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6 Best Motorcycle Trailers

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Find the best motorcycle trailer to help transport your bike with ease anywhere you go.

Just because a motorcycle is much smaller and more compact than a car, it doesn’t mean you can ride it anywhere. Certain situations require you to transport your bike without riding it. Here’s where motorcycle trailers come to play. They easily get your bike from one place to another without even riding it. Here are the best trailers you need to get for your motorcycle today.

1. Trinity MT3 Trailer

Trinity MT3 Trailer

If you’re looking for versatility, the Trinity MT3 trailer can give you just that. It’s a capable trailer that can carry one large bike, two cruisers, or three-sport/off-road bikes. Moreover, it comes in an adjustable design that you can convert to a 5 x 7 feet diamond-patterned utility vehicle. Easily do this just by removing the rails on the trailer.

This trailer also comes with 13-inch chrome wheels with tubular steel construction. To ensure your bike is stable, best load a heavy bike on the center rail.

Otherwise, you might risk losing balance and stability as your transport it. You can also comfortably load or unload your bike through the loading ramp with automated wheel chocks.

Overall, the trailer measures 84-inch width. Folded, it measures about 90 inches with an extended length of 120 inches. Moreover, it weighs 425 lbs. You can load bikes 97 inches long on the side rails while the central rail supports 105-inch long bikes. Furthermore, it comes with a Toson axle that makes transporting your bike, or bikes, smooth and easy.

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2. North Star Trailer Sportstar I Utility Trailer Kit

North Star Trailer Sportstar I Utility Trailer Kit

If you’re looking for a versatile trailer, the North Star trailer works perfectly for you This trailer is large enough to carry two motorcycles or even an ATV. You can easily work with it and even assemble it when necessary.

The North Star Sportstar I Utility Trailer Kit has a 700-pound load capacity. Moreover, the tailgate folds down and instantly turns into a ramp. 33 inches tall, it’s wide enough at 50 inches and long enough at 121.5 inches. That’s more than 10 feet long!

The trailer also comes powder-coated in black, which makes it durable and resistant to scratches or flakes. To protect your bike, you can also trust the side and front rails it comes with.

It doesn’t come with an integrated wheel chock, so you can bolt or take it off easily. You can always use the trailer easily for other purposes. However, the wheels of this trailer are a bit smaller at just 12 inches. And without the integrated wheel chock, holding the bike is necessary while tying it down. Moreover, since the floor isn’t solid, the kickstand can’t be used with this trailer.

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3. Kendon Stand-Up Single Ride-Up SRL Motorcycle Trailer

Kendon Stand-Up Single Ride-Up SRL Motorcycle Trailer

The Kendon Stand-Up Single Ride-Up SRL Motorcycle Trailer is solid, literally and figuratively. It’s durable enough to handle tough use as well as rough roads. With steel makeup, this trailer can support your bike just fine.

With 112 inches of length and 72 inches of width, the base can handle just about any bike. It also has a 1,000-pound load capacity. Despite it being huge, however, you can still store it conveniently as it folds up vertically. It fits any dresser or closet just right.

Loading your bike shouldn’t also be a problem due to the integrated wheel chock it comes it. Plus, the ramp makes loading and unloading your bike convenient.

Design wise, you have a lot of variety to choose from when it comes to color. You can choose any look that would fit your bike or your truck, or even make it stand out.

However, the trailer doesn’t come with any side railing or even a gate. Moreover, the overall design of the trailer fits just one bike despite being wide and long.

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4. Ultra-Tow Aluminum Utility Trailer

Ultra-Tow Aluminum Utility Trailer

Ultra-Tow is one of the best trailers you can find out there. However, most people see it as just a utility trailer. It also works just fine when transporting your bike.

This 4 by 8 feet folding trailer can load up to 1,170 lbs. You can also add your own decking for an even more customized heavy-duty trailer.

You can also easily store it when folded. The front hitch as well as the couple, and the front portion of the trailer fold back between wheels. Folded, you can place it in any closet or travel with it anywhere you want.

Made from rustproof aluminum, it’s sure to last you more than just a few rides. It’s also lightweight compared to other trailers.

Purchasing the kit gets you a 2-inch coupler, safety chain with S-hook, a full LED light set plus wiring, and two tires as well as aluminum fenders. This trailer meets all DOT requirements, so it’s strong enough to handle anything.

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5. Ironton Steel Folding Utility Trailer Kit

Ironton Steel Folding Utility Trailer Kit

You can transport anything with the Ironton steel folding utility trailer kit. It’s more than just a utility trailer but also a good motorcycle trailer. While you can’t use the kickstand of your bike, it’s easy to tie down your bike on it.

At 4 feet in width and 8 feet in length, it would fit your motorcycle just fine. It also saves up a lot of space when you store it as it folds up when not in use. It also easily rolls when folded, provided the casters. Folded, it measures 86 and 3/4 inches tall.

It handles all road-ready specifications and passes the DOT requirements. You can travel with it up to 45 miles per hour. While it doesn’t come with decking, you can always add one yourself.

It handles about 1,170 lbs of weight and comes with steel construction, so it indeed lasts. It also perfectly handles any tough use.

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6. MotoAlliance Impact Heavy-Duty Trailer

MotoAlliance Impact Heavy Duty Utility Trailer

If you’re looking for a tough trailer, you should be looking at the MotoAlliance Impact Heavy Duty Trailer. This trailer works perfectly for off-road use.

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to haul your bike across off-road terrain, this is the trailer for you.

It comes with steel frames and a solid steel trailer bed. While you can haul almost anything with this, you can also perfectly use it for your bike.

It’s versatile enough to handle 1,500 lbs of load. You can haul your motorcycle over snow banks, ice, rocks, and even logs without any issues. Not to mention, the rugged design is perfect for outdoor looks and usage.

With a spacious 85 inches by 48 inches of length and width, it fits any bike just right. It also comes with a foot dump, a quick-release latch, and even a tilt trailer bed for easier loading and unloading.

The steel floor and frame secure your bike just fine as well. You have the option to remove steel mesh and side rails as well as the tailgate. Moreover, with the up and down pivot feature on the hitch, the trailer also easily rolls over terrain.

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Best Motorcycle Trailer Guide & FAQs

Why You Should Buy a Motorcycle Trailer

Some motorcycle owners don’t find the benefits of owning a trailer. However, they provide more pros than they do cons. Here are the reasons why you should own a motorcycle trailer today.

You can easily transport your bike anywhere. We all know that while motorcycles are very portable, they can’t be driven anywhere. A trailer comes in handy when transporting your bike through places where you can’t ride it. That includes moments when your bike is broken. There’s no way you can ride a broken bike anywhere.

With that said, a good trailer can make your travels easier than ever. You can travel without riding your bike for miles and miles without the hassle. Moreover, you can transport more than just one bike at once. Aside from new territories, you can also get through rough terrains without stressing your cruiser with it.

One of the most underrated benefits of a trailer is protection and security. It’s easily one of the ways you can keep your bikes safe. Enclosed trailers can be locked fro the outside to keep the robbers away from your bike.

Types of Motorcycle Trailers


If you’re looking for a trailer that’s easy to maneuver, you should be looking for open trailers. They usually come with a lightweight design due to a few design features. Firstly, they’re flat and don’t have sides or a roof. This ultimately takes away a lot of weight from the trailer. However, that also takes a part of protection for your motorcycle.

It also depends on the manufacturer if it comes with a ramp. Most open trailers have aluminum construction, and that, too, makes it overall lightweight. Another downside of this type of trailer is that your bike is exposed to just about anything with it, including rain, snow, and dirt.


If you’re all for optimal protection then this is the trailer for you. It comes with a wide range of sizes to choose from, so you have the option to choose one that’s just right for whatever motorcycle type you have.

As its name suggests, it has walls and a roof to protect your bike from elements like the weather. It also works well as an enclosure to protect your bike from thieves. Plus, the back door of this trailer usually works as a ramp for easier loading and unloading. Some have side doors, while others have the sides fixed.


Storage can be quite an issue when it comes to trailers. Not all of us have ample space for an open or enclosed trailer. This is where stand-up trailers come in. They take up less space and usually fold up easily for storage.

Moreover, this type of trailer is lightweight despite the material they’re made of. You can find trailers with a fully balanced chassis, full-size tires, and even an independent suspension.


More than trailers, they’re almost compatible to hitch carriers. They’re extremely small and work best for people working on a limited budget.

Despite the size, however, they can usually carry up to 800 lbs. This type of trailer also doesn’t work for long-distance hauls. They usually work best for emergencies. To assemble it, you simply have to hook it on your hitch and place the front wheel of your motorcycle right into it.

What to Consider When Buying a Motorcycle Trailer


The two most common materials on a trailer are aluminum and steel. Each has its own benefits. Aluminum, for one, is more lightweight compared to steel trailers. However, steel is more durable and has better load capacity compared to aluminum. If you’re buying an enclosed trailer, expect some wood elements, especially on the floor. If you’re transporting heavy bikes, you might want to consider enclosed or steel trailers.


Before buying a trailer, make sure that the hitch receiver matches that of the hitch you have on your vehicle. Keep in mind that hitches are classified in classes depending on the vehicle type as well as capacity. Look for a Class III to V when buying a trailer. Class III tows 1,200 lbs of a load, while Classes IV and V can go over 2,700 lbs of a load.

Load Capacity

That said, load capacity is also an important factor to keep in mind. Your trailer should be able to carry your motorcycle without falling apart. Aside from the weight of the motorcycles, you should remember what else you’re loading on your trailer. If it’s two bikes, add up the total weight of both bikes. If you’re including gear, add the weight of the gear into your calculation.

Most dirt bikes weigh abound 300 to 400 lbs. Meanwhile, sportbikes can weigh from 300 to 600 lbs if you have a cruiser that probably weighs about 800 lbs. If you can find trailers that can take more than just the weight of your motorcycle, then you can rest assured as you haul it around.

Integrated Chocks

This feature helps greatly when you’re tying down your bike on the trailer. Integrated chocks hold the bike in place, so you don’t have to hold it in place while tying it down. A lot of trailers come with this feature. If not, you might have to purchase a separate one and have it installed or install it yourself.


Trailers can transport more than just motorcycles. If you’re looking for a trailer that can serve more than just one purpose, this should be something you should keep in mind. Some of the features to keep in mind are removable rails and chocks.

Tie-Down Locations

Every bike has its own required tie-down locations, depending on the design. Check whether the tie-down spots on your trailer fit the tie-down points of your motorcycle. If you can find a trailer with various tie-down locations, then all the better. These spots usually come in metal loops or a rail that protects your motorcycle within the trailer.

Tips to Keep in Mind

There are certain things you need to keep in mind to help you use your trailer at its full capacity. Firstly, the help of a second set of hands can go a long way. If possible, have another person help you install the trailer with you. It can be hard to lift the trailer into position, especially without any help.

You should also ensure you’ve secured everything before hauling your bike. That includes double-checking the tie-down points and the gate if it’s locked. A padlock helps greatly in securing your motorcycle within an enclosed trailer.

What Are the Top Brands for Motorcycle Trailers

Brand reputation is a lot more important in parts and gears than you’d think. That’s why it’s also important to know which ones are the biggest players in the industry and who you can trust. You should be looking for brands like Five Star Aluminum, Ultra-Tow, and North Star Trailer.

Five Star Aluminum provides the best lightweight trailers for motorcycles. Ultra-Tow works hard to provide not only motorcycle trailers but also cargo and utility trailers. The company also produces some of the best hitch carriers for bikes. North Star Trailers, on the other hand, is one of the top-of-mind brands for trailers. Moreover, they have excellent customer support as well as service—the trailers from this brand range from motorcycle trailers to utility trailer kits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a vehicle’s tongue weight?

You probably heard about tongue weight or passed by it on your vehicle specs. It refers to the maximum weight your vehicle can carry on the hitch. If you can’t find the tongue weight on your vehicle’s manual, you can compute it by dividing the towing capacity by 10.

Q: How can I tell if the trailer hitch functions with my vehicle?

Always check the motorcycle’s weight as well as the loading capacity your trailer has. If they’re within the vehicle’s tongue weight, you’re good to go.

Q: How can I get the bike on the platform?

There are various ways you can do this. Some trailers come with a ramp, so you can utilize that when loading your bike. Guide them up yourself, so you’re sure that they won’t fall. You can also have a separate ramp to help you pull your motorcycle up on the trailer.

Don’t ever ride your motorcycle up the trailer if you can get help to do the job, then all the better.

Final Thoughts

The North Star Trailer Sportstar I Utility Trailer Kit is the best among the trailers on our list. It provides the best support and protection for your bike. However, each one of these trailers provides different pros that should fit any of your needs!

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6 Best Motorcycle Trailer

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