Black Friday Deals on Motorcycle Helmets in 2020

Black Friday Motorcycle Helmet

Most people would argue that riding a motorcycle is like taking a risk, and while that may be true to an extent, your life is not to be risked. As dangerous as motorcycle riding can be, there are preventive measures we can take to ensure our safety as we enjoy an exhilarating ride on our motorcycle. There are so many protective gear products being manufactured for motorcyclists to ensure their safety, and one of those is the motorcycle helmet.

Motorcycle helmets keep your head safe during an accident from life-threatening impact, and they’re also quite cool to put on. Many amazing motorcycle helmets in the market are on the pricey side, which makes many motorcyclists settle for fairly used and low-quality helmets. Thanks to Black Friday deals, you can finally purchase that motorcycle helmet on your list without breaking the bank.

To help you make your choice more easily and narrow your search for the best motorcycle helmets on the market, we’ve come up with Black Friday deals on motorcycle helmets that you can take advantage of while the offer lasts. Let’s dive in.

1. Shoei RF-1200 Motorcycle Helmet

Original Price: $589.99
Black Friday Deal: $469.99

Shoei is not a brand not worth having at least one of its products in your garage. So, if you can save a lot of money on buying this motorcycle helmet from Shoei, it is worth the investment. This is all a motorcyclist needs in a helmet; it is lightweight and therefore allows riders to put it on comfortably on a long trip and gives you all the protection you need. 

It is full-faced, and while it is fitting, it is also breathable as it comes with a breath guard ventilation system that prevents the screen from fogging up because of your breath.


This way, you can maintain your vision and stay as safe as you ride. The motorcyclist’s helmet also helps reduce noise and the wind inflow that could be quite distracting. Another thing we love about this motorcycle helmet that makes it a top pick during Black Friday is the max-dry material that helps to absorb sweat as the cyclist rides; this ensures you stay dry and comfortable throughout the ride.

2. HJC IS-Max 2 Modular Helmet

Original Price: $164.99
Black Friday Deal: $148.48

HJC helmet comes in handy when it comes to all the features you need in modular head gear. With the Max 2 helmet, you will save some bucks. This is another top helmet to check out during the Black Friday season and comes with all the top features a rider looks out for in a helmet. It offers each motorcyclist a comfortable, glare-free, and exciting ride at all times. 

This helmet is quite light and comes in an oval shape designed to fit all head types; the material used is advanced polycarbonate shells that ensures you get much-needed protection at all times. 

Like all top-quality helmets, the HJC IS-Max 2 Helmet comes with a Pinlock face shield that protects your vision from UV rays; it also features a ventilation system that allows airflow through the back and the front of the shield.


3. Icon Variant Quicksilver Helmet

Original Price: $400.00
Black Friday Deal: $189.99

Icon Variant walks into Black Friday deals with its heads up. A cool and safe helmet to try out is the Icon Variant Quicksilver; it is designed to reflect the rider and comes with just enough shine to make you stand out amongst others. 

We love this Quicksilver helmet because the designs are all unique, and no two are the same; it is perfect for off-road and mountain riding. Designed with fiberglass/Carbon matrix, this helmet is durable and also ensures enough ventilation that keeps the rider comfortable and fatigue at bay. It also comes with an anti-lift visor that prevents glare from UV rays and also offers the rider clear visuals. 


Final Thoughts

I know; we are all stunned at the amazing offers for these top-notch helmets, and since we’re clear on the benefits of wearing motorcycle gear and helmet, there should be no delay as you grab one of these fantastic helmets at these incredible prices. 

Remember that helmets protect your head in accidents and reduce the risk of sustaining a significant head injury while riding. With one of these motorcycle helmets, you can now ride with confidence, knowing that your head is protected at all times, and what better time to grab one of the coolest helmets than when it is at half the price?