What is a Class B Motorhome? (Explained)

What is a Class B Motorhome? (Explained)

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Have you been looking for a motorhome and need help deciding what to buy?

Several times, people want to get a motorhome but can’t seem to make up their mind on which to go for. You’ve probably heard about a Class B Motorhome, and you’ve been wondering what it is. Luckily for you, we’re here to make it much easier. This article is here to simplify Class B Motorhome while also pointing out some of the best class B motorhomes in the market for you.

A Class B Motorhome or RV is basically a smaller and ready-to-go motorhome that is much more convenient. The Class B RV and Motorhome setup is perfect for smaller groups and are typically built using a van or truck where you sometimes can spot a ford model as well. In this article, we will expand on the benefits and examples of these motorhomes.

Breaking it Down

A motor home is exactly like a passenger van, but one that has been transformed into a living space. That’s right; it comes with a sleeping area, a small bathroom, and a kitchenette. It is also fully motorized for the mobility of the owner. They are like an intersection between Class A motorhomes and a camper; most times, they are referred to as a camper van.

This is your best choice of a motorhome if you’re not ready to go for something as big as a Class A motorhome but would like much more living space than a camper can offer you. This motorhome type can even pull along a trailer if you need some additional space for your things. Because it is completely motorized, you don’t have to put much effort into backing the truck up or ensuring it is on par with your truck bed.

If you’re looking for some amazing motorhomes on the market, we’ve compiled ten of them for your perusal. Let’s take a look:

1. Winnebago Era

Winnebago Era

About 24 feet and six inches long, this class B motorhome is constructed on the Sprinter chassis of a Mercedes Benz. It comes with a 3L diesel engine and 4 wheels. There are amazing features like flex sleeping, which entails that your couch can double into a Queen bed or a twin-size bed.

There are also leather furnishings, a three-burner stove, a solar system for powering the van, and also an independent gallery. If you desire to live on your own and off the grid, this is the motorhome for you.

Top Features

  • 24 feet tall
  • 4-wheels drive option
  • Flex sleeping
  • Solar power system

2. Pleasure-Way Tofino

This is another top option for those looking for a motorhome; it is constructed on a Promaster chassis from Dodge Ram and is the latest release from Pleasure Way. It is over nine feet tall and about nine inches long as well.

It is apparently smaller than other models but comes with features that make it an amazing choice as your first motorhome. There is a pop-up roof you can enjoy, and if you’re looking for an extra sleeping space, there is an overhead bunk. There are also front swiveling seats and a solar power system to power the camper van.

Top Features

  • Overhead bunker
  • Pop-up roof
  • Solar power system
  • Touch-screen control

3. Winnebago Solis

Winnebago is known for making excellent vans, and this is another top creation from them. This is constructed on the Promaster Chassis as well and is over 6 inches tall with a pop-up roof. It is affordable and can accommodate a family; there is also a fantastic ergonomic chair behind the driver that others can enjoy.

It is a four sleeper and can also be used as a family hauler when needed. A fold-down Murphy bed comes with it, but it can be substituted for a rear sofa bed when more space is needed. It also comes with a solar system that powers the van, and there is an amazingly functional bath that campers can easily use. Other features include the burner stove, sink, fridge, and the heating system for when it is freezing.

Top Features

  • Functional wet bath
  • Ergonomic rear chair
  • Four sleeper
  • Insulation and heating system

4. Roadtrek CS/RS Adventurous

Another quality class B motorhome to watch out for is the Roadtrek Adventurous motorhome; it gives the same thrill a CR/S motorcycle gives bikers. The interior is great and perfect for moving both people and things.

Seven people can conveniently sit inside the RV motorhome which is a four-sleeper while the CS can seat six people and is a three-sleeper. Both versions of the Roadtrek motorhome come with a king-size bed at the rear and an overhead cabinet.

For a bathroom, it offers a shower system, which we love. These camper vans are also designed into two rooms in case you need to be away from others for a while. Other features include a kitchenette, windows, and a dinette.

Top Features

  • Too-room style
  • Shower system
  • King size bed
  • Overhead cabinets

5. Storyteller Overland

Another option you would enjoy is the Storyteller Overland because it is an excellent choice for when you plan to go off-road. This motorhome is built to last and comes with an aluminum roof and a ladder system; there is also a strong solar system that can conveniently run the AC on the rooftop.

Other motorhome features include a fridge, burner stove, shower bin that can be converted to a little bathtub, a microwave, and a retractable bed gear. Four people can conveniently sleep in this motorhome, and there is a firm seat/bed in the middle that can be adjusted into different modes when you simply want to lie back and relax.

Top Features

  • A retractable bed gear
  • Four sleeper
  • Strong solar system
  • Aluminum roofing

6. Kimbo 6

We simply love the Kimbo camper because it is a great value that can be gotten at a very low price. Looking at this motorhome, you can tell it is built to last due to its aluminum body. The interior of this camper can is cozy and is equipped with double sofas and screened windows. There is also a solar power system, and other add-ons like a kitchenette, working sink, a desk for when you wish to work, a water heater, and even a propane fireplace.

Top Features

  • Aluminum body
  • Double sofas
  • Double-panned screened windows
  • Solar power system

7. Airstream

Airstream Class B motorhome is a popular one and made big waves when it was first introduced. Although small, it is completely adequate for your camping needs. It comes with a strong rear sofa you can easily convert into a bed for our relaxation. Features it comes with are side and rear cameras, collision prevention, and stability control that is electronic, leather furniture, a gallery, a water heater, and even an entertainment system.

Top Features

  • Leather furniture
  • Electronic stability control
  • Convertible rear sofa
  • Entertainment system

8. 5 Mars Imagine

Another unique one to watch out for is the 5 Mars; the vehicle is modified with a pop-up roof, foldable bed and two rear seats that allow the motorhome to conveniently accommodate four people besides the driver. It is waterproof and was also built on a Promaster chassis by RAM. Other features include a cabinet, water tan, fridge, sink, table, and a burner stove.

Top Features

  • Waterproof roofs
  • Four sleeper
  • Foldable bed
  • Built on RAM Promaster 1500

9. Hymer Aktiv S

If you’re looking for a European-styled class B motorhome, this is the one. It has a German floorplan, chassis, and roof, which makes this motorhome entirely German-engineered. It has bench seating, a galley, a shower bathroom with a small toilet, and also cabinets. The bed is a flip-up style, so you can always flip it up when you need additional space and is powered by a strong solar system.

Top Features

  • German-engineered
  • Flip-up bed
  • European-styled cabinets
  • Full bench seating

10. Midwest Automotive Design Motorhome

If you’re on the lookout for a class B motorhome with an aggressive look, this Midwest-designed automotive will fit your specifications. It comes with a rugged interior and high-wear flooring that makes this camper van ideal for outdoor sporting. This motorhome is where luxury meets ruggedness. It is painted black to accentuate the rugged look and is built to last. It comes with a solar system, kitchenette, shower bathroom, galley, and also a foldable bed.

Class B Monochrome: FAQs

Q: How can you successfully level a class B motorhome? 

You can use the bubble level as a reference and put leveling blocks under the tires to balance the tires. When it is near the level, it is more comfortable, and the plumbing system works better as well as the fridge.

Q: Where is it best to park a Class B motorhome? 

You can easily pack your motorhome in a car park or where vans are packed. However, you must get more clearance for your motorhome as it is taller than cars and vans.

Q: What differentiates Class B Motorhomes from Class C?

Size and fuel efficiency is the main difference between both motorhomes classes. Class B motorhomes are typically smaller and are much easier to drive than Class C. It is also far more fuel-efficient and will help you save some funds.

Final Thoughts

Although the Class Bs are smaller, they are perfect for the prices they come in. They are cheaper than Class As and they are much easier to maintain than other motorhomes. They are a great choice as a first RV because they are easy to handle while also inexpensive when it comes to purchasing and fueling.

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