long-distance riding can be detrimental to a rider’s safety. Aside from short-term fatigue, this may also lead to even more serious long-term conditions. Not to mention, numbing hands or legs can definitely change the way you handle your bike.

There are various ways to combat this. Among those, a motorcycle throttle lock is pretty standard. No, it doesn’t lock your throttle. Instead, it lets the throttle engage in a position through pressure and friction.

It also allows you to rotate the throttle depending on your needs and speed preference. Are you ready to combat hand fatigue? Check out our recommendations and guide below.

1. ATLAS Throttle Lock

ATLAS Throttle Lock | 6 Best Motorcycle Throttle Lock (Review) in 2021

Easily, the first entry on the list is the ATLAS Throttle Lock. You might have heard of this from all the great user feedback it gets. It’s a great cost-effective solution to motorcycle cruise control.

This throttle lock comes with a design that attaches to the throttle. It locks in place through a mechanical system built specifically with it.

The ATLAS Throttle Lock mounts right to the plastic throttle tube located right on your bike’s handlebars. Once engaged, it holds the throttle in place using a friction pad that presses against the housing. This results in a great sustained speed.

However, friction pads aren’t the best choice of locks. They can slip out of place, and this makes your lock wiggle. Even when disengaged, they may still restrict the movement of your throttle.

You can also easily adjust your speed manually. To do this, you need to slowly rotate the throttle. This lets you find the right speed you prefer for your bike.

The ATLAS throttle lock also easily disengages with a push of a button. You can access it with your thumb, so there’s no need to stop at all.

Installing this throttle lock takes only about 10 minutes—no need to remove your grip or handlebars due to their universal installation.

Overall, it’s a great throttle lock if you’re looking for a long-term fix. It’s durable and fits just about any bike possible.

2. Go Cruise 2 Universal Throttle Control System

Go Cruise 2 Universal Throttle Control System | 6 Best Motorcycle Throttle Lock (Review) in 2021

If you’ve been doing your research, you would know that Go Cruise is no stranger to the industry. They are known for providing quality products for a price that’s within most budgets.

The Go Cruise 2 Universal Throttle Control System is precisely that. As its name suggests, it’s also a universal unit that fits most bike models.

It provides great efficiency and reliability without making installation and uses complicated. So, you can install this unit without the help of a professional. You can always do it on your own.

This unit came to be through eh use of computer numerical control. Meaning it’s made by machines controlled by computers. That said, it has a 6061 aluminum alloy material.

Having such a material provides durability for just about anything. Not to mention, it has a silicone ring that adds grip and even increases friction.

However, it may take some time to get used to this throttle lock. So, make sure you test it out and check its compatibility with your bike before your trip.

3. Krator Motorcycle Cruise Control Universal Throttle Assist

Krator Motorcycle Cruise Control Universal Throttle Assist | 6 Best Motorcycle Throttle Lock (Review) in 2021

The Krator Motorcycle Throttle Lock is simple, and that’s the best thing about it. When you’re on a long journey with your bike, your muscles easily get fatigued. This could distract you and ultimately cost you your safety.

This throttle lock lets you relieve that stress your feel on your wrist. It works exactly like a throttle lock, a throttle assist, and of course, a cruise control.

This lock perfectly sits on the brake lever. It holds the throttle in place, and it’s easy to work with. Disengaging the cruise control works by rolling off the throttle manually.

It’s not the easiest way, sure. But this unit itself is known for the difficulty to engage and disengage.

Not to mention, it fits just about any motorcycle possible. However, that doesn’t mean you should buy it immediately. Check whether or not it’s compatible with your model.

The downside to this unit is that it’s not easy to use compared to others on the list.

You must always keep your right hand on the throttle. Taking your hand off of it will ultimately decrease your response time in case of a spill.

4. BrakeAway Motorcycle Cruise Control

BrakeAway Motorcycle Cruise Control | 6 Best Motorcycle Throttle Lock (Review) in 2021

The main design of the BrakeAway Motorcycle Cruise Control lets it be a permanent installation to your bike’s handlebars. You can easily lock the throttle in place to maintain your speed while riding.

This throttle lock option is a great and more affordable alternative for electronic cruise controls. Not to mention, it’s very safe to use, and you can rely on it on the road.

Longer rides will undoubtedly be better with this throttle lock. Using it comes with great ease. You can engage or disengage just with a push of a button.

Some throttle locks use a dial which can be pretty inconvenient. The push button is a great way to manage engagement with this unit.

You can install it over the throttle itself. With a locking mechanism specific to this unit, it holds the throttle right in place.

However, the highlight of this model is its great safety feature. Grabbing the front brake will disengage and release the lock of this unit immediately.

It’s a wonderful, permanent solution for a throttle lock. You can also trust its durability and quality. All this for a very affordable price.

5. GUAIMI Cruise Control Throttle Assist

GUAIMI Cruise Control Throttle Assist | 6 Best Motorcycle Throttle Lock (Review) in 2021

Something is fascinating about the GUAIMI Cruise Control Throttle Assist. It has a unique shape that sets it apart from the competition. This is a great-looking choice that doesn’t sacrifice quality and function.

With this throttle lock, you can reduce the fatigue your wrist feels during long rides. This, of course, lets you maintain your speed.

With materials made of nylon and rubber, this throttle lock is effectively corrosion and rustproof. You can easily install the lock using an easy-to-understand set of instructions. In no time, you’ll be good to go!

Another great thing about this throttle lock is its universal fit. You can check whether or not it fits your bike, but most probably, it does.

It also has interchangeable rubber inserts. This allows a better custom fit to whatever the size of your handlebar is.

Generally, it fits OEM handlebars with a diameter of 7/8 to an inch. You can also use it if your grips are already aftermarket. It usually fits with an outside diameter of 1 1/8 to 1 3/4 inches.

However, if there’s anything negative to say about his lock is that it can be a tad flimsy. Due to the lack of metal, it’s a common problem. You may also notice that you’ll gradually slow down with this lock.

Plus, vibrations can loosen up the screws on this lock. So, make sure you do your check before any of your rides.

6. Sound Off Recreational Vista Cruise for Dual Throttle Cable

Sound Off Recreational Vista Cruise for Dual Throttle Cable | 6 Best Motorcycle Throttle Lock (Review) in 2021

If you have a Honda motorcycle with a 7/8-inch handlebar, this is for you. The Sound Off Recreational Vista Cruise for Dual Throttle Cable helps increase your comfort and lessen the inconvenience throttles give you.

This throttle lock from Sound Off Recreational fits right in the middle of the grip and the throttle housing. So it doesn’t take up space on your handlebar.

However, it can be quite difficult to install. But that’s nothing patience can’t deal with. Once installed, this throttle lock provides no-fuss locking technology.

While there aren’t a lot of changes that need to be done to your bike to install, it still fits a certain category of bikes. You should have a dual-cable bike, but it sometimes fits a single-cable bike.

Best Motorcycle Throttle Lock Guide and FAQs

Benefits of a Motorcycle Throttle Lock

Having a throttle lock can truly change your riding experience.

Firstly, it helps keep you from getting hand cramps. The lack of cruise control on bikes makes it painful for a rider’s wrist, especially on long rides.

That’s why it’s necessary to have throttle locks for motorcycles. It will help you get your mind off of aching hands. Not to mention, this way, you can easily reach your destination.

You should consider installing one of these if you’re constantly going over bumpy roads or challenging trails. Each one of these locks is easily adjusted. This provides you with complete control over sensitivity.

As a result, you get a smoother ride with your grip loosened up. The consistent speed will help you have more control over bumps this way.

If you wonder if these will fit your bike, the answer is yes. There are a lot of options for throttle locks. They fit just about any motorcycle. We’re talking bikes with OEM handguards, bark buster handguards, and even heated grips or bar-end mirrors.

Since they’re also very easy to install, it wouldn’t take too long before you get an even better ride.

Types of Motorcycle Throttle Lock

Rubber Grip Motorcycle Throttle Locks

Gripping the throttle can ultimately tire the wrist. Rubber Grip Motorcycle Throttle Locks ensure you’re not constantly gripping the throttle. You only have to use your thumb and forefinger to control this throttle lock.

Generally, these locks have materials that serve as springs. It provides just the right tension to handle a motorcycle grip.

This lock also doesn’t have any switch or moving parts. The only downside to this lock is that they take up the grip space of your bike. That makes the handlebar a tad more cramped than usual.

Bar End Motorcycle Throttle Locks

Compared to rubber grip throttle locks, bar-end motorcycle throttle locks don’t make your handlebar feel cramped. It comes with a design that’s simple.

It also has a friction nut that comes with a bar end weight. Sure, it takes some time to adjust the lock. But this allows you to assure that there’s little to no contact between the lock and the rubber throttle sleeve.

They sit securely on bikes and are impossible to be stolen. Once you’ve found the right adjustment, all it takes is installation, and you’re all set.

Throttle Sleeve Motorcycle Locks

Throttle locks, in general, hold the throttle right in place with the use of friction. This is exactly what a throttle sleeve motorcycle lock does. The friction from the lock subdues your bike’s throttle body return spring.

It’s also easy to engage as well as disengage. With the use of your thumb, it’s always within reach. Generally, this type of throttle lock is universal. So, no matter the type of bike you own, this should fit yours.

Throttle Assists

The throttle assists and also easily engages and disengages with your thumb. It’s also easily adjusted even when going up to 70 miles per hour.

That said, there’s no need to reduce your speed or even stop your vehicle. Not to mention, it securely mounts right onto your bike.

However, you might want to check your bike’s model for this one. They usually come designed for very specific bike models. Make sure you do your research before making a purchase.

What to Consider When Buying a Motorcycle Throttle Lock

Cruise Control

Check whether your motorcycle throttle lock comes with cruise control. It holds the throttle set right on a position so that your bike speed is sustained.

Lucky for you, most throttle locks come with this feature. Most units offer basic cruise control for your bike. So, this should always be the first thing you should consider when buying.

With this, there’s no need to keep holding the throttle. It reduces your fatigue and even prevents discomfort or pain. This is mostly recommended for long rides. However, it’s not that bad to have it for short rides as well.


A good throttle lock should have just the right amount of resistance. It should provide friction resistance to stop the throttle from swinging back if the lock is engaged.

Having a locked throttle will allow you to rest your hands or even stretch your fingers. This minimizes the fatigue you’ll feel when riding.

Moreover, you should also easily adjust it with your throttle hand. If necessary, it should be as easy as using your thumb or forefinger. This way, you don’t have to stop just to adjust it.

It’s also a great option to have when you’re on a long ride. Cramping and discomfort don’t only cause spills but also long-term conditions.


Of course, the material of your motorcycle throttle lock should always be considered. This will dictate whether or not it will last or not.

If you’re looking for great material, you must consider stainless steel or aluminum alloy. There are certain models that come in plastic. However, this is not a great option if you’re looking for a long-term companion.

The great thing about plastic, however, is that it could be more resistant to corrosion and, of course, it doesn’t rust.

You should also consider checking first-hand reviews of these locks. They’re generally accurate and provide a window into what it’s actually like to use the lock on the road.


There are various ways to install a throttle lock. But you would want a throttle lock that doesn’t take a long time to install.

One of the easiest ways to install a throttle lock is by sliding it over the throttle. This is a quick solution and, perhaps, not the best. They use a silicone tube, and you slide them over the throttle.

You should make sure that the locking mechanism is positioned properly. This helps the lock remain in place when being used.

If you’re looking for a more permanent solution, there are installations that won’t hassle you with constant adjustments and changes.

This usually requires bolting the throttle lock right to the throttle. Despite that, it shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to install them.

No matter what brand you’re using, installation should always come with ease.

Others will require you to bolt the throttle lock to the throttle. Even these models shouldn’t take longer than 5 to 10 minutes to install.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you know if a throttle lock fits your motorcycle?

Research works wonders when it comes to this. You should always double-check or even triple-check whether or not it fits the model of bike you have.

It’s usually in the description even before you buy it. Even when it says that it’s universal, still check if it fits your bike.

Q: How do you install throttle locks on your motorcycle?

The great thing about throttle locks is that they usually are easy to install. You typically don’t need professional help for that. They also come with instruction manuals that are pretty easy to follow.

If you still find it hard to install with the manual, there are a lot of tutorials on YouTube. You shouldn’t have to remove grips or anything at all to install them.

Final Thoughts

Don’t risk your health and safety if there are ways to prevent things. A cramping hand can be completely detrimental to your overall safety. A throttle lock works wonders when it comes to this. It’s truly a great addition to your gears. Plus, they’re generally affordable!

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