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What is Car Detailing? A Beginners Guide

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What is car detailing? This is one question most car owners find hard to answer. Maybe it shouldn’t be their headache. After all, the concern of many drivers is to start the car, drive off, and return home safely. 

Car Detailing is a total clean of your car’s interior and exterior. There’re many different advantages to auto detailing as well. No doubt, there is a lot of confusion about what auto detailing is. Many people mistake auto detailing with cash wash. Well, the confusion will end here once you can spare some minutes to read this piece. 

In this article, we shall straighten out every confusion you have about auto detailing. We shall be doing this as simple as possible to help newbies in the automobile, as well as beginner car owners and drivers can follow through. Let’s dive in.

What is Car Detailing?

In the simplest terms, auto detailing entails a total clean-up of your car’s interior and exterior. This type of clean-up doesn’t just stop at using clean running water, car wash soap, and the other basic tools. 

Car detailing does the type of wash that entails the use of other additional types of equipment and products to ‘modify’ or brighten the vehicle’s aesthetic appearance. Such that after a thorough car detailing session, your car looks as beautiful as that girl you are crushing on.

What Are the Steps in Auto Detailing?

There are two basic phases in auto detailing; the interior and exterior phases

  • Exterior Car Detailing

The detailer begins by washing the body of the car, then brushes away dust and dirt off the wheels which are by far the dirtiest parts of the vehicle.

The detailer washes and clays the vehicles paint to eject strongly attached dirt.

The paint is polished after the claying to shine it up and remove swirl marks or scratches. This is the most time-consuming process in a detail session. The windows are polished at this point also

Using durable Carnauba wax, the paint is waxed for protection and shine. 

  • Interior Car Detailing

The inside of the car is scrubbed, vacuumed, conditioned and shampooed to evacuate germ, dirt and unpleasant odors.

Advantages of Detailing Your Car

There are a lot of pros of detailing your vehicle. The vehicle needs much care as much as the human body. Here are a few of the advantages of auto detailing:

  • Protection against the elements

One of the benefits of auto detailing is that it protects your car against the elements. The use ofa wax coating on your car’s body and other external parts will protect the car from rust, corrosion, moisture, and contamination. This benefit is exclusive to auto detailing as it includes the application of a mild chemical to ensure painted surfaces on your car gets adequate protection.

  • Improves Car’s Lifespan

Detailing your car would improve the vehicles life, and make the exterior aesthetics incredibly fashionable. Besides, auto detailing comes with the value that will offer you the pride of cruising around town in a brand-new vehicle.

  • Keeps car in good Condition

Another benefit of detailing your car is that it will restore your car and confer a stand-out look on it among its peers. Rather than thinking of selling your car soon or offering it cheaply, you can regain its value by simply detailing it. 

  • Cost of Car Detailing

The amount you get to pay for a Car detailing session is directly proportional to the size of your car. While detailing an SUV would cost more than detailing a Honda, the price difference wouldn’t be very great though.

To detail, an average-sized car budget about 100 Dollars. While for a truck, Jeep or an SUV keep about 125 Dollars aside. If you would have the detail expert touch up some features like the leather conditioning or remove pet hair, then you would have to keep the dough running.

Detailing versus Car Wash: Differences Explained

The differences between a car wash and car detailing are quite straight forward. The only similarity is that either of them could pass as a pointer to the fact that you care for your car and you want it to be free of germs and dirt.

Car wash is usually very cheap as compared to auto detailing. You normally wouldn’t pay more than 40 USD to wash your car, but when the matter at hand is car detailing, the amount will double that of the car wash.

A Car wash can be done with machines or hands. Either way, the idea is to clean up the visible superficial germs. But with car detailing every inch of your car would be polished till it sparkles.

A Car wash takes only some few minutes to be done, but car detailing is a time-intensive process.

How To Choose Car Detailing Services?

There are so many quality and experienced detail experts that can work with you to detail your car. There are also some inexperienced detailers in the trade, so if you want to get quality work done for the bucks, you are spending then keep the following in mind as you chose a detailer.

  • Reviews from customers

Read up what other previous customers have to say about the service offered by your chosen detailer, honestly bro, it could be a real ‘buck saver.’

  • Services that you desire

Crosscheck the services being rendered by a detailer if they meet up with the type of services you want before meeting them. Some detailers do not offer leather conditioning services, and you may be interested in this service. So, you may have to check elsewhere for someone who can do that for you

  • Cost

Before you go for a detailer, ensure you trust his work well enough so that you do not grumble as you pay his bill.

  • Mobility

If you are an extremely busy person, it would be better to get a detailer who can come to your residence and perform his job. Although this may cost you more, surely it will save you time for other deserving appointments.

Final Thoughts

We have barely introduced this concept of auto detailing, but for beginners, the information contained here should do sufficiently. If you would still want to know more, you could attend seminars and other automotive forums to broaden your horizon on the subject.

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