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6 Best Power Steering Fluid (Review)

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With technological advancement came power steering; this is because most people know the struggle of driving a car without power steering as it improves your driving experience and makes driving much more fun.

However, it is vital to keep your power steering system in optimum condition, and you can only do this with a power steering fluid. It is a hydraulic fluid that ensures your steering keeps working. To confirm your car is in the best condition, you will need the best power steering fluid out there.

Lucas Oil Power Steering Fluid with...
Prestone AS261 Power Steering Fluid - 32 oz.
Royal Purple ROY01326 MAX EZ Power Steering...
Lucas Oil Power Steering Fluid
Prestone AS261 Power Steering Fluid - 32 oz.
Royal Purple ROY01326 MAX EZ Power Steering Fluid
Lucas Oil Power Steering Fluid with...
Lucas Oil Power Steering Fluid
Prestone AS261 Power Steering Fluid - 32 oz.
Prestone AS261 Power Steering Fluid - 32 oz.
Royal Purple ROY01326 MAX EZ Power Steering...
Royal Purple ROY01326 MAX EZ Power Steering Fluid

But how do you come up with high-performance power steering fluids in a market so awash with a plethora of power steering fluids? To help you avoid ending up buying a counterfeit product, we have come up with a list of the best power steering fluids.

Our compilation consists of the six best power steering fluids on the market. So, you can make your choice.

Let’s get started on them.

1. Lucas Oil Power Steering Fluid

Lucas Oil Power Steering Fluid

Lucas Oil is a power steering fluid that attests to the quality of the brand. It has been there for over the last few decades. The first item on our list of the best power steering fluids is the Lucas oil.

It is one of the best power steering fluids you can get because it works on all types of vehicles; not only does this steering fluid make sure your system is running, it also shields it from wear and tear.

The lifespan of your cylinder, O-rings, valves, seals, and other parts and it decreases the rigidity of the rubbery car parts by reducing friction found in your steering wheel. You will notice a higher performance and a decrease in the fading of your power steering.

The good thing is that this power steering fluid comes at an affordable price. It is a product to choose for your vehicle.


Top Features

  • Prevents wear and tear
  • Increases the system’s lifespan
  • Compatible with all vehicles
  • Created with top-quality oil and additives

2. Prestone AS261 Power Steering Fluid

Prestone AS261 Power Steering Fluid

Prestone is a brand popular for its incredible passion for offering top-quality products to players in the automotive industry. Car owners and drivers hold the brand in high esteem for its tested and trusted experience.

The Prestone Power Steering Fluid is known for giving you the best value for your money; it is compatible with different kinds of vehicles and mixes well with other factory fluids.

What’s more, the fluid comes with protective features that help it maintain the operation of the power steering system. You will enjoy the freedom of maneuvering your vehicle effortlessly, also making it easier to turn and steer.

Besides, the Prestone AS261 Power Steering Fluid contains corrosion inhibitors, which ensure that the metal components of the car from worn out. It also helps to get rid of piled-up blockages and debris.

Overall, this is one of the most durable, affordable, and reliable power steering fluids to use on your car, and it will deliver optimum performance.


Top Features

  • Anti-wear agents
  • Comes with protective features
  • Best value for money
  • Formulated with corrosion inhibitors

3. Royal Purple MAX EZ Power Steering Fluid

Royal Purple MAX EZ Power Steering Fluid

The third item on our list of the best power steering fluids is this product from Royal Purple. Interestingly, Royal Purple has been here for a while, and it is also known for its excellent power steering fluid.

This fluid contains to help improve the overall performance of the power steering wheel of your vehicle. You wonâ’t have any headache maneuvering and steering your wheel because it lubricates all joints and softens all areas that may prove hard around your car steering wheel.

What’s more, the power steering comes with Synerlec in its formula, which is an additive that strengthens the oil fill so that the steering system’s lifespan is significantly improved.

What about suitability for use with other fluids? The Royal Purple Power Steering Fluid mixes well with factory fluids with no damage in sight. So, whether you use conventional fluid, the Royal Fluid will suit you perfectly.

Despite the incredible features, this fluid comes at a great price that accommodates your budget.


Top Features

  • Easily mixes with factory fluid
  • Increase the performance of the steering system
  • Elongate the steering system’s lifespan
  • Protects against corrosion and rust

4. Lubegard Complete Power Steering Fluid

Lubegard Complete Power Steering Fluid

The next product on our list is the Lubegard Complete Power Steering Fluid. As the name suggests, this fluid completely works to make your car steering a walk in the park.

Whether you need it to work on your power steering system or your power-assisted steering system, Lubegard Complete Power Steering Fluid works adequately.

It protects your system from all forms of corrosion while elongating the life of the power steering system. With this steering fluid, noise from the power steering and stiffness in the steering rack. There is also no foaming with this power steering fluid, which reduces heat and friction. You won’t have issues with maneuvering your vehicle. It is super-effective, and you will enjoy using this power steering fluid.

Yet, this fluid is super economical, meaning you won’t have to spend a lot to have it in your garage. It is a fluid you can’t avoid.


Top Features

  • Reduces friction and heat
  • Improves system performance
  • Protects against corrosion
  • Eliminates noise from the power steering system

5. Red Line Power Steering Fluid

Red Line Power Steering Fluid

If you are looking for a universal power steering fluid that is suitable for a range of vehicles, this fluid from the Red Line is the best bet. The brand has proved incredible numbers of years. This power steering fluid is suitable for a range of cars.

This power steering fluid is very compatible with automatic transmission fluid and increases the operations of the power steering system.

The Red Line Power Steering Fluid protects your vehicle against wear. It also helps to eliminate all forms of groaning noises from the steering system. You experience the slow response that often comes from the steering wheel or the stiff steering wheel that are clear signs of power steering fluid.

It is compatible with many vehicles and protects the system from all kinds of rust and corrosion. It is resistant to oxidization and allows your power steering to work well in low temperatures.


Top Features

  • Eliminates groaning sounds
  • Protects against wear
  • Compatible with several vehicles
  • Mixes well with factory fluids

6. ACDelco Power Steering Fluid

6. ACDelco Power Steering Fluid

The last model on our rundown is the power steering fluid from ACDelco. Another brand for you to check out for your power steering fluid is ACDelco. It comes with a lot of features that you will love.

First off, this is one of the most affordable products on our list. You won’t have to break the bank to have this fluid in our garage. It also protects your vehicle from corrosion and rust. This anti-corrosion and rust property makes this fluid one of the sought-after products.

You will also notice that this fluid prevents foaming and the squealing noises that often accompany your vehicle as you attempt to start it. Also, this fluid will help to cut down on noises from your power steering.

One other thing you will love about this power steering fluid is that it increases the performance level of your power steering in all-weather types and also lengthens the lifespan of your steering system.


Top Features

  • Improves performance
  • Prevents foaming
  • Eliminates noise from the power steering system
  • Protects against corrosion

Best Power Steering Fluids Guide & FAQ

There are some features to check out when you are trying to buy a new power steering fluid. Knowing these factors will help you make an informed decision when you purchase a power steering fluid.

Here are some of the features to consider:


Some power steering fluids only work with a certain kind of vehicle; check if the buying fluid is compatible with your vehicle type before you purchase it. There are, however, some power steering fluids that are compatible with many or all vehicle types; it is better to go for these types. The universal power steering fluids are less expensive and will work on a range of vehicles.


As much as value is relative, you should ensure that the power steering fluid you want to buy should have a visible impact on the functioning of your vehicle’s power steering. For instance, Lucas Oil is known for its larger bottles and therefore gives you the best value for money; however, it is noteworthy that all cheap steering fluids cannot be considered valuable. There are power steering fluids that are pricey and provide you with the best performance for your money’s worth.

Fluid Type

There are different types of steering fluid out there, and you need to check the car you’re purchasing before you buy it. You can go for a mineral oil-based type, which is the cheapest and usually comes with no complications. There are also pricey silicone-based type and OEM Transmission fluids.


Another feature you should consider is whether your power steering fluid comes with a good additive. Make sure you check the kind of additives your power steering fluid comes with your steering fluid because they will help to prevent corrosion and leakage. With the proper additives, there would be no reason to mix your steering fluid. As much as possible, make sure the fluid integrates with additives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Car owners and drivers have several questions they often raise and want to know to clear their doubts about power steering fluid.

Q: Does power steering fluid go bad? 

Yes, it does. It typically lasts for a long while, but then, it will begin to degrade or spoil and will need to be changed. The reason why you should ensure technicians inspect your power steering fluid from time to time. There are symptoms you will notice once the power steering fluid.

Some of the signs include whining noises as you try to turn the wheel of your car, a slow response from the steering wheel, stiff steering wheel, squealing noises as you start the vehicle, and groaning noises.

Q: What does it mean to flush the power steering?

It means removing every drop of fluid in your system and substituting it with a brand-new power steering fluid. It should periodically carry out this exercise to ensure that your vehicle’s power steering will not accumulate carbon deposits, dirt, and sand.

Q: Can I just top the power steering fluid in my system? 

Yes, you can. Bear in mind that your steering fluid shouldn’t be finishing too quickly. There might probably be a leak in the system, and when you overfill, it could cause a leak. However, do not top the old fluid with a new one but with different models. Always make sure you are consistent with the model you are using. If you are used to Lucas Power steering fluid, do not top with ACDelco, and vice versa. 

Final Thoughts

The question is no longer about which products make the list of the five best power steering fluids. We have summarized the entire market for you and what you should expect. You have all the information and tips that will make you make an informed decision.

It is clear why you need to choose the best steering fluid and how important it is to check out these factors before buying a power steering fluid. The power lies in the details; make sure the requirements fit your car before using it. This article is quite helpful to you in finding the ideal power steering fluid.

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