Black Friday Deals on Camping Tents in 2020

Black Friday Deals on Camping Tents

For the camping enthusiasts, nothing makes a camping experience more complete, like having a suitable camping tent. Depending on how you want your camping to turn out and the number of people accompanying you, you might want to consider the type of camping tent that will be best for you.

There are so many options available for you to pick from, and this can be tricky at times, but we’ve got you covered this Black Friday season. We won’t just give you some of the best camping tents available on the market; we will also get you the best deals to capitalize on to make your camping experience a memorable one.

1. Coleman Camping Tent (8-person capacity)

Original Price: $219.99
Black Friday Deal: $157.69

The Coleman Camping Tent for eight persons is the perfect home base tent that will make your family camping experience awesome.

It is made with a weather Tec system and a patented welded floor that will help keep you dry and comfy in a rainy situation.

The windows are structured to stay open even when it is raining without letting water in. A structured hinged door is in place for easy movements in and out of the tent.


2. Wendzel 8-Person Klondike Camping Tent

Original Price: $249.99
Black Friday Deal: $181.46

You can save up to $68 if you have a knack for a camping tent that features high airflow. Thanks to its incredible mesh roof vents, this tent will boast great ventilation for all eight people it accommodates. When it comes to an ideal camping tent that sets the pace for others to follow, the Klondike Camping Tent is just the product.

The weather-protected fabric it is made from will protect you and your entire family from rainy, sunny, and windy climatic conditions. The rooms are quite spacious enough. One can accommodate two queen airbeds, while the other can serve as a convertible screen room.


3. 2-Person Camping Tent from Forceatt

Original Price: $89.99
Black Friday Deal: $84.99

This two-person tent is a perfect choice for those going camping alone or as a couple. The tent is very compact and has a wide mesh door for movements in and out of the tent. It also comes with a sound ventilation system and waterproof rain fly material for rainy conditions.

This easy-to-install camping tent features 7001 series aluminum metal poles and wind-resistant reflective string.  With a weight of 5.5 pounds, this is sturdy and strong enough to camp as many as two people.

It comes with a petty mesh fabric window that helps to enhance the camper’s comfort, breathability, and safety. You can be sure of enough airflow to prevent the buildup of condensation.  


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Final Thoughts

It’s going to be a great camping experience if you’re fully prepared. You just can’t tell when the thought of camping might pop up on your mind. Why not take advantage of this Black Friday season to get some of the best camping tent deals in 2020? You can start with the ones listed in this review.