Black Friday Deals on Bike Helmets in 2020

Black Friday Bike Helmets Deals

If you are a motorcyclist, then you must recognize that having a helmet is very important. This is because fun comes second to safety at all times; it is imperative that every rider always puts on a helmet irrespective of seasons and traffic.

It is what keeps you safe and could protect you from major injuries during accidents. Bike helmets are however not cheap, especially with the many features that come with the new helmets. That is why many riders always watch out for Black Friday bike helmets deal, and it is that time of the year again. Discounts and price slashes are available on bike helmets and below are some of them.

1. TeamObsidian Airflow Bike Helmet

Original Price: $104.99
Black Friday Price: $73.97

This bike helmet is CPSC certified to keep you safe; it comes with shock absorption technology and air vents that allow you to breathe comfortably all day long in the helmet. It is also quite lightweight and comes with a detachable visor that protects your eyes from different elements.

This helmet is designed comfortable with cushioned chip straps and washable pads; the straps allow the rider to adjust it to a suitable fit. The TeamObsidian helmet ensures you are safe at all times with its superior technology. This is the best deal for protection and impact resistance.


2. Adult Bike Helmet

Original Price: $28.99
Black Friday Price: $26.99

This helmet is designed with PC shells and multi-density foams that are combined tightly in order to strengthen the helmet and its safety performance.

It also comes with a detachable visor that can be used as sunglasses to protect your eyes from different elements like wind, sun, sand, and rain.

To make it quite comfortable for the wearer, this helmet is designed to light and comes with LED lights for visibility and safety at night. It’s solid and reduces the impact in the event of any crash.


3. Base Camp Adult Bike Helmet

Original Price: $69.99
Black Friday Price: $39.96

Black Friday Deals on Bike helmets offer shoppers the opportunity to invest little on a Base camp bike helmet, one of the highly sought-after motorcycle helmets on the market.

A classic helmet to try out is the Base Camp bike helmet; it is best for urban riders, and it comes with a detachable cycling cap-style visor that protects your eyes and face and reflects your style without affecting your ventilation.

It is made with PC shells in order to keep your head safe and can be easily adjusted with the straps to an ideal fit. You won’t feel any discomfort even if this helmet stays on your noggin for hours.


Final Thoughts

The importance of helmets cannot be overemphasized as it is what keeps your skull safe in the face of an incident. If you have an old helmet and would like to replace it or you simply want an upgrade. Black Friday deals on Bike Helmets give you the opportunity to get it done and save some dollars while at it.