Black Friday Deals on Motorcycle GPS in 2020

Black Friday Motorcycle GPS Deals

When you visit a new location, it is always best to have a good navigation tool in place, so you don’t get lost or have to stop many times to ask for help. This is where a GPS comes into place, and instead of relying on your smartphone when riding your motorcycle, which could be dangerous, you can simply buy a motorcycle GPS and never get lost again.

The best GPS navigation systems are on the pricey side, but your timing is perfect with Black Friday Motorcycle GPS deals in the market today. Black Friday allows you to get a top-quality GPS at an affordable price and below are some of them.

1. Tom Tom Go Comfort 6 Inch GPS Navigation Device

Original Price: $199.99
Black Friday Price: $159.99

You can save up to 20% if you go for this navigation device during Black Friday Deals on Motorcycle GPS.

This is a motorcycle GPS that gives you everything you need to know while going on a long trip; it is equipped to provide you with real-time traffic updates and suggest new fast routes for you.

You can also connect this GPS device to your smartphone if you want your messages to read out loud to you. There is also in-built WiFi for you to get updates on maps and new speed limits as you go on trips.


2. Garmin Zumo 595LM

Original Price: $569.99
Black Friday Price: $464.95

This is among the best motorcycle GPS in the market today, and you can get it for an affordable price with the Black Friday deal. It is ideal for hardcore bike riders and comes with many top features.

This GPS allows you to play music as you take a ride on your motorcycle and a 5-inch monitor that is glare resistant to ensure that the rider sees clearly at all times. You can link this GPS to your phone and be alerted when you have a call or a text; a warning is also provided for sharp curves and offers advice on the best routes to your destination.


3. Garmin Zumo 390 LMT-S Motorcycle GPS

Original Price: $399.99
Black Friday Price: $288.84

Any motorcycle accessory buyer will agree that Garmin Zumo is a brand to beat when it comes to top-quality products. A tough GPS built for harsh weather is the Garmin Zumo 390LMT Motorcycle GPS; it comes with a sunlight-readable screen which also has a white backlight.

This screen is designed waterproof in case of unforeseen weather conditions and is also resistant to UV rays and fuel vapors. Riders get updated maps and Bluetooth that allows you to have control of your phone as you ride. Directions are spoken into your headset, so you don’t have to keep looking and instead, focus on the road ahead.


Other Black Friday Deals

A Motorcycle GPS makes the ride more fun and makes navigation through unknown roads much easier. To escape the costly experience of buying a top-notch Motorcycle GPS, it is best to buy it during Black Friday so that it can fall within your price range without you needing to compromise on the quality.