Best Mountain Bike Tires

6 Best Mountain Bike Tires (Review)

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One thing a biker will not wish that happened is to see their bike’s tires fail while enjoying the mountaintop riding. But the best mountain bike tires to assure yourself of this convenience.

The best mountain bike tires are a part of your bike that will always have an impact on the performance of your mountain bike. No matter what level of experience you have of mountain riding, there is one thing that equates to every bike rider is the quality of mountain bike tires you are using. The best mountain bike makes your riding trouble-free, balanced, and all-around fun.

Schwinn Replacement Bike Tire, Mountain Bike,...
WTB Velociraptor Cross Country Mountain Bike...
Cross King ShieldWall Mountain Bike Tire - 29...
Schwinn Mountain Bike Tire
WTB Velociraptor Comp Tire
Continental ShieldWall Mountain Bike Tire
Schwinn Replacement Bike Tire, Mountain Bike,...
Schwinn Mountain Bike Tire
WTB Velociraptor Cross Country Mountain Bike...
WTB Velociraptor Comp Tire
Cross King ShieldWall Mountain Bike Tire - 29...
Continental ShieldWall Mountain Bike Tire

The kind of mountain bike tires you get informs the racing experience you will have. It will also determine how often you ride. But sorting the best mountain bike tires in a market with so many products can be a hard nut to crack.

To help you avoid wasting your hard-earned money on a worthless product, we have listed out different models of the best mountain bike tires that offer an assortment of features. The items that make our list will allow you to ride and smoothly rock the hills, rocks, soil, whether muddy, loamy, or sandy.

We have also listed some things you should consider before picking up mountain bike tires, and some commonly asked questions that will help you with all the necessary information you need.

1. Schwinn Mountain Bike Tire

Schwinn Mountain Bike Tire

Starting our list of the best mountain bike tires is this product from Schwinn. For two centuries and counting, the Schwinn brand has been an icon in the production of bicycles and accessories that will give riders the confidence and smooth running.

This best mountain bike is for freestyle riding; It works on roads, grass, and mountain rides. It has an asymmetric centerline tread pattern for maximum grip, traction, and smooth performance.

It is a 20 by 2.125 BMX bike that fits perfectly with a wheel size of 15mm to 20mm and has a pressure range of 30 to 40 psi. Just beneath the tread is a puncture guard that provides extra resistance against punctures and flats.

It is available in different sizes to fit whatever riding style you may practice. What that means is that you won’t run out of what suits you. You won’t have issues with loose or tight tires on your vehicle.

Despite the incredible features that these tires boast, They come at a price that accommodates your budget.


Key Features

  • 20 x 2.125 BMX bike
  • Pressure range of 30 to 40 psi
  • Symmetric centerline tread pattern
  • Includes a Puncture guard
  • Best for freestyle riding
  • Available in various sizes

2. WTB Velociraptor Comp Tire

WTB Velociraptor Comp Tire

Do you want to win a race? Then this mountain tire is for you; it is one of the mountain bike tires in history. It is available in the front and rear versions. The tread patterns of the front tire are wide open for maximum traction performance on corners. The tire design is built brake specific also for optimal performance.

The treads dig well into any kind of soil type, sandy or muddy, and will also resist the rigors of a rocky ride. It is a tube-type tire with wire beads that makes this mountain bike tire durable.

What’s more, the WTB Comp Tire is made for all kinds of roads and won’t bulge when used in the mud, rocks, hills, or any soil.

Overall, it comes at a budget-friendly price that won’t hurt you.


Key Features

  • Steering specific design for front tires
  • Brake-specific Rear tires 
  • Digs deep into any soil type
  • Tube tires with wire beads
  • Built for durability
  • 26 x 2.10 inches in size and weighs 8kg

3. Continental ShieldWall Mountain Bike Tire

Continental ShieldWall Mountain Bike Tire

The ShieldWall combines lightweight and high-quality three-layer excellent puncture protection that contains woven fabrics. The rubber contains a PureGrip compound that offers outstanding grip and durability. The characteristics of the tread pattern are the makeup of multiple small knobs that ensure good traction and performance on any terrain type.

It offers a good damping feature, and it is flexible and adaptable to the ground. It is tubeless-ready for easy mounting in bicycle rims and offers low rolling resistance, which makes it suitable for both amateur and professional bikers. Like other best mountain bike tire, it comes in different sizes, 26″ x 2.4″, 27.5″ x 2.4″, and 29″ x 2.4″

What’s more, these bike tires contain to help you ride on any road. Overall, you won’t have to worry about the price because they come at a great price.


Key Features

  • A High puncture protection layer
  • Made with PureGrip compound
  • Flexible and adaptable 
  • Comes tubeless
  • Available in different sizes
  • Suitable for both pro and novice bikers

4. Maxxis High Roller II 

Maxxis High Roller II

The Maxxis High Roller II makes its way to our top 6 best mountain bike tires for a range of reasons, ranging from durability, traction, good tread patterns, size variety, and affordability.

Fabricated with dual-compound rubber, this mountain bike tire is durability tested. It comes tubeless-ready, making it easy to mount and easy to use for both bikes and first-time riders. The tread is open and aggressively designed for soil penetration, good traction around corners, and optimal performance.

The tread knobs on the tire shoulders encourage better brake sensitivity and grip. It is lightweight and features a 60tpi folding bead construction for flexibility and terrain adaptability.

It is available in different sizes for different wheel sizes. You won’t have to bother about whether you will get the size that fits your needs. It is the right pick for a smooth experience in the mud, rocks, sand, and hills.


Key Features

  • Dual compound Rubber
  • Tread knob dig deep for good traction
  • Brake sensitive
  • Lightweight sidewall technology
  • Size: 26×2.3, 27.5×2.3, 29×2.3
  • 60tpi folding bead

5. Hutchinson Python 2 Reference Mountain Bike Tire

Hutchinson Python 2 Reference Mountain Bike Tire

The number 5 tire on our list of the best mountain bike tires is the Python 2 bike tire from Hutchinson. Hutchinson calls the python two a legendary tire; it has won and supported the greatest champions in its twenty years history.

The tread comes with multiple numbers of studs to ensure maximum grip, smooth cornering, and better traction on all surface types including, sandy, loamy, muddy, and rocky terrain. It is sized 29 x 2.15, weighs 7.5kg, and 33 TPI.

The rubber is technologically modified and suitable for all kinds of weather conditions. Plus, they come in a range of sizes, offering you options to choose what suits your car rims.

What’s more, you will not have to break the bank before you this model of the tire in your garage. It is because it comes at a reasonable price.


Key Features

  • Multiple studs for maximum grip and braking
  • Surface and weather-adaptable
  • 29 x 2.15 in size
  • Weighs 7.5kg
  • 33TPI

6. MICHELIN Wild Enduro Tire 

MICHELIN Wild Enduro Tire

Michelin is a known brand in the automotive industry, and you can attest to the reasons it is featuring a model of its tires on our list of the best mountain bike tires.

With the Michelin Enduro tires, you have tires that are built to handle stress and remain durable through it. This top performance is what Michelin features in this tire. It is light, easy to install, and gives a soft, comfortable ride.

It features a 3×60 TPI high-density fiber casing. The tread is lug patterned for maximum grip, traction, and smooth performance on all surface types. It is a 29 x 2.4 inches tubeless tire, and the professional recommends it.

It is also affordable and will offer value for a smooth riding experience on the mountaintop. It is a pick if you are in search of a tire that will enhance your bike performance on any terrain.


Key Features

  • Made from the quality rubber material
  • 29 x 2.4 inches in size
  • Lug patterned for maximum grip and traction
  • 3x 60 TPI
  • Tubeless tire
  • High-density fiber casing

Best Mountain Bike Tires Guide & FAQ

Money is not easy to come. Apart from that, every mountain bike tire you are buying must bring value to the investment. The risk involved in riding on the mountaintop alone is enough to make you want to gun for the best product on the market.

For once, let’s forget about the general description labels on the tires out there. Let’s look at essential features that make your mountain bike tires last longer, perform optimally, and offer great comfort. Don’t forget tires are the interface between the road and your bike. And regardless of the nature of the riding terrain, your tires should be ready to hold against its shenanigans.

Here is a list of the top features you should consider when buying mountain bike tires:

Rim Size

When you shop for your mountain bike tires, ensure that the dimensions of the mountain bike tires you are getting are right for your wheels. It will prevent any form of discomfort when riding. The size of the wheels that prints on the side of the rim.


The kind of terrain you want to race on also determines the choice of mountain bike tires you will pick. The good news is that there are tires on our rundown that are suitable for any surface, be it sandy, mud, loamy or rocky. If you have the terrain to ride on, you can choose the tires to buy.

Tread and Tread Pattern

The tread pattern is a significant feature and should take care of with ease. The mountain bike tires determine your level of grip, traction, and overall performance of the bike. The knobs that make up the tread patterns should be hard enough to penetrate any soil type and also in cornering situations.

Extra Features

Apart from the tread pattern, there are extra features that come with tires that also help you with the smooth running of the bike and its durability. Some bikes are constructed with puncture-resistant features and extra rubber strength to forestall any form of rigor it might face while riding. 

Puncture Resistance

Not all tires contain to withstand punctures for long. Tubeless tires are a superior option to their tubed counterparts. They have a high resistance to puncture and will also avail you of the latitude to ride for a few distances after puncture before you get your tire fixed. However, you must follow the recommended type of tires to use before you buy it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you put thinner tires on bike wheels?

Thinner tires can be placed on your wheels but the wheels usually come with a size limit, ensuring you do not go below that; the thinner the tire, the less the shock absorption properties. So it depends on the type of face you are into.

Q: How many miles do mountain bikes go before the change?

Generally, the lifespan of your mountain bike tires depends on how much you ride and what kind of riding you do. Pro riders tend to change their tires more often than regular bikers. On average, the mountain bike tire should last 1000 to 8000 miles.

Q: Why does TPI matter?

TPI is an acronym for Tread per inch. It means the number of treads in one inch of the tire. A high TPI means the bike will be lighter and easier to control than one with a lower TPI.

Final Thoughts

If bike riding is a risk, mountain bike riding is a double risk. Riding is a form of exercise and enjoyed with the best mountain bike tires. However, you must be wary of the kind of tires you install on your bike. You must also not compromise on a couple of other essential components and accessories.

It does not matter if you are a racer who is intent on winning a race bike lover. You should stick to one of the best mountain bike tires on our rundown.

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