Black Friday Chain Saw

Black Friday Deals on Chainsaws

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Whether it’s powered by a battery, electricity, or gasoline, a chainsaw typically comes a bit pricey. But with Black Friday Deals on Chainsaw, you can always get the best product on the market that will fit your budget.

This yearly price-cutting event offers opportunities for low- and medium-income shoppers to have their say in the market despite their low budgets. The 2020 Black Friday deals come at no better time than now when you can buy the best chainsaw at a great price.

Cutting firebreaks, pruning, felling, harvesting of firewood, and bucking becomes easier as you smile home with a top-quality chainsaw.

Are you in need of a chainsaw and want to participate in this year’s Black Friday deals? Let’s take a look at the top three best chainsaws that come as a gift.

1. Black+Decker 40V Cordless Chainsaw

Original Price: under $200
Black Friday Price: check pricing

Do you plan to save up to $30 off buying a chainsaw as you look to fall or prune those obstructing trees? What you need is the Black+Decker Cordless Chainsaw. It features a 40V Lithium-Ion battery that ensures its durability, extended lifespan, and longer runtime.

There are an automatic oiling system and a 12-inch superior chain and bar for optimum performance. It is a great tool for cutting fallen limbs, felling trees, and pruning branches. It comes with tool-less chain tensioning to ensure you can easily and quickly adjust your chain system. The handle is wrapped for comfortable operation and ensuring different cutting orientations.


2. CRAFTSMAN 16 Electric Chainsaw

Original Price: under $100
Black Friday Price: check pricing

The chainsaw is both powerful and high-performance and it comes at a great price at this year’s Black Friday Deals on chainsaws. Originally sold for $84, this combo kit from Craftsman Store will be up for sales with a discount of 9%.

It features a 12-amp motor, making it one of the high-performance chainsaws that guarantee tough cuts. Besides, the 16-inch dimension of the tool ensures there’s a low kickback bar and chain.

What’s more, this chainsaw features an automatic oiling system to ensure that its oil window doesn’t require you to prime it. The tool-free chain tensioning is a great feature for chain adjustment and cutting trees and branches. It comes with a 3-year warranty.


3. Greenworks 12-inch 40V Cordless Chainsaw

Original Price: under $200
Black Friday Price: check pricing

With more than $23 off if you buy the chainsaw on Black Friday Deals, you can be sure you have one of the best machines on the market at a great price. It is powered by a 40V Lithium-Ion Battery to deliver incredible power when pruning, cutting, or felling branches. It also ensures an extended lifespan. 

The chainsaw boasts of a 12-inch steel chain and bar that works on a tool-free chain tensioning system. This helps with easy operation and performance. You don’t have to be afraid of any form of kickback because there’s a 3/8 chain pitch that offers smooth trimming and cutting. 

Other features include an automatic oiling system for durability and optimal performance. The translucent oil tank provides the operator with a level-plain view of the oil level.


Final Thoughts

Black Friday deals on chainsaws don’t get more exciting than this. If you can jump at any of the three top-quality brands here, you won’t go wrong. They are high-performance and powerful tools and Black Friday confer on them a great chance for low-income shoppers to buy them.

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