6 Best Motorcycle Tie Down Straps

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Secure your bike during transport with the best motorcycle tie-down straps!

It’s not easy to transport a motorcycle. There are a lot of things to consider to keep you and your vehicle safe. Luckily, more and more manufacturers provide easy solutions to this.

Give yourself peace of mind by securing your bike on a truck or a motorcycle trailer with heavy-duty products. While it’s easy to be tempted to use plain ropes or bungee cord for your bike to save money, it’s not recommended.

You don’t want to give yourself an expensive repair job in case this plan fails, do you? Not to mention, it’s not legal in many places. It’s not worth the ticket.

To secure your bike, get tie-down straps that are incredibly sturdy. They should provide the right tension and are adjustable to your preference. However, there are too many options in the market these days.

So, we narrowed it down to 6 of the best tie-down straps to secure your bike. Check out our guide on how to safely transport your bike!

1. Rhino USA Ratchet Motorcycle Tie Down Kit

RHINO USA Ratchet Straps Motorcycle Tie Down Straps

Rhino is one of the most trusted brands in the industry. The Ratchet Motorcycle Tie Down Kit from the brand has everything you need to safely transport your bike

This kit has an incredible lab-tested break strength of up to 5,208 pounds. The package includes a heavy-duty tie-down set that’s true to the brand’s promise of quality.

This kit from Rhino comes with a total of 4 straps. Each strap measures around 1.6 inches by 8 feet. You might think there are longer straps than these. However, these work just as well and they hold up great.

They can secure different sizes of motorcycles with ease.


The greatest feature of these straps rests on the material they’re made of. Made from PolyBlend webbing, they’re virtually indestructible. Every strap also has excellent anti-abrasion, anti-wear, and anti-stretch attributes.

For enhanced security, the S-hooks have safety clips. Aside from that, you get 4 soft hooks with this kit. Soft hooks will keep your chrome and paint from getting any scratches or dents.

The hooks from this kit are also extremely durable with Chromoly coating. Plus, they have paddings so you don’t damage your motorcycle at all.

2. Augo Ratchet Tie Down Straps

AUGO Ratchet Motorcycle Tie Down Straps

Stay focused on the road with the Augo tie-down straps. These heavy-duty straps are industrial-grade and will provide you the best safety for your bike. Now you don’t have to worry about damaging it at all.

The great thing about this is that it can withstand just about any wear and tear. Even everyday use won’t lessen the quality of safety it provides.

This set comes with a set of 4 straps, each of them 15 feet long. Such a length will secure your bike of different sizes. From anything tall to smaller bikes, these straps will accommodate them.

What’s more, each of the straps from this set comes with S-shaped hooks. These hooks come with a rubber coating that prevents any possibility of scratches or dents on your bike.

Overall, this is hands down one of the best in the market. They will also give you your money’s worth. The set is cleverly designed to secure your bike in front and on the rear. You will also get other accessories such as two high-quality bungee cords that can be used for cargo.

All that said, these straps can handle about 500 pounds. This is enough to handle an average bike. Still, make sure to check your motorcycle’s weight before buying.


3. Fortem Ratchet Tie Down Straps

Fortem Ratchet Motorcycle Tie Down Straps

You can only go so far with cheap tie-down straps. Others wear after a few uses and get loose after a short while. These will ultimately cause the safety of your bike and other motorists on the road.

If you want something that will last you a long while, consider getting these tie-down straps from Fortem. Fortem provides incredibly sturdy and durable straps, highly rated by motorcyclists for their quality.

These straps come with great strength and longevity that not all tie-down straps have. It’s due to the sturdy polyester net webbing on the straps.

The polyester net webbing gives the strap great resistance to weather elements and abrasions. Since they’re not absorbent, you don’t have to worry about your straps rotting, getting mildew, or molds.


Moreover, this type of material also doesn’t stretch. Many tie-down straps are made from nylon. While nylon is also a good option, it does stretch over time. This will lead you to change your straps after a while. Polyester net straps lessen the frequency of you changing your tie-downs.

What’s more, the straps come with steel hooks that are extremely durable. As expected, they’re weather-resistant so you can rest assured that they will prevent rusts.

The Fortem ratchet tie-down straps can carry a maximum load of 500 pounds. Meanwhile, the break strength of these straps is at about 1,500 pounds.

These straps are also available in bright green if you want increased visibility. The package includes 4 sets of tie-downs with metal ratchet buckles, soft loop straps, and hook straps. You also get a carrier with this set so you can transport it just as easily as it helps you transport your bike!

4. Tank Straps Motorcycle Tie Down Straps

Tank Straps Motorcycle Tie Down Straps

Straps from this brand provide optimal safety for your bike. These types of straps are, no joke, on a whole new plane. To get you started, these Tank motorcycle tie-downs come with a break strength of up to a whopping 10,000 pounds!

This is one of the most robust straps in the market and it’s hard to find anything better than this. Made in the USA, the manufacturer has the American motorcyclist in mind.

The straps have high-quality polyester yarn construction. That is a lot better than your typical commercial and industrial-grade straps. This material is also the reason behind the strap’s impressive break strength as well as low stretch factor.

Another great thing about these straps is their design. Each of them comes with a unique endless loop design. It doesn’t have hooks that move in and around your bike. This way, you can rest assured that you’ll get no scratch or dent on your bike, especially when being clamped down.

However, they still remain very durable with a safety lock ratchet system. The loops on the straps definitely won’t loosen or pop despite having to go through bumps on the road.

Moreover, the manufacturer gave these straps durable hardware with a break strength of 4,400 pounds. This increases the capabilities of these straps to hold down even the heaviest bikes.


5. Lockdown Ratchet Motorcycle Tie Down Straps

Premium LOCKDOWN Ratchet Motorcycle Tie-Down Straps

A general rule when it comes to tie-down straps is that they should be able to hold your bike down with ease. With that, they should have great maximum load capacity and break length and, if possible, long enough to accommodate any bike.

The ratchet tie-down straps from Lockdown ticks all the boxes and more. These straps are one of the best and rest on the more premium side of the scale.

Each of the straps from this set measures around 15 feet. They also have a maximum break length of 3,372 pounds each. This allows the straps to provide optimum protection for your bike. They can also be used for ATVs, Kayaks, and a whole lot more.

The strength of these straps generally rests on the fact that it has a heavy-duty construction. We’re talking about a webbing construction with a maximum load capacity of 1,686 pounds.


You can use these straps over and over without having to worry about them loosening up. They don’t stretch and most especially don’t lose the tensile strength they have.

The straps are also very durable. At first glance, you’ll notice how the straps are wider and thicker than other straps. This provides the straps extra strength and it also keeps stretches to a minimum.

Not a popular move but these straps come with double J-hooks. Enforced with extra-large stitching, this ensures that your bike remains anchored down without a hitch.

For increased convenience, the straps have handles and release levers. These parts come with a large molded finger-through design. So, you’re extra comfortable with using them.

As a bonus, the package comes with soft loop anchoring straps. This is used for added support whenever you’re transporting your bike. While it isn’t necessary, it will help secure your bike even more.

6. PowerTye Ratchet Tie-Downs

PowerTye Ratchet Motorcycle Tie Down Straps

100% made in the USA< the PowerTye strap set is everything you need for securing your bike. The straps from this set come with incredible quality that doesn’t only work for personal but also for commercial use.

Are you looking for one you can use for business? One that will last and won’t loosen up even with constant use? If yes, then this is for you.

These straps measure around 6.5 feet in length. That’s not very long but it can surely hold down any average bike. Every strap from the set comes with a maximum break strength of 3,000 pounds. Meanwhile, the maximum load capacity of each one is 1,000 pounds.

A unique trait for these straps is the carabiners. We’re used to seeing metal hooks on tie-downs but these ones employ the use of carabiners. This is a simple yet trusty option that a lot of riders use themselves.


The straps also come with soft ties so that the carabiners won’t scratch or dent your bike in any way during transport. To use them with ease, you can rely on the rubberized handles and release lever. Overall, this is a trusty tie-down strap you won’t regret buying!

Best Motorcycle Tie Down Straps Guide & FAQs

How to Use Motorcycle Tie Down Straps

Using tie-down straps isn’t as hard as you’d think. You only need to secure your bike in a few easy steps. Now, these are general rules to follow and other types of tie-down straps might have their own processes. However, these are reliable steps to follow.

  1. Firstly, get your straps ready. You need to attach the straps on anchor points on the motorcycle trailer. These will cause them to stretch over the middle part of the trailer.
  2. Once done, you can now load your bike on the trailer. Make sure that you have the kickstand engaged so that it will be easier for you to strap the tie-downs on.
  3. Begin strapping your bike down on the front. Take the front straps and attach them to your motorcycle’s lower triple trees. this is the part that connects the forks to the frame. Then, you have to lean the bike’s front wheel against the front panel.
  4. Remember to put back the kickstand to see if it’ll be protected during the trip or needs adjustments. Also, keep in mind to avoid attaching the straps to the handlebars. This isn’t recommended as it could damage your bike.
  5. Now, move on over the rear part. If you feel secure with just the front tied down, then you can skip this part. However, tying down the rear gives it added security. You can loop the straps on the wheels as you fasten them to the swingarm or frame.
  6. Double-check the tie-down points and see if there are any vulnerabilities left. Make sure that all ratchets are closed and that your kickstand isn’t engaged. You should notice very little movement from the bike.

Types of Motorcycle Tie Down Straps

Cam Buckle

You usually only see two types of tie-down straps in the market. There are still a great deal that are cam buckles.

Not a lot of people prefer this but some people still do. This type doesn’t use a mechanism to secure cargo. Instead, it relies heavily on hand strength as a tightening technique.

It can only go so much as your strength goes. However, they’re more gentle on items so they rarely leave scratches on the surface.


Many people prefer ratchet straps because it secures bike better than cam buckles do. They’re very sturdy and doesn’t solely rest on your strength to tighten a strap. Instead, it has a specific mechanism that pulls the strap tight enough to secure your bike.

However, while this is a strong security option, it can leave a dent or scratch on your bike. Get a ratchet strap that have rubber coatings that lessens the possibility of scratches.

Key Features of Motorcycle Tie Down Straps


The material of your tie-down strap will determine whether or not it can secure your bike. Moreover, it also dictates whether it will last or loosen up after a few uses.

Straps generally go through a lot of use and abuse. On one hand, you have weather elements such as rain and snow. But you also have other reasons such as the number of use and the weight of the motorcycle it has to hold up.

With that said, you should check whether your tie-down straps are made from high-quality materials. Some of the most popular materials on the market are nylon and polyester. There are, of course, pros and cons with these.

Nylon, while more affordable, does wear after a while. It usually doesn’t last a long while as Nylon stretches over time. After a few uses, it might not be as tight as it used to be.

You can opt for polyester straps instead. These provide incredible strength and longevity. They dont’t stretch and have great resistance to abrasion and weather elements. That said, it only makes sense that it’s a more premium choice.

Break Strength and Load Capacity

Every tie-down strap comes with different tensile strength. That means that they can carry different loads and of course, varying break strength. These aren’t just random numbers spewed out and you should always pay attention to these. If the straps you use turns out to be a lot weaker and can’t handle the weight of your bike, you’re looking at an expensive consequence.

Break strength should be a lot higher than the load capacity. Typically, it’s three times the load capacity of the straps. It should always be as high as possible.

On the other hand, maximum load capacity of the straps should be able to handle the weight of your bike. Generally, it should be higher than the motorcycle’s overall weight.


All that said, you should also consider the length of the strap. It usually depends on the size of your bike. If you have a big bike, you need at least 8 to 15 feet. However, if you have a smaller bike like a scooter, 6 feet can do just fine.

So, the bigger or taller your bike is, the longer your strap should be. Aside from this, if you can check the width and thickness of the strap, you should. The broader and thicker the straps are, the better the tension the straps have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use any motorcycle tie down strap for my motorcycle?

No. Consider the size and weight of your bike when looking for motorcycle tie-down straps. The capacity of the straps should exceed the overall weight of your bike.

Q: How and where do I store my tie-down straps when not in use?

Store each strap separately and fold them all neatly by using an industrial-grade band. Do not store it on moist places.

Q: How many straps are needed to secure a motorcycle during transit?

Usually, you would only need 2 to tie the front. However, adding another strap shouldn’t hurt.

Final Thoughts

The right motorcycle tie-down strap should be able to handle your motorcycle rain or shine. Always keep your bike’s dimensions and weight in mind when making a decision!

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