Best Mountain Bike Grips

6 Best Mountain Bike Grips (Review)

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Bike grips are essential in a mountain bike and do not necessarily need you to empty your pocket before you can afford one. They are rubbers added to your handlebars that you can hold on to as you ride, and it usually comes with a lock-on design that ensures it stays in place while you take a ride on your mountain bike.

Bike grips offer you control and comfort at the same time. While you can easily compromise on other parts of your motorbike, a grip cannot be compromised because the wrong grip could expose riders to a lot of danger. 

How do you get the best grip from the market? It requires that you have a lot of information before going. Right now, you have the information at your beck and call because, in this post, we’ve compiled the top mountain bike grips that won’t disappoint and are usable all-season round. 

Ergon - GE1 Evo Ergonomic Lock-on Bicycle...
OUTERDO New Handlebar Grips Bicycle MTB BMX...
Odi AG-2 Signature Grips, 135mm,...
Ergon - GE1 Evo Ergonomic Lock-on Bicycle Handlebar Grips
OUTERDO New Handlebar Grips Bicycle MTB
Odi AG-2 Signature Grips, 135mm, Black/Graphite/Black
Ergon - GE1 Evo Ergonomic Lock-on Bicycle...
Ergon - GE1 Evo Ergonomic Lock-on Bicycle Handlebar Grips
OUTERDO New Handlebar Grips Bicycle MTB BMX...
OUTERDO New Handlebar Grips Bicycle MTB
Odi AG-2 Signature Grips, 135mm,...
Odi AG-2 Signature Grips, 135mm, Black/Graphite/Black

Below are the six best mountain bike grips that you can check out and choose from; let’s get started:

1. Ergon GE1 EVO

Ergon GE1 EVO

First on our list of the best mountain bike grips is a tool from Ergon. The brand has been around in the industry for a while. It has a reputation as one of the leading manufacturers of top-quality motorcycle accessories. With this mountain bike grip, Ergon again proves why it leads the market.

It is one of the best riding grips in the market and also helps to improve the riding position of the rider. It comes with padding, which is offset to the central sleeve and allows the rider to change their hand position on the handlebar easily.

One other feature you’ll come to love about this model is the incredible shock-absorbing capacity. It is made with plenty of grips, thanks to its soft compound. Plus, it is exceptionally made to offer ease when installing your bike and comfort when riding it. Quite comfortable to grip while still offering a firm grip, this mountain bike grip contains to withstand the shock of any kind.

Despite the top and high-performance features, this brand offers a great and budget-friendly price. It is value for money.


Key Features

  • Absorbs shock
  • Durable
  • Comes with padding
  • Improves the rider’s position on the bike

2. OUTERDO New Handlebar Grips

OUTERDO New Handlebar Grips

Outerdo is a popular brand known for its high-quality products and accessories, and this mountain bike grip is another testimony to the brand’s exceptional delivery and reliability. This mountain bike grip boasts a range of features that include durability, flexibility, versatility, and a variety of sizes.

This mountain bike grip is an awesome companion for your bike when you want to go on a ride. It is built resistant to shock and therefore ensures that you maintain a firm grip on your wheels at all times. Another amazing feature of this bike grip is that they are skidproof and protect you from hurting yourself at any time.

They come in a single universal size so that they will fit on any mountain bike. They build thin so that the rider’s hands remain comfortable throughout the ride.

While it comes with a lot of value, this model of mountain bike grip comes at a price that won’t need you to break the bank.


Key Features

  • Universal size
  • Skidproof
  • Thin design
  • Shock resistant

3. ODI AG-2

ODI AG-2 Handlebar Grips

The ODI AG-2 mountain bike grip only attests to the decade-long reputation of the manufacturer, thanks to the range of features it brags. You want this mountain bike grip to boast of a pressure-free wrist while holding your bike’s handlebars.

It is a simple lockring designed mountain bike grip that can take a thrashing at any time. They offer you a direct feel, and you can feel the feedback from the bar as you take a ride.

The large diameter also ensures your fingers stay in place, while the rubber used in its design ensures that the rider’s hands don’t hurt after a short while of riding.

It neither hurts nor causes any damage to your wrist, and you can be sure that your hands don’t slip even during heavy rain. Overall, the product comes at a great price that won’t hurt your lean budget, but it is worth all the penny.


Key Features

  • Lockring design
  • Shock resistant
  • Large diameter
  • Soft Rubber material

4. RaceFace Love Handle

RaceFace Love Handle

Taking the fourth spot on our list of the best mountain bike grips if the Love Handle from RaceFace. Over the years, Redface has maintained its reputation as a quality product. Popular for its mountain bike products, this brand comes up with this model to satisfy the needs of mountain bikers when it comes to riding grip.

The grip comes with double lockrings and features a mushroom pattern that keeps the palm comfortable while allowing the rider to efficiently maintain a firm grip. You will not have to feel any pain that often comes with a long rest of your hands on the handlebars.

What’s more, these grips are also quite slim for easy maneuvering and also give adequate feedback to the rider through the bar. Whether in the cold winter or hot summer, these grips ensure that you have comfort all through your time on the mountain bike.

That is not all. There are knurled undersides that you can flip if you want this section underneath your palm instead of the mushroom pattern.

Price is not an issue because it is reasonably priced, but you may have to spend a few more bucks compared to some others on this list. 


Key Features

  • Double lockring
  • Slim design
  • Mushroom pattern
  • Knurled underside

5. ODI Ruffian

ODI Ruffian

Although the last, this lock-on mountain dirt bike grip is not the least item among the 6 best mountain bike grips on our rundown. On the contrary, it remains one of the top 3 best mountain bike grips due to a range of incredible features it brags.

This grip features double lockrings that are placed on both sides to help hold the grip in place. You won’t feel any pain or knock, and regardless of the season you are riding in, this grip will offer comfort and firmness as you struggle with the high mountain.

There is a metal end cap on the outer ring, which helps to minimize damage in case of a crash or impact. The grips are only available in one color, but riders can choose from six lockring colors; it also features a mushroom design to cushion the palm as you take a ride.

Overall, this product is worth all the money. You will get value for all the bucks splashed on it.


Key Features

  • Double lockrings
  • Metal end cap
  • Variety of lockring features
  • Mushroom pattern

Best Mountain Bike Grip Guide & FAQ 

Although grips are important, they are also personal components of a mountain bike and needs to be the right choice for your mountain bike. Some factors would help you make the right choice when put into consideration, and below are some of them.


The compound with which the mountain bike grip was made also matters; you should go for a grip that is quite soft because it is easier on your palms as you take a ride. Hard grips can begin to hurt your hand after a wide, unlike soft mountain bike grips.


The pattern of the mountain bike grip also matters; the patterns usually vary according to the manufacturer or brand. However, the most common pattern in mountain bike grips is the mushroom pattern.

It is because of how it cushions the thumb when riding and how comfortable it is. Whatever choice you end up going with, ensure it comes with adequate rubber.


Another factor to put into consideration is the dimension of the mountain bike grip; you must pick a mountain bike grip with the right width and length. If you have small hands, you should go for thinner grips to ensure you get a firm grip on the wheels. 

However, most people prefer to go for fatter grips. The length of the grip also matters and can be checked out in the measurement section when buying the grip. Ensure you are well aware of your size before buying a mountain bike grip to ensure it is the ideal size for you.

Locking Mechanism 

To be sure your mountain bike grip is truly a weapon in the arsenal, you also have to consider the method of locking it. Typically, there are two types of mountain bike grips. We have a lock-on grip and stay-on or slide-on grips. While the lock-on grips come with rubber sleeves and (single or double) clamps or rings, the stay-on counterparts lock with wires or friction. The locking rings for the lock-on grip ensure that the grip stays securely in place.

The stay-on grip can rotate if it has accumulated dirt or rain under it, unlike the lock-on grips that are not likely to shift. The lock-on grips weigh more and can pose a lot of difficulties when you try to fix them in place. The bolts could get locked up in place due to dirt, mud, or deposits. You have to choose the locking method that suits your preference.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are locks on grips better? 

Most mountain bike riders find locks on grips to be the ideal choice for them. It is because of how easy it is to install an adjustable feature. The Locks on grips also ensure it doesn’t slip around if it gets wet.

Q: Are all-mountain bike grips the same size? 

No, they’re not designed in the same size. Mountain bike grips come in different width and length to fit the rider’s preference. It is best to check the size information before purchasing a mountain bike grip.

Q: Are Mountain Bike Grips universal? 

No, mountain bike grips are not universal and tailored to fit different riders’ needs. Check the specification of a mountain bike to see if it is the ideal fit for your mountain bike.

Q: Will BMX grips fit a mountain bike? 

Although many people usually don’t expect this, BMX grips can fit a mountain bike, and they work perfectly. Even better is the fact that they also feel better.

Final Thoughts

Grips are an important part of a mountain bike; they ensure your safety on the mountain bike. Unlike other bikes, the grips on a mountain bike are usually stronger and designed to offer the rider more comfort, and they stay secure on their mountain bike. We’ve provided you with the 6 best mountain bike grips in the market to help you make your choice easily. Also given are the factors to put into consideration when making your choice; this will help you narrow down the list till you’re left with the perfect mountain bike grip for you.

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