Best Mountain Bike Gloves

6 Best Mountain Bike Gloves (Review)

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Wearing protective gear while riding is as important as wearing safety jackets when on the sea. If standard riding is risky, mountain riding is riskier and you should protect yourself as much as possible while on the rocks.

The truth is that it is always not about the grip and protection that most motorcyclists use the best mountain bike gloves. One other important reason people use these bike gloves is the breathability and softening feeling that they offer.

These gloves are utterly perfect for keeping your hands protected against all elements and are considered imperative for any experienced bike enthusiast.

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Apart from the above reason, mountain bike gloves are also capable of keeping your hands warm and cozy, especially when the winter season arrives. It is another reason you should consider getting one for yourself.

Now you can see how essential the best mountain bike gloves are to your overall safety on a mountain bike. But how do you choose the best mountain bike gloves in a market awash with a range of models? What are the features you must look for? What are the often asked questions on mountain biking?
We have reliable information for all these questions on our list of the best items. This will help you narrow your search and make an informed decision the next time you want to buy the best mountain bike gloves from the market.
Let’s take a look

1. Dakine Covert Men’s Mountain Bike Gloves


This is a pair of simple and straight gloves that is best for their cross-country simplicity. With the clean, ventilated, and mesh material used in making the gloves, you are sure of ample airflow.

The mesh material also ensures that moisture is wicked away from your hand while riding to keep you cool, especially in the summer heat. Plus, it is an all-season glove, suitable for summer and winter.

Other materials used include a synthetic suede palm that is super durable and meant to provide extra rider grip on the handlebars.

Also, the slip-on cuff on these touchscreen-enabled gloves makes them super easy to slip on and off without needing a Velcro tab to keep them intact.

Also, there is an extra plus of the smartphone silicone, which makes these gloves on our list of the best mountain gloves. The smartphone silicone is applied to the index finger and thumb to allow the bike rider to use his/her phone screen conveniently and to ensure the rider can capture all memories as he/she enjoys the ride.


Key Features

  • Type/Size – Full finger/S-XL
  • Material: Nylon, Spandex, and Polyester 
  • Recommended Season – Summer, Spring, Autumn
  • Made with odor Control Technology
  • Stretchy for comfort 

2. Handup Most Days

Handup Most Days

This is a special mountain bike glove that we consider gloves for a biker with personality. Handup bike gloves with their unhidden American flag print cannot go unnoticed when you put them on while riding on the trails.

Aside from the stars and stripes printed on the gloves, the glove is also fully ventilated, with a lightweight mesh that helps the rider to maintain airflow. These full-finger gloves are every rider’s bestie when out on the trails because of the bright colors, and they are everything a rider would expect in a good all-around trail glove. It contains spores for enough ventilation.

The breathable materials will make your hands stay cool, while the stretchy mess will make them feel comfortable, and the stretch cuff makes the gloves easy to put on. The silicone print on the palm provides the rider a tighter grip on the bike’s handlebars, plus the rider can hold a cold drink in style and with comfort after the ride.


Key Features

  • Type/Size – Full finger/S-XL
  • Materials used: Synthetic Leather and Polyester 
  • Recommended for trail riding
  • Silicone Print for a tighter grip

3. Fox Ranger Gel

Fox Ranger Gel

Do you get sore hands whenever you go mountain biking? Then the best solution for your sore hands is the Fox Ranger Gel Gloves. A significant feature of these gloves is the gel panels that are strategically placed on the palm.

It is to reduce the impact on the rider’s hands when riding on rough terrain or riding for an extended time. Apart from this feature, the gloves are also touch screen compatible to enable you to use your phone without the need to take off your gloves.

Another important feature is the Velcro closure that allows the rider to tighten the cuff to your taste. These gloves come in a range of sizes (M-XL), so you won’t have to be looking for the model that fits your riding needs.

Plus, these full-finger touchscreen-enabled gloves are made of nylon and spandex material, making sure you have enough padding and that the product is durable and long-lasting.

Overall, the gloves are padded with gel material to reduce or resist impact on the hands. They comes at a great and budget-friendly price.


Key Features

  • Padding – Gel
  • Recommended for – Trail Riding
  • Made with gel Palm for comfort
  • Micro-suede to clean sweat

4. Giro Strade Dure Supergel LF

Giro Strade Dure Supergel LF

Have you got a long gravel ride in mind? The gloves to use for this kind of adventure are the Giro Strada Dura Gloves, which have so many interesting features.

Features of these gloves include super soft, durable suede palms, gel padding that is placed strategically to make your hands feel as though you are holding fluffy pillows. The gloves are also made with top-quality materials like a 4-way stretch mesh, a molded cuff with velcro tab closure.

The Giro Stradas gloves are specially made to remove excess materials, which eventually leaves you with a glove that is wholly lightweight and comfortable. It is a glove designed for both summer and winter mountain and gravel riding.


Key Features

  • Type/Size – Full finger/M-XL
  • Materials used – Techno Gel, Rebound foam, ASX Suede 
  • All-season, gel-padded gloves 
  • Gel for a comfortable ride
  • Long-lasting Suede Palm

5. Dakine Sentinel

Dakine Sentinel

Do you love to ride fast and ride hard? The gloves you need for that kind of fast and hard ride are the Dakine Sentinel Gloves. The lightweight and durable gloves made with breathable materials make these gloves equal to the task and perfect for heavy-duty riding.

Other features include impact protection on the knuckles to reduce the impact of damage in case your hand skims a tree and also on the palm to reduce hand fatigue. Besides, there is the synthetic suede on the palm that gives the rider extra comfort and a firmer grip when riding the bike.

The gloves are also paired with a silicone print on the thumb and index finger to enable you to use your phone whenever you want to.


Key Features

  • Type/Size: Full finger/S-XL
  • Touch screen capability – Absolutely
  • Material: Silicone, Bylon, and ASX Suede 
  • Recommended for Gravity and Enduro Riding
  • Made with rubber printed outer for rider’s hand protection
  • air mesh shell to wick moisture

6. POC Resistance Enduro ADJ

POC Resistance Enduro ADJ

These gloves were designed with endurance riding in mind. These gloves are specially designed for high performance and come with a lot of features you would expect for mountain bike gloves.

Features include pores for proper palm ventilation, moisture-wicking back to keep your palm feeling fresh, especially when the ride gets serious, and a suede palm for extra comfort and tighter grip.

These gloves are an all-day comfort glove with a slimline fit, which means no bunching of materials. The POC gloves also include a silicone gripper on the index finger for better contact with the bike brake lever, a touch screen compatible panel for easy access to your phone, and a cloth panel by the side of the glove to wipe your glasses.

These multi-size gloves are advisable for all seasons, including summer, autumn, and spring. They’re also designed for Enduro riding.


Key Features

  • Type/XS-XL: Full finger
  • Touch screen-enabled
  • Materials used – Silicone, Nylon, and Suede 
  • Pores for proper palm ventilation 
  • Stretchy for comfort
  • Silicone print for a tighter grip

Best Mountain Bike Gloves Guide & FAQ

Here is a list of the features typical mountain bike gloves should boast. If you equip yourself with the right information, you won’t make the mistake of buying a counterfeit product from the market.   


Before going for any mountain bike gloves, you should first consider the cut and fit of the gloves because they vary by brand. The sizes are usually based on the same measurements, circumference, of the hand, and also the length of the middle finger. 

Padding and Protection 

Riding on the mountain can be a little tricky. Different gloves from various brands come with different padding types and protection for your knuckles, fingers, and palm. While lightweight gloves offer a level degree of abrasion resistance and help your palm breathe well, they do not provide enough protection.

You need to be sure that the gloves you are buying feature enough padding that can reduce the impact you feel in the event of a crash.

Material for Build 

One important feature to look for before you buy mountain bike gloves is the material with which your gloves are built. Make sure that the external and interior shell, as well as the palms of the gloves, is designed with durable, flexible, and tough materials. 

Generally, riding gloves are designed with goat leather, polyester, cow leather, or rubber. Manufacturers can also use a blend of leather and plastic to make gloves. 

Finger Length 

Before picking up any mountain bike gloves, consider going for full finger gloves as fingerless gloves tend to bunch up between your fingers as they can cause little discomfort and sometimes blisters. 


Make sure you don’t look away from a pair of water-resistant and weatherproof gloves. The gloves should be able to keep away moisture from your hands. They must also be cold-proof.

Multi-reinforced Surfaces

The beauty of wearing gloves while mountain biking is having a smooth riding experience. It is only reinforced gloves that can guarantee these features. The model of gloves you will buy should be reinforced around the palms, fingers, and knuckles. It will reduce the impact and enhance  

Multiple strapping options

One disadvantage you might encounter if your gloves lack sufficient straps is bad riding time on the road. However, a pair of gloves with a range of strap options will wick moisture and cause water to stay away from your hands. Besides, your mountain bike gloves shouldn’t hand loose or sag around your wrists. Ensure you buy custom gloves that will snugly fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are Mountain bike gloves really necessary?

Yes! Generally, protective gear is vital to your safety and protection while riding. Whether it is riding boots, gloves, goggles, or jackets, you should ensure that you don’t ride without them. More dangerous is the fact that you’re going to ride on the mud, hills, rocks, and mountains. When it comes to going on a mountain ride, gloves are necessary for hard grip and protection.

Q: What is Moisture-wicking in mountain bike gloves?

Moisture-wicking is just a material that is designed to remove sweat from your skin, especially your palms, and this helps your palms to remain cool. Moisture can cause slippery riding and you can guess the risk if you slip off a bike on a rock. You need this component of the gloves to have a smooth riding experience. 

Q: What is a Stretch cuff?

It has a flexible opening on the gloves, which makes it easy to slide your hand in and out of the glove and also ensures that your hand remains firm on your wrist when on the trail.

Final Thoughts

Here we have listed and given the features of the 6 best mountain bike gloves to check out if you are considering going on a mountain ride. However, there are a few things to look out for before making your final decision. 

First of all, you have to truly consider how the mount bike gloves fit your hand and how comfortable they are. Next, consider the thickness and protective components of the gloves. Finally, consider the materials used in making the mountain bike gloves.

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