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6 Best Motorcycle Tool Kits

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Be prepared wherever you are on the road with the best motorcycle tool kits.

Every rider needs a trusty tool kit to bring along the road. Whether it’s for urgent maintenance or the usual upkeep, it’s best to have one stored away safely. They are convenient due to their compact nature. Every tool kit comes with designs that don’t take up a lot of space. These are the best tool kits you should be investing in today.

Biker's Choice Roll-Up Tool Kit 151522
Stockton Roadside Wrenches Allen Set Drive...
RPM Roadtech Teardrop Tool Kit Compatible...
Biker's Choice Roll-Up Tool Kit 151522
Stockton Roadside Wrenches Allen Set
CruzTOOLS RTTD1 RoadTech Teardrop Tool Kit
Biker's Choice Roll-Up Tool Kit 151522
Biker's Choice Roll-Up Tool Kit 151522
Stockton Roadside Wrenches Allen Set Drive...
Stockton Roadside Wrenches Allen Set
RPM Roadtech Teardrop Tool Kit Compatible...
CruzTOOLS RTTD1 RoadTech Teardrop Tool Kit

1. Biker’s Choice Roll-Up Tool Kit 151522

Biker’s Choice Roll-Up Tool Kit 151522 Best Motorcycle Tool Kits

This Biker’s Choice Roll-Up Tool Kit works perfectly for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. It also packs perfectly as an emergency or breakdown kit as well as an at-home maintenance kit.

The tools in the kit include numerous open-ended, combination, and adjustable wrenches. It also comes with a drive ratchet as well as locking pliers. Moreover, you get a tire gauge and electrical and mechanic’s wire included in the package. Plus, the 10-piece hex key set included in the kit works wonders. You also get the usual screwdriver and spark plug socket in this kit.

This tool kit features just about everything you need in a tool kit. It’s portable enough for a saddlebag and light despite the many tools it contains. The bag ties tightly as well so that nothing falls out.


The tools in this kit work perfectly for minor repairs you can do yourself. With that, this shouldn’t be the only tool kit you have. Always have a backup set available for more heavy-duty repairs. You can also get more expensive tool kits with better-quality tools.

2. Stockton Tool Company SAE Roadside Tool Kit

Stockton Tool Company SAE Roadside Tool Kit Best Motorcycle Tool Kits

The Stockton Tool Company SAE Roadside Tool Kit fits most saddlebags perfectly. It comes with a variety of tools that proves useful for emergency fixes.

This tool kit comes with several combinations of ratchets and adjustable wrenches. It also comes with drive sockets, snips, tire gauge, safety wire, electrical wire, fuses, and a fuel line hose. Moreover, you get your usual spark plug sockets, pliers, slotted screwdrivers including a Phillips screwdriver.

It’s ideal to accompany you during road trips with the tools included in them. They also have great quality and overall work perfectly for minor repairs for your motorcycle.

However, they can be heavy and bulky. The zip ties also prove a problem point for this tool kit. You can get better quality tools with brands like Snap-On or Kobalt, but you surely get what you pay for with this one.


3. CruzTools RoadTech Teardrop Tool Kit

CruzTools RoadTech Teardrop Best Motorcycle Tool Kits

The CruzTools RoadTech Teardrop comes with just about all the tools from the RoadTech H3 kit of the brand. However, you get that variety in a compact teardrop pouch.

If you’re looking for a portable tool kit that comes with a portable and clever design, this could be for you. Firstly, the tools sit within the pouch in an organized manner with elastics keeping them down. Moreover, it comes with a zipper that secures all the tools in the teardrop box.

You can get top-grade combination wrenches as well as an adjustable wrench. It also comes with locking pliers, tire gauge, and hex & Torx keys. The 6-in-1 screwdriver and mini ratchet and socket set also prove useful on the road. With a spark plug socket, cable ties, mechanics wire, and electrical tape it surely has everything you need.

As part of CruzTool’s promise of excellent tools, buying the kit gives you a Lifetime Guarantee. With this, the set proves one of the best tool kits you should invest in. It provides all the tools you need in one small pouch.


4. Oxford Tool Kit Pro

Oxford Tool Kit Pro Best Motorcycle Tool Kits

The Oxford Tool Kit Pro remains incredibly compact despite the many tools included in it. With 27 tools in the bag, you can surely do minor roadside repairs easily.

Tools include needle-nose pliers, an adjustable mini spanner, as well as wire cutters. The Allen key set and 10-piece screwdriver bit set also prove useful for quick fixes. Moreover, you get an extension bar, a five-piece key set, a socket set, and even cable ties with this tool kit.

With its compact design, this kit surely fits most seats. Not to mention, the tools have high-quality carbon steel construction plus an ergonomic design. The soft gel handles provide comfort so repairs don’t have to be uncomfortable or stressful.

As a bonus, the mini ratchet handle only needs five degrees of movement to turn a fastener. Furthermore, the 20mm spanner functions even on different bolt sizes.

If there’s anything bad about this tool kit, it’s the flimsy cable ties. Other than that, it’s a generally well-loved tool kit by bikers.


5. Windzone EK-1HD Tool Kit

Windzone EK-1HD Tool Kit Best Motorcycle Tool Kits

If you need a heavy-duty tool kit that goes beyond roadside repairs, this one is for you. The Windzone EK-1HD Tool Kit boasts its functionality. According to the brand, the tool kit handles about 99& of roadside and garage repairs.

The tool kit includes just about anything you need. It comes with a six-in-one screwdriver, Allen and Torx head wrenches as well as spark plugs sockets. You also get a ratchet, flashlight, and even an Essenti-Tool.

To assure quality, every tool from this kit comes drop forged and chrome-plated. Meanwhile, the pouch comes with a heavy-duty nylon construction that has a moisture-repelling sheath.

This tool kit, despite the many tools it comes with, remains compact and easy to use. They roll back up nicely into the pouch for storage. You can store it on a saddle bag or a swing arm pouch easily.

Designed specifically for Harley-Davidsons motorcycles, this tool kit isn’t for riders who have metric bikes. You may also need to customize the tool kit a bit to replace some tools with better-quality items.


6. Apollo Tools DT9774 Auto Tool Kit

Apollo Tools DT9774 SAE Auto Tool Kit

The Apollo Tools DT9774 Auto Tool Kit is the ultimate tool kit. Not only does it have 56 tools, but it also works with two options available: SAE or metric.

This tool kit also comes with tools perfect for emergency repairs like sockets, hex keys, a tire gauge, as well as slip-joint pliers. The cable ties and bit driver also prove incredibly useful.

The tools come in a zipper case. Made from chrome-plated steel alloy, the tools also resist corrosion. Plus, you get non-slip comfort handles for added torque.

Considering the price of the tool kit, you get quality tools overall. The well-machined tools come solid with a neat, easily stored pouch. Every biker needs this as a basic emergency tool kit.

However, the handles of some tools can be very flimsy and straps also don’t hold the tools as well due to their loose build.


Best Motorcycle Tool Kits Guide & FAQs

Types of Motorcycle Tool Kits

Roll-up Tool Kit

This type of tool kit is best for storage and portability. Roll-up tool kits have various tools packed with them but their designs allow easy storage solutions. They work perfectly for emergency tool kits due to the lack of hard, unbendable edges as compared to hard case toolboxes.

Hard Case Toolbox

The great thing about a Hard Case Toolbox is that it contains more tools than roll-up tool kits. It has a wide range of tools that can solve many problems with your motorcycle. They also come in sturdy, plastic storage cases. However, they’re not as portable as roll-up tool kits. This is the type of kit you should have at home instead of on the road with you.

Motorcycle Multi-Tool

If roll-up tool kits are not doing it for you when it comes to storage and portability, consider a motorcycle multi-tool. You can skip the extra cargo on your bike and work with an all-in-one device. Its features include items like hex keys, Torx keys, screwdrivers, wrenches, and sockets. They also come in a compact unit that doesn’t take up as much space as roll-up tool kits. With that, you only get the basics. They’re perfect for emergency breakdowns.

Other Types of Motorcycle Tool Kits

Ready-Made Tool Kits

Most tool kits come pre-assembled by manufacturers. They contain a variety of tools that work on different tasks. Some even function as universal tool kits that work not only for motorcycles but also for other maintenance needs.

They can also be brand-specific or motorcycle-specific. For instance, some tool kits only work for Harley-Davidsons due to their different construction. You may also want to get a specific ready-made tool kit for a metric motorcycle like a Honda.

To avoid any hassle for you along the way, make sure to check whether your tool kit is SAE or metric. You should also assure that most tools in your kit work for minor repairs. Remember that every read-made tool kit is different!

Custom Tool Kits

What’s great about custom tool kits is your ability to choose what you get. You can pick the very tools you’ll need based on your motorcycle’s needs. What’s more, is that you can add tools you can’t find in pre-assembled motorcycle tool kits like a chain lube or even a WD-40.

However, they can very expensive. Buying the tools separately can cost you more than getting a read-made set. You also have to make sure your set has all the needs you need. If you miss one, it could really cost you and your motorcycle. Moreover, they aren’t as compact as ready-made tool kits.

What to Consider When Buying Motorcycle Tool Kits

Included Tools

Every tool kit’s point is providing tools to help you, especially during emergency situations. Before buying a tool kit, make sure that your kit comes with the basic tools. However, if you can get a tool with extra tools then all the better.

A tool kit must have the following tools: wrenches, an Allen, hex, or Torx bit sockets, impact wrench or screwdriver, a hammer or even a mallet, as well as a tire pressure gauge.

If you can customize your tool kit, make sure it comes with a Loctite threadlocker, a utility knife, and a chain lube. If you can also get spare fuses, gloves, rags, and even a WD-40 then you’ll surely be prepared wherever you are. Penetrating oil and brushes also help a great deal.

Remember, the more items you have, the easier it is to complete repairs.


With all the tools set, you also have to make sure that they come with great quality. You should look for alloy steel when it comes to tools. They’re durable and long-lasting compared to other materials. Remember that the better the steel, the stronger your tools are. You don’t want your very tools breaking on you while fixing your motorcycle.

Other tools also come chrome-plated. This coating gives the tools a corrosion-resistant quality them. If they get explored to moisture, it can result in rust. So, find a tool that has anti-corrosive qualities to it.


Toolboxes usually come in huge plastic cases that take up a lot of space. When it comes to tool kits, you want the opposite. You need them with you on the road so they have to fit on your bike. Look for a tool kit that’s compact and doesn’t take up a lot of space. While some tools, as expected, are heavy, the right kit will keep them safe and easily stored.

Find out where you want to keep your kit in your bike. Perhaps, you want it on your saddlebag or under your seat. Wherever it is, make sure you get the dimensions correctly so your tool kit surely fits.

Other Features

Tool kits can come with multi-purpose tools that also work for other maintenance issues. It can have zip ties or even duct tape for extra features. If you can have these little things, then go for a tool kit that comes with extra items.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should be included in a motorcycle tool kit?

Your tool kit must have every essential item for quick or roadside repairs. Firstly, you need pliers, screwdrivers, and wrenches for the general workaround. You may need a flashlight, battery cables, as well as fuses and bulbs. If you can have a tire gauge as well as a tire puncture repair kit then it would help for untimely tire problems.

However, you should also work on the specifics of your motorcycle. Make sure that the tools from your kit work with the type of bike you have. If you’re unsure which tool to get, do extra research or ask an expert.

You may already have these tools at home but your tool kit has to be in a portable case you can take with you on the road.

Q: Do motorcycle tool kits fit under the seat?

It depends on the tool kit you get. Some tool kits can fit under the seat of motorcycles just right. That’s due to their compact cases. However, the best kits come with tools that may not fit within such a limited space. When that happens, a saddlebag, fork bag, or tank bag works wonders for storage.

If you don’t have enough space for a full motorcycle tool kit, you might want to consider a multi-tool instead. They fit in the pocket just fine and work for very minor maintenance as well. However, they can’t provide the same function as a full tool kit. Do not hesitate to invest in a saddlebag or fork bag to place your tool kit on.

Q: Do I need to know how to use all the tools in a tool kit?

Definitely. Your tool kit will only be an accessory if you don’t know how to use the tools included in it. You can always get help from professionals regarding the use of the tools or study them yourself. Get familiar with each tool before carrying them with you on the road.

If you don’t know how to use the tools in your kit, you might as well just break your motorcycle instead of fixing it.

Q: Are motorcycle tool kits expensive?

It depends on the quality of the tools in your kit. You should keep in mind that some tool kits, while cheap, don’t last long. You would want to invest in a tool kit that’s high quality. Make sure that your tool kit provides you with all the tools you need and more.

With that, you should always keep yourself in check. They can easily break or rust if not taken care of properly. Don’t keep them in a place where it comes in contact with moisture. Maintain them using oil or by having them cleaned properly.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right tool kit for you can be a challenge. However, you’ll thank yourself later for investing in the best tool kit you can get for your motorcycle. Remember to choose a portable tool kit and to check twice if the tools work on the type or brand of motorcycle you have. You don’t want to break the components of your bike by using the wrong tools for them. Get familiar with your tool kit before bringing it with you on the road. Ride safe!

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