Oil Pressure

Low Oil Pressure: Light On Dash Guide

Sometimes, your oil pressure sensor seems to be in excellent condition; but your oil pressure light would stop coming on; when you observe this,...
Transmission Fluid Color Means

What Your Transmission Fluid Color Means

Your vehicle’s transmission is quite a crucial part of what gets it on the road. Although the engine is responsible for creating the power...
serpentine belt

What is a Serpentine Belt & When Does It Need To Replaced?

Although people carry out regular maintenance on their vehicle, there is a specific part that they easily overlook, and that is the Serpentine Belt....
Transmission Slipping Symptoms

Transmission Slipping Symptoms: Causes & Reasons

The slipping of your transmission can be a big problem for you, especially if your car comes with an automatic transmission. If you ever...
Brake Caliper Replacement Cost

Brake Caliper Replacement Cost

One of the essential aspects of your vehicle is your brake calipers. These components are in place to ensure your vehicles' safety. Essentially, the...
2020 McLaren GT Review

2020 McLaren GT Review, Pricing & Specs

When we're talking about McLaren Cars, it’s about high performance and excellent efficiency. The 2020 McLaren GT is the definition of decisive acceleration, comfortability,...
engine tune up

What is an Engine Tune-Up?

Owning a car is one thing; ensuring regular maintenance is a different ball game. For a car owner or driver, therefore, the car engine...
Bad Fuel Pump

Bad Fuel Pump: Symptoms, Causes & Fixes

Fuel pumps are like the central system of modern-day automobiles. Without the fuel pump, delivering fuel to the combustion chamber will be an impossible...
Bump Stops

What Are Bump Stops?

Most drivers might be experts on the wheels or be able to explain why white smoke comes out of their exhaust, but only a few...
How To Fix Dry Rotted Tires

How To Fix Dry Rotted Tires?

Having the best and right types of tires on your vehicle is critical to your safety when you drive. Tires need top-quality maintenance to...