Best Womens Motorcycle Jackets

10 Best Women’s Motorcycle Jackets (Review)

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Today, women are no strangers in the motorcycle and riding niche. So, finding the best women’s motorcycle jackets isn’t a massive set of burdens.

But the shopper must be careful not to end up splashing her hard-earned money on useless protective gear. The market is heavily saturated with a wide array of women’s motorcycle jackets.

Milwaukee Leather MLL2581 Women's Black...
Women's Motorcycle Jacket For Women Stunt...
Milwaukee Women's Motorcycle Vented Jacket
HWK Women's Motorcycle Jacket
Alpha Cycle Women Motorcycle Jacket
Milwaukee Leather MLL2581 Women's Black...
Milwaukee Women's Motorcycle Vented Jacket
Women's Motorcycle Jacket For Women Stunt...
HWK Women's Motorcycle Jacket
Alpha Cycle Women Motorcycle Jacket

Equipping yourself with the right information is the first thing. Besides, essential questions must be asked, including whether the jacket will guarantee comfort, reasonable price, style, and on-road protection that you need while on those motorcycle rides.

I have come with this post to save you the stress of navigating from one site to another in search of the best place to get the right information on women’s motorcycle jackets. Take a few minutes off and read up this post before you make an order.

1. Milwaukee Women’s Motorcycle Vented Jacket

Milwaukee Women's Motorcycle Vented Jacket

Milwaukee has made its name in the motorcycle gear market with the production of top-quality motorcycle jackets for ladies. The Milwaukee Women’s Motorcycle Vented Jacket is another testimony in this regard.

Offered at a reasonable price, the MLL2581 is another word for comfort because it’s lightweight and won’t add an extra pound to the overall weight of the ride. It also features long sleeves, adjustable and windproof side zippers, and a zip-out liner, all for the rider’s comfort.

Protection is another feature you won’t take away from this model. The jacket allows you to put on a thick sweatshirt underneath it to reassure security further.

It is vented with two arm and rear vents and dual gun pockets that are covered from inside and lower-hand warmer pockets. This array of pockets makes convenience something to covet in this model of women’s motorcycle jackets.

The design is made from top-quality cowhide leather that is 1.2 mm in dimension. The premium design of the material of the build makes the brand resistant to water, wind, and other manifestations of the elements.

What’s more, the jacket comes in different sizes, and the torso is long enough. The jack provides the best comfort and freedom. You can check the price here.

2. Viking Cycle Motorcycle Ironborn Jacket For Women

Viking Cycle Motorcycle Ironborn Jacket For Women

If you desire safety and protection while riding in the saddle of your newly acquired Harley Davidson Sportster, the Viking Cycle Motorcycle Ironborn Jacket is the right guy for you. This Ironborn Jacket is made from premium Cordura textile, making it one of the most durable jackets you can find on the market.

It is equipped with high-performing and impact-resistant padding armored on the elbows, shoulders, and spines for maximum protection and premium durability.

Besides, the jacket is perfect for all-season use, thanks to its outer shell made from Rock Tex 600. It means you don’t have to worry about using it during winter when the rain drenches and soaks because the jacket will keep you dry.

The multiple vents on multiple parts of the jacket (arms, chest, and back) plus the adjustable out-liner zipper bring all the comfort and fun you desire in the hot summer. Plus, there are also multiple dedicated inner and outer gun pockets to ensure convenience, avoid distraction, and store a lot of devices and personal effects, including wallets, phones, handkerchiefs, and earphones.  

What’s more, the Viking Cycle Motorcycle Jacket comes with reflective and custom waist-bound Velcro straps at the upper torso to alert on-coming riders of your presence on the road. Guess what? You don’t have to break the bank before you procure this product because it is affordably priced.

3. HWK Women’s Motorcycle Jacket

 HWK Women's Motorcycle Jacket

For those women riders who love to be inside an adventure motorcycle jacket that guarantees comfort, protection, and vintage style, this 100% waterproof guy from HWK offers excellent assurance.

This kit is breathable and 100% waterproof, allowing you the freedom and fun you deserve inside the crazy and heavy winter rain of May. It is all thanks to the lined Reissa membrane.

Plus, as an all-season gear, the jacket is made from 600D Cordura textile, conferring on it the ruggedness and strength an insulated motorcycle jacket should typically brag. On top of this, it’s equipped with internal mesh and thermal lining underneath for a relaxed outing on the road.

You won’t have any difficulty identifying comfort with the HWK Women’s Motorcycle Jacket because it comes with removable armor that lines the elbows, spine, and back shoulders. Do you want warmth in the winter and cold summer riding? Then, feel the smooth and soft touch you find with the HKW model jacket.

The great news is that this model is quite affordable to buy. Do you want to guess the price of this incredible motorcycle gear? You can check the price here.

4. Alpha Cycle Women Motorcycle Jacket

Alpha Cycle Women Motorcycle Jacket

Don’t forget; it’s not only illegal to ride with a jacket that’s not CE approved; it is also not ideal for your safety on the road. If you’re finding it hard to lay your hands on the best motorcycle jacket for women, settling for the Alpha Cycle Women Motorcycle jacket may be the lifesaver for several reasons.

The first feature that makes this Alpha Cycle model the right pick is the absolute freedom you have to adjust the different parts of the jacket. From its collar to the biceps, forearms, waists, or cuffs, the coat is entirely adjustable and custom fit.

The kit also gets CE approval, thanks to the certified, removable armor that undergoes excellent quality control and checks. The jacket’s strategic parts, including the elbows, spines, and shoulders, are adequately armored to prevent severe impact and injuries in the event of a crash.

On top of that, the jacket also features a removable internal thermal coat to ensure your body is warm throughout the winter. If you ride in the summer, spring, or fall when heat vents its anger, you can also remove the jacket to keep your body fresh for fun riding.

You should be concerned about the number of pockets your motorcycle jackets come with. Why not? Your phones, earpiece, headphone, conceal carry, Bluetooth devices, and other smaller items, will be in a safe store right inside the multiple gun pockets and cover carry pockets.

You can choose to use this jacket when riding a motorcycle, ATV, dirt bike, quad, adventure scooter, touring, motocross, cruisier, or sportbike. It is compatible with any kind of two or four-wheeled vehicle.

Other features include visibility logos that adorn the jacket at the front, back and arms. It also boasts two layers of padding that make excellent back protection.

5. Alpinestars Women’s Motorcycle Jacket

Alpinestars Women's Motorcycle Jacket

Alpinestars needs no introduction when it comes to producing top best motorcycle safety gear in the industry. It is a brand that features my best women’s motorcycle boots, best motorcycle backpacks, and a host of other previous posts. 

This jacket is a perfect fit if you’re considering lightweight riding during summer and keeping your chest away from the cold hands of winter rain. It offers the best protection all season. The fit and look are also great features you don’t want to compromise while inside a safety jacket on the road. Regardless of your weight and size, this jacket fits perfectly and comes in medium, large, extra-large, and small sizes.

On the outside, this Eloise Air motorcycle jacket features multiple zippered pockets which offer you the more excellent options to store your petit devices. On the inside, there are also waterproof pockets that make storage convenient and easy. Whether it is your phone, earphone wires, small cables, mini tablets, these external and internal pockets offer multiple options. 

Alpinestars is proactive with this model to avoid or reduce the fatigue and discomfort riders often face while trying to roll up the sleeve of their jackets. It is built with a pre-curved sleeve, making it easier for riders to ride with all convenience and enhanced comfort. Plus, the gear also comes with snap-button adjusters for the collar and waist.

The inside of the jacket’s collar comes with a soft textile lining. It enables the rider to have a smooth ride. On top of this is the lengthened rear profile which conceals the jacket’s lumbar section to ensure rider’s protection when riding in an upright position. 

6. Viking Cycle Cowhide Motorcycle Leather Jacket

Viking Cycle Cowhide Motorcycle Leather Jacket

Viking Cycle makes its second appearance on our list of the best women’s motorcycle jackets with yet another incredible product, the Viking Cycle Cowhide Motorcycle Leather Jacket.  This model and indeed Viking Cycle make a direct in-road into our list for many reasons.  

First off, this jacket is entirely made for women as it is constructed from 100% classic and genuine cowhide leather. The leather build offers guaranteed durability, quality feature, sturdiness, and heavy-duty strength that is second to none on the market.  

The artistry is exquisite, and the easy-care leather design would make any style-inclined rider want to. The jacket does not present any wrinkles and won’t sag. The plush look makes this model an excellent piece for office use and causals. It complements your office outfit. Plus, the retro and fashionable design of this motorbike leather jacket is timeless and won’t go away from the limelight in years to come.

You don’t have to worry about storing those small traveling essentials. The Viking Cycle Cowhide Motorcycle leather comes in handy with all the multiple pockets for your phones, headphone and headphone wires, cards, wallets, keys, and sunglasses. Convenient and comfortable riding is second to none with this motorcycle jacket model because you don’t have to keep any item or device in your hand while holding the bike’s handlebar.

The exciting thing about the jacket is that it is slim yet comfortable. From the upper part to its waist, the jacket features a comfy look that fits perfectly into a lady’s curved body. The jacket’s quilted polyester liner and elastic waistline are significant parts of the jacket that make it soft to the touch and comfortable to wear.

Overall, the Viking Cycle Cowhide Leather Motorcycle Women’s Jacket is not only classic but also affordable in pricing.

7. RoadDog Hurricane Motorcycle Women’s Riding Jacket

RoadDog Hurricane Motorcycle Women's Riding Jacket

There are one million and one reasons the RoadDog Hurricane Motorcycle Women’s Riding Jacket will always make the list of top best motorcycle jackets for women. Apart from the fact that RoadDog Hurricane is a licensed brand for rider’s safety gear, this model is CE-approved and will be a great pick in your buy.

Let’s begin with the pink color. The choice of pink shade for a women’s riding jacket is perfect, and you’ll agree that RoadDog Hurricane got it to spot on; typically, women are given to pink and red. 

This jacket guarantees safety and protection thanks to its removable and adjustable CE-approved armor which cushions the elbows, shoulders, spine, and forearm. For nighttime visibility, the jacket is also equipped with reflective piping.

There are also multiple (3 inner and three outer pockets) pockets both inside and outside the jacket to store smartphones and other smaller devices, including iPod. It also features an earbud access hole.  The stretchable side panels feature adjustable waist and sleeve straps that offer riders the option for a custom fit.

What’s more, the RoadDog Hurricane Motorcycle Women’s Riding Jacket features a removable waterproof liner that keeps you away from the impact of rain in the winter. The vent system is fantastic, given that it allows a great deal of fresh air for a smooth and cool summer ride.

Overall, the jacket is a great pick, known for its lightweight, comfort, adjustability, great vent system, and custom fit.

8. Joe Rocket Women’s Atomic 5.0 Jacket

 Joe Rocket Women's Atomic 5.0 Jacket

Joe Rocket is one of the topmost brands when it comes to the automotive industry in general and in the production of motorcycle gear. The Joe Rocket Women’s Atomic 5.0 Jacket is a perfect pick when it comes to the best motorcycle women’s jacket. And I can bet there are many reasons to love this fantastic kit.

 With a two-color model that suggests variety, Joe Rocket manufactures this model to attract women in every way. It comes in black and pink colors which make it an attractive model for women. Pink is naturally one of the women’s choice colors.

Besides, the outer shell of this jacket is made from sanitized Rock Tex Hitena material, a brand known for its top-quality tensile strength and great stretchiness. It makes the Joe Rocket Women’s Jacket ideal when it comes to a model that has a high resistance to water retention.

The shoulders, spines, and elbows are adequately shelled with CE-approved armor which is also accessible from the outside. With this armor on, riders don’t have to worry about impact in the event of a crash. One other thing that sets Joe Rocket ahead of other brands is that the spine’s armor of its models is detachable from the jacket. In this way, you can wash and clean up the stain.

The ventilation system of the jacket is top-quality, given its variable nature. Plus, the vent is also equipped with waterproof zippers that won’t snag or wear out quickly. The back of the jacket is also integrated with full flex expansion panels.

The final point to note about the Joe Rocket Women’s Atomic 5.0 Jacket comes at a reasonable and affordable price.

9. Levi’s Women’s Motocross Racer Jacket 

Levi's Women's Motocross Racer Jacket

Levi is not a not-too-known name when it comes to the fashion and safety gear market. It’ll be meant to mention the top 10 best women’s motorcycle jacket brands without Levis on the list. Its 100% Polyurethane jacket is a confirmation of the incredible quality this brand brags.

Levi’s Women’s Motorcycle Racer Jacket is manufactured with 100% Polyurethane material. It is the best option if you’re looking for a jacket that boasts excellent resistance to abrasion and tear as well as a higher capacity to carry multiple small devices in its pockets.

Plus, in the event of a crash, this jacket has superior impact resistance. On top of that, this jacket is machine washable.

The Levi’s Women’s Motocross Racer Jacket features amazing elastic memory and excellent wear resistance properties, thanks to its imported faux leather material. You don’t have to worry that the pockets will tear when you stow your items into them.

There is also a zipper closure that makes sure your items stay safe and secure as you toss them gently into the pockets and ride on those bumpy roads.

Besides, the jacket features multiple pockets, which include the front chest zipper closure and two other waist pockets at the lower end of the coat. It will allow you ample freedom to take along with your many portable items.

The look of the Levi’s Women’s Motocross Racer Jacket is stylish thanks to its branded collar, which pairs diamond detailing panels. There are also adjustable zipper cuffs to offer comfort and style.

Overall, this is a versatile jacket that can be worn for racing and office use.

10. Alpinestars Women’s Vika V2 Street Motorcycle Jacket

Alpinestars Women's Vika V2 Street Motorcycle Jacket

Alpinestars makes its second appearance on our list with the Women’s Vika V2 Street Motorcycle Jacket. It is a superior jacket in many respects.

It comes as a high-performance jacket with its cutting edge safety and protection that it guarantees, thanks to the incorporated aramid elastic panels. This durable synthetic fiber material makes this jacket resistant to the summer heat and so protects you from the scorching sun and heat.

More so, the imported aramid material brags great stretchiness and elasticity, which helps to enhance the form of the jacket and offers boosted fit. Plus, maneuverability is also easy with this jacket model. The jacket’s full-grain leather material is supple and lush to touch.

The CE-approved Women’s Vika V2 Street Motorcycle Jacket is also integrated with an internal waist zipper which makes it compatible with the popular VIKA Pant. The elbows, shoulders, and spines of the jacket are strongly armored to ensure maximum impact protection in the event of an accident.

Buyers Guide for Women’s Jackets

You must consider certain factors before you buy a motorcycle jacket for your lady:

Ventilation System

The best jacket for women must have an excellent vent system. Venting helps to keep you fresh during the hot summer and protects you against harsh weather during the winter cold.


The presence of multiple pockets in your jackets is significant because inner and outer pockets will help you keep small items with you while riding. Your phones, headphones, keys, wallets shouldn’t constitute distraction while riding and handling the handlebars.

Removable Liner

Keeping your jacket clean, neat, fresh, and washed will mean that it comes with a removable liner. Machine washable jackets are better options.

Stretch Panels

If your jacket is built with stretch panels which often feature at the elbow and shoulder regions, you have more control over it. It’ll also be flexible and easy to maneuver.

Material of Build

Jackets are made of textile or leather. You have to choose which is best for you. But it has been recommended that women should go for a leather motorcycle jacket to guarantee optimal protection.

Frequently Asked Questions  

Q: What is the best price for a woman’s motorcycle jacket?

Well, it depends on the model and brand. It’s better to turn your focus away from the price. You need protection when you put on your jacket, but quality comes with a price. Most times, pricey jackets guarantee better built and excellent quality. Focus more on durability than on price.

Q: Should I look for a ladies’ jacket that comes with a protective armor?

Whether in the form of foamy or hard plastic inserts, protective shells can protect your body, especially your spines, elbows, and shoulders, in the event of a crash. While it may not be a legal requirement for CE approval, getting a jacket’s protective shell is a great idea.

Whether in the form of foamy or hard plastic inserts, protective shells can protect your body, especially your spines, elbows, and shoulders, in the event of a crash. While it may not be a legal requirement for CE approval, getting a jacket’s protective shell is a great idea.


It’s time to take action and buy the best women’s motorcycle jackets from the list here, and you can always have something to take home and show your lady. 

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