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Biltwell Lane Splitter Helmet Review

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As the owner of an e-store or brick-and-mortar shop dealing in the helmets business, who always desires the best products to be supplied to your store, how many times have you heard of the Lane Splitter Helmet gloss black but ignored? Even as a user, have you ever felt unsafe when riding a scooter with a rickety, poorly-made and insecure helmet?  

The story is always cool when you have a helmet that offers value. So why not go revisit the Lane Splitter Helmet Gloss Black? It is one of the best helmets made to provide security and protection against those ugly falls, scrapes, and bruises that often may scare tourists away from the Vietnamese motorbikes. 

If you want to know why the supply order has increased for Biltwell Lane Splitter Helmet Gloss Black, a product that meets DOT and ECE safety standards, here are the reasons:

Safety is Guaranteed During Rides

With a Lane Splitter helmet glossing black on, you’re sure of your safety. You don’t have to be heavy up there while scooting. It comes lightweight despite having an outer shell made of injection-molding ABS. Plus, it features an injection-molding anti-scratch polycarbonate aluminum hinge that provides a shield and cover for the eye-port. 

What’s more, the Lane Splitter helmet gloss black is lined with adequate interior hand-stitched padding, including cheek and chin bar cushions that give comfort and safety.

Comfort is the Trademark

You don’t have to fear long distant rides because your shoulders are guided with the Lane Splitter helmet. The weight is balanced and gives no fatigue to the neck and shoulders. It is in full tuck, stands in an upright position and sits well on the head. This helmet breathes comfort with great interior cheek pads. 

The three-piece Expanded Polystyrene safety (EPS) liner is designed to absorb shock. The helmet also comes with mesh audio pockets in the ear recesses to aid communications. The helmet’s chin strap is designed with replaceable and removable hand-strewn brushed fleece Lycra liner as well as adjustable end trainer to absorb perspiration and give comfort.

Easy to Set Up, Use and Wash

Another thing you find extremely perfect about the Lane Splitter helmet is the installation, which is simple and a super-easy cleaning process. The optics are accurate, with simple aluminum hinge mechanics perfect for easy removal and high design. The left side brass peg and hole are set up in such a way that the loosening, cleaning or coupling of the device is super-fast and seamless.

Incredible Design

The amazing design of the Lane Splitter helmet starts with the glossy texture of the device. The shiny gloss black is out of this world. From the hand-painted finish to the anti-fog and anti-scratch polycarbonate shields, Biltwell cannot stop wowing his numerous customers.  

What about the generous front and side vents in the chin bar that cools off airflow and allows hot air to escape? The brushed Lycra liner contrasts with the diamond-stitched quilted open-cell foam cushion. 

Fits for Different Sizes and Purposes

The Lane Splitter Helmet gloss black features different sizes and can be used for different purposes. So, you wouldn’t have to struggle for a helmet. Just because the size you’re using is medium doesn’t mean you won’t get one for your uncle who has amassed fat. The helmet comes in medium and larger in some and in smaller sizes in another. Similarly, whether you are a professional motorbike rider or just want a leisure outing with a scooter, the Lane Splitter helmet serves your purpose.

Competitively Affordable

Whether you’re a low-budget spender or a high-end income earner, you can always get a Lane Splitter helmet at a very competitively affordable and budget-friendly price. Never mind the money-spinning yet low-value helmets out there. Biltwell has a Lane Splitter helmet glossed black up for grabs at $249.99 on Ramet Racing (Ramjet Racing has the majority of the Phoenix Market Covered When It Comes To Motorcycle Parts).

Gloss Black Biltwell Helmet


  • Guarantee safety and comfort
  • Easy to use and install
  • Lightweight and machine washable 
  • Stands upright and balances on the shoulders and neck
  • Adequately cushioned chin bars and cheek pads
  • Molded urethane chin bar pad vents to cool airflow
  • Communication is seamless 
  • Budget-friendly

Conclusion: What are you waiting for? Hurry up now and get one Lane Splitter helmet gloss black for yourself? Meanwhile, before buying or using the Lane Splitter helmet gloss black or any other helmet for that matter, it is advisable to consult a professional to know which size is great for your use. While buying your Lane Splitter helmet, Biltwell offers cheek pads of various sizes and shapes. That way, you can customize and fine-tune your fits. 

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