Best Motorcycle Ramps

7 Best Motorcycle Ramps

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You might think it is simple to find the best motorcycle ramp for a flexible, compact, and sturdy vehicle. Nonetheless, choosing the best ramp structured to meet your requirements may be a difficult option with so many variations of these products on the market.

However, there are things to consider when selecting the best motorcycle ramp that suits your truck. In this detailed guideline, we will be discussing these various factors and also give you a review of the best motorcycle ramps in the market today.

Features to Look For When Buying a Ramp


Long-lasting, lightweight aluminum alloys are the most common motorcycle ramps. Nonetheless, it is essential to look at the mass of the ramp which you intend to take and to know that after loading or unloading your motorcycle, you can easily lift it and move it. 

Admittedly, when there are light ramps that are even better for you, you do not want to raise a massive ramp.

The Ramps Feature

Motorcycle ramps offer various unique characteristics that enhance the loading experience. It is, therefore, vital to know which features are important to you before you buy a bridge. 

A synthetic soft tip covering for loading points to secure your rack, non-slip and corrosion-free marine grade steel, supporting legs for increased stability, and fold-away design features are some of the essential elements that can be ideal for you.

Loading Height to Your Truck

The loading height to your truck bed must be taken into account when purchasing a motorcycle ramp for your vehicle. The trucks have varieties; the height from the floor to the foundation of the vehicle may vary. 

The loading height is, therefore, an essential factor that you can not only guess. The higher the ramp is, the harder and less secure it is to drive your motorcycle up. It is necessary to take note of this.

Joint Connectivity

Because ramps come with various connecting points, it is vital to choose the most suitable connecting point available. Essential loading ramps possess a soft tip, synthesized coated loading point that covers and retains the tray.

Load Capacity

Ramps with their respective load rates are often marked as what they can load and how much weight they can bear. It means that without testing its load capacity, you should never buy a motorcycle ramp. 

1. Rage Powersports 12 ft. Ramp System

It is one of the latest folding motorcycle ramps from Rage Powersports. The 2-portions feature two 19 inch aluminum ramps with an integrated flat plate EZ Traction coating that ensures optimum traction. 

On the other hand, the 3-portions feature plenty of room with a central ramp of 19 “flanked on both sides by 14” ramps.

All the ramps are designed to maximize mobility and are powerful enough to carry sturdier bikes. The ramps are also designed with rubberized plates and hooks to ensure the truck bed connects without affecting its coating.

They also have a smooth transition between the ramp and the deck due to a rugged tapered edge. Also, the user’s protection is sure when loading by belts, especially when a single person is loading.

These ramps are durable and light in weight, thanks to their aluminum content, which makes it possible to carry on any journey you intend to undertake.



  • Lightweight up to 3,000 lbs
  • Comes in 4 different sizes
  • Excellent grip
  • Reliability
  • Ramp protection

2. Rage Powersports Black Widow Ramp

The Black Widow BW-9440-HD ramps are from aluminum4-beam folding, 3-piece arched, and 3-piece aluminum high dense folding. The two inclined planes are specific so that motorcycles can be mounted and lowered quickly. They are thick but lightweight aluminum materials with a weight of up to 1,500 lbs. They are to ensure optimal clearing for the engine and exhaust.

The 4-beam ramp has sturdy rings that provide the best traction, thus giving strength and stability with the four beams. The beams can start individually to take into account various loading conditions, making them very reliable.

Usually coming in with three belts for safety, the 4-beam fitted with the heavy-duty model has two safety belts to hold it firm in the trailer. The 4-beam flips in 3 parts, while the heavy-duty model flips into two pieces for quick transportation and storage.

All ramps provide the full-width foundation and lip stabilization that allows users to trust as motorcycles are loaded and unloaded.



  • Lightweight up to 1,500 lb
  • Indented crossbars for durable traction
  • Maximized Mobility
  • User protection guaranteed

3. Titan 7.5′ Plated Truck Loading Ramp

The 7.5 ft Titan Ramp is constructed with lightweight aluminum components and flips twice for secure packaging and convenience. It is arc crafted so that the motorcycles can be loaded and unloaded quickly.

The top form of the plates is rigid to provide full loading traction. It also contains rubberized fingertips to hold without rubbing the paint on the tail of the tractor. Safety belts often maintain a secure, steady ramp while the motorcycle is loaded or unloaded.

This ramp is worth a look since it holds up to 2,100 lbs. Both ramps are 90 L x 34 W each, which ensures that you can trustfully load and unload your motorcycle.



  • Lightweight up to 2,100 lbs
  • Indented crossbars for durable traction
  • Nine rubberized fingertips
  • Safety belts

4. Motorhot 9 ft Portable Aluminum

Titan Single Aluminum Ramps come in 7.5 ft, 9 ft, and 10 ft. A single 7.5 ft motorcycle ramp will carry up to 750lbs. On the other side, the single arched ramp and the latest 10 ft ramp hold up to 900lbs and 600lbs individually.

The three styles of ramps come from lightweight aluminum materials, which conveniently flip into two pieces for compact storage and portability. They also possess clamped crossbars for active loading and unloading friction. They also come with protective belts that improve the protection of your motorcycles from the vehicle.

Ramps such as these are suitable for people with bikes below 900lbs, who want ramps they can use right away. You can use them as soon as possible because they don’t need assembling.



  • Lightweights up to 1,600lbs per pair
  • Quality structuring for space
  • Indented crossbar to secure traction
  • Safety belts
  • No Installation

5. Titan 10′ 4-Beam Truck Loading Ramp

The Titans 10′ 4 Beam Ramps are made up of three major categories of 8 ft, 9 ft, and 10 ft, respectively. Both the 8 ft and 9 ft ramps lift to 1,500 lbs; meanwhile, the 10 ft is mighty, it can bear a weight of up to 2,700 pounds.

The three models are from less dense aluminum components that make them light in weight. During loading and unloading, the crossbars are adequate to provide optimum traction. Both ramps are arched to increase the strength of the tailpipe and engine.

It also provides safety belts to protect them in the truck until the motorcycle is loaded and unloaded. Due to their high weight capacity, we suggest these ramps. Therefore, these ramps are the best choice if you have a heavy motorcycle.



  • Lightweights  up to 2,700 lbs per pair
  • Dense four beam structures
  • Quality structuring for space
  • Safety belts 
  • No Installation

6. Black Widow Single Runner Motorcycle Ramp

This single ramp has strong-traction plate surface characteristics. The arch structured plate is to provides improved space for exhaust and engines. Without scraping the truck color, the rubberized fingertips protect the ramp.

Made from lightweight aluminum, it weighs up to 750 lbs. It may be your preferred choice if you own lighter motorcycles.



  • Single course ramp
  • Optimum engine and exhaust space
  • Rubber-lined linking ramp support points
  • Lightweight up to 750 lbs
  • Easy movability and transition

7. Big Horn Aluminum Motorcycle Ramp

This very durable and robust motorcycle ramp is aluminum with a weight of 600 lb. It’s specially arched for quick loading and unloading of dirt bikes and motorcycles.

The triple flipping nature makes it easy for the individual to move with, and also easy to pack. It can stretch to 80 centimeters, allowing loading and unloading simpler.

It has rubberized tongues that will not scrape the vehicle because they help avoid falls while helping to guarantee stability. It has a lightweight nature so that you can move it to and from the truck quickly. It is the perfect choice for people who want long-term and quick ramps.



  • Durability and lightweight
  • Heavy-duty maximized
  • Plug-down safety belts

Final Thoughts

We assume you can choose the best motorcycle ramp for your truck, now that you know what is involved in the choice-making of the best truck ramps. You can also choose one out of our selection of ramps for motorcycles. They consist of the best products found after intensive market research.

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