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6 Best Summer Motorcycle Gloves (Review)

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Your summer motorcycle gloves can make or break your ride this summer.

Gloves are, without a doubt, an essential part of every riding gear. They protect your hands in case there’s a crash. However, it’s not the most comfortable gear to wear. During the summer, high temperatures can make your gloved hand uncomfortable. That’s why it’s important to invest in a good set of summer motorcycle gloves. Here are the best gloves to protect your hands during summer rides.

HWK Motorcycle Gloves Men Motocross Motorbike...
Tour Master Summer Elite 3 Men's Street...
Milwaukee Leather MG7510 Men's 'Gel Palm'...
HWK Motorcycle Gloves Men Motocross
Tour Master Summer Elite 3 Men's Street
Milwaukee MG7510-BLK-L Men's Summer Cruising
HWK Motorcycle Gloves Men Motocross Motorbike...
HWK Motorcycle Gloves Men Motocross
Tour Master Summer Elite 3 Men's Street...
Tour Master Summer Elite 3 Men's Street
Milwaukee Leather MG7510 Men's 'Gel Palm'...
Milwaukee MG7510-BLK-L Men's Summer Cruising

1. HWK Motorcycle Gloves

HWK Motorcycle Gloves Men Motocross Motorbike Tactical Moto Riding Biker Leather Driving Racing Gloves

Motorcyclists praise HWK for the quality of the gloves it puts out. Over the years, the brand earned a well-deserved reputation for high-quality gears. Owners of the brand are motorcyclists as well. For that, the brand knows exactly what a motorcyclist needs, especially during the summer. This also makes the brand even more reliable than others.

This pair of gloves from HWK specifically works perfectly for most motorcyclists. They come in various sizes to make sure they can cater to as many users as possible. Specifically, this pair has 6 sizes to choose from. The sizes range from 8 to 10.5 inches.

Easily, this pair is also stylish with a simple black design. Made from cowhide leather, these gloves also prove durable. Not to mention, the anti-skid coating on the gloves keep any liquid from affecting your grip.


To keep your hands cool and dry during the summer, the gloves come with an air ventilation system. Moreover, with the fully armored knuckle and palm area, your hands are surely safe. Plus, you get foam padding around the gloves for an added layer of protection.

2. Tourmaster Summer Elite 3 Gloves

Tour Master Summer Elite 3 Men's Street Racing Motorcycle Gloves Large

Tourmaster continues to prove itself a powerful player in the biker gear industry.

Alongside other prominent brands, many motorcyclists prefer the brand for gears. To prove this, the brand launched the Summer Elite 3 motorcycle gloves.

Made with high-quality goatskin leather, this pair of gloves will surely last you more than a season. Not only can you use it throughout the summer but it can also transition with you through the fall.

With its perforated design, the gloves have holes for optimum airflow. It also comes with padding to reduce the shock and vibrations while riding bikes or during a crash. Padding the gloves is a special type of foam called EVA.


To further the details on the gloves, it also comes with pre-bent fingers and palms. This provides a perfect fit on any hand as well as increased dexterity. All these help a lot when it comes to the comfort of any ride. Easily this pair is one of the best you can find in the market today.

3. Milwaukee Cruising Gloves

Milwaukee MG7510-BLK-L Men's Summer Cruising Gloves

Milwaukee is one of the top-of-mind brands for high-quality leather gear. Its products provide protection for most body parts during a ride. The brand’s cruising gloves give just that plus comfort during high temperatures.

The great thing about the Milwaukee cruising gloves is that it comes in soft, thin, premium leather. So, you get a durable construction plus comfortable wear allover your hands.

To provide better comfort, it also comes with gel-padded palms. The gel palms absorb vibration and prevent road rash should there be an accident. Meanwhile, the Velcro closures on the cuffs also give you more space and options when it comes to the fit of the gloves.


Moreover, the design of the gloves assures a nice grip and prevents friction. Generally, these gloves come with great construction that lets you focus on the ride more. However, it’s not the best pair to use during rains. It can get slippery unless you coat it with waterproofing products. Not to mention, Velcro does have a shorter life span than other enclosures in the market.

4. Alpinestars SMX-1 Air Motorcycle Riding Glove

Alpinestars Men's SMX-1 Air v2 Motorcycle Riding Glove

It’s not a list of the best motorcycle gears without an entry from Alpinestars. This time, we’re talking about the Alpinestars SMX-1 Air gloves. It’s one of the best in the market from its design down to its accessibility.

Firstly, the SMX-1 Air come in a lightweight design perfect for summer rides. It has a nylon and heavy-duty goatskin leather construction.

The gloves also feature 3D mesh inserts at the top of the hand for better airflow.

This glove also has a molded hard knuckle protection. With this design feature, you’re sure to get more strength and durability that would last you seasons.


The suede reinforcements on the glove work with the foam cushion to keep your hands safe in case there’s a crash. Moreover, the thumb and palm of the glove perfectly work to hit all necessary controls without stiffing up.

Despite being thick and tough, this glove is breathable and comfortable to wear. Not to mention, it’s easy to find your size since it’s true to size. You’re also sure to keep your rides steady with its grip control. Plus, this glove is compatible with touchscreen devices so there’s no need to remove it to operate your smartphone.

However, it may stain your hands with moisture. As expected from a Velcro closure, it wears off or pops off with sudden movements.

5. Superbike Fingerless Motorcycle Gloves

Superbike Fingerless Motorcycle Gloves

Superbike is one of the top-rated brands for motorcycle gloves. This pair of fingerless motorcycle gloves in particular tops the list.

Many bikers and motorcyclists prefer this for summer rides.

Made from goatskin leather, these gloves are lightweight and softer compared to cowhide leather gloves. This material also proves more comfortable, especially during hot weather.

With the adjustable Velcro strap, it’s easier to fit your hand in the gloves. Not to mention, with five different sizes to choose from, there’s a Superbike glove that would definitely fit you.


The pair also has an anti-slip feature that keeps the grip steady and strong even when wet. Moreover, the hard PVC later gives your palms and knuckles ample protection in case of a crash. Plus, the inner part of the gloves also come with proper reinforcements. This keeps your hands protected in case the outer shell gets damaged.

Furthermore, they have hard PVC layers on the knuckle and palms for protection. If that was not enough, the insides are reinforced so that even if the outer shell is torn, the inner reinforced part can handle it.

6. Kemimoto Summer Carbon Fiber Gloves

kemimoto Motorcycle Gloves, Summer Men Riding Gloves Breathable Carbon Fiber Glove for Motocross Racing Dirt Bike

Protection should also be a priority when you’re riding even in the summer. The Kemimoto gloves provide just that in a breathable lightweight pair.

The carbon fiber construction of the knuckles gives you the optimal protection in case of a crash. Moreover, you can easily use your smartphone with its touchscreen-compatible forefinger and thumb.

To makes sure that your ride is smooth, the palm of these gloves has non-slip material to keep your hands from slipping. With the SBR foam inside, it’s alos shockproof for optimal throttle.

If you’re looking for a pair of gloves that will last you more than one summer, this is for you. It has a reinforced design that makes sure that it doesn’t wear easily, especially on the parts that usually get damaged first. Despite being thick, these reinforcements don’t make wearing the gloves uncomfortable.


One of the better features of the gloves is the lifetime warranty it comes with. However, they aren’t true to size. These gloves tend to run small so make sure to buy a pair one size bigger.

Best Summer Motorcycle Gloves Guide & FAQs

Why You Should Buy Summer Motorcycle Gloves

Having a specific pair of gloves for summer brings more than just the benefit of staying cool. Sure, they are much more lightweight, so it’s more comfortable even during hot weather. But summer gloves provide a breathable design while keeping your hands protected in case of a crash.

Hands can take quite the blow when there’s a crash. Wearing gloves even in the summer will change the way you ride as it keeps you protected without making you uncomfortable. Moreover, you’re sure to have a smooth ride as they prevent numbness during long rides. Most gloves have reinforcements and foams to help keep your hand from cramping and dampen the vibration.

Types of Motorcycle Gloves


Gauntlets look exactly the way they sound. they provide overall protection not only on your hands but also around your wrists and even a part of your forearm.

This type of gloves works perfectly for everyday use as well as on-road rides. They usually come with armors on the knuckles as well as finger guards. Gauntlets also come with palm shields that make sure that you’re protected in case of a crash. Due to its design, you’re also sure to have a pair of gloves that fit you perfectly and give you enough room to move your hands just fine.

Racing Gloves

Races require a specific pair of gloves to make sure that you get the right grip as well as protection. Racing gloves usually come with vents to keep your hands comfortable during the ride. They must also have ample reinforcements to protect the driver in case of a crash. High-speed crashed can be devastating and you always have to make sure that you’re protected at all cost.

Another trait that most racing gloves have is a slice of aerodynamics. Every gear that racers wear should have a design optimized for speed, even the gloves. This makes sure that nothing can get in the way of you winning the race.

Off-Road Cycle Gloves

Just like racing gloves, off-road cycle gloves provide great protection for the wearer. Off-road rides can ultimately be dangerous due to the unpredictable terrain you can encounter. However, one of the most important features they have is more than just protection for the hands and wrists. Comfort and intense grip also play a huge part on off-road rides. They must also be lightweight to make sure that the gloves don’t get in the way of you focusing on the road ahead.

Touring Gloves

A good pair of gloves should be able t last you more than one season, and of course, all seasons. Touring gloves is one of the best options if you’re looking for such a pair. They perform well for any weather or season without any hiccups or hassles. With robust and durable materials, they can surely be your year-round pair.

However, some touring gloves can be heavy and bulky. The great thing about bulky gloves is that they last and provide ample protection to the wearer.

Short Motorcycle Gloves

Since you’re here for the summer gloves, you should know about short motorcycle gloves. These gloves work perfectly for hot-weather situations. There are certain days where you should only be focused on comfort and these are the right gloves for that. While they’re lightweight and comfortable to wear, they can have minimum protection. The best you can get are protections for your palms or even knuckle armor. However, they’re mostly only made of fabric and not with materials like carbon fiber.

What You Should Consider When Buying Summer Motorcycle Gloves


There are certain materials you should keep in mind when buying summer motorcycle gloves. Some of the most common materials include polyester, mesh, and, of course, nylon. Most summer gloves come with a variety of fabrics in one pair. However, it’s best to get a pair of gloves with lightweight and soft leather for better protection. If possible, reinforced knuckles also provide an added layer of protection to the wearer.


Summer means long rides and hot weather. That means that a lightweight pair of gloves can go a long way for the wearer. That’s why you should have a pair of summer gloves that are more lightweight than winter gloves. The material of summer gloves are softer and it also comes with a vented design. Your gloves during the summer should be breathable to keep your hands comfortable.


Just because your gloves are lightweight, soft, and breathable doesn’t mean you should keep protection on the backseat. Keep your hands protected with reinforcements such as carbon fiber knuckles and palms. Others also come with foam not only as protection but also to absorb vibration during rides.

You should also look for other materials like neoprene or an extra layer of the material already present. Even just one sheer layer can change the way your hands get protected in case of a crash.


With any gloves, for all seasons, size matters. Your gloves should always fit you just right so you can have a perfect grip on the handlebars. You should also be able to move your fingers to pull the brake and clutch levers properly. Small gloves can easily tear and also make your ride uncomfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do bikers wear gloves?

Gloves are vital parts of motorcycle gear. They provide protection for your hands and wrists. Some gloves also come with certain wrist protection in the form of hard plastic.

Gloves also come with foams that soak up or repel moisture. Moisture makes gripping hard so an anti-slip coating on the palm helps a lot, especially during long rides.

Q: Are all summer motorcycle gloves waterproof?

Unfortunately, no. Not all summer motorcycle gloves come in waterproof material. While most of them can be water-repellent or water-resistant, it’s not every day that you see a waterproof pair of gloves.

Cheaper pairs of gloves don’t always have the best features. So, the chances of finding a water-resistant yet cheap pairs can be quite a challenge. You can choose a pair of gloves made from synthetic materials to assure that they’re water-resistant.

If you’re buying a leather pair, make sure it comes with a coating of water-resistant material that could protect the leather. Leather can easily be damaged with moisture.

Q: Can I get a touchscreen-compatible pair of motorcycle gloves?

Yes, touchscreen-compatible gloves do exist. However, not all brands offer it. To make sure that you can operate your smartphone with gloves on, double-check the pair you’re buying. Some pairs only have the pointer finger compatible with touchscreen devices. Luckily, most brands offer this feature not only for the pointer finger but also on the thumb. If you’re looking into cheaper gloves, you shouldn’t expect your gloves to have this feature. So, if you want such a feature, might as well invest in more expensive pairs.

Q: Will small pairs of motorcycle gloves stretch with time?

It depends on the construction of the gloves. Some materials do stretch over time. You can expect this from gloves made from polyester or the likes. However, some materials like leather don’t stretch. Either way, make sure that you’re buying a pair of gloves that fit you just right.

Final Thoughts

The best summer motorcycle gloves are definitely the Alpinestars SMX-1 Air gloves. These gloves definitely provide the comfort you’re looking for in high-temperature situations while providing ample protection. Either way, the list is full of gloves that perfectly fit any of your needs and material of choice. So, whatever you choose, you’re sure to have a smooth ride and a comfortable grip. Remember to prioritize safety even during your summer rides out!

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