Why Wrap A Car vs Painting

10 Reasons For Wrapping a Car vs Painting

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Maybe for veteran drivers and car owners, they have a fair idea of what it means to them to wrap their car. Car wrapping is not an idea that many take for granted and won’t bother even to take steps to do. Why do you have to wrap your car? You may want to find out in this post.

Interestingly, we live in a world of seemingly endless options. It happens to be no different when it comes to choosing how to get your vehicle covered. 

What is Car Wrapping?

By car wrap, we mean some layers of vinyl markers placed over your vehicle’s body panels. Car wrap performs several functions on the car, including shielding it from scratch, changing the vehicle’s appearance.

It should be noted that car painting or coating is different from car wrapping because the latter works with easily removable decals. It means, while paint may be tough to remove, these slayers of vinyl covers can be conveniently removed when you want to.

Reasons for Wrapping a Car Over Painting

In recent years, there has been a steady and growing interest in the use of vinyl as a car covering. This unique method offers some really great benefits over regular car paints. 

Listed below are a few of the reasons a lot of people are making the jump to this option are:

1. You can be part of the design

With car wrap, you can let your imagination run wild and free and choose a pattern or hue or shade of color that is uniquely you. It can be soul-elevating when you find your car with an incredibly beautiful look. 

2. Allows for Customization Advertising

Since car wraps can easily be customized to reflect just about anything, they have made it possible for companies to turn their fleet of vehicles into a medium of advertising. This medium is cost-effective and reaches a wider audience. It is also attention-grabbing and has mass appeal.

3. Range of Cheaper Options

Dollar for dollar, car wrap is cheaper than a paint job, although painting is not the same as wrapping. A good quality paint job can go for as much as $6000-$10,000. A good quality vinyl wrap hardly tops the $5,000 mark. what that means is that you don’t have to break the bank to have your car wrapped.

4. Durability

This is probably the most practical reason for getting a car wrap. A well-maintained wrap can actually outlast the car on which it is wrapped. Cool and cost-effective. Great combination if you ask me. You can ask for more tips here and get the best recommendations.

5. Easy to Apply

 A coat of paint can take anywhere between 3 days to 4 weeks but with car wraps application is a lot easier and faster. The flexibility of vinyl makes it easy to be applied on cars and vehicles of all shapes, sizes, and types. 

6. It doesn’t alter Car value

One other reason your car needs wrapping is that it helps to maintain the design, beauty, and appearance of your vehicle. While constant repainting of a car sometimes may reduce its value, vinyl wrapping will both retain and improve the value of your car.

7. Offers Better Wear and Tear Protection

One thing that defaces the look of a car and so reduces the lifespan is wear and tear. Also, getting a ding on a car and chipping off the paint can suddenly make a car less appealing to the eyes. Although not 100% fool-proof, vinyl offers an extra layer of protection against scrapes and scratches and keeps the aesthetics of cars for longer. 

8. Easy to Clean

All a wrapped car needs to become spick and span is simple water and soap via hand washing. However, the water pressure should be below 1800psi and the water temperature less than 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

9. Easy to Change

Are you dissatisfied with your paint job? Did you see the color after the fact and wish it could be just a little lighter or darker? Well, with car wraps, making a quick change, or changing your mind doesn’t have to be a huge cost or inconvenience. Wraps are easy to remove and fit all over again.

10. Perfect Option for Small Businesses

Small businesses with small ad budgets will find using wraps as a viable business tool. It offers a low-cost option that levels the playing field in getting messages out there and since it is almost always local, it is an effective way to reach a targeted audience.

Vinyl Wrapping Vehicle

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does a car wrap last on a car? 

Depending on the person who applies the vinyl chemical, a wrap can last for five to seven years. Maintenance and finish are also important to the lifespan of your car wrap.

Q: Can a wrapped car go through a car wash?

Yes. Preferably, go for hand washing of your car because it is more thorough, safer, and smoother, even though it can be time-consuming. Alternatively, you can choose a car wash that uses water spray and an automated brushless system. this is because the brush can cause lifted edges, scratches, or peeling on the surface of your car body panels. It can also cause some rough patches on the film. 

You can take your car through a car wash. You should make sure that a competent and trained car wrapper handles the entire process.

Q: Can I spray clear coat spray over vinyl? 

Yes. Coat spray applied over vinyl helps to improve the durability of the vinyl.

Final Thoughts

The benefits of the car wrap come in handy for both personal and corporate reasons. It offers unique aesthetics and real measurable value at a fair price. What’s not to love about that, we recommend you give it a go.

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