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10 Best Snowmobile Helmets (Review)

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One of the riskiest things you can do when snowmobiling is to ignore wearing your snowmobile helmet. It doesn’t matter the length of the trip or the condition of the snow. Once you have decided to go out in your snowmobile, you should guard your noggin and every part of your body for safety reasons.

Helmets come in different types, sizes, and shapes. The brands that produce these several different helmet models are many. It can sometimes be difficult to get the best model, considering how saturated the market is.

To avoid buying counterfeit or substandard snowmobile helmets, here is a list of the best available items on the market. Make no mistake about it; the seller is out to make a profit. It’s up to you to put your money where your mouth is. 

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Different Types of Snowmobile Helmets

Full-face Snowmobile Helmet

This is the type of snowmobile helmet you need if you want to have ultimate safety on- and off-road. This helmet protects your entire noggin and guarantees all the protection you need without shifting or shaking.

It is designed with a superior windproof and noise-proof feature, thanks to the double lens, anti-fog breath box, and a fixed shield that comes with it. Besides, full-face helmets are the right pick if you want to get on a high-speed ride on rough and uneven terrain.

Although it features no flexible parts for a breather, this type of helmet is ideal for both beginner snowmobilers and veterans.

Modular Snowmobile Helmets

Although it looks like a full-face helmet, modular snowmobile helmets are manufactured to feature a visor that can seamlessly flip up and down hands-free. It is ideal for snowmobilers who love enough airflow and also want to look stylish using their goggles.

Snocross Snowmobile Helmet

These are the types of helmets that riders can use with goggles. It allows for a breather even without removing it entirely from the head. Everyday riders mostly use it. It has no fixed face shield.

It also comes as an open-face helmet type with both breath box and enough ventilation system. For a wider field of vision, the snocross snowmobile helmets come in handy because they are far from the eyes, unlike others.

Dual Sports Helmet

For snowmobilers who prefer a helmet that looks partly like a snocross and partly like a full-face, the dual sports helmet type will be the go-to guy. It features a face shield and a breath box. It also comes with a wide field of vision, even with your goggles well-placed across your face.

10 Best Snowmobile Helmets

1. O’Neal 0623-053 3 Series Helmet

Best Snowmobile Helmets

Leading the pack on our list of the best snowmobile helmets is the 0623-0533 Series Medium Helmet from O’Neal. O’Neal is a well-known brand in the motorcycle and automobile industry, great for its penchant for manufacturing top-quality gear and accessories. This model will wow any snowmobiler who considers safety first.

It is made with sturdy and durable polycarbonate, reinforcing riders’ confidence in this material that has dominated the market for a long time. This helmet guarantees your safety on the road while proving a strong point by its durability, strength, and protection.

Added to this is the approval this helmet receives from the Department of Transportation. With this feature alone, riders can be sure they have a reliable and legal helmet that won’t cause issues. It also meets AN/NZS and ECE safety standards.

What’s more, the O’Neal Series Helmet comes as a versatile option. It provides the rider the freedom to use it on a range of vehicles, including snowmobiles, motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, and quads.


It features a visor design that riders can flip up or down at will. The interior lining design is removable and washable, keeping the entire helmet body hygienic and clean. It also comes with a moisture- and sweat-wicking material. This will ensure breathability and comfort as you ride.

Overall, there is enough exhaust and intake vent system to offer cool and fresh breath.


  • Multiple color and size options
  • Ample intake and exhaust vent
  • Versatile and durable
  • Affordable and lightweight

2. Typhoon Snocross Snowmobile Helmet

Equipped with a heated shield, the Typhoon Snocross Snowmobile Helmet boasts one of the best anti-fogging products on the market. You can be sure this helmet won’t fog up or ice.

This is the model specifically designed for riders who enjoy backcountry life. Running into any storm won’t be an issue because this snocross snowmobile helmet gets you covered.

It features dual-lens shields, with one heated and the other ordinary. On the inside, the lenses are coated with anti-fog features while the outer part is equipped with an anti-scratch coating finish.

What’s more, the Typhoon helmet also boasts an adjustable breath box for a cool ride. There is also a chin skirt. It comes in different sizes for different noggin shapes.

There is a removable and machine-washable inner liner for a comfortable and healthy ride. Plus, the helmet meets and exceeds DOT safety standards.



  • Sturdy, durable Polycarbonate construction
  • Anti-fog and resistant to scratch 
  • Electric shield and breath box for a cool ride
  • DOT-approved

3. HJC CS-R2 Snowmobile Helmet

Best Snowmobile Helmets 3

 HJC is not afraid to associate with riders and snowmobilers, and that is why it has consistently been a leading model of the best snowmobile helmets. With the introduction of the CS-R2 Snow Racing Snowmobile Helmet, the company has once more strong riders’ confidence.

This is a helmet that will adapt to any kind of two- or four-wheeled vehicle, including snowmobiles, motorcycles, and snowboards. It won’t disappoint, thanks to the multiple features it boasts. It comes with a heated face shield that will prevent fog, especially when the snow or sleet keeps coming.

There is a removable and washable inner liner that ensures a comfy, breathable, and healthy ride. Plus, the Advanced Channeling System (ACS) allows riders to adjust the amount of air that enters into or exits the helmet, meaning it’s adaptable to different weather conditions.

What’s more, the adjustable breath box of the polycarbonate-built snowmobile helmet keeps fogs away from your face and nose areas. You can switch from the heated face shield if you don’t need it.



  • Full-face for maximum safety
  • Dot approved and lightweight
  • Polycarbonate shell construction
  • Electrical shield for anti-fog and anti-scratch

4. Typhoon Flip-Up Snowmobile Helmet


Typhoon makes a return to our list and this time with a product that will blow minds. The first comes as a snocross model; this second one is a modular full-face type that ensures maximum protection and stylish look and design.

The Typhoon Modular Full-Face Helmet features a dual visor that riders can flip up and down, depending on their preferences. It is made to scare off the icing and sleeting in the backcountry.

It is equipped with a heated corded shield with an outfitted dual pane to ensure no fog is formed on the helmet. This will ensure a fresh and breathable ride. Added to this is the easy-to-install breath box as well as the chin insert.

The anti-scratch feature is due to the incredible coating system that ensures maximum protection and helps you keep the gear in great working conditions for as long as its warranty and lifespan.

It is a great pick for snowmobilers under extreme and favorable weather conditions because it brags a sun visor that keeps the glare away from your eyes as you ride. This visor also fits snugly over your prescription googles.

Other features include a top-of-the-line adjustable vent system, allowing inflow and outflow of air for comfortable riding. With its locking system, you can adjust the airflow based on your preference. The inside of the helmet features a removable, washable, and heavily padded liner.



  • DOT approved
  • Adjustable vent system
  • The removable and heavily padded inner liner
  • Anti-fog and anti-scratch

5. YEMA YM-829 Snowmobile Helmet

Best Snowmobile Helmets 5

Next on our list of the best snowmobile helmets is the YM-829 Snowmobile Helmet from YEMA, one of the well-known motorcycle accessories and gear brands.

The first point to note about this full-face snowmobile helmet is that it meets all Department of Transports’ safety standards. It also exceeds the requirements of FMVSS 218. All of this is to say that the YM-829 offers maximum protection under any condition.

It comes with an aerodynamic design that reduces the impact in the event of a crash while also protecting your ears from loud wind noise and buffeting.

Plus, there are two compatible visors, one clear and the other tinted. The clear visor provides you with a clear view, while the tinted keeps your eyes off the flying insects, dirt, and sun glare.

There is also an adjustable vent system that offers quality ventilation for a convenient ride all day. On the other hand, the soft-to-touch inner liner is both removable and machine-washable for a healthy and breathable time under the helmet.


The helmet shell is made from strong and well-layered multi-density EPS foam that wicks sweat and absorbs impact and protects riders’ face from injury when there is a crash. Plus, for effective locking, the helmet features a double D-ring buckle system.


  • windproof and durable
  • Exceeds DOT safety standards
  • Double D-Ring buckle
  • Adjustable vent system

6. Schwinn Thrasher Bike Helmet

Best Snowmobile Helmets 6

With the Schwinn Thrasher Biker Helmet, Snowmobiling doesn’t get easier, safer, and more comfortable.

This model is designed for adults of all categories and ages, ranging from 14 years old and up. If you have a head circumference between 22.88 and 24.4 inches, the Schwinn helmet is a go-to guy for you if you’re thinking of snowmobiling.

 It comes with an adjustable vent system and a heavily padded inner liner. This liner is both removable and washable to provide a comfy and healthy ride all day. That’s not all. The helmet also comes with perfect comfort and a custom fit system.  

You won’t go wrong choosing this product, thanks to its multiple pieces of micro-shell design that is made from highly durable construction. It boasts top-strength durability that also won’t weigh you down or add extra pounds to the net weight of your bike.

What’s more, the Schwinn incredibly ample (about 21 vents) for enough inflow and outflow of air. This will ensure a cool ride on hot days.



  • Multiple airflow vents for a comfy ride
  • Adjustable straps for custom fit and use
  • Micro-shell design
  • Removable Washable inner lining

7. Outdoormaster Skateboard Cycling Helmet


OutdoorMaster is here again to show, while it remains in the top best manufacturers of ride accessories and gear. With this helmet that combines both classic and modern design, you won’t go wrong gunning for Outdoormaster.

This helmet guarantees safety, and it’s built for all-season use. It is an incredibly comfortable and impact-resistant model thanks to its advanced ABS shell.

The Outdoormaster helmet is reinforced by thickened shock-proof EPS core technology that absorbs all vibrations and shock from uneven and bumpy roads.

What’s more, this model comes with two removable and washable liners that snugly fit different head sizes and shapes. This will make it easier to detach, clean, sweat away, and stay healthy.

This helmet is suitable for a range of vehicles, including snowmobiles, motorcycles, bikes, and skates. It is equipped with a smooth vent system for maximum protection.

The adjustable chin straps attached to the helmet are made with skin-friendly material and won’t scratch your skin.



  • Comfortable and skin-friendly chin strap
  • Impact-resistant and shock-absorbing
  • ABS shell
  • Lightweight and durable

8. ILM Motorcycle Helmet

ILM Motorcycle Dual Helmet for Snowmobiling

The ILM is a Full-Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet that is ideal for riders at their entry-level, making it a good pick for beginner riders. It is designed for low-speed riding but boasts many features that will make everyone want to have it in their garage.

It features two cool and clear anti-scratch visors that are also fog-resistant, making you have a clear vision as you snowmobile in the backcountry street.

The helmet is popular for its aerodynamic design that eliminates buffeting and wind noise that often affect a smooth ride in the snow. You will have incredible ventilation thanks to its multiple vent outlets for intake and outflow of air.

The ILM snowmobile is made with an ABS material, bragging impact-resistant and durable shell, lightweight and heavily padded inner liner, and skin-friendly skin.



  • Easy to don and doff
  • The removable and washable inner liner
  • Exceeds DOT and FMVSS-218 safety requirements.
  • ABS shell for max protection

9. Ski-doo 4479630990 Modular 3 Snowmobiling Helmet

Best Snowmobile Helmets 9

The Ski-Doo comes as one of the best modular snowmobile helmets certified by the Department of Transportation for street use.

Equipped with double visors in both tinted and clear setups, the Ski-doo helmet comes with a sun-shield that can be flipped down with one central button. This will protect the eyes from the glare.

The Ski-Doo also comes with a glove-friendly visor that allows riders to convert the helmet from modular to full-face for maximum safety. Plus, there is a quick-release buckle for easy strapping.

It also comes with a breathable, anti-fog, and anti-scratch inner liner. The helmet allows you to wear your goggles comfortably.



  • Quick-release buckle
  • Anti-scratch ABS shell
  • Anti-fog inner liner
  • Dot approved

10. 509 Tactical Snocross Snowmobile Helmet

The 509 tactical Snowmobile Helmet has become snowmobilers’ choice for several reasons. It is DOT, and ECE certified, ensuring the safety of riders is guaranteed.

Although it doesn’t feature a lens or visor being a snocross model, this helmet offers riders the freedom to choose whether to pair his goggle with the helmet.

With aggressive and modern aerodynamic styling, this helmet will not disappoint in the event of a crash and meet your protection needs, even at high speed.

It also comes with a nose deflector to ensure you have enough breathing space around the nose.

It comes with a good vent system for a comfy, cool, and smooth ride. The removable and washable inner liner is heavily padded for impact resistance.



  • Made from polycarbonate Shell
  • Features breathe box
  • Wide range of colors
  • Heavy padding

Best Snowmobile Helmets Guide & FAQs

Unlike helmets for your regular motorcycles, snowmobiles helmets require that the potential shopper considers advanced features before buying them. Riders, skiers, snowboarders, or snowmobilers must not compromise on the essential features that make a helmet.

Here is a list of important factors you must consider when you’re in the market for your preferred snowmobile:

DOT Approved

This is an important aspect of the helmet. The ultimate essence of using a helmet is to guarantee safety and protection. It must hold out against shock in the event of peripheral vision, crash, and impact. Plus, a safety helmet must absorb impact resulting from sharp objects 

The only helmets that are certified safe for use are those approved and endorsed by the Department of Transport. This is the body that regulates and sets safety requirements for all riding accessories and protective gear, including phone mounts, boots, helmets, and others. Snell and ECE also have safety rating standards.

Vent and airflow

When you’re snowmobiling, you need a lot of air. As much as you need to keep off the biting cold caused by the falling snow, you also must make sure enough ventilation comes in through the helmet to your noggin. An adjustable vent system will wick sweat and offer fresh breath.

Frame or No frame

You may want to go classic and choose snowmobile helmets that feature a frame. This model of helmet often serves to brace the dual face shields and keep them intact. The modern innovation in helmet construction doesn’t use the frame. Rather, these helmets boast incredible frameless technology that ensures the dual shields won’t shake or slip.

Breath Guard

When you are at top speed, your breathing increases and could potentially lead to fogging. Fogging is dangerous to your health as a snowmobiler and to the longevity of the helmet shield. With the help of the breath guard, your breath is directed outside the helmet to prevent fogging. This way, the breath guard doesn’t gain access to the nasal area or face to keep fog off the shield.


As the name implies, the shield helps protect your face and nose from fogging. It is a dual-pane that comes either in a corded electrical or cordless tinted version. The electrical type prevents fogging while the tinted keeps the glare from your eyes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can a motorcycle helmet work on a snowmobile? 

Yes, but it all depends on the quality and standard of the motorcycle helmet you want to use. It would be best if you went for a motorcycle helmet with a dual-face shield, that is, a two-pane. If you use a shield with a single pane, your helmet will fog, especially if you’re running low.

Q: How long will a snowmobile helmet last?

By standard, snowmobile helmets should be replaced every five years. After some time, your helmet becomes fragile and inelastic. This is due to their plastic or fiberglass material construction. Typically, the expiration warranty for your snowmobile helmet is between 3-5 years.

Q: Does snowmobile helmet wear out? 

Certainly, typically, regular donning and doffing of your snowmobile helmets will cause natural wear and tear resulting from foam padding, glues, and resins.

Q: Why does my snowmobile helmet fog up? 

Your snowmobile helmet fogs up because of constant breathing into the helmet’s shield. The more moist and warm air that goes into the shield, the higher the helmet’s chances of fogging up.

You can prevent or stop your helmet from fogging by applying non-toxic chemicals to your shield’s inner lining.

Final Thoughts

No rider or snowmobiler should be in doubt as to the benefits of using the best snowmobile helmet. If you keep safety at the top of your consideration for riding, you won’t hop on your vehicle without wearing the helmet. Now, any of the items on this list will deliver the needed protection. The informed choice you make today will save nine for you and fellow road users.

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