Black Friday Motorcycle Clothing Deals

Black Friday Deals on Motorcycle Clothing

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Motorcycle clothing, whether they’re jackets or chest protectors, is known for incredible protection and optimal performance. Especially when you need them to protect your body from the elements, including snow, cold, low temperatures, and winter shenanigans, motorcycle jackets can be very useful.

Typically, these safety gear are costly but with Black Friday deals on motorcycle clothing, rest assured you can pick the best item at a great price. An awesome combination of motorcycle clothing offers maximum protection, especially if you live in areas with a lot of snowfall.

Let’s take a look at the top three motorcycle clothing with a large of discounts during this year’s holiday deals.  

1. Leatt GPX 5.5 Enduro Jacket

Original Price: under $300
Black Friday Price: check price

Discounted from the original price of $299.99 to a giveaway Black Friday price of $90, the lightweight, waterproof, and durable Leatt GPX Enduro Jacket makes the list of the best items to pick on Black Friday deals on motorcycle clothing.

Designed with a water-resistant and durable Spandura shell, the Leatt features incredibly solid stretch panels. Thanks to its pre-curved zip-off arms plus the roomy zip-adjustable areas, the jacket boasts enough airflow and ventilation. 

There is an inner 3-liter deep hydration pocket that’s suspended by the bladder system. It features a total of 9 pockets to store your accessories and handheld devices. These pockets include one touch-screen and five waterproof pockets.

Plus, the multi-row stitching is a highly reinforced one. This jacket is both useful to on- and off-road riders. Interestingly, with its elbow brush shield, riders won’t need to use any elbow, spine, or shoulder armor.


2. Bull-it SR6 Cargo Easy Jeans

Original Price: under $200
Black Friday Price: check price

Enter the Black Friday market with all eyes on this top-quality riding wear. Built for a straight, slim design, the abrasion-resistant Cargo is made of 12.5oz nylon material and 690% of the Covec internal layer. 

Feature multiple pockets to store your devices and other small-sized and medium-weight accessories. It also features the front zipper of YKK locking system, a thermal barrier to prevent heat transfer on the road. 


3. Leatt Talon 2.5 Chest Protector

Original Price: under $120
Black Friday Price: check price

Most shoppers know that Leatt Talon products are hard to come by easily. Despite its costly nature in the regular season, the Leatt Talon chest protector is always in very high demand. If you can save 30% of your purchasing cost (amounting to $36) on this product during Black Friday deals on motorcycle clothing, why not take advantage?

This CE-certified chest protector comes with a sturdy hardshell with a fully padded bottom layer to ensure riders are protected. Plus, it features a 3D design to provide amazing comfort and a great fit.

The lightweight protector (1.4lbs) is also close to the chest, making it fit to allow riders to wear jerseys or beeps under or over it. It features rear and front recess areas that are integrated with the custom Leatt neck support. Overall, it comes with an adjustable waist strapping system that ensures a secure fit. 


Other Black Friday Deals

Why won’t you participate in this year’s Black Friday deals on motorcycle clothing are offering? The best time to have all the expensive products at a good price is now. Don’t take a chance. Your safety is the number one thing to consider before you hop on a bike.

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