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10 Best Rain Tires for Motorcycles

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If safety is the first consideration when riding, and I think it should be, then getting the best rain motorcycle tires should be a priority. You cannot avoid riding in the rain, even if it’s for a short period. So, having a set of top-strength rain tires for your motorcycle is a must.

When riding in wet conditions, you need quality grip and traction for faultless maneuvering, cruise control, and incredible handling of your bike. You can only get this when you have high-performance rain tires on your bike.

Michelin Pilot Road 4 GT Touring Radial Tire...
Metzeler Tourance Next Front Tire (90/90-21)
Pirelli Diablo Rosso 3 Rear Motorcycle Tire...
Michelin Pilot Road 4 GT Touring Radial Tire
Metzeler Tourance EXP Front Tire
Pirelli Diablo Rosso 3 Rear Motorcycle Tire
Michelin Pilot Road 4 GT Touring Radial Tire...
Michelin Pilot Road 4 GT Touring Radial Tire
Metzeler Tourance Next Front Tire (90/90-21)
Metzeler Tourance EXP Front Tire
Pirelli Diablo Rosso 3 Rear Motorcycle Tire...
Pirelli Diablo Rosso 3 Rear Motorcycle Tire

How do you find the best set of rain tires? I understand this is not a walk in the park, given that the market for motorcycle accessories can be so crazily littered with so many products, counterfeit brands, and models. The good news is that in this buying guide, I have carefully sorted out the best rain tires for motorcycles.

Apart from knowing the best items, you’ll also find the essential features to look for before releasing funds for any rain tires you opt for. There are a few frequently asked questions that I also think will be helpful for your use.

Let’s take a look at the list of the top 10 best rain tires for motorcycles:

1. Michelin Pilot Road 4 GT Tires

Best Rain Tires for Motorcycles

Michelin is a brand to reckon with, given its number of years and vast experience. The manufacturing of the Michelin Pilot Road 4 Tire is a validation of the brand’s vintage niche.

The Michelin Pilot Road 4 is a champion on wet terrain. This set of rain tires is the right pick when it comes to offering excellent traction when braking. It features a CST technology and braking system, which makes braking easier on slippery roads. It has a relatively short braking time on wet surfaces.

It provides the necessary longevity and will walk on any surface, whether in the winter or summer, with top strength and unmatched versatility.

You’ll be safe and protected on straight and curved terrain in the event of injury. It is because the model features 2AT technology, a revolutionary innovation exclusive to Michelin, and provides comfort and firmness.

Besides, these GT tires come with modified internal construction and are revolutionary, which makes handling and control of your bike quite easy. You feel safe on these tires even when you load your bike with cargo and a passenger. 

The Michelin Pilot Road 4 GT tire is also the perfect guy for long trips and won’t fail with its on pedestrian crossings and white traffic lines.

Highlighted Features

  • Weight: 6 pounds
  • Rim diameter: 17 inches
  • Durable and versatile
  • Ideal for touring and ADV bikes
  • Great for wet and slippery conditions

2. Metzeler Tourance EXP Front Tire

Best Rain Tires for Motorcycles 1

Metzeler Toulance Exp is the second item on our list of the best rain tires for motorcycles. Metzeler is famous for its extreme love of reliable and robust motorcycle accessories and safety gear.

This rain tires model boasts great tread depth, which offers incredible traction and cruise control.

The versatility of this set of rain tires is an excellent asset for any motorcycle. You can plan your off-road expedition with this tire. It is perfect for use in wet or permanently rainy regions.

This German brand’s specialized product is a sure bet, thanks to its incredible delivery for adventure and off-road rides.

This is designed for lightweight bikes, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re on a high or low speed, the Toulance Exp won’t shake or bump your motorcycle on the highway. It offers a smooth and stable ride through pavement too.

Highlighted Features

  • Weight: 9.64 pounds
  • Rim diameter: 21 inches
  • Versatile and long-lasting
  • Amazing traction
  • Perfect for wet and rainy surfaces

3. Pirelli Diablo Rosso 3 Rear Motorcycle Tire

Best Rain Tires for Motorcycles 2

Pirelli has been around for a couple of decades, holding sway in the automobile industry and producing the best accessories and safety gear. It is a brand known for its top-quality motorcycle tires.

The tire is made from sturdy construction of bi-compound, which confers two incredible features, namely, versatility and longevity. The tire’s design comes with a broadside and soft stripe, which ensures that the tire offers excellent grip and traction, which begins from the tire’s mid-lean angle.

The tire’s footprint area is large enough, meaning there is improved adherence to the control, and the handling of the bike is seamless. The tire will respond quickly and correctly to the direction of the bike. It gives the rider greater control and a smoother ride on any terrain.

Riding on wet surfaces and rainy conditions with the Pirelli Diablo Rosso Motorcycle Tire on your bike is effortless. This is because this rear tire is built with high-performance silica compounds that allow your motorcycle to operate coolly even when it is at top speed. The temperature won’t increase regardless of the degree of heat your bike is subject to.

Your bike goes into the lean angle quite quickly, thanks to the WSBK profile that the tire produces to ensure smooth handling.

Overall, the tread pattern of this tire creates uniform wear and performance stability. By this, we mean, the tire doesn’t lose its tread at the staggered interval. The tread pattern is designed in a way that the tire wears and performs with utmost consistency.

Highlighted features

  • Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Wear and performance uniformity
  • Rim diameter: 17 inches
  • Ideal for wet terrain

4. Continental ContiMotion Motorcycle Tire

Best Rain Tires for Motorcycles 3

If you want the best rain tire for your motorcycle, Continental has some incredible models for you. The Continental ContiMotion Sport Motorcycle Tire is the perfect guy to choose for your next long trip in the winter.

Designed for beginner and veteran riders, this model comes with a new radial concept, which ensures you enjoy safety and style, and design.

The reliability, durability, or versatility of this set of tires is unmatched, thanks to the formulated polymer compounds of this tire. It indeed returns some value for money.

What’s more, the Continental ContiMotion Sport and Touring Motorcycle Rain Tire feature a zero-degree Steel-belt build. It means it is suitable for use on the rear of the bike to ensure excellent stability and comfort.

Also, handling your bike is something you’ll enjoy riding with the Continental tires on your bike. You can turn in effortlessly when on a steep because the tires stick well to the road, even in hefty rainy and wet conditions.

Overall, don’t go for any other sport-touring tire except you have the money to throw around. This is the perfect model.

Highlighted Features

  • Weight16.2 pounds
  • Rim diameter: 17 inches
  • Great for sport and touring purpose
  • Works well on wet terrain

5. Dunlop Harley-Davidson D402 Rear Motorcycle Tire

Best Rain Tires for Motorcycles 4

The name ‘Dunlop’ rings a bell in the head of automobile fans. Even if you’re not familiar with the industry, you can say one or two things about Dunlop. Harley Davidson makes no mistake in rooting for Dunlop as the only official and approved brand to handle, manage, and manufacture tires for its touring bikes.

 There are a lot of features that stand the Harley Davidson D402 Motorcycle Tire out of its competitors. This model is manufactured with a three-ply polyester shell. This feature doesn’t only confer strength but also durability and versatility on the tire.

The synthetic casing is strengthened by the two fiberglass belts offering a higher capacity for carrying load and passengers and ensuring stability and balance on the road. You can choose to go out in the rain. This tire is capable enough to withstand bumps and uneven terrain.

The tire’s tread profile is optimized by modern technology and an offset center feature. This offers confidence for the rider and alleviates the fear of stumbling, shaking, or bumping in the face of severe rain.

The tire comes with a uniform wear and performance consistency, making it wear the confidence that ensures your bike walks smoothly over steel-grated bridges while providing reduced cupping and even wear.

What’s more, the Dunlop Harley-Davidson D402 Tire is fit for both the rear and front sides of the bike. The variety of colors of this model makes it easy for riders/shoppers to choose the color they want. It comes in black, broad white, and slim white sidewall. There’s an H speed rating with a load rating of 908 pounds.

Highlighted Features

  • Weight: 18 pounds
  • Rim diameter: 16 inches
  • Variety of colors
  • H Speed rating

6. Bridgestone Battlax Adventurecross AX41 Tire

Best Rain Tires for Motorcycles 5

As you shall see shortly, Bridgestone remains one of the best brands to stick to when you need the best motorcycle tires for rain conditions. The Battlax Adventurecross AX41 Tire is worth all your bucks due to its incredible features.

It is a new model of tire for adventure touring motorcycles. The product is known for its capacity to withstand abuse on wet terrain. It features premium off-road balance, durability, and performance.

The tread pattern makes safety guaranteed in the mud. The design will not wear comfortably, meaning the tire will last for an extended period. It also prevents aquaplaning.

The lightweights and flexibility of this product are second to none. It is because Bridgestone turns to a high-tech material to produce the model. The product also comes in a wide range of sizes and colors.

The tire is predominantly equipped to walk effortlessly on wet surfaces while maintaining stability and excellent delivery. Thanks to the high-quality compound, the tire does not fail or disappoint while walking off-road or on any period of the winter season.

It comes with a high grip and traction, making control and maneuvering easy for riders on muddy roads. This great feature is attributable to the large blocks on the tire’s circumference.

On top of this, this model is an upgrade to previous products because it brags a block cross-sectional area. This is about 30 percent relatively higher than what you find in previous products that come from the same model.

Highlighted Features

  • Weight: 17 pounds
  • Rim diameter: 4.25 inches
  • Large blocks
  • Perfect for muddy and wet surfaces

7. MICHELIN Power Rain

Best Rain Tires for Motorcycles 6

Net up on our list of best rain tires for motorcycles is the Michelin Power Rain Bias Tire. This product comes with an improved tread pattern, which ensures both safety and style. This tire is made to attract riders and guarantee their security in the mud.

This rain-worthy tire doesn’t only advertise itself through its name. It delivers on its promise by offering a sharp grip and incredible traction with a solid tread pattern. You’re sure of the highest amount of precision your bike needs while riding in the harsh rain of the winter.

This tire is designed to correctly tackle all abuse in water, swampy pools, mud pools, and other wet conditions. It is a high-performance tire and won’t make your bike shake or bump even hours after a heavy rainstorm.

This motorcycle rain tire is also an ideal pick if you plan a long trip in the autumn. It will cover expanded mileage without increasing the heat of the bike. It is soft on the edges and will reach maximum lean angles.

Overall, this is the rain tire intended for riders living in a very humid area. These tires will perform better than expected and bring value for money. Be ready to splash some cash to acquire it.

Highlighted features

  • Weight: 6 pounds
  • Rim diameter: 13 inches
  • Quality grip and traction
  • Maximum lean angles

8. Metzeler 01 Roadtec Tire

Best Rain Tires for Motorcycles 7

Made for touring, the Metzeler Roadtec 01 comes as an improvement on Metzeler’s flagship model on this list.

If you’re planning to make a long trip on any of the best motorcycle rides, then choosing the best set of tires will be the right option. The plan won’t be complete without having Metzeler Roadtec 01.

This model of a tire is a proud champion on any muddy pools, swampy pools, or rainy terrain. It ensures a secure grip and excellent traction without allowing your bike to shake or bump as you tour the city.

 It focuses on enhancing grip on wet surfaces and terrain with low friction; this product comes with increased mileage, ensuring your bike also does not wear out before its expected lifespan.

The tire also is made with a high degree of adaptability and can work effectively on different two-wheelers. It is also suitable for any riding conditions and style.

With the Roadtec 01, Metzeler employs a new and modern tread pattern, which is unmatched by any existing designs you can find on the market.   

Overall, the ROADTEC 01 is the perfect solution for all your needs the next time you want to go out in the rain during autumn or winter. It allows for fresh and improved feeling and confidence on the bike.

Highlighted Features

  • Weight: 9.5 pounds
  • Rim Diameter: 17 inches
  • Compatible with different riding styles and motorcycles
  • Suitable for all wet conditions

9. Bridgestone Battlax T30 Evo

Best Rain Tires for Motorcycles 8

Bridgestone cannot be boxed out of the top brands for the best motorcycle rain tires. With the fantastic features bragged by the Bridgestone Battlax Adventurecross AX41 Tire, this brand won’t be content. Evolving another masterstroke in Battlax T30 Evo Tire, Bridgestone proves once again why it is the best.

The Battlax T30 Evo Tire comes to help Sport and Sport Touring bike lovers navigate their way through mud and rainy riding conditions. It features a high capacity to deliver.

First off, the tread pattern is made primarily to overcome the abuse of uneven and terrific muddy roads. If you want cruise control and improved confidence in your sportbike, this is the right guy to go for.

It features an enhanced design for more traction and control on the road, thanks to a blend of silica rubber compounds. This re-engineered compound is unique for its capacity to keep the tire in good shape to ensure uniform wear and performance.

The relevance of uniform wear consistency is to ensure the tires live the expected lifespan while also prolonging the life of the bike.

Bridgestone does not stop there but also upgrades the tire’s entire carcass profile to make sure riders are confident of a smoother riding experience when transiting corners.

The Bridgestone Battlax T30 EVO boasts incorporated rear tires that feature a dual compound. The bike can ride for a more extended period over a more comprehensive array of temperature conditions.

The tires come in five different sizes, making it available for riders to have options to choose from.

Highlighted features

  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Weight: 5 pounds
  • Rim diameter: 17 inches
  • Silica-rich plastic compounds

10. Pirelli Angel GT

Best Rain Tires for Motorcycles 9

The Italian-based Pirelli Company is famous and one of the sought-after brands in the industry. Even though the Pirelli Angel GT is not the flagship tire product from the manufacturer, it is designed to behave. 

In style, safety, design, and compatibility, this model is riders’ choice in every respect. This popular high-performance sport tire is built explicitly for the rainy season. It is also an option for an all-weather ride.

This set is designed with sport in mind, and the line of construction is for game and fun. The tread pattern boasts a compound that is engineered for swamps, wet rides, and confident rides. You can be sure of a set of tires that delivers high horsepower for your bikes.

The dual-compound is intended to enhance grip and traction while ensuring maximum lean angles for fun cruising and real sporting. Plus, the tread pattern helps to shed both mud and water away.

Highlighted Features

  • Weight: 16 pounds
  • Rim diameter: 17 inches
  • Extended lifespan and mileage
  • Dual compound tech
  • Enhanced grip and traction

Best Rain Tires For Motorcycles & FAQ

Every product comes with essential features that shoppers must take into account before they buy. Rain tires for motorcycles aren’t different.

Here are some of the features you must not overlook when buying your rain tires:

Tread pattern

As I emphasized earlier, safety is the first consideration when buying any motorcycle accessories. Getting a rain tire for a motorcycle that boasts incredible and unique treading and pattern will determine the level of safety it guarantees you in wet conditions. A tire with astonishing durability and enhanced grip will improve its ability to shed water and mud on wet roads.

Tire size and perimeter

You’re sure of stability and balance on wet terrain when riding if your motorcycle tires come with suitable size and perimeter. The size of the tire you’re buying must match your bike; however, larger capacity and border provide a better grip.

Lean angle

You are factoring out if the rain tire you want to buy has a radial build or bias-ply construction. This feature makes it easy for you to add extra pounds of weight, including your luggage and a passenger. Tires made of bias-ply materials have an extended lifespan, while radial steel-made tires are known for their excellent traction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the mileage of motorcycle rain tires?

It’s hard to determine the distance of a rain tire with accuracy if you don’t have information from the brand or manufacturer. However, a typical tire can run up to 20,000 miles before it gives way. Some models could spend less or more.

Q: Are cupped motorcycle tires dangerous?

Yes, they are. Especially if you consider the safety of your bike and your security, you need to attend to your tires once you notice they are getting cupped. It is not hard to deal with cupped tires at the initial stage. Allowing the damage to degenerate may pose a danger

Q: Is it safe to ride a motorcycle in wet conditions?

Riding is generally risky. Riding in the rain is riskier. But can you avoid riding in the rain? No. but with quality bike tires, you’ll reduce the risk involved.


You must remember each time you want to buy a motorcycle tire: never compromise your safety. And because the tire is the middleman between your bike and the ground on which you ride, never buy counterfeit and cheaply offered models. Saving money to opt for cheap rain motorcycle tires won’t be a wise thing to do.

The next time you’re out, go for the best rain tires for your motorcycle. After all, riding in the rain and winter is generally riskier and more dangerous than on dry terrain.

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