Best Motorcycle Tire Changer

8 Best Motorcycle Tire Changers

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Nothing beats riding at high speeds, through open roads, and great miles. It is such an exhilarating feeling. But after a number of these trips, you eventually have to stop for a while to get a change of tires.

Replacing the tires is a necessary bit of being a motorcyclist, but it is also expensive. Considering where and how you ride your bike, we may have to get your tires replaced after the miles have stacked up. Apart from the high cost of taking it to a workshop or garage for this procedure, there’s also the fact that you can’t ride the motorcycle for a few days.

Rabaconda Motorcycle Tire Changer Machine -...
Venom Motorcycle Bike Bead Breaker Tire Wheel...
Goplus Portable Heavy Duty Tire Changer,...
Rabaconda Motorcycle Tire Changer Machine
Venom Motorcycle Bike Bead Breaker Tire Wheel Changer
Goplus Portable Heavy Duty Tire Changer
Rabaconda Motorcycle Tire Changer Machine -...
Rabaconda Motorcycle Tire Changer Machine
Venom Motorcycle Bike Bead Breaker Tire Wheel...
Venom Motorcycle Bike Bead Breaker Tire Wheel Changer
Goplus Portable Heavy Duty Tire Changer,...
Goplus Portable Heavy Duty Tire Changer

However, this can all be avoided when you purchase your tire changer because now you can do it yourself. That’s right! There are standard devices that you can use to replace your tires. We will go through a series of top tools and accessories that can help you restore your tires with as little work as possible.

1. Rabaconda Tire Changing Machine

Best Motorcycle Tire Changers

The first tool on our list of best motorcycle tire changers is the Tire Changing machine from Rabaconda, one of the best-known and most-feared brands in the industry. With this model, Rabaconda brings innovation in contact with fantastic design and top-of-the-line features.

The first thing that attracts you to this model is the convenience it brings to bear. This machine does what it is designed for and even surpasses riders’ expectations and needs. It relieves much pressure and stresses that passengers go through to remove their tires from the vehicle.

That is one thing. The other is the compatibility and versatility you’ll enjoy using this model. Its use is not limited to two-wheelers; four-wheeler lovers can also use this tool to remove and change the tires of their quads, motocross bikes, dirt bikes, enduro bikes, and adventure bikes. Meanwhile, these vehicles must be spoked wheels.


If your vehicle’s wheels measure between 16 to 21 inches, this is the right motorcycle tire changer to remove and change them. It is also adjustable for other use.

There is also a bead breaker that offers your tubeless tires the chance to be changed without damage. If you also use bib mouse tires, tire balls, and other common tubeless tires out there, Rabaconda Tire Changing Machine is the ideal pick for you. Don’t consider any other machine. 

Overall, this is reasonably priced and affordable. It is perfect for use, so you won’t have to bend over. It can be stored in a carry bag that comes with it.

Highlighted Features

  • Standard working height
  • A complete tire changing system
  • Breaks beads
  • Suitable for various kinds of tires

2. Venom Motorcycle Wheel Changer

Best Motorcycle Tire Changers 1

As the name implies, the Venom Motorcycle Bike Bead Tire Changer releases the venom to dispel all competitors and make wheel-changing a walk in the park. If you’re a lover of Harley Davidson, this model will blow your mind. 

When it comes to style, design, and construction, the Venom Motorcycle Wheel changer is the ideal guy to go with. The Venom tire changer is efficient and easy to use. It doesn’t come too sophisticated and complex as you find with many other models out there.

The other incredible feature of this machine is its portability. Its design doubles both in bead breaking and motorcycle tire removal. Its versatility makes it stand on top of many other models on the market.

Interestingly, it can generally be used for wheels that measure 16 inches and beyond. It’s specially designed for the Harley Davidson Sportster and Nightster Roadster 1200. I think Harley Davidson enthusiasts would be glad.

The great thing is that this is offered at an affordable price, and you’ll be excited to have it in your garage.


Highlighted Features:

  • Portable
  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for Harley Davidson Sportster Nightster Roadster
  • A bead breaking and Tire changing combo

3. Goplus Multi Tire Changer

Goplus Multi Tire Changer is one of the best motorcycle tire changers that you’d love. It is designed to accommodate a wide range of vehicles, including quads, motorcycles, light trucks, snowmobiles, cars, bikes, ATVs, UTVs, and other four-wheelers.

This is a durable and sturdy product, thanks to its solid and top-strength metal iron material that confers longevity and extended lifespan. It is one of the most stable tools that work perfectly and with balance even when positioned under massive tires.

It works on all wheels, whether tubeless or tubed. They also fit into different vehicles. When it comes to measurement, this product also provides a range of other tires. If your tires measure between 4-16.5 inches, the GoPlus Multi Tire Changer is the ideal pick for you.

What’s more, this model is coated in top-quality glossy paint. This makes this tool resistant to rust, corrosion, and elements. This makes the machine the best pick for indoor and outdoor use.

It features a bead breaker that delivers within the speed of light. You don’t need much pressure or effort because the tire bar requires little effort. You won’t have trouble assembling the parts because the package comes with clear and full instructions.


Highlighted Features

  • Suitable for two- and four-wheelers
  • Features bead breaker that is quick
  • Anti-rust and resistant to corrosion
  • Works on tubeless and tubed wheels

4. Pit Posse Motorcycle Tire Changer

This is a 19-pound weight motorcycle wheel changer. What that implies is that this model is sturdy and top-strength for high-performance delivery anytime. This motorcycle tire changer from Pit Posse allows you to change your small and simple tires.

This product is compact, portable, and lightweight, making it suitable for you to effortlessly go around with it. You can stow it into your fuel tank for a long-distance trip. This product is unlike many other competitors that are large and heavy-duty. 

If you have tire rims that measure 10-12 inches, this adjustable motorcycle tire changer is the go-to guy. It is easy for you to take up and down at ease and within seconds. It comes with an adjustable height of between 28-36 inches.


It establishes an excellent grip on your tire rim, offering you the freedom to lever the Tire. It comes with an adapter that makes it easier for you to use the machine on smaller rims.

With its rim stabilizer, this model makes changing tires easy. With this, there is no need to get down or bend over when you’re changing your tires. The stabilizer is coated in a rubber finish. This helps to protect the product from rust and corrosion.

One other thing you’ll love about this product is that it comes with a massive wing-nut that holds your wheel in place. Apart from using it to change tires, the Pit Posse motorcycle tire changer comes helpful if you want to change cogs. 

Highlighted Features

  • Compact and portable to handle
  • Suitable for 10-21-inches
  • Features small rim adapter
  • Rubber-coated rim stabilizer
  • Weight19 pounds

5. Motion Pro Tire Changer

The fifth item on our list of best motorcycle tire changers is the Motion Pro Tire Changer. This product was made from chrome vanadium forged steel, making it one of the sturdy and durable models you can find.

The beauty of any motorcycle accessory is the ease of use and operation. This is one good thing about the device. You don’t need to install an air tank for the device because it will work incredibly well without compressed air.

This tire changer can be used to carry out many activities offering several different features that make it versatile. As a multi-use tool, the Motion Pro Tire Changer is exceptionally durable and can easily break the bead of most motorcycle tires, whether off-road or on-road.


Designed with an integrated tire spoon for tire removal, the device comes with a 16-inch handle that helps reduce pressure and work exertion. There is also a cross guard to stop the tool from riding forward when in use. This heavy-duty beauty gets the job done.

Highlighted Features

  • Multi-use
  • Made from chrome vanadium forged steel
  • Integrated tire spoon
  • Handles 16 inches long

6. Dr Roc Tire Changer

Dr Roc Tire Changer

DR Roc is not a stranger in the production of motorcycle accessories and the evolution of the Dr Roc Tie Changer model is a clear indication that it is a band to beat.

Featuring the second-best on our list of the best motorcycle tire changers is the Dr Roc Tire Changer. It is one of the best tire changers that boast incredible durability, affordability, and top-strength performance.

It features three different tire levers that are suitable for use with motorcycles, bikes, quads, All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs), and Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTVs). You can also use this tool on snowmobiles, garden tractors, and snow blowers.

This kit has everything you would love about a tire changer. Integrated into the system are the rim protectors. The protectors help you to prevent damage to your rim when the device is in use. With this kit, popping off your tires becomes a walk in the park. You will achieve every process with ease.


Besides, it comes in a black oxford coating that offers protection but is still very durable and resistant to corrosion and rust. The high-grade forged steel from which this material is made makes it an incredible piece to behold when it comes to resisting the elements and extreme weather conditions.

Overall, this is a tool when you need something to offer a firm grip.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with three tire levers
  • Made out of forged steel
  • Easy-grip handles
  • Protection from corrosion

7. Wanheyao Motorcycle Tire Change Kit

Best Motorcycle Tire Changers 5

Wanheyao is a reliable and history-rich friend of the motorcycle market, thanks to its multiple accessories and gadgets it has reeled out in the last few years. Making the top 5 best motorcycle tire changers is not a surprise in any way, and it may be difficult to displace this product from this ranking spot.

Here comes another motorcycle tire changer that features three accurately measured three-layer spoons, with each boasting an incredible 11 inches that are suitable for any tire change purpose.

The tool is made from hardened steel that has a polished chrome finish. That means that you can the instrument is protected against the elements, including corrosion, rust, and extreme weather conditions. You don’t have to worry about using this device in the winter or summer. It is securely guarded against any weather threat.

What’s more, the Wanheyao Motorcycle Tire Changer Kit comes with a solid handle that can offer enough grip to help you remove your tires without much pressure or work.

Overall, this is an ideal pick for any model of motorcycle wheels. Surprisingly, it is offered at a reasonable price even for shoppers on a low budget.


Highlighted Features

  • Features three-tier tire levers
  • Made out of heavy-duty, hardened steel
  • Comes with a case for convenient carriage
  • Lightweight and strong

8. No-Mar Motorcycle Tire Changer

Best Motorcycle Tire Changers 6

When you mention the top 5 best motorcycle tire changers, and No-Mar mode doesn’t feature, there might be a question mark about the list’s credibility. This tire changer brags so many unmatched features that would make any bike enthusiast who truly loves their bike have it in their garage.

So, what’s unique about this model of motorcycle tire changer? There is a lot to admire about this device. First off, the device is made from a solid metal material, to beat off many competitors when it comes to durability, sturdiness, and strength.

This model features a solid yellow rubber coating that is applied over a solid metal core on top of its durability and extended lifespan. What that means is that your device is not susceptible to corrosion and rust. It will work in the rain and under extremely sunny conditions without losing its shape and look.


There is also an oddly shaped design, making this tool one of a kind. This design is both unique and unmatched as far as the whole motorcycle tire changer market is concerned. The exciting thing is that the design stops creeping of tire bead while removing it. This tool gets the job for you in every way.

Even though you’ll need to operate the device manually, you won’t feel any stress or pressure because the other part will work the tire spoon.

The versatility of this equipment is another feature most riders and vehicle owners will want to embrace. This is because the tool can be used as a mount and dismount bar. Frankly, this is the height of versatility for a bike wheel changer.

Highlighted Features

  • Eliminates tire bead creeping
  • A solid metal core
  • Rubber coating
  • Single-handed operation

Motorcycle Tire Changer Buying Guide & FAQs

Don’t forget the seller is in the market to make money. You should also be in the market to get value for every penny you’re spending. Hence, there is a need to consider certain essential features and factors before you splash the cash.  

We always want the best for every one of our purchases, and it is no different from picking out a tire changer. Here are the factors to consider before settling for a motorcycle tire changer.


Even if you are going for the lower-priced ones, you should always make sure they last. Check out reviews and pick a model made of durable materials. Purchase a device that is tough and can stand against bad weather and corrosion while being able to take on a lot of force.

Ease assembling

If you ever want to do a quick change of Tire, you might want to get a changer that is easy to put together. You don’t want a tire changer that will take hours or days before you assemble.


For those who move around a lot, you would want to take your tire changer with you. Get one that just as easily folds into a case. It’s great to have a tire changer that’s compact and handheld.


Do you care a lot about your health and safety? Then get a tire changer that stands up to a suitable level for you to work with or adjustable height. It’s right on the back.


You must get a stand that is compatible with your motorcycle. Most of them have universal compatibility, but some are specific. Why would you have to buy a tire changer each time you have a new vehicle? Check for compatibility before purchasing.


You can save a lot of money by picking out a changer designed with your wheels’ protective measures. Or maybe you’re just out for single Tire changing tools. You can consider the following:

These tools do a lot of work, so they must be made from lasting materials. The spoon that does the heavy lifting should be thick and reinforced. Make sure it is comfortable to hold when in use. Are the tools compatible with your particular type of bike tires? Pick the brand that offers the most protection to your wheels. Some machines come with a bag for storage.

Benefits of Motorcycle Tire Changers

You may not buy into this whole do it yourself but for those of you who have grown quite accustomed to mechanical workshop fixes. Well, here are some of the benefits of home fixes.

Cost Friendly

It’s an investment. You spend a lot initially on the tools, but you make up the money back after a few personal fixes. You still have the equipment to continue, saving more money long after.

Greater Convenience

Another thing you’d also benefit from doing it yourself is that you can do it whenever you want. You don’t have to wait for a busy repairer or haul your bike to a distant workshop. The power now lies in your hands and tools.

More Frequent Changes

More modern bikes wear out tires faster. It means you’ll need to replace them more often. But it is a good thing you can do it yourself now, right?

Protects Your Wheels

A good tire changer has measures of protecting your Tire when in use, so you need not stress about scratching your bike.

Suitable Working Position

You don’t have to worry about bending over or getting yourself dirty in the ground as many tire changes can lift the wheel into a pleasant and comfortable working position.

Less Work Done

For those who aren’t so keen, tire changers make it possible to get off and get on your wheels with as little work and effort as possible.


There are a lot of lightweight tire changers. They offer portability and are very suitable to travel around with.


There are tire changers that work well on other vehicles, like your lawnmowers and such. It saves money and time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do tire changers keep the rims steady?

The typical tire changer has a central rod over which we can fit the wheel’s hub over. And there is a washer that screws down into the rim of the Tire, holding it firmly in place.

Q: Do I need to use an Assist Arm?

They are not necessary, but still, they can be instrumental. They are pneumatically powered. Locked in place, they begin to exert pressure on the walls of the Tire. This pressure is enough to keep the tool sturdy and may not cause any damage. The clamp is also great for removing the bead.


We have walked through all you need to know about the best motorcycle tire changer. All the items on this list are great options. So, whatever you decide from here, you know you can’t go wrong. Make that investment today, and tomorrow, you’ll ride on the rewards. Overall, be pound-wise and penny foolish. Have you read my post on the best motorcycle lifts?

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