Best Motorcycle Textile Jackets

10 Best Textile Motorcycle Jackets

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If you love riding a motorcycle, you must know the importance of having the best textile motorcycle jacket. When many people hear about a motorcycle jacket, what comes to mind is a black leather jacket. They aren’t far from getting it right, but these unique textile jackets are designed in general aesthetics and material construction, they meet certain stylistic standards.

Textile Motorcycle Jacket For Men Dualsport...
Joe Rocket - 1651-5004 Atomic Men's 5.0...
Milano Sport MJGAM0385LA Gamma Motorcycle...
Textile Motorcycle Jacket For Men Dualsport
Joe Rocket Textile Motorcycle Jacket for Men
Milano Sport Gamma Motorcycle Jacket
Textile Motorcycle Jacket For Men Dualsport...
Textile Motorcycle Jacket For Men Dualsport
Joe Rocket - 1651-5004 Atomic Men's 5.0...
Joe Rocket Textile Motorcycle Jacket for Men
Milano Sport MJGAM0385LA Gamma Motorcycle...
Milano Sport Gamma Motorcycle Jacket

A textile jacket is practical, versatile, and robust. Furthermore, these jackets are available in different styles, unlike other types of jackets. They are made of various textiles that range from waxed cotton and synthetic material to denim.

These jackets are also constructed with technical elements that are weather and waterproof, as well as protecting you from the wind. Fortunately, most of the textile motorcycle jackets feature a removable lining that makes them multi-seasonal.

However, there is a diverse selection of these textile motorcycle jackets with plenty of practical and trendy jackets to decide on. While you are patient and cautious when purchasing, there are features to consider, so you make the best choice.

Why You Need a Textile Motorcycle Jacket


Although many motorcycle riders go for leather jackets for maximum protection, textile jackets are also great for safeguarding you. Many brands have included armor that protects your joints, such as shoulders and elbows. They are designed to protect you from bumps and falls. These textile motorcycle jackets are made of materials that disperse or absorb the force from a fall. Safety should always come first when purchasing a motorcycle jacket. 

Suitable for All Weather Seasons

Textile jackets are constructed from very breathable materials that are comfortable even when it’s hot outside.  Unlike leather jackets, textile jackets won’t cling to your body. Also, during cold weather, these jackets provide you with the needed warmth. With the removable liners, the textile jackets fit all-weather.

Easy to Clean & Maintain

A textile jacket is easy to clean at home using different cleaning procedures, which isn’t the same for leather jackets. To maintain your leather jacket’s quality, you will have to use specific cleaning methods unavailable in your home. Textile jackets can be hand washed or machine washable.

Easy to Carry & Lightweight

A textile jacket is lightweight, unlike a leather jacket that is too bulky and can become heavy if you’re no longer riding the motorcycle. A textile jacket is easy to carry, so when you aren’t on your motorcycle, you can fold and carry it or store it without taking a lot of space. It won’t trouble you to carry from the riding area to your home.

1. HWK Dualsport CE Armored Textile Motorcycle Jacket for Men

The HWK motorcycle jacket for men stands out among other textile jackets in the market. It comes with removable armor that is CE approved for the elbows, shoulders, and a high-density foam protector for your back. Unlike the leather jacket brands, this jacket is for all seasons. It features a 600D Cordura construction with rugged and robust material. Its comfortable and soft-to-touch design keeps you fresh in summer, warm during winter, and safe.

Additionally, it is properly sealed with the REISSA membrane making it 100% waterproof. Designed and crafted from a high-quality textile, this HWK jacket features a detachable thermal liner to adjust in different seasons. Besides the armored joints, this jacket also has foam padding on the back and front for extra protection.

Moreover, the HWK textile jacket is available in various sizes and colors that you can select your perfect size. It also comes with waist and arm adjusters for your tailored fit. This jacket is breathable and features a mesh lining underneath to keep you cool under hot weather.

Affordable but maximum qualityIt may not be great for intense humidity and heat
Breathable and fully reflectiveDetachable liner is not durable


  • Double-safety stitching
  • Air ventilation system on the back and front
  • Available in different colors and sizes

2. Viking Cycle Ironborn Bikers Protective Textile Jacket

This is another CE-approved jacket that features removable armors constructed to provide protection. Viking Cycle born textile jacket is adjustable to fit all seasons as it has zipper locked vents that help you adjust your airflow level depending on the weather. During hot weather, you can remove the internal zip-out liner for a more comfortable trip.

This all-season jacket is constructed with two outer pockets and one inner pocket that protects your valuables guarded by heavy-duty zippers. One of the pockets is indicated as a phone pocket, making it safe, ready, and on hand.

Being one of the best Viking Cycle’s motorcycle jackets, it is stylish and comfortable for all your drives. The waist and cuffs come with custom Velcro straps that are adjustable to give you the desired fit. From this Viking, you get a premium quality jacket made from the highest quality fabric at an affordable price. 

Adjustable ventilationThe zip-out liner may not be durable
Comfortable and stylishArmor pads are too thin


  • Heavy-duty zippers
  • Weighs 4.29 pounds 
  • Zipper locked vents

3. Joe Rocket 1651-5004 Atomic Textile Motorcycle Jacket

This textile motorcycle jacket has a combined Hitena outer shell and waterproof treated Rock Tex for optimal impact resistance. With the externally accessible CE-approved armors for your elbows and shoulders. This best textile jacket comes with removable armor for the spine with a pocket for your optional CE-approved spine protector.

As you would expect, it features a variable ventilation flow system with waterproof zippers to keep you comfortable. You don’t have to worry if it starts raining during your ride. This jacket fits right, featuring the perfect arm length for upright touring or sportbike riding.

It has a comfortable neoprene cuff design to reduce the wind flapping of your jacket. This jacket also provides you with one internal chest pocket, two outside pockets, and a large lower back padded pocket to store your essential items. You will also love the removable full sleeve liner that features an internal pocket. Also, it has cross-linked ventilation with a wind tunnel for cooling. The Joe Rocket textile jacket is available in various sizes and colors.

Cross-linked ventilationVery bulky
CE approved armorsArmors pads may feel uncomfortable


  • 6-points fit adjustment system
  • Neoprene cuff design
  • 360 reflective logos and panels

4. Milano Sport Gamma Textile Jacket with Red Accent

Here is another textile jacket with a fixed breathable and waterproof liner to allow you to leave comfortably, whether in summer or winter. It features a removable quilted thermal liner and zippered vents on the back and chest. The adjustable snap and brushed lining give you excellent comfort in different weather conditions.

Featuring removable CE-approved armors for your elbows and shoulders, you are assured optimal protection during falls. Besides, it comes with an adjustable Velcro strap that cuffs your lower arms and upper arms to reduce billowing. Besides its stylish design, this Milano Sport jacket comes in four colors and various sizes from small and XXX to large.

Hand wash or machine wash without armorEuropean sizing can be confusing
Reflective stripes for nightmare visibilityIt is bulky


  • Padded panels to the rear and front of the jacket
  • Stretch panels to the back and upper torso
  • Zipper closure

5. Alpinestars Men’s T-Faster Air Motorcycle Jacket  

This Alpinestars T-Faster air jacket comes in a classy black design as it comes with pre-curved sleeves construction to reduce riding fatigue. The T-Faster Air jacket is CE certified as it incorporates large mesh panels that promote internal cooling. Plus, the jacket also features strategically placed rear and front stretch zones, offering a perfect riding fit for performance, comfort, and movement freedom.

For improved cooling performance, the Alpinestars textile jacket has a multi-fabric shell design featuring mesh panels on the sleeves, chest, and back. Its reflective details allow you to be easily seen during nighttime. Additionally, the collar construction features a microfiber with a low profile for comfort edging and a 3D textured collar fabric for extra comfort.

Visible during nighttimeOverpriced
Enhanced cooling performanceCan be tight on the waist


  • Embroidery logo details
  • Multi-fabric shell construction
  • Pre-curved sleeves design

6. Alpinestars Andes V2 Drystar Men’s Street Jacket

Alpinestars Andes V2 jacket is a unique textile motorcycle jacket featuring the newly developed DVS (Direct Ventilation System) with a zippered chest for air intakes. Its advanced poly-fabric reinforced textile protects your critical lower arms and elbow areas for abrasion resistance. It has a breathable and Drystar waterproof construction to protect you in the rain and keep you comfortable when riding. 

Its removable CE-certified shoulder and elbow protectors protect from any internal impact. That’s not all. It has back, and chest pad compartments that protect you from falls and effects. Reflective logos and graphic details enhance rider visibility in various light conditions. The chest hand pockets come with an internal shock that works in conjunction with the ventilation opening that ensures ventilation levels.

It features front cargo waterproof pockets for peace of mind and convenience closure. There are removable long-sleeve thermal liners to ensure comfort on cold or hot days.

Personalized ventilation levelsCostly
Reflective logos and graphic detailsA little heavy

7. Pilot Motorsport Trans. Urban V2 Jacket

Constructed from a Pilotex fabric, the Pilot urban V2 jacket ranks highly among the best textile motorcycles jackets. These materials used include 1680D Ballistic NPF and 600D NPF overlay panels that are usually around your elbows and shoulders. The overlay panels for the elbows and shoulders come without a center seam to ensure ultimate abrasion resistance and strength. 

Besides, this jacket features double-stitched seams to enhance its strength and durability. The jacket comes with a breathable, windproof, and waterproof REISSA membrane that allows moisture out. Its two-way heavy gauge main zipper has three layers that flap, providing total protection from all elements.

It has a micro PU CE-approved armor on the shoulders and elbows that disperses and absorbs impact.

On top of these features is a zip-out sleeve length liner that keeps you warm in winter. You can get this Pilot Urban V2 in different colors and sizes. Always ensure you choose a well-fitting jacket as a buggy one will drag you behind when riding. 

High abrasive resistance and strengthLining fixer aren’t durable
Double-stitched seamsNot suitable for cold weather


  • Breathable, windproof and waterproof REISSA membrane
  • 2-way stretch 1000FlexDura 
  • Overlay panels

8. Fox Racing Titan Sport MTB Jacket

This is a perfect choice for those who love hardcore hobbies. It provides maximum protection as its front comes with a two-piece chest plate constructed from a high-impact plastic material. At the same time, the back has articulating plastic shields for more protection. Plus, the forearms, elbows, and shoulders all feature hard-shell padding for your vulnerable areas, so whichever way you fall, you are protected.

The Titan Sport jacket is designed to maintain your comfort and keep you at the top of the game. Besides, if you are less comfortable, you won’t perform well. It is made of soft and vented mesh to ensure you remain cool even if you push yourself to a corner. The protective plating is vented for proper airflow but still isn’t heavy. This clove fits like a glove, so it won’t distract you while on the trail.

Best of all is that it’s easy to take off and on at a moment’s notice. The adjustable elastic straps help you keep everything in place. Since it’s designed for multiple applications, the jacket outperforms in any sports where crashes and falls are frequent. In sports like Skiing, Snowboarding, BMX biking, mountain, and downhill sports, all need a jacket like this one.

Protection and comfortThe armored design may not fit everyone
Easy to take off and wearAvailable in a few sizes


  • Available in small to 2XL sizes
  • Adjustable elastic straps
  • Protective plating

9. Viking Cycle Asger Textile Motorcycle Jacket

Full safety and protection are the key attractions point to this Viking Cycle Asger jacket. It features chest guards on its front, providing extra security while shoulder polycarbonate armor offers more protection. This Asger biker jacket makes you stay visible, protected, and feel safe.

Furthermore, the back and front of the riding jacket are reflective to make you visible while riding in the dark. It is made from a Tri-Tex fabric which provides waterproof properties. The two vents on the back and front make it highly breathable. These vents can be opened easily in summer to help you stay cool.

Featuring waterproofing construction, your items and valuables are safe in your pockets. With so many pockets, you can keep your keys, earphones, phone, and documents within your reach. On top of that, there is a waisted belt that you can adjust to fit on you and make you comfortable. This jacketâ’s inner liner is made using quilted polyester and is removable too. 

Reflective featureHand washing only
Breathable and waterproofIt may not fit everyone


  • Reflective front and back
  •  Multiple pockets
  • Made from Tri-Tex                     

10. Viking Cycle Warlock Textile Mesh Motorcycle Jacket

Viking Cycle Warlock jacket features a cooling mesh shell to enhance airflow and keep you cool in summer and spring. During winter, fall, the jacket is designed to keep you warm with the quilted inner lining. For your safety, the jacket comes with spine and chest pads and a pocket to increase spine protection.

That’s not all, as it also has removable armor for vital areas like the shoulder and elbow. All the Viking Cycle armor and protection are CE approved. The back and front of this jacket have a 3M reflective piping fabric that keeps you highly visible at different times.

Safety is paramount with Viking Cycle; hence the jacket comes with multiple internal pockets and two zippered external pockets for storing personal items. There are hidden pockets for you to store your valuables.

This is also one of the most stylish jackets with your style and comfort assured. The waist and cuffs have adjustable Velcro straps that give you your desired fit. Its adjustability ensures maximum mobility so that you only focus on the ride and road comfortably. 

Comfortable and functionalMesh ins’t removable
CE approved protectionMesh may not last long


  • Multi-pockets
  • Adjustable Velcro straps
  • C.E approved

Features to Consider When Buying a Textile Jacket

A quality motorcycle jacket is not defined by the material only but several other features that make it stand out from the other textile motorcycle jackets in the market. Here are the key features that you should look for in the best textile motorcycle jacket.


The primary aim of the textile motorcycle jackets is not comfort, fit, or fashion, but to provide protection. You may not look great in it, but you get the best protection. The best textile motorcycle jacket is heavily padded at the elbows, shoulders, back, and any other points like to have impacts. So, ensure to choose a motorcycle that pads all your sensitive body parts adequately.


The type of motorcycle jacket you choose depends on the way you ride. If you love going off-roading, you will need a different jacket from what you wear for leisurely rides. An adventure jacket is excellent if you spend a lot of time on rough tracks. When riding in summer, you shouldn’t go for a leather jacket because it’s not breathable. Alternatively, a textile jacket made of D-Day, Drystar, or GoreTex coating is perfect since it is both breathable and waterproofing.

Location & Number of Pockets

This might seem unimportant to you, but when you get on your motorcycle wearing a pocketless jacket, you have trouble storing your valuables. It would help if you had secure pockets, whether external or internal, to help you store your essentials. Other than the number of pockets, you need to check the location of the pocket. They should be in a quick-to-reach location spot.


Color may be of less importance to you, but experienced road riders and users can attest to the importance of choosing a color for your textile jacket. Black looks universally cool, but can’t be seen easily under low-light conditions. Also, please don’t go for muted or neutral colors that blend effortlessly with the environment, as it makes it hard for you to be seen. It’s recommended that you buy motorcycle gears with distinctive colors or reflective areas to ensure you’re easily seen, especially at night.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which is better: Textile vs Leather Motorcycle Jackets?

A textile motorcycle jacket is a better choice since it works perfectly for all-weather seasons. During hot weather, the textile jackets come with zippers that help increase the airflow to keep you cool while mesh jackets are breathable. However, when it comes to leather, it’s perfect for cold weather for it traps the little heat produced to keep you warm.

Q: Are textile motorcycle jackets safe?

Today’s textile jackets are carefully designed to survive considerable falls and still protect the rider. These jackets are kitted out using unique technology with CE-approved armor for your elbows, shoulders, and back. It can also have a higher abrasion resistance than leather jackets.

Q: How can you maintain a textile motorcycle jacket?

Textile jackets are easy to clean and maintain using a unique solution or a moist cloth. Before immersing the jacket in the solution, you should remove all detachable metal parts. After washing, the jacket should be allowed to dry naturally. Machines can wash some of the textile jackets. Always follow the washing instructions by the manufacturer.


You can now decide on the best textile motorcycle jacket you’re going to pick from the compiled list. Pick the one that will offer comfort and protection. It’s time to make your choice and rest assured of enjoying the motorcycle rides. Although there are many textile motorcycle jackets in the market, this guide will help you make the right decision.

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