Best Motorcycle USB Chargers

8 Best Motorcycle USB Chargers (Review)

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Usually, riding a motorcycle for a long period goes along with using your cell phones to listen to music or make calls. If you love to ride for a long time, I’m sure you have experienced a critically low and dead battery on your cell phone by the time you get to your last stop.

With every problem comes a solution, and for this USB charging problem, we have come up with the 8 best motorcycle USB chargers available for your devices. It’s not enough to get the best motorcycle seat pads and be comfortable, but staying connected throughout your long motorcycle ride becomes a win-win situation.

Besides simply being interested in purchasing the best motorcycle charger for your device, you might not have the time to do proper research before acquiring it carefully. Well, on your behalf, we have carefully done enough research to help get quality and reliable USB chargers and came up with eight top USB chargers in our guide below. All you have to do is to keep reading.

However, these top-picked USB chargers are classified into different categories, depending on how you choose to connect to a power source on your motorcycle. While some models require directing connections to the power source, others, like SAE USB chargers, require SAE to lead to a complete connection to the power source.

Before selecting the right USB charger for your motorcycle, you also have to consider the number of USB slots that the charger has and if you are likely to charge several devices. Another thing to put into consideration is the efficiency and durability of the USB charger.

Before putting in a lot of cash in purchasing the charger, you have to be certain that the motorcycle charger can charge fast and withstand harsh elements. Let’s dive in and list out the eight best motorcycle USB chargers.

But just before then, can we take a look at the types of motorcycle USB chargers you can select from? The market offers a range of options, allowing you to make an informed decision freely and based on your preference.

EKLIPES EK1-110 Cobra Chrome Ultimate...
Battery Tender Quick Disconnect USB Charger...
BlueFire 5V/3A Dual USB Charger Socket...
EKLIPES EK1-110 Cobra Chrome Ultimate Motorcycle USB Charging System, 1 Pack
Battery Tender USB Charger Adaptor
BlueFire 5V/3A Dual USB Charger Socket Waterproof Motorcycle Handlebar
EKLIPES EK1-110 Cobra Chrome Ultimate...
EKLIPES EK1-110 Cobra Chrome Ultimate Motorcycle USB Charging System, 1 Pack
Battery Tender Quick Disconnect USB Charger...
Battery Tender USB Charger Adaptor
BlueFire 5V/3A Dual USB Charger Socket...
BlueFire 5V/3A Dual USB Charger Socket Waterproof Motorcycle Handlebar

Types of Motorcycle USB Chargers

One good thing about motorcycle gadgets, accessories, and gear is that they come in different options, shapes, shades, and sizes. In that sense, you can make choices from available items. For instance, if item A is not suitable, you can decide to opt for B.

 The same style applies to motorcycle USB chargers. They come in different types, and you can select the type that best suits you.

DIN Plug chargers

From our list, you will find some of the items that are DIN USB chargers. These types are often sought after because of their freedom to quickly and freely fit into ports that come with your motorcycle. The existing charging ports on your motorcycle do not need any adjustments before the DIN USB charger fits in.  

This type of USB charger is usable on motorcycles and cars as well. This is especially compatible with motorcycle models and brands, such as Triumphs, BMWs, and KTMs.

Why do you need the DIN Plug? It’s its power. It is one of the most powerful USB charger types on the market. This charger is capable of holding out against a large amount of electric current. Overall, it provides better performance for your devices and gadgets while enhancing the overall riding experience. The charger is safe to use and offers quality stability and resistance to shock and vibration.

SAE USB charger

This type of USB charger adopts the SAE lead system. It uses an adapter to connect directly to the motorcycle battery. All you need to do is set up the lead permanently on your bike. 

Why do you need the SAE USB charger type? It prevents your gadgets from being short-circuited. It is also very easy to install and safe to use. But it requires extra caution, especially when dealing with negative and positive polarities. 

Direct-Connection Charger

With a direct-connection motorcycle USB charger, you don’t need an adaptor because they connect directly to your motorcycle. All you have to do is connect the cables from the battery to the charger, or vice versa.

Why do you need a direct-connection USB charger? With this type, the connection becomes super-easy, and installation is like a breeze. The system also enhances charging efficiency while offering a smooth riding experience. You can mount this type of USB charger to your handlebar for easy access.

1. Eklipes Cobra Chrome USB Charging System

Best Motorcycle USB Chargers

The first on our list is the powerful and efficient motorcycle USB charger that charges phones, tablets, MP3 players, and other devices pretty quickly. Although the USB charger comes with an output of 2.7amps and high power, its main benefit is its versatility.

Eklipes Cobra Chrome USB charger comes with an adjustable mount and can mount on 7/8-inch, 1.25-inch, and 1.0-inch handlebars that make it easy to set up.

Among the features is the on/off switch features that help preserve battery power when nothing is plugged in. The features also include a locking mechanism, an EZ jump start battery harness to ensure safer connections and protect the charger from the elements. With these features, the USB charger is protected and coated in a chrome finish to complement the cycle.


Key Features

  • Waterproof and durable
  • Easy to install and mount
  •  Protected against the elements
  •  Compatible with many devices

2. Battery Tender USB charger

Next on our list is the compact and portable USB charger with an output of 2.1 amps connected to the 12- volts power source. Battery Tender is the perfect choice if you are looking for something portable to mount on different vehicles.

Battery Tender features a quick-disconnect plug that is easy to install, a rubber flap that helps protect the connectors from dust, dirt, water, and other weather hazards. It can also connect via an SAE harness that averts short circuits and guarantees safety.

The Battery Tender USB charger can charge different devices such as cameras, phones, and GPS units. With this USB charger, you can listen to music while riding with your noise-canceling earbuds while your phone is charging.


Key Features

  • Compact and portable
  • Safe to use
  • Lightweight
  • Multipurpose

3. Bluefire 5V/3A Dual USB Charger

Best Motorcycle USB Chargers 3

This particular motorcycle USB charger comes with a socket made of fire-retardant ABS eco-protected material and is also resistant to high and low temperatures.

The charger itself is a dual USB charger with a cigarette lighter socket, waterproof and dustproof cover, clock, a 4.75-foot long cable with an in-built fuse, and a voltmeter.

It is small, easy to install, well-built, reliable, and functions like a factory-installed option with the lid closed when riding to avoid it from flopping around.

It is also easy to set you and mount, using hardware that comes with the package.


Key Features

  • Easy to set up and mount
  • Resistant to water and rust
  • Eco-protected
  • Durable and lightweight

4. Suuwer Motorcycle USB charger

Suuwer Motorcycle USB Charger

Next on my list is the Suuwer motorcycle USB charger equipped with two charging points and an output of 2.4 amps. This USB charger uses an IC technology that makes adjustments automatic to the charging system but depends on the type of device you are charging.

Apart from the charging points, the charger is also compatible with different devices, and with this, you can plug in different devices such as android phones, music players, GPS, and iPhones.

The USB charger is compact, easy to connect, and will provide you with a steady electrical transmission, removing the option of having electrical faults while charging. The Suuwer is 3.3 inches long, and the LED display will notify you with a flash when the battery on your motorcycle is low.

With the notification, you get to know when to switch off the charger so that you don’t drain the battery completely. An SAE extension cable is attached to the charger to help you get the right connection.


Key Features

  • Dual charging ports
  • Built-in features for safety
  • LED display for notification

5. Yonhan 4.8A Motorcycle USB Charger

This USB charger preserves your motorcycle battery with the help of the on/off switch that offers you full control over the electrical transmission system. This means you can control the charger by shutting down the charger when you are not charging.

With this feature, Yonhan 4.8A USB charger is one step ahead of other models because most motorcycle USB chargers lack this useful feature.

Besides this convenient feature, another useful feature is the charger versatile mounting module that provides you with different ways to mount the charge to your motorcycle.

It is easy to install by simply fixing it on the rearview mirror handles with screws. You can also tie it down using a rope. You can also install it by punching two holes in your preferred position on the charger before you mount the module. Meanwhile, you have to mount the charger in an easy location so that it is easy for you to access and disconnect when the need arises.


The voltmeter is integrated and will keep you updated on your battery status because the charger circuit system is designed to prevent overheating and overcharging. The voltmeter notifies you when the voltage has dropped below the battery recommended limit resulting from an imbalance in current flow.

Key Features

  • Output of 4.8Amps
  • Dual charging
  • Easy installation
  • Integrated Voltmeter

6. Mictuning SAE to USB cable Waterproof USB Charger

Best Motorcycle USB Chargers 6

This SAE to USB cable waterproof USB charger is a standard charger with a charging port that is compatible with different devices. During installation, the charger provides you with options that you can select from depending on your motorcycle design.

For installation, you can use the ring terminals to connect directly to the power source or connect the device to the SAE outlet on your motorcycle. Whichever way you decide, you get a reliable power transmission that will allow you to charge fully.

The USB charger also comes with fixtures that you need during the charger installation and allows a maximum power output of 2.1Amps. With this power output, you can charge any USB device when the battery runs down.

It’s compatible with common different smartphone brands, Bluetooth speakers, MP3 players, and helmet cameras. The USB charger is CE, and ROHS certified, so you are safe riding a long distance.


Key Features

  • Durability
  • Plug and play feature
  • Quick-release connector design

7. ChGeek Quick Charge 3.0 USB Charger

Quick Charger USB For Motorcycles

This USB charger comes with different safety measures that will protect you and the motorcycle. It also comes with a short-circuit protection unit to ensure the charger operates normally without interfering with the bike’s electrical transmission system.

The aluminum-built shell helps facilitate maximum heat dissipation when the device is plugged in and helps prevent the charging system from overheating and charger malfunctions.

The Integrated Circuit system ensures stable power output by averting electrical current fluctuation. When the device is plugged in, the device receives a steady supply of power to improve overall battery life. With this device, you can mount any system with a DC output between 12V and 24V.

With this output supply, you can connect it to motorcycles, SUVs, cars, boats since the charger uses USB 3.0. It is very efficient with the LED display that notifies you based on real-time updates on the battery status.


Key Features

  • Resistant to dust and waterproof
  • Dual Charging ports
  • Wide-ranging Compatibility

8. Tecmate Optimate O-105 USB Charger

Best Motorcycle USB Chargers 8

This is a high-performance charger that will help you power up the battery life of the device efficiently. With a built-in adjustment feature that tunes the flow of electrical current according to the user device, the charger can then maximize the power output depending on the specifications of what you are charging.

With the breeze installation process, you can fit the plug onto BMZ and Triumph motorcycle power ports. It delivers a perfect fit, so you won’t need additional fixtures to get the charger to work. The charger also comes with a dual charging port and charges two electronic devices at a go. This makes it one of the versatile guys on this list.

It prevents water and other materials from getting into the USB charging ports when the charger is turned off. With this charger, you can go a long way without worrying about your motorcycle charging ports getting damaged.


Key Features

  • All-round Weatherproof
  • Automated power on/off
  • Dual charging points

Best Motorcycle USB Chargers Guide & FAQs

Number of ports

Before acquiring a motorcycle USB charger, it is always wise to consider the number of charging ports. If you are the type that needs to charge a lot of devices, then you will have to look for the one that has at least a dual port.

Power Switch

Another thing to put into consideration is the power switch. The switch allows you to turn off the charger when you are not using it. Therefore, it is recommended that you check and ensure durability.

Installation Process

Before purchasing any motorcycle charger, check for compatibility. Because charger compatibilities differ, finding the one that clicks with your motorcycle should be your top consideration. It must be super-easy to mount to your bike’s handlebars without any glitch.

Advantages of Motorcycle USB Chargers

There is no point over-emphasizing the benefits of charging your devices while you are on the road. If anything, trying to relive those amazing moments on your bike is something every rider looks forward to experiencing.

Just like the human body system, the cameras, smartphones, tablets, and other USB-enabled devices need to be given new energy and power after a long day doing all of those activities.

Interestingly, it is unthinkable to be out on the road without the best motorcycle USB chargers. But what do I stand to benefit from going out with a USB charger?

Fast charging

One of the greatest advantages of using the best motorcycle USB chargers is their power to recharge your devices. They are quick at charging and recharging your tech batteries and gadgets at a much faster rate. 

Efficient charging 

Motorcycle USB chargers are not only super-fast in charging your gadgets; they are also incredibly super-efficient in supplying charges to these items. Most USB chargers and models out there are only claiming these features but do not come with them. Interestingly, all the products on our list are reliable and efficient and produce the required amount of charge your gadgets and their batteries need. 

Easy to Install

Again, it would help if you also motorcycled USB chargers because they don’t require any special skills or tools to install them. Unlike using some other charging systems, USB chargers are quite super-easy to set up. They are also efficient. 

Take Less Storage Space

You don’t have to carry around with you a large charger before people know you want to charge. Riding doesn’t require that the rider loads himself with heavyweight items and gadgets. The compact design of a motorcycle USB charger makes it easy to store and carry around for a long-distance motorcycle trip.

Compared to standard chargers, USB chargers do not take up more storage space in your motorcycle jacket, fuel tank bag, or saddlebag. If you are used to using wall chargers, you will notice that they often come with bulky and sometimes heavyweight adaptors that are most times difficult to carry around with you.

You can hold USB chargers in your hand even while your hands hold the bike handlebars firmly. USB chargers feature small and compact connectors, making it easier to connect to both sides of the wire.

Smooth Ride

It would help if you didn’t negotiate or compromise your safety while on the road. It would help if you enjoyed every bit of your moment while you last on the bike. How can this be when you’re carrying with you a stop-and-use charger? With a motorcycle USB charger, you will have a smooth, safe, and convenient riding experience.

You won’t have to stop on the road, charge your device or gadgets for a few minutes, and then continue with it. It can be very frustrating. With a single round of charging, a USB charger can take you for as long as possible, making you enjoy using your camera, phones, and other gadgets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Motorcycle USB charger function like standard chargers? 

There is no doubt about it. These chargers do the same function your regular phone chargers and power banks do on your gadgets. They will charge your battery to the full charge, making it easy and smooth for you to ride without having to stop and charge your device or gadgets.

Q: Can my Motorcycle USB charger heat up? 

Certainly, these USB chargers heat up when the surrounding temperature is high, or the output is strong.

Q: Will my USB charger work if it water penetrates the charging port?

As you know, at Gearsustain, we are poised to offer you a Yes or No answer to clear all ambiguity. But in this instance, there are a few things to consider. Depending on the charger, not all chargers are water-resilient, and not all chargers have the same level of protection. If you want chargers with extra protection, look for the ones with the higher IPX rating that are waterproof.


Finally, on my list are the top eight best motorcycle USB chargers that help replenish your device’s power bank and make your road experience worthwhile.

However, do not settle for a device that is not durable and will cause issues for your motorcycle battery. With this list, you can quickly come to decide on what is right and what the average is. Have you checked out my post on the coolest motorcycle helmets on the market? You’ll love it.

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