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10 Best All-Around Motorcycles

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Are you looking for the best all-around motorcycle? You’ve come to the right place. We understand that selecting one bike among the myriad of options out there can be a daunting task. We’ve compiled a list of the best all-around motorcycles to help you find your perfect ride. From comfort and power to reliability and ease of use – these motorcycles offer something for everyone. So if you are searching for a reliable, powerful, and comfortable bike, keep reading!

1. Ducati Streetfighter V4

Ducati Streetfighter V4- Best Motorcycles

One of the new model year’s highlights, the Ducati Streetfighter V4, raises the bar for hyper-naked bikes at a higher level. Based on the Panigale V4, the Desmosedici Stradale delivers a juicy 208 HP in the naked bike and provides a peak torque of 123 Newton meters.

Onboard are all the electronic subtleties of the Panigale V4, and there will be two model versions: the fully-fueled 201-kilo basic version and the two-kilo lighter S version. The latter also shines with semi-active Öhlins chassis and forged wheels from Marchesini. This superbike has been available in the market since March 2020.

2. Kawasaki W800

After W800 Street and W800 Cafe, the Japanese are launching the most classic form of their pretty retro bike. Front and rear fenders and the handlebars may sparkle in chrome; the green tank has an elaborately worked emblem. The thickly upholstered bench, round indicators, and 19-inch front wheel are further distinguishing features of their siblings.

3. Indian Challenger

Indian Challenger-Best-Motorcycles

The Americans are currently stepping on the gas and introducing another engine to create a new series: the PowerPlus 108. This V2 engine is liquid-cooled, has a displacement of 1769 cubic centimeters, and will produce around 122 hp and abundant torque of 178 Newton meters. Indian describes the four-valve engine, each with an overhead camshaft, as the most potent US twin of all time and the “most modern V-twin engine in the industry.” The first model to be equipped with is called the Challenger and is a sporty excavator with frame-fixed cladding.

4. Brixton

Brixton Motorcycle- Best Motorcycles

The young Austrian brand (founded by the KSR Group in 2017) presents the series version of its first 500 models this year. The self-developed engine for the A2 driving license class will drive a platform that follows the previous Brixton line in the design language; that is, it has a somewhat angular vintage design. Probable name: Brixton BX 500. This model is shown on the Eicma in two varieties, presumably as a naked bike and scrambler. With this in fashion, the excitement of athlete bikers will know no bounds!

 5. Yamaha MT-03 & MT-125

The Japanese refresh their A2-Hyper-Naked with a design update that mainly includes the headlights and the tank, besides there are now LED indicators and a more modern, large LCD cockpit. At the same time, the chassis is upgraded with a new upside-down fork and a modified suspension strut. The drive remains unchanged.

This specific Yamaha model made our list as one of the best beginner motorcycles ever. Make sure you go check it out.

With even more effort, the Japanese have modified their smallest hyper naked, the MT-125. You can speak of a new bike because almost no stone remained on the other. The new 125 engine now has variable valve timing. The chassis became crisper (shorter wheelbase) with significantly upgraded components (radial brake, USD fork). Finally, there is an entirely new look with a sporty, compact silhouette, a smaller tank, and a light mask in the style of the new MT-03.

6. Ducati Multistrada 1260 S Grand Tour

For the 2020 model year, Ducati has introduced another variant to the existing model series, which could not be different. The Multistrada 1260 S Grand Tour sees itself as an addition to its siblings’ upper end and takes touring comfort and luxury to a new level. This Ducati Model is a phenomenal motorcycle for tall riders.

Based on the already lavishly outfitted S version, it also has, among other things, side cases, additional lights, heated grips, the main stand, the tire pressure control system, and a fuel filler flap that is integrated with the keyless system. There is also a gorgeous, elegant paint job with a red space frame. The Scrambler 800 Icon Dark goes in a completely different direction. With it, Ducati brings a new entry-level model characterized by slightly reduced equipment and matte black paint.

7. Triumph Street Triple RS

For the 2020 season, the RS not only gets a new, sharper cut face and more modern modeled flanks but also a comprehensive technical update. The still 123 HP engine now offers even more torque and pressure from below, and from the middle, the silencer is also new. A standard quick shifter for up/down complements the revised gearbox, and the electronics have been made even smarter and offer more options.

Triumph’s involvement in the world’s fastest motorcycle racing series as an engine supplier for the Moto2 class bears fruit in series production. The experience and the know-how gathered in the competition flow directly into the model development, from which we customers ultimately benefit. The technicians and engineers from racing not only pass on data and facts but are personally involved in the development process.

This is also the case with the latest evolution of Triumph’s race-ready Naked Bike Street Triple RS 2020. According to the factory, this was the delicate balancing act of the Euro5 update with a simultaneous increase in performance and improved sound: the striking triad should now be even more audible. At one time, the enhanced flow of the gas system should be attributed. While the visual changes are more to be found in detail, such as the redesigned LED double headlights, the side panels, and the seat cover, the engine, and transmission have been extensively revised. Completely new is the standard built-up / down quick shifter, which promises even better performance on the racetrack.

8. Honda Africa Twin CRF1100L

Honda Africa Twin CRF1100L- Best Motorcycles

The Honda Africa Twin CRF1100L brings many new features that adventurers and travelers should have been waiting for. The engine’s essential elements remain the same, but the displacement has increased from 998 to 1084 cubic centimeters and offers 5 kW more power than before 75 kW corresponds to 102 hp. The torque also increased from 98 to 105 Newton meters. The cornering ABS, cruise control as standard, four driving modes (+2 rider), optional electronic suspension, less weight, narrower seat, and much more are recently included in this 2020 model.

Honda is already showing one of its most essential motorcycles in a new form: the Africa Twin of the model year 2020. But to speak of just one facelift would be utterly wrong in this case. After four years on the market and around 87,000 sold, Honda not only refreshed the design but virtually turned the entire bike inside out: engine, frame, chassis, electronics, and exciting new products are to be reported everywhere.

And on top of that, the Japanese have also redistributed the tasks in the model family. In 2018 the Africa Twin Adventure Sports came into the program titled long travel as an off-road variant. Looking back, it can be said that assigning the off-road theme to a larger, heavier, more luxurious option was not exactly conclusive. Now it should be the other way round.

9. Kawasaki Z H2 Supercharged

With the supercharged hyper-naked bike, the Japanese set an exclamation as expected! Like the Sport Sourer SX, this four-cylinder 1000 engine delivers 200 hp straight ahead, and the hammer also depends on the constant torque of 137 Newton meters. All the electronic features you would expect in this league are on board, including an attractive TFT display. Incidentally, the weight is 239 kilos when fully fueled.

10. Ducati Panigale V2 & Panigale V4

Ducati Panigale V2 & Panigale V4- Best Motorcycles

For Athletes gunning to use an all-around bike, Ducati has got something for you. The focus of this bike was initially on the Panigale V2. They have the previous 959 and not only the name but also the look of their big sister. The new entry-level model in the Panigale world goes even further: the electronics are also part of the package that the V4 is also allowed. The two-cylinder will also be the last stage of the evolution of the Superquadro.

However, the performance values remain unchanged compared to the 959: 155 HP and 104 Newton meters will also be used for racing freaks for a few years. It has been in the form of the Ducati Panigale V4 for two years. Interestingly, the Panigale V4 can be wheeled either by professionals or amateurs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are some of the best Japanese Motorcycle Manufacturers?

Honda, Yamaha, and Kawasaki represent the best Japanese bike manufacturers. They are leading brands in the automotive industry.

Q: Which bike brands are the most expensive and luxurious?

Certain motorcycles are way more expensive than their counterparts. However, Ducati and Triumph take the lead, among others.


In conclusion, selecting the perfect all-around motorcycle doesn’t have to be daunting. With our list of the best all-around motorcycles, you can choose from a wide range of options that meet your needs and preferences. There are other things to consider when choosing the right bike for you, such as the size of motorcycle to get for your height. From power and performance to comfort and reliability, these bikes offer something for everyone. Find the best motorcycle for your next adventure!

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10 Best All-Around Motorcycles

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