Best Mountain Bike Shoes

6 Best Mountain Bike Shoes (Review)

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Whether you are a professional or a newbie in cycling, you need the best mountain bike shoes. More so that mountain biking can be a little tricky. You have got to protect yourself by wearing the best shoes.

Don’t forget, you’ll always have your feet exposed to extreme loads and harsh weather conditions at the same time. Generally, riding shoes offer a great grip to the committed cyclist. But there’s something incredibly special about mountain bike shoes.

Spiuk Unisex's Altube MTB C Slipper
Mavic Crossmax Elite Cycling Shoe - Men's
Spiuk Altube MTB C Unisex Adult's Sneaker
Scott MTB AR Shoe - Adults'
Mavic Crossmax Elite Shoe
Spiuk Unisex's Altube MTB C Slipper
Spiuk Altube MTB C Unisex Adult's Sneaker
Scott MTB AR Shoe - Adults'
Mavic Crossmax Elite Cycling Shoe - Men's
Mavic Crossmax Elite Shoe

Why Mountain Bike Shoes?

As the name implies, this is a shoe that has been specially designed for cycling on the mountain, rocks, mud, and mud. The special feature of a mountain bike shoe is that it has studs in the sole area. With the help of these cleats, the shoe can be attached in a few steps to the specially provided pedal system. 

Using the shoes on your pedal is quite easy; you only have to click them on your bike lever while getting a secure grip. Mountain bike shoes typically come with not-too-tight-not-too-loose soles; this design is to help riders enjoy the fun of riding. The difference between a standard riding shoe and its mountain bike counterparts is in the latter’s extra solidity and features. 

It will mean that you’ve got to have enough tips on choosing the best mountain bike shoe. These tips will also include features to consider before buying a mountain bike shoe as well as the frequently asked questions. All of these you will get in this post. Read on and take notes.

1. SPIUK Altube Mountain Bike Shoes

SPIUK Altube Mountain Bike Shoes

The Spiuk Altuve Mountain Bike Shoes come atop our list of the best mountain bike shoes for several reasons. Apart from the reputation of the manufacturer, this shoe boasts all the essential features a biking shoe should have.  

The Spiuk Altuve MTB shoes give off a competitive and dynamic character. Its high-quality construction and design convey safety and refinement in every detail. The closure system ensures a precise and comfortable fit, maximizing performance on the bike. Thanks to the XC-S sole, you can be sure that the shoes will achieve efficient pedaling transmission. Plus, the smooth transmission is further enhanced by a blend of polyamide and fiberglass construction.

What’s more, the shoes come with a perforated upper fabric cover that ensures you obtain enough direct perspiration as you ride. Also, they are very light, meaning they won’t add any extra pounds to the net weight of the bike as you struggle uphill on your bike.

Another feature you will love about this shoe is its high resistance to abrasion, water, as well as the elements, and extremely harsh weather conditions. It is suitable for all seasons.

The material of construction also makes it easy to clean this shoe. The toe and heel are reinforced, protecting the foot.


Key Features

  • Made with XC-S sole for rigidity and lightness
  • Fiberglass and polyamide construction for easy cleaning
  • Flexible and abrasion-resistant material
  • Lightweight and durable

2. Scott Mountain Bike Shoes 

Scott Mountain Bike Shoes

Scott produces the second item on our list of the best mountain bike shoes. Known for its amazing construction, this manufacturer has decades of reputation and experience behind it, and this pair of mountain bike shoes reinforce that top-notch popularity.

These mountain bike shoes have won the heart of the current MTB World Champion for a range of incredible features. First off, the shoes come with extreme stiffness, thanks to their index 10 and sole made from HMX carbon material.

You can choose between yellow and black and without any trace of Velcro, these shoes are a perfect pick for both casual and sporting activities. Plus, there is also an ErgoLogic adjustable insole and two BOA wheels.

These shoes are designed to retain enough power or at least ensure a marginal loss of power. It is due to the upper finish that comes from Carbitex and Sticki rubber material.

Despite all these features, these shoes come at a great price and will offer value for money.


Key Features:

  • Easy to put on and off
  • Breathable upper material
  • Anatomical fit
  • L5 multifunctional wheel lock
  • Outsole with stiffness index 10 

3. MAVIC Crossmax Elite MTB Shoes

MAVIC Crossmax Elite MTB Shoes

Mountain bikers always want to have a hitch-free ride, with their legs and feet adequately protected against the shenanigans of the rocks. But it will only happen if you have the best shoes on you.

The Mavic Crossmax Elite MTB Shoes are a very good quality product manufactured with Energy Ride technology. This innovation offers a very light, aerodynamic structure and is a good fit for our feet. The lightweight feature gives you a sense of security and that there are no extra pounds added to your weight as you cruise on the rocks.

What’s more, the sole is composed of Energy Grip Terra and Contagrip so that the foot has a good grip on different terrains and is also durable. The shoes adjust more to your feet and will snugly fit in place.

These 2-bolt mountain bike shoes are cleat compatible and feature a lace-up closure to secure the foot in place.  

Overall, you should be willing to spare some cash if you’re opting for this brand.


Key Features:

  • Excellent grip with removable traction lugs. 
  • Quick tightening with the Mavic Ergo Dial. 
  • Easy and precise adjustment.
  • Slim upper construction 
  • Lightweight and aerodynamic profile

4. Shimano S-Phyre XC9

Shimano S-Phyre XC9

Shimano has been here for a while, and you can be sure any sportswear from them will be nothing lower than quality. With the evolution of the Shimano S-Phyre XC9 mountain bike shoes, mountain biking gets easier.

To start with, people prefer safety over style, but having the two completes the desire. If you’re a lover of cycling shoes that brags style and protection, then picking these guys from Shimano won’t be a wrong decision.

The shoes are millimeter-tuned with dual BOA wheels. It allows the shoe to resist impact if there is any injury or fall. Besides, shoes come with a Race-Fhit tire that is manufactured in a single piece. Down to its finish on the upper tongue, this shoe is fitted with the first wheel.

Shimano also makes it easy for you to clean this shoe, thanks to the high-quality rigid carbon fiber material and synthetic leather. The leather construction comes with perforated venting, which offers you a vintage fit.

They have also tried to improve power transfer by lowering the midsole and making, together with Michelin inserts that help to enhance traction on the brake or gear pedal. Plus mud-shedding tread, this shoe ensures high traction.

The rubber outsole pattern will give you confidence that in the event of a fall, you won’t slip on the algae-filled rock. Overall, this is a shoe reinforced to hold out against extreme conditions.


Key Features:

  • Beveled toe area
  • Shock-absorbing interior and midsole
  • Ladder-shaped reinforcement plate
  • Proper positioning 
  • Very easy to clean after usage. 

5. Northwave Scorpius 2 Plus MTB Shoes

Northwave Scorpius 2 Plus MTB Shoes

Fifth on our list of the best mountain bike shoes is the Northwave Scorpius 2 Plus MTB Shoes. These shoes are specifically designed for cyclists who practice Rally / XC. 

Although they’re relatively lighter and thinner compared to many of the products on our list, these shoes feature a great design that prepares them for intensive and continuous use. The thin size does not determine their high performance and functionality on the rocks.

They are ideal for experienced cyclists; non-professionals and newbies can also use the shoes. They will look good in their shoes while being confident in great performance while riding uphill.

What’s more, the upper part of the shoe uses Northwave’s PU system, keeping your feet airy and cool. There is enough airflow in and out of the shoes to give your foot a lot of relief after a long ride.


Key Features:

  • Made of PU.
  • Heat-sealed lightweight mesh construction. 
  • Airflow system for greater ventilation.
  • Jaws outsole with carbon reinforcements.
  • Integrated Heel system in the heel.

6. Sidi Tiger SRS Carbon 

Sidi Tiger SRS Carbon

The last guy on our list of the best mountain bike shoes is Sidi Tiger SRS Carbon mountain bike shoes. Being last on the list doesn’t suggest that these shoes are the least in terms of performance and delivery while on your feet on the rocks.

Side Tiger has tested identity and reputation among Italian brands out there. This model of shoes offers comfort and protection to your feet. They come with their wheels and dial.

These 1-pound weighted shoes are manufactured in Techpro Microfiber Italy, shoe features on the opposite side of its heels a technical adjustment, and a real locking system. Plus, it is a highly ergonomic design that features a relatively low weight.

Overall, this pair of shoes is one of the most durable and lightweight on our list. It has no fit issues, and with them comes a standard 2-hole line for mounting. Also, shoes come at a great and budget-friendly price.


 Key Features: 

  • Practical locking system
  • Breathable, lightweight, and comfortable
  •  Ergonomic design

Best Mountain Bike Shoes Guide & FAQ

Anyone who has ever used a mountain bike shoe can tell the vast difference from a conventional shoe. A mountain bike shoe contributes to the fact that the transmission of power increases to the pedals and thus increases the speed.

Wearing an MTB shoe is worth it even if the bike uses two or three times a week. When buying a cycling shoe, you follow the following purchase criteria:


As in other footwear, it is also important for a mountain bike shoe to fit into the size of the foot. It’s not only the size that’s important; the width and length of the foot, as well as the curvature of the sole. Anyone who is not sure about the individual points should, in any case, take a foot measurement.

Material for the MTB Shoe

For the material, it is important that it is not too stiff or stiff, otherwise unpleasant pressure points or even blisters could arise. Most times when you get a new shoe there is usually an unknown sensation on the foot. But after a couple of years, it goes down. Therefore, the most suitable material for a mountain bike shoe should boast great flexibility, breathability, and durability. These will ensure that your foot doesn’t start to sweat during summer.


MTB shoes are different compares to the normal shoe, because they are equipped with a sole that has a pronounced profile. You can be sure your foot receives a firm grip even after you get off the bike, regardless of the terrain. Make sure the mountain bike shoe model you’re buying is uncompromised in terms of traction.


There is a range of mountain bike shoe manufacturers in the market presently. Therefore ensuring you get the best mountain bike shoe is the reason behind this article. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do Mountain Bike shoes work?

A: The basic tenant of a mountain bike shoe is that it keeps your foot firmly on the pedal to ensure that you can get maximum power with each upward pulse. 

Q: How do I get the best from the Mountain Bike Shoes?

A: To get the most out of your shoe and shoe system, you must install them correctly. Proper installation can forestall several injuries and discomfort during cycling. 

Q: How do I know the correct size of my Shoe?

A: Choosing the right size is not so easy, each manufacturer provides a special size of mountain bike shoes, according to which you can make a preliminary selection. Take proper measurements of your leg before making any purchase of a mountain bike 

Final Thoughts

Anyone who takes adventure cycling as a hobby will have quickly recognized the advantage of wearing the best mountain bike shoes. Among many other things, cycling shoes ensure a greater power and energy transfer from the shoes to the pedals. The thing is that the higher the power, the faster speed that you achieve on the bike. Therefore, to enjoy your cycling experience, try any of the available products highlighted above. 

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