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6 Best Winter Motorcycle Gloves (Review)

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The best winter motorcycle gloves will keep your hands warm and toasty during your rides.

There are bikers who prefer to ride no matter the weather or season. If you’re one of those, you need the right protection. Winter is one of the most dangerous seasons for riders not only because of the slippery roads but also for the cold winds. One of the essentials for winter rides is a good pair of gloves. They should be able to keep your hands warm, so they won’t get in the way of your handling and safety. Here are the best winter motorcycle gloves to keep you warm during winter rides.

1. Spada Enforcer WP Leather Gloves

Spada Enforcer WP Leather Gloves | Best Winter Motorcycle Gloves

The great thing about the Spada Enforcer WP Leather Gloves is that it doesn’t only keep you warm but also protects your hand. These gloves are heavily armored so you’re sure that you get protected from impacts.

Accidents during the winter, unfortunately, happens a lot due to slippery roads. So, you have to make sure you have the right protection.

Among the armors, you can rely on the ones that are on the knuckles. It also has soft armor with leather reinforcements by the palm.

You also get a plastic visor wipe on the left thumb. With this handy feature, you can easily remove rain from your lid.


To keep you warm, the gloves have an insulated lining that’s also very thin. It doesn’t interfere with your movements so you handle your bike just right. This pair also comes with a waterproof membrane made from Hipora.

For a snug fit, you can adjust the gloves through the Velcro strap by the wrist. It will keep your gloves on so that you won’t have to worry about them slipping loose.

However, there’s also a downside to these gloves. Due to the heavy reinforcements, they can get sweaty when worn. Moreover, it requires some time to break in so it’s stiff when worn the first few times.

2. Dainese Scout 2 Evo Gore-Tex Gloves

Dainese Scout 2 Evo Gore-Tex Gloves | Best Winter Motorcycle Gloves

The Dainese Scout 2 Evo Gore-Tex Gloves are worth every single bit of your penny. It’s something you gladly wear during your winter rides.

Made from a combination of textile and leather, you can already feel its quality upon wearing it. It provides great protection and keeps you warm all throughout.

You can find hard armor not only for the knuckles but also for the palm. Moreover, this pair also keeps you warm almost immediately.

As you wear the gloves, you can already feel the thermal padding on the gloves. This will make sure that your ride remains smooth and your hands won’t get numb in the middle of it all.


It’s also a good pair that shouldn’t make handling hard for you. As it provides protection and has thick insulation, the pair of gloves remain flexible. That way, you can maneuver with ease while wearing it.

Furthermore, you get screen compatibility for both hands! This makes navigating easier, especially if you’re touring during the cold season.

These gloves also excel when it comes to waterproofing. Because of the Gore-Tex waterproof membrane, you have breathable protection from moisture. Even when it rains, you can keep your hands dry and warm with these gloves on.

For a good fit, it also comes with a Velcro strap for the wrist and the cuff. Since it’s Velcro, it should be hard to use but remains secure. You can comfortably fasten your gloves on your hands without any worry.

Overall, this pair should be perfect for long rides during the winter. They look wonderful and not to mention, you get a visor wiper on the thumb.

3. Richa Glove Arctic Gore-Tex Gloves

Richa Glove Arctic Gore-Tex Gloves | Best Winter Motorcycle Gloves

For great value for your money, you need the Richa Glove Arctic Gore-Tex Gloves. This pair provides ample protection and warmth for an affordable price.

One of the best things about these gloves is their style. That makes this watch a complete package from form to function. Not to mention, it’s one of the most comfortable pairs you can get.

Overall, the gloves have a combination of leather and textile. In case of an impact, you can expect the leather to protect you from gashes. They’re strategically placed on prominent areas of the hands.

The Richa Arctic GTX has wonderful features that will protect your hand in case of impact. Expect a hard armor on the knuckles as well as two middle fingers and the thumb.


Meanwhile, you get softer protection on the little finger, palms, and wrist in the form of foam. You may not notice it at first but these gloves have a waterproof Gore-Tex lining. You can see it stamped on the gloves but often overpowered by the branding.

A lot of gloves have Gore-Tex lining and it’s one of the key features for a lot of them. It’s a technology that many manufacturers invest in for even better function for the gloves. Many reviews say that the Gore-Tex from these Richa gloves is effective. You can expect a dry ride all throughout.

The fit and wear of the gloves prove great for many users. Firstly, it slips on the hands easily. It doesn’t matter whether you have wet hands.

Secondly, it proves a snug fit for the Velcro strap around the wrist. It also comes with a cuff fastener for a quick and easy snap-on. Soon as you have it on, you feel the padding inside the gloves. They’re soft and comfortable at the touch. Right insulation provides warmth on the gloves.

You can also easily use the handy visor wipe of these gloves. Not to mention, it’s compatible with touchscreen devices! So, you don’t have to worry about using your phone with gloves on.

Finally, you might be wondering about the handling of these gloves. Well, you don’t have to worry about that. It’s a flexible pair so you don’t sacrifice dexterity as you wear it.

Overall, these gloves will definitely give you the right features for a very competitive price. It can’t get any better than this at this price point!

4. RST Blade Leather Gloves

RST Blade Leather Gloves | Best Winter Motorcycle Gloves

For a mid-price choice, the RST Blade Leather Gloves is the best you can get. It has great protection, warmth, and waterproof features.

For its style, you get a very sporty look. However, this is very common among winter motorcycle gloves.

Among its offers include wonderful protection all over your hands. Firstly, you get carbon fiber protection for the knuckles and finger joint armor.

For the palm, you get a soft armor as well as premium grade-A leather reinforcement. That way, your hands remain safe during a spill. You can rely on these armors to protect you just fine!


However, these pairs provide even better waterproofing than any of the other offers on the list. Instead of Gore-Tex, it uses a breathable SinAqua waterproof membrane. But it doesn’t stop there.

Aside from that, you get strong nylon stitching so that water doesn’t seep through the stitches. You can rest assured you get superior waterproofing from this pair of gloves. Plus, this helps insulate the gloves, so that your hands remain warm even in the coldest conditions.

It also fits just right with a double closure located on the wrist and the cuff. That way, the gloves won’t slip out of your hands. The only downside to this pair is its lack of visor wipe. As you’ve noticed, it’s very common among the gloves on the list.

5. Alpinestars Equinox Outdry Gloves

Alpinestars Equinox Outdry Gloves | Best Winter Motorcycle Gloves

It’s not a list without an entry from Alpinestars. This brand just keeps on churning out high-quality equipment for all seasons. The Alpinestars Equinox Outdry Gloves is just one of the many options from the brand. 

The Equinox Outdry Gloves provide ample protection and warmth for winter rides. Aside from that, you get a well-designed pair of gloves that won’t hurt your style. 

These gloves come with a mix of leather and fabric. That makes sure that the gloves are breathable while remaining durable. The leather also helps with protecting your hand. 

Among the points that protect your hands include the knuckles and finger bridge where you get hard armor. Meanwhile, the palm and thumb have PU coating. This also improves the grip of the gloves. 


This pair comes with a visor wipe that comes in handy especially during wet and cold seasons. Among its extra feature, the additional reflective strips are much-loved by other users. Not to mention, it has great waterproofing technology. 

Using the brand’s patented proprietary Outdry technology, you can ride with these gloves even on wet seasons. It helps a lot with the grip and keeps your hands dry no matter what. 

To keep you warm, the Equinox, of course, has Primaloft insulation. This technology combined with Outdry both allows protection and insulation without the bulk. 

6. Rukka Virium Gore-Text Gloves

Rukka Virium Gore-Text Gloves | Best Winter Motorcycle Gloves

Rukka Virium Gore-Text Gloves is one of the most sought-after winter motorcycle gloves on the market. Many people love it for its function, especially when it comes to waterproofing. 

The brand really made a good job in creating the Virium gloves. Firstly, it comes with a textile construction. This assures the breathability of the gloves. 

Plus, you get a fully waterproof and windproof Gore-Tex on top of that. This assures that you remain warm and dry despite the cold season. Not to mention, Gore-Tex is breathable so your hands won’t get suffocated. 

It also has protection all over the hand. Firstly, you get a molded hard protection for the scaphoid. This is an optimal spot as it usually absorbs the impact during a spill. 


Meanwhile, the knuckles and fingers also remain protected. You can rest assured that slippery roads won’t get the best of you with these gloves on. 

It also comes with a visor wipe on the left hand which is handy, especially during foggy or rainy weather. The tips of the fingers are also compatible with touchscreen devices. That way, you remain connected on the go. 

The palms of the gloves also provide an extra grip so your hand won’t slip when riding in the rain. Moreover, the hook and loop closure on the wrist keeps the gloves from slipping off. 

On top of all these, you get a two-year warranty when you buy the gloves. This assures that you have a pair of high-quality gloves with you. 

Best Winter Motorcycle Gloves Guide & FAQs

What to Consider When Buying Winter Motorcycle Gloves

There are, of course, different factors to consider when buying an equipment. After all, they dictate whether or not we will remain protected even in case of a crash. 

The top two things to consider for winter motorcycle gloves are protection and warmth. However, there other features you should be looking for yourself. 


Here’s one thing you should always keep in mind, no matter the equipment: leather has better abrasion resistance than textile. If you’re wondering why most accessories such as boots, pants, even vests usually come in leather, it’s because of this. 

You can rest assured that leather will protect your hand in case of a spill. Because of the construction of textile, they’re most likely to rip. 

Moreover, man-made fabrics such as nylon don’t fit hands as well as leather. Leather, especially high-quality premium leather is soft and supple. They also mold the fingers perfectly. 

That said, a man-made fabric is also not as bad of a choice. In fact, technology made fabric an advanced choice for waterproofing. 

Man-made materials now offer waterproof features. Not to mention, they’re cheaper and low-maintenance. 

Like most motorcycle gloves, winter gloves have a combination of both. This promotes better waterproofing while keeping you safe and warm. 


The wind chill is no joke. It can be the cause of a terrible accident if your hands become numb or stiff. Riding in the winter especially makes it worse. 

Find a pair of gloves that come with thermal lining. These linings come in different forms. The most expensive option comes in three layers. This traps more air and makes your hand even warmer. However, a more affordable option is Thinsulate. 

If you find yourself purchasing a Thinsulate glove then you can wear a thinner glove inside for an added layer of warmth. 


There’s nothing a snug fit when wearing a pair of gloves. The right pair of gloves should have a fit that’s not too loose or too tight. 

Winter gloves especially need to fit you well. This is due to the waterproof layer and extra thermal padding. Those take up space of the gloves, making winter gloves look bigger yet run a tad smaller. 

Your gloves should be able to let your hands move just fine. At the same time, your fingers should be able to feel and breathe. Obstructed movement can be detrimental to your handling and, ultimately, safety. 

If your gloves are too loose, they can be ineffective in protecting you. They also interfere with controls and even come off in case of a spill. 

Some of the secure options for closure include D-rings or even Velcro straps. If you can get a closure not only on the wrist but also on the cuff then all the better! 

Remember to double-check the sizing chart of the gloves you’re buying and make sure they fit you just right. 


There are various protections made for gloves a lone. 

The first one is soft armor. It usually has a closed-cell foam construction. This means that it’s a cushion that absorbs the shock of an impact. 

You can also get one with hard armor. It’s usually made from hard plastic or carbon fiber. It can fit over soft armor for an extra layer of protection. It’s a great defense against impacts. 

Your gloves should have protection around the knuckles, fingers, as well as palms. 

Another safety protection feature often overlooked is stitching. Look for a pair that has double stitching or reinforcements. It prevents the gloves from ripping in case your hands come in contact with the ground during a spill. 


There are two options for good waterproofing. Usually, you’ll find Gore-Tex among the materials of the gloves. It’s the most expensive as it’s the most effective. Gore-Tex is also more breathable than other materials.

Another material you should get familiar with is Hipora. It’s cheaper so you will need better protection, especially during heavy rains.

Other brands have their own waterproof membranes such as Alpinestars with Outdry.

Other Features

It’s not a requirement but it would be great if your winter gloves come with a visor wipe. It’s usually a plastic or suede insert on the thumb. You can use it to clear your lid of rain or fog.

These days brands also invest on touchscreen compatibility. They’re handy, especially when you require navigation a lot and it keeps you connected no matter what.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are Lobster Claw gloves?

Some motorcycle gloves are lobster claw gloves. This means that you have two fingers and a thumb. Your fingers get grouped in twos while your thumb remains free. It helps in keeping hands warm.

Q: Is it safe to ride the motorcycle during winter?

Set your limit to 32 degrees Fahrenheit. At this point, you can encounter ice on the road and it can be dangerous to keep moving forward.

Q: How do I stay warm when riding during winter?

A good tightly-sealed helmet plus motorcycle fairing helps a lot in protecting you from wind chills. Wearing water and windproof accessories also helps a lot. You can use a touring motorcycle that has heated grips and a heated seat. If it’s not accessible, consider installing those features on your bike.

Final Thoughts

The right pair of motorcycle winter gloves will keep you warm and safe during winter rides. However, make sure that you ride safe no matter the season.

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