Black Friday Deals on Dirt Bike Gear

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Dirt bikes are lots of fun; they allow you to have all the smooth experiences you need riding through trails. As exciting as dirt bikes can be, there is still a need for caution and staying safe as you discover new trails to explore. Keeping your dirt bike safe and yourself while riding is imperative, and this can only be achieved by exploring the different dirt bike gears in the market.

Most times, people make a list of dirt bike gears and never get to it because of the high prices it comes with. Luckily for you, Christmas is coming early with Black Friday deals on dirt bike gear.

These ways, you can purchase protective gear and accessories for your comfort and safety and get them at half their prices. To help you along, we’ve compiled some of the best Black Friday deals on Dirt Bike gear for your convenience; let’s check them out.

1. Fox Racing 2019 Vue Goggle

Original Price: over $100
Black Friday PriceCheck Amazon

Save up to 60% when you buy the Fox Racing Dirt Bike Gear on Black Friday Deals. With this Fox Racing 2019 Vue Goggle, you can explore the possibilities set out in front of you. These goggles offer you a fantastic clear vision and come with a turn-to-release system that allows you to switch the lenses off whenever you want. 

These goggles are also designed to stay comfortable on your face with three-layer molded face foam on each side. For venting, these Fox Racing Vue goggles come with 360 venting that decreases any chance of fogging and help keep the rider cool.


There are straps attached that help hold the goggles in place as you speed through. These goggles are top quality and therefore quite pricey, but now you can add them to your dirt bike gear collection with a remarkable price slash. 

2. Shift MX Blue Label Risen 2.0 LE Jersey and Pant Combo

Original Price: over $300
Black Friday PriceCheck on Amazon

Shift MX remains one of the leading manufacturers of motorcycle accessories, including gear, boots, and helmets. You can only be amazed if you buy this gear combo on Black Friday deals at such a reasonable price.

This Shift MX dirt bike protective clothing gear is as minimal as we would like it; it is athletic in design and comes with a wrist opening that prevents any form of restriction while riding. Designed with TRUDRI fibers, this jersey is lightweight and comes with perforated slips that ensure rapid wicking so that riders can stay dry and comfy throughout the ride. 

The pants are quite breathable and quite fitting as well; the nylon chassis material used ensures free movement and reduction of weight while riders are on the bike. It also reduces drag that might affect the rider’s mobility while riding; it is lightweight and comes with an ankle design that minimizes cuff constraints.



Original Price: over $400
Black Friday Price: check Amazon

Helmets are essential for safety as they prevent any form of head injury; this is why the 6D – ATR-1 Flight Helmet is a top consideration on our list. It is designed with patented ODS technology, which blends aerospace carbon fiber with Kevlar and composite fiberglass to ensure the durability and safety of dirt bike riders. 

It also comes with a cheek pad release for an emergency as well as sternum pads for the protection of the rider’s sternum, chin, and jaw. With this helmet, riders are assured of ample protection for their head in the case of an accident and can now ride confidently on their dirt bike. It comes at a discounted price that makes the investment in your safety even more worth it.


Final Thoughts

Dirt bikes are a lot of fun, but the best way to have fun is to put on the best dirt bike gear, so you are assured of your safety as you enjoy your outdoor activities. Black Friday deals on dirt bike gear give riders the opportunity to purchase dirt bike gear of excellent quality at affordable prices. 

Riders will no longer have to settle for low-quality dirt bike gear as Black Friday deals give riders the chance to get the gear at affordable prices. Staying safe is imperative, and Black Friday deals on dirt bike gear offer you the chance to do just that within your budget. You can buy at an incredible price cut if you buy on Black Friday deals. 

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