Black Friday Deals on Pressure Washer

Black Friday Deals on Pressure Washers

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If you’ve ever seen a pressure washer in action, you’ll marvel at the way it transforms something dirty into something spotless in a matter of seconds. Trust me; nothing gives maximum washing satisfaction like a pressure washer.

It is one of the best power tools one should have at home. To make sure you get one of the best pressure washers to carry out whatever project you have in mind, we’ve taken out time to bring you the best pressure washers with the best Black Friday deals in this review. As product experts, we want you to consider these options.

1. SIMPSON Cleaning Pressure Washer (CM60912)

Original Price: under $300
Black Friday Pricecheck pricing

This product is a powerful compact gas pressure washer that guarantees a perfect washing experience. It comes with a spray gun, 3 spray nozzles, and a 149cc OHV engine with significant recoil. Powered by gasoline, the pressure washer is easy to operate and assemble.

The gun is ergonomically designed to ensure users enjoy full comfort and control of their washer. Plus, it features a threaded M22 connection. Maneuverability is very efficient due to the strong wheels they possess.


The frame is made of steel construction to confer durability and extended lifespan on the product. Besides, the space-efficient, fold-down handle ensures convenience and easy storage in a small space. There’s a residual fuel made of aluminum material.

2. Champion 2.4GPM Dolly Style Pressure Washer (3200-PSI)

Original Price: under $600
Black Friday Pricecheck pricing

The Champion 2.4GPM Dolly Style Pressure Washer (3200-PSI) is a pressure washer that combines quality features to deliver highly efficient cleaning results. Whichever cleaning project you plan to embark on, this pressure washer is quite capable and equal to the task.

The product comes with 5 spray nozzles, including 0 degrees, 15 degrees, 25 degrees, 40 degrees, and Soap, respectively. These spray nozzles are to ensure that the result of every cleaning is perfect. The 12-inch tires they come with provide easy mobility, and they’ll never go flat for any reason.


3. Simpson MegaShot Pressure Washer(MSH3125)

Original Price: under $420
Black Friday Price: check pricing

The Simpson Mega shot Pressure Washer (MSH3125) is another pressure washer that’s powered by gasoline. You won’t have difficulty using or operating the machine. It is a perfect product for homeowners because it is the perfect product for cleaning your driveways and trucks.

The high-performance rate of this product is no surprise because it comes with a GC19O engine from Honda, 5 spray nozzles, a spray gun, and 10 inches wheel for mobility and maneuverability. Like its counterpart from Simpson, the product features a frame made of welded steel.


Final Thoughts

Getting a power pressure washer for intense cleaning and washing in your home is very important. You might want to wash your driveway, Truck, and other pieces of equipment; a pressure washer will get the job done efficiently in no time. Be sure to add one of the options in this review to your Black Friday shopping plan to get the best deal available.

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