Black Friday Tires

Black Friday Deals on Tires

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As vehicle owners and riders, what shall we do without tires? Those good old boys enclosing the wheels of your favorite car have done more than you give them credit for. Their dutiful surfaces are always in contact with the roads as you drive your vehicle. They absorb much shock and withstand recurring friction allowing you a safe and steady cruise in your car.  

With continuous use, these tires begin to wear out, and if luck isn’t on your side, an accident could result from these ‘worn-out soldiers.’ This is why you seriously need to consider some of our Black Friday Deals on Tires.

1. Cooper Cobra GT All-Season Radial Tire

Original Price: under $200
Black Friday Price: check pricing

Getting the best tires for your vehicle at a good price can only come on Black Friday. Cooper Cobra has been a leader in the industry for a while. This Copper Cobra GT tire weighs 15.4 pounds each. Together, however, they could raise a car weighing 1885 pounds.

Not minding that the threads in this wire are 10.5 32nds thick, they also possess a unique tread wear indicator that informs you when a tire is worn. All these ensure that your safety is guaranteed. The rim width and rim diameter are 15 inches, giving the tires a firm grip on the road surfaces.


2. Cooper Tire Discoverer HT3 All-Season Tires

Black Friday Price: check pricing

Cooper will always come ahead when it comes to manufacturers with products that will feature on Black Friday. With the Cooper Tire Discoverer All-Season Tires, you have a great interface between your vehicle and the road.

These 36.5 pound Copper hotties were constructed to withstand abnormal wear and tears. These tires are strong enough to overcome any climatic challenges, and they can also carry any vehicle that weighs as much as 3195 pounds.

To ensure control is easier, the rim width is just 7 inches. The tires also have a rim diameter of 16 inches, and a brilliant surface finishing patterned like running threads. They’re built to enhance performance, handling, and traction.


3. Cooper Evolution M/T All-Season

Black Friday Price: check pricing

Cooper Evolution Tires are a set of vehicle tires that will make your cars steady, balanced, and stable on the road.

These tires are incredibly studdable for enhanced and extra traction, especially when you drive under extreme winter weather conditions.

These Evolution M/T tires weighed 60.7 pounds and are built to resist severe winter conditions and debris from a heavy mudflow. Copper Evolution has a rim diameter of 15 inches and can lift a load of 2535 pounds.


Final Thoughts

The new year will come with its bills, so these Black Friday on Tires deals are timely. Such that you would be able to get your much-desired product and save a few dollars for other needs.

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