Black Friday Deals on Winter Tires in 2020

Black Friday Deals on Winter Tires

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Professional drivers will tell you that a car is only as good as the tires underneath it. If the rest of your car is in top condition and has the best system in place, it would still be worth nothing without the right tires in place. While there are tires for other seasons, there are special sets of Black Friday tires that are ideal for winter. Black Friday Winter tires are specially engineered tires that are designed to excel in hard road conditions and tread through water, slush, salt, and different levels of snow.

This is why winter tires are quite expensive; because of their extreme designs, which separate them from summer tires. The treads on winter tires are designed to shovel and pump snow and water out of the way while still maintaining a firm grip that helps you maintain the right direction. Holiday cheers are coming early with Black Friday around the corner. With it comes amazing discounts on winter tires.

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Now you can purchase winter tires ahead of winter. You need to get prepared for winter because it’s coming is a bang. With the many available choices, you can pick the right choice for your vehicle and avoid being stuck at home during the winter times. Below are some of the Cyber Monday deals on winter tires you can take advantage of.

  • SUMITOMO Ice Edge Snow Radial Tire-215/60R16 95T (EDG48) – check price
  • Cooper Evolution Winter 215/70R15 98T Tire – check price
  • Sumitomo Ice Edge Studable-Winter Radial Tire – 225/65R17 102T – check price

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