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12 Best Women’s Motorcycle Boots

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If you’re a woman motorcycle rider who hasn’t gotten a convincing answer to your question as it concerns the best women’s motorcycle boots, drop whatever you’re doing right now and get to read this post.

Women like riding a motorcycle as much as their male counterparts do. The confidence level may differ; there may be variances in the types of motorcycle models or brands each person rides.

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But every rider, regardless of their level of experience, desires safety and protection. Safety is the first rule in riding, and everyone should know that.

Just the way your gloves, jackets, or helmets are essential, boots are also one of the safety gear you need to navigate safe riding. It’s worth repeating that boots are not optional protective because some states in the United States will sanction any rider regardless of their gender who fails to wear their motorcycle riding boots.

Back to your question, ‘what are the best women’s motorcycle boots?’ Now, take a look at the list. Please do not stop there; go through their description and features in terms of durability, safety, fitness, pricing, versatility, etc.

1. Harley-Davidson Women’s Inman Mills Motorcycle Boot


Harley-Davidson is a household name in the entire motorcycle industry. I’m not sure you’ll mention the top three brands that produce high-quality motorcycle safety gear for women without listing Harley Davidson.

If your choice is a chic and stylish model of motorcycle boots, then picking the Harley Davidson Women’s Inman Mills Motorcycle Boot is the right thing to do when bike crashes are increasing.

You won’t have to bother about the safety and protection of your leg region, including the ankle, feet, and toe. This is because the boots are made of top-quality leather. The 100% soft leader build confers durability on this product, and you can see why it’s one of the most durable and long-lasting women rider boots on the market.

The leather build is complemented by the classy and stylish look that would mean that you get comfort and peace of mind as you ride on. That also translates to saying that women riders won’t think twice before making this model their choicest pick.

From the glittery look, let’s take our attention to the sole of the boots. The bottom is made of a synthetic material which ensures that riding becomes fun and comfortable. The mesh lining is both breathable and comfortable for your feet and toe. Plus, the boots typically resist water and other moisture to make longevity a sure bet.

The height of the boots stands at 1.75 inches. This is ankle-high and great enough for women riders. It means the boots won’t twist or cause pain to your fibula. You can gain access to the interior of the boots, thanks to the fitted zippers that stay at both sides of the boots.

Durable & Water ResistantRubberized Sole May Reduce Longevity
Reaches the AnklesHeavy


  • Breathable and comfortable mesh lining
  • 100% soft leather build
  • Height: 1.75 inches

2. Alpinestars Stella Women’s Motorcycle Boot

The different models that motorcycle shoes come with make it so important that the rider finds the best shoes that fit their needs. And Alplinestars features quite significantly as one model with a difference.

One of the women motorcycle boots made of synthetic microfiber is the Alpinestars Stella Women’s, Motorcycle Boot. It is one pair that genuinely reflects the name Alpinestars in toto.

Specially designed for maximized women rider’s fit, the Alpinestars Stella Women’s Motorcycle Boot is reinforced by PU microfiber upper material. This is to ensure flexibility, durability, and snug fit. There’s also this part of the feature that provides the ease of maintenance of these boots.

There is also the side of the synthetic material, which makes everyone seeks after this model. It is the resistance to abrasion, slip, water, and other weather conditions. The microfiber also ensures that the entire weight of the boot is incredibly light and saving. The weight-saving feature is one thing you will love again and again.

The boot’s contoured shin plate is inserted with a high TPU factor to ensure there is a reduction in energy impact and resistance to abrasion in the crashes. Again, the TPU panel-injected medial side of the boot provides traction with the bike. The instep sections are made with control and support.

Comfortable to Wear & Quite ProtectiveColor Options
Great Fit & SupportHigh on the Leg


  • Rubber sole
  • PU-reinforced microfiber upper
  • Weight: 3.1 pounds
  • S-MX 6 ergonomic shaping

3. Durango Women’s Harness Boot

If you’re looking for one of those rider boots for women that are crafted with 100 percent leather, the Durango Women’s Harness Boot is the first that comes to mind. With years of incredible design and top-quality production, Durango company has come to make its name felt.

You’re up to with a pair of boots that gives your feet a great look and comfort that a rider typically needs when in a contest for the best price. It features stability, fantastic design, and a balanced ride even when you’re in the worst and harshest of riding conditions.

The boots come with a fantastic rubber sole, which ensures that you have nothing short of stability while on that awful terrain. The outsole is resistant to fat and oil, featuring a steel shank, 2-inch strider heel, and a 14.5″ calf perimeter. All of this innovation makes performance and delivery easier and possible for women riders.

One other feature that will attract this boot to you is its resistance to wear, slip, and abrasion. You don’t have to worry even when you’re on a long-distance ride about moving. This is because the rubberized sole is adequately designed with rugged studs to withstand bumpy roads.

The interior and insole of the boots are padded with flex forepart, making a great addition to allay any feeling of pain or aches as you ride. The multicolor feature of this model also makes cohesive riding possible.

Great Performance & DeliveryHighly Priced
Comfortable With Interior CushionHeavy


  • 100% imported leather
  • Rubberized sole,
  • Flex forepart-cushioned insole
  • Oil-resistant outsole

4. Rampage Women’s Islet Motorcycle Boot

These mid-calf, low heel boots cannot but make our list of best motorcycle boots for women riders for several reasons. So, you want to go to the office on your motorcycle but are somewhat confused about the pair of boots that fit both purposes. Having the Rampage Women’s Islet boots on your rack makes the whole difference.

This is one boot that’s suitable for any weather, whether in extreme cold or hot sun. It won’t also fail or disappoint. The height, material, protection, size, lining, and durability are features that conspicuously define our dear Rampage.

Built to suit mid-calf length size, this extremely durable boot is made from 100% faux leather to ensure protection and comfort every time on the bike. The faux leather, unlike the animal hide, is both more environmentally friendly and flexible to adjust.

There is no need to worry that your feet will get swollen or have any soreness because the foot bedding comes with light cushioning. Plus, the synthetic soles also feature breathable and comfortable lining mesh that offers riders the best of experience.

You can decide how you want these boots to fit on your leg. With the solid harness buckles by the boot’s shaft, you could fasten the boots until you get the comfortable and desirable fitting you want. There are two options the metal buckles offer you. One, you could tighten it around your ankle or wrap it around the boot shaft. Either way, you’ll get the comfort you desire.

Overall, it works well as casual and dirty shoes, making it a suitable partner for riding and office use.

Eco-FriendlySlightly Clunky
Low Heel & Mid-calf HeightLacks Side Zipper


  • 100% faux leather
  • Metal harness buckles to fasten
  • Lightly padded foot bed
  • Synthetic sole

5. Harley-Davidson Women’s Eda Boot

It’s not out of place if Harley Davidson takes 40% of the items on our list of best motorcycle boots for women. The brand has made its name and impacted the industry with so many top-quality motorcycles, accessories, and protective gear.

The Harley Davidson Women’s Eda Boot has almost similar features to its sibling here, but for a few exceptions. The Eda model is made from full-grain leather and will stay on the leg for an extended period without inflicting pain on the wearer or making the toe feel discomforted.

It boasts features that typically characterize the best motorcycle women’s boots. From durability to breathability, stability, balanced ride, resistance to abrasion and slip, and comfortability, this is the ideal product that your feet should wear.

The full-grain leather material means that you have the best quality industry-approved leather on you. This pair of rider boots on your feet will provide incredible durability and higher fiber strength. And it is Harley-Davidson that can feature such quality.

Doffing and donning this product is super-easy, thanks to the lightweight outsole that makes moving around with it convenient and comfortable with any feeling of pain or weight. The boot’s interior lining is cushioned full-blown to protect your feet from blisters and other related injuries.

You’re not limited to a single tightening method when you wear this model of boots. The Harley Davidson Eda Women Boot features multiple tightening mechanisms, including a lace-up system and side zipper. Donning and doffing the boots, therefore, becomes a lot easier.

Can Withstand Harsh ConditionsOutsole Comes Off Too Cheaply
Comfortable & DurableHeavy


  • Multiple tightening systems
  • Height: 1.75 inch complemented by 0.75 inch platform
  • Full-length padding of interior lining

6. Clarks Women’s Fernwood Lake Motorcycle Boot

I present a fantastic boot for women who hope to have a great riding experience when in the saddle of their newly acquired Honda Sports Bike.

Three things immediately come to your mind when you hear about Clarks’ Women’s Fernwood Lake Motorcycle Boot. Number one is safety, and I am sure you won’t compromise this for anything. The second is a beautiful look. Every woman wants beauty and admires beautiful things. The third is comfort. Don’t even imagine a woman would endure too much discomfort.

So, how do these three and other essential features express themselves in the Clark Women Motorcycle Boot?

To begin with, the safety of this boot blends squarely with its durability. Both features owe their gratitude to the top-quality and sturdy genuine leather material from which this model is made. The soft leather ensures longevity and increases the overall lifespan of the bike.

On top of this is the realization that the leather is not easily liable to wear and tear. Harsh weather conditions don’t have a stronghold in the life of this model, whether in winter or summer.

Now, let’s explore why the 8-inch tall Clarks Women’s Fernwood Lake Motorcycle Boots are the best pick when it comes to comfort and stylish look. Until you’re ready to say you no longer want these boots, its genuine soft leather remains ever shiny and elegant. The look of the boot’s buckles makes it a product to be sought after.

Added to these properties is the comfort women riders will enjoy on the road. Even if you spend several hours on the street, the boot never hurts your toe or feet. There’s the synthetic interior lining that’s breathable, water-resistant, and guarantees overall comfort.

Fit for Summer & Winter RidingNo Side Zipper
Comfortable & DurableDifficult to Don & Doff


  • Synthetic leather material
  • Height: 8 inches
  • Come with buckles tightening

7. DailyShoes Women’s Military Combat Boots

With a lot of products making their way to the market, there’s a high chance that you end up buying motorcycle boots that are either made of substandard material or unreasonably priced with shallow value.

With the DailyShoes Women Military Combat boots, I can tell you this is a product that truly separates the wheat from the chaff. Given its high-quality taste, this brand has become sought-after among women riders, `

Traveling with a couple of petite valuables becomes comfortable with this pair of boots. It comes with a side fare-dodger zipper pocket in which you can keep these small items, including cash and cards, for your use on the road.

The beautiful look of this pair makes it a for-all-women model. It is stitched on the side with a diamond quilt and decorated quite chunkily at the toe section to confer beauty and demand on itself for women’s attention.

Despite its low profile, this model is a great comfort, thanks to the adequately padded side pocket and collar that take care of the user’s ankles. The outer sole doesn’t respect the elements because it is made with anti-slip material to discourage the boots from slipping when riding in the rain or snow.

Resistant to Slip & WaterHeel Could Come Off Due to Frequent Use
Great for Casual RidingMaterial Quality


  • Diamond stitch
  • Side zipper pocket
  • Diamond decorated stitching

8. Dr. Martens Bonny Chukka Boot

With a weight of about 1.1 pounds, you rarely find a pair of motorcycle boots for women that are as lightweight as the Dr. Martens Bonny Chukka Boot. This product has durability, strength, comfort, and a great look at his behest.

The quality of the leather and nylon material blend from which this product comes is why women riders are seeking it out. And the number keeps increasing.

These boots are made to hold out against extreme pressure, weather conditions. It doesn’t matter whether you subject them to vigorous use, this pair will work wonders on terrible terrain and under harsh conditions. It remains durable, reliable, and sturdy all year long.

The design is another excellent feature to behold in this model. If you want comfort and stability, this is the right pick for you as it comes with a synthetic outer sole that makes slipping and abrasion highly impossible. You won’t feel any pain or aches as you ride on for hours.

The lacing system of the Dr. Martens Bonny Chukka women’s boots is incredibly designed for durability and comfort. It is a 5-eye style that makes tightening and fitness a walk in the park. The entire build is enabled by the Goodyear welding together of the boots’ upper and sole.

Resistant to Slip & AbrasionNot Made for Great Look
Durable, Sturdy, Comfortable & AffordablePeople Complain about Insulation


  • Weight: 1.1 pounds
  • Built with a blend of leather and nylon material
  • Goodyear welted build
  • Excellent lacing style

9. O’NEAL Women’s Rider Boots

The O’Neal Women’s Rider Boots represent the expression of top-quality leather shoes that feature exceptional design, attractive look, and unparalleled durability and strength. Size, stability, and comfort also are great features to look out for in this model.

Constructed with some innovation and technology in mind, this pair of boots is a product of plastic plates injected with molds. The rubberized plate materials are intended to ensure that riders aren’t adversely impacted in the crashes.

With these boots on, you’re sure your toe and feet remain unharmed as you ride along with those rough patches and uneven terrain. It is stable, sturdy, and durable.

The manufacturers think of a design that gives both comfort and an excellent look at the same time. Hence, the metal shaft inset features in the boots ensure you have a reinforced boot shape that comes with support for your steps as you pedal your bike along.

The adjustable and easy-to-mount buckle system of the O’NEAL Women’s Rider Boots makes tightening, donning, and doffing of this pair easier than many of what we have on this list.

To ensure balanced riding and prevent the usually unstable rocking that defines riding, the manufacturer won’t forget to add the Goodyear welt build to the sole.

Adjustable & Easy to Use Too Stiff
Ensures Balance RideRelatively Heavyweight & Dense


  • Rubberized injection-molded plate
  • Synthetic leather thermal housing
  • The inside is air meshed
  • Heavy-duty with Weight of 5.7 pounds

10. Harley Davidson Women’s Tegan Ankle Boot

The Harley Davidson Women’s Tegan Ankle Boot features a lot of unique properties that two of its siblings – that are also paraded on this list− feature. Impressively designed to meet the needs of women riders who truly desire smooth and balanced riding on both even and uneven terrain, the Harley Davidson Women’s Tegan Ankle Boot is best among equals.

Harley-Davidson is crazy about 100% leather material for making its boots, and the Harley Davidson Women’s Tegan Ankle Boot is no different as it features a full-grain leather upper reinforced by multiple systems for tightening.

The boot is excellently made with leather to ensure durability and sturdiness. You don’t have to about boots getting damaged when you ride on those bumpy and rocky roads. In terms of aesthetics, this is a very chic and stylish boot and you’ll be glad to choose it.

Having a fitting and easy-to-don-and-doff pair of boots has just become easy given that this model comes with a variety of tightening system that accommodates the buckle detail, lace-up closure, and side zipper. Each of these methods of tightening the boots ensures there are snug fits.

Comfort isn’t far from this model because the interior sock lining is adequately cushioned. So, you won’t feel any pain or ache on your toe or feet as you ride, even for an extended period. The comfort is further reinforced with features such as lightweight, rubberized outsole, and heel.

LightweightBoot Toe Easily Bent
Durable & SlickDents Can Occur


  • Full-grain 100% leather
  • Rubberized outsole and heel
  • Weight: 1 lb 2 oz per pair; heel height: 1½ inches
  • Features multiple tightening options

11. Coolway Women’s Alida Motorcycle Boot

If you want a pair of boots that go for causal and riding, then go nowhere as the Coolway Women’s Alida Motorcycle Boot is an incredible model for your office and riding activity. Made with full-grain leather, this shoe expresses performance, durability, and quality. The Coolway is famous for.

One of the things you will appreciate and get attracted to about the Coolway Women’s Alida Motorcycle Boot is its breathable leather, which doesn’t allow the accumulation of moisture when your legs sweat out. Even if you step into a pool of water that reaches beyond the boot’s height, the genuine leather doesn’t allow the strong, irritating smell that results from a blend of increased heat and moisture within the boot.

The rubberized sole is another great feature you want to behold having the Coolway in your closet. The rubber sole comes as a lightweight area of the boot. It makes the boot light when moving around and durable for a long-lasting experience and use. By the time you’re wearing the boot, carrying becomes more comfortable, and comfort is guaranteed.

The fancy cut and stylish look are one great reason every woman rider wants to have the Coolway Women’s Alida Motorcycle Boots in their closet. I’m not sure there are any boots in the industry that beats this model when it comes to style and aesthetics.

The arch end of the boots is a fantastic piece to behold any day. The side cross harness does give the boots some modern look; the concealed side zipper makes the entire shell of the boots more pronounced. Thus, all of this makes this boot some item high under denim jeans trousers or skirts.

Breathable Leather LiningNot Too Sturdy
Additional Support From Side ZipperBoot Falling Out Easily


  • 100% full-grain leather
  • Rubber outsole  
  • Boot opening: 11 inch around; heel height: 1-1/2″
  • Adjustable mid shaft
  • Hi-low look.

12. UGG Women’s Motorcycle Boot

It’s a risk worth taking ordering these boots online. You’ll admire this pair the moment you set your eyes on them. You can wear these boots for more than 18 hours a day, and you won’t feel any repugnant odor.

They hold great in terrible weather, whether under extreme rain, hiking, snow, or summer. You’re protected during the weather. You’ll like to insert your orthopedic insoles in the boots; they are a snug fit. You won’t hesitate to recommend these boots for women riders who love style and comfort and are intent on hardcore walking.

The boots come with a side zipper, which makes this model an easy option to don and doffs. These combat-style lace-up boots are waterproof. They are made sturdy, durable, and lightweight, thanks to the 100% waterproof full-grain leather and wool. They can last longer than expected.

The outsole is built with a spider rubber injected with a cork for contact, grip, and comfort. There’s also a medial zipper that ensures there are multiple tightening options.

Waterproof & LightweightThey Are Tight
Affordable & ProtectiveWay Too Narrow


  • Full-grain leather and wool upper
  • Weight: 2 pounds
  • Rubber sole
  • Concealed and waterproof build

Best Motorcycle Boots Guide & FAQs

Here are some of the essential features you must look out for when you try to buy women motorcycle boots:

Material of Build

It is essential to know that the materials for which your potential boots are made are crucial to flexibility, lightweight, comfort, durability, and sturdiness. Typically, boots made with full-grain leather have proven to be the best in terms of protection and impact reduction. You may want to consider this factor.

Comfort in Wearing

Donning and doffing motorcycle boots must come with ease. Bike boots must have multiple tightening and losing systems. Typically, motorcycle boots have buckles, lace-ups, and side zippers. Some also feature Velcros. Depending on your choice, you must ensure that the boots are well reinforced with multiple points of tightening


Design is a significant consideration when buying any item in the motorcycle industry. Boots with synthetic microfiber prove to be stable, given that their outsole makes slipping and abrasion almost impossible. A pair of motorcycle boots must be resistant to abrasion with excellent traction.


The Height of your boots determines how relaxed you’re on the bike. It depends on what you want the boots for. Some are intended for both casual and riding purposes. If your choice is boots designed for racing and sports, you may have to go for tall boots. For relaxed riding, short boots are the best option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How tall should motorcycle boots be?

The direct and straightforward answer to that question is that motorcycle boots, depending on the rider’s height, should be about a minimum of 5 inches or 0.08 ft. Riding boots come with heavy-duty leather, sturdy heels and soles, and a little over-the-ankle height. Your bike should not be taller or shorter than five inches.

Q: How important are motorcycle boots for women riders?

Extremely important! Women riders need to be more safety-conscious while on the bike. Even though crash statistics show that men have more rate of crashing on the motorcycle than women, it doesn’t give women riders the license to be loose or unguarded while riding.

Motorcycle boots are generally extremely crucial to riding, not just to reduce the impact of injury in the event of a crash, but also to prevent accidents and protect your feet and ankle in case another crashed rider runs into you.

A pair of motorcycle boots also protect your legs against the bike’s exhaust pipes, road debris, and other environmental conditions, including extreme cold and high temperatures.


The last time my 20-year-old nephew asked which of these best motorcycle boots I’d recommend for her, I replied, quite ironically, with a big ALL. This was simply because I had a handful of the items on this list that wow riders. Besides, I had only used a few of these boots.

The reviews from users clearly show that, given the fantastic features they brag, none of the women’s motorcycle boots mentioned in this post won’t compete favorably in the next decade.

So, if you take advantage of this post now to acquire yours in time before the market becomes saturated with counterfeit brands and products, it’ll be a great opportunity.

As much as I know, women love the stylish design and glittery look. As they go all out for that pair of motorcycle boots that will glitter and attract the crowd, they shouldn’t forget to consider comfort and safety in the final analysis. One of the things that should ring in anyone’s mind is, ‘you need pair value with money, and I would love to spend on value.’ If you’re a die-hard Harley Davidson enthusiast, maybe you’d want to try any of their best riding gloves.

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