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10 Best Motorcycles For Short Riders

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Not all motorcycles are designed for every rider. Tall riders have bikes meant for them as much as short riders do. So, this article on the best motorcycles for short riders will be of great help if you belong to the short-legged class.

Don’t seek bikes designed with tall seats and wide saddles if you’re short. The weight of the motorcycle, its center of gravity, terrain compatibility, or balancing isn’t insignificant in settling for your ideal bike as a short rider.

Top 10 Best Motorcycles For Short Riders

Therefore, if you ask me what the ten best motorcycles for short riders are, I’ll tell you to get yourself a seat and read through this post.

1. Ducati Monster 696

Ducati Monster 696

Ducati Monster 696 truly comes in handy for those short guys out there who want to be counted as great riders. Suitable for a wide variety of terrain, this incredible model proves worth in so many areas you want to look at.

Beginning with its amazing engine performance, the Ducati Monster 696 will show off its superior versatility on the road among competitors. Being a lightweight, smooth-riding defines this bike, thanks to its impressive horsepower, top speed, and effortless handling.

A flip to other features shows that the Ducati Monster 696 features ease of breaking with an incredibly convenient height of about 30.3 inches, making it one of the ideal combo kits for short riders.

Don’t forget to note that the suspension of this naked bike boasts a high quality and offers nothing short of stability and a firm ride.


  • Great for a variety of terrain
  • Affordable
  • Versatile and easy to control
  • Ideal for short riders
  • Refined design and style


  • Not suitable for riders with small hands

2. Moto Guzzi V7

Moto Guzzi V7

Moto Guzzi V7 is an essential bike for all riders who’re truly short and want to enjoy their time on those amazing best motorcycle rides in the US.

Eclectic and essential, the Moto Guzzi V7 features an impressive style, refined design, and catching ancient aesthetics that will attract every shopper to it any time.

With a modest seat height that stands at 30.3 inches, controlling this bike is as easy as riding it on a wide variety of terrain. A truly friendly-to-handle bike for short-legged riders, the V7 features a well-positioned handlebar that makes turning a lot easier.

The Moto Guzzi V7 made our list on the Best Motorcycles Under $10,000, where you can learn more about the pricing around this phenomenal bike.

The maker of this bike understands that proper positioning of the saddle and footpegs is no compromise as it offers comfort and upright riding posture.

The engine brings reliability, stability, top-quality suspension, and high torque to the table, making riding on any terrain a walk in the park.

Overall, this machine is designed for smooth, short riding, and commuting.


  • Modest seat height
  • Impressive torque and design
  • Great saddle and handlebar position


  • A bit squishy suspension
  • Vehicle can get shaky on high gas

3. Ducati Scrambler

Ducati Scrambler - Best for Short Women

Ducati won’t stop wowing great bike and recycling enthusiasts with its amazing models and releases. This brand shows off its characteristic generational infectious styles and designs all over again in the Ducati Scrambler.

If you’re a short-legged rider with a particular preference for style, comfort, and aesthetics, then, don’t scramble any further because these are features that define the Ducati Scrambler.

With an adjustable seat height, this bike comes with a low-height accessory that will help you reduce the default 31.1-inch height to something in the neighborhood of 30.3 inches.

Various models of the Ducati Motorcycle Brand made out list of the Best Beginner Motorcycles that you can buy right now.

What’s more, the Ducati Scrambler has sleekness written all over it. The seat and tank are both slim and narrow but padded and plush. The suspension is high-quality and makes every rider want to hop in

Added to these, the Scrambler is lightweight and comes with a low center of gravity that makes rider attempt to swing their leg over easier than many of the guys on our list here.


  • Adjustable seat height
  • Affordable
  • Comes in variety
  • Stylish and comfortable


  • May look to sleek for some riders
  • Made for comfort, not performance

4. Yamaha MT-07

Yamaha MT-07

It’s doubtful Yamaha won’t have a rep among best motorcycles for short riders if you consider its diversification into different models of bikes in its many years in the automotive industry.

The Yamaha MT-07 is an augmented version and reflects what this brand is famous for quality, performance, comfort, and style. This guy is super naked but won’t expose the inexperience of a beginner short-legged rider.

The Yamaha MT-07 is genuinely a ‘Master of Torque’ (that’s what the MT stands for) because it’s as torquey as it’s powerful. It’s an excellent piece for daily commuter as well as occasional long-distance motorcycle trips.

What’s more, the bike is an entry bike for newbies and a racing partner for short veterans, thanks to its modest 31.7-inch seat height.


  • Steady handlebars
  • Relatively affordable
  • Agile and Sporty


  • Relatively
  • Not great for regular long distance ride

5. BMW G650 GS


The BMW G650 GS is a bike for adventure, and its indeed an off-road model for short riders who prefer not to go on the highways but to tear off the dirt on the pavement.

This bike boasts a modest and comfortable seat height with a low suspension that shows why the BMW G650 GS is one of the smallest but powerfully engineered short-rider bikes on the market.

Powered by a single-cylinder small engine, this bike will surprise with the torque amount it brings to the fore when you ride against the dunes. The BMW G650 GS boasts of high fuel efficiency and capacity, standing at 3.7 gallons with 74 mpg.


  • Balances commuting with low suspension
  • Comfortable height
  • Perfect for off-road ride
  • Fuel efficient


  • Not for highway ride

6. Honda CTX700 – Best for Short Women

Honda CTX700

The Honda CTX700 is primarily designed to meet the needs of short-legged riders, thanks to its modest low seat height that stands at 28.3 inches.

Boasting extreme comfort and versatility, this bike features weather superior weather protection and impressive power and torque deliveries.

The riding position of the Honda CTX700 is laid-back with forward-set controls, making it a suitable option for modern riders. Conservative riders may find the forward-set footpeg design appealing. This model is excellent for short women riders as well.

But they won’t run away from the double-barreled automatic dual-clutch transmission, which gives you the option to choose between auto and manual.

Featuring as both a cruiser and a sports bike, the Honda is truly a blend of impressive torque, comfort, and performance. It provides riders with its plush suspension and roomy feet-forward ergonomics. This Honda Model is featured on our Automatic Motorcycles Article.


  • lightweight
  • Easy and agile handling
  • Forward-set footpegs
  • DTC


  • Conservative may not life forward-set footpegs

7. Triumph Street Twin

Triumph Street Twin

Ask me what this bike model has triumphed over, and I’ll tell you that the Triumph Street Twin has victory over weak power, terrain restriction, and unstable ride.

The Triumph Street Twin is a bike powered by a 900cc narrow parallel-twin, torque-rich powerful engine.

Boasting a slender fuel tank, this bike saves you a lot of fuel on the pavement. The seat height of 29.5” is friendly to short-legged riders, making it a not-too-off-the-ground bike for beginner riders.

The Triumph makes affordability and capability its other name, bragging high breaking, stable suspension, and comfortable ergonomics.

What’s more, the Street Twin features an appropriate seating position and convenient handlebar placement, which ensures stability.


  • Affordable
  • Torque-rich, stable suspension
  • 900cc parallel-twin engine


  • None for now

8. Kawasaki Ninja 400

From its look to design, power, torque, and comfort, the Ninja 400 is a top-quality bike for sporting purposes.

Being a lightweight model, this guy is a versatile candidate for riders in search of some easy-to-handle bike, excellent in control, and suitable for short riders.

This small-sized Ninja 400 promises and delivers a tremendous sporty experience for short riders, thanks to its seat height, which measures 31.9 inches.

The power is unintimidating and easy to use, and handling is a walk in the park for riders who also want this guy for an entry-level sports bike.


  • Lightweight
  • Sporty and versatile
  • 31.9” seat height
  • Easy control and handling


  • Seat height not adjustable

9. Honda Fury

Honda Fury

Perhaps the mood of the manufacturers of this Honda bike model was truly furious when it was being designed considering the terrific looks and unbeatable features it boasts.

If you like glamour, comfort, and easy control as a short rider, this attention-grabbing bike should be your best pick.

Never get weary of the intimidating look, this bike is super easy to control even for nervy beginner riders who look for on-bike balance with their short legs.

The seat height lies below the 27-inch mark, making it one of the bikes with the lowest seat height on our list. Comfort is genuinely personified in the Honda Fury.

It’s powered by a V2 engine that might cause might some little vibration while on the road., but its design is enough to depreciate the impact of the wave altogether.

The fuel-injection jet of this bike is handled by a computer to offer super performance and a better experience.


  • Super easy to control
  • Comfortable
  • Relatively affordable
  • Great design


  • No Fuel meter
  • Runs only 150 miles

10. Zero XU

zero xu

Last but not the least on our list of best motorcycles for short riders is the Zero XU. It comes with its exclusive features, including being the only electric motorcycle for short riders here.

The Zero XU is a small, compact, and lightweight bike with zero tolerance for gear limitations. This model is a super fun ride considering its quiet and calm design coupled with a comfortable seat height that’s 30 inches off the ground.

With a relatively linear acceleration, the eco-friendly Zero XU brags top speed of 51 mph is enough for most city commuter bikes.

The removable and rechargeable battery comes with charging booths in the event you want to charge your phones.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Electronic starter
  • Rechargeable and removable battery
  • Reasonably priced


  • No kick starter

Frequently asked Questions

Can a 5-foot person ride a motorcycle?

Yes, a 5-feet person can hop on a bike and ride. Being 5-foot doesn’t stop you from riding. There are a lot of bikes out there designed for short persons.
A safe and comfortable ride demands that your feet can stand flat and firm on the ground and that you don’t have to swing your legs over the saddle without too much difficulty.

What’s the Best Harley for Short Riders?

If you can lay your hands on Harley-Davidson Street 500 as a short rider, then you won’t have any issue riding safely and conveniently. This bike comes with a 28.3-inch seat height.


In sum, inconvenience, discomfort, pain, and possibly, a crash will define your moments every time in the saddle – regardless of your bike brand choice − if you think getting the bike that suits your height doesn’t matter. Why not take advantage of any of these best motorcycles for short riders to acquire one today? Have you read the trendy best electric dirt bikes?

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