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How To Clean Car Floor Mats Like a Boss

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The interior of the car requires as much attention as you do for the exterior. From the body to the engine, every part of the car must receive special care. The floor of the car is where you place your leg and the mat receives all the dirt and debris your shoes have contact with.

Cleaning the floor mats in your car is critical to keeping your car fresh and clean. To clean the floor mats like a boss you first need to determine what type of floor mats you have. Then you can choose the best floor mat cleaning solution. This article will offer all the tips you need to clean your car floor mat and lift away the debris, dirt, food splashes, and many more. Keep reading.

Why You Need to Clean Floor Mats

You need to clean your car primarily because it is a major investment in your happiness. It’s the same as getting a new pair of shoes or a dream shirt. When they get dirty, you don’t think about why you should wash them; you wash them because they are a source of confidence for you.

As a part of cleaning your car, you should also clean up floor mats because they could begin to smell offensive and affect your health if not cleaned up. And perhaps you would like to resale the car much later; keeping it clean and optimized would be a good step in achieving your plans.

Tips on Cleaning Floor Mats

  • Get a auto mat cleaner

The first step to cleaning a floor mat is by getting a good automotive floor mat clean agent. These agents are usually packaged in spray cans and are easily accessible at automotive sale outlets. Some of these cleaning agents are odor dispelling Turtle Wax T-246Ra, Blue Coral DC22 Upholstery, and car guys’ premium super cleaners.

  • Choose an easy-to-use Brush

If you desire to do a thorough cleaning job, you must use a heavy and compact brush to wash your floor mats. Some stubborn stains and microbes could adhere firmly to the floor mat, and until you show them who’s boss, they are prepared to remain on your floor mat as illegal occupants.

  • Bring the floor mats out

It would not be so cool to wash the floor mats inside your car because some of the car’s electrical components may begin to malfunction after your washing spree. Therefore, you ought to bring the floor mats out before washing them.

  • Wash all other parts of your car

You shouldn’t just fix a washing date for the floor mats only. As you clean up the floor mat, ensure to ‘carry’ the other car parts along.

  • Clean up the floor carpet too

It makes no sense to wash a floor car mat only to place it upon a dirt infested carpet. Thus, as you wash your floor mat, the floor carpet should not be neglected.

clean floor mats

Types of Car Floor Mats: Plastic and Carpets

After you have put together all the necessary cleaning agents, it’s time to wash the floor mats. The technique you would employ depends on the type of floor mat you are dealing with, whether plastic (rubber) or carpet.

  • Rubber or Plastic Floor Mats

These floor mats are mostly used in colder regions where snow and rain are the day’s order. The great thing about these floor mats is that they do not ‘get soaked’ when water gets on them, and they get dried easily too. To clean these mats, go through the following steps.

  • Get the mat out and use a scrapper or hit the mat on the floor to get debris out of it.
  • Wash with running water from a hose, use soap, sanitizers, and other available cleaners.
  • Allow the mat to dry under the sun and reinstall it back on the car.
  • Carpet Floor Mats
  • Bring out the mats from the car as you did with the rubber mats
  • With a vacuum’s aid, remove all debris from the carpet.
  • Use the carpet cleaning agent or vinegar to wash the floor mat. While brushing the carpet, do so gently so that it doesn’t get torn,
  • Wash the soap away with running water, then allow the mat to be sundry.

How to Remove Stains From Floor Mats?

If there are stubborn stains on your floor mat that refuses to go away by ‘normal’ washing methods, you could take any of the following steps as appropriate.

  1. Apply paint thinner and small quantities of salt to the grease stain. After that, it would come off easily.
  2. Spray the difficult stain with a solution containing a mixture of vinegar, soap, dishwashing soap, and baking soda. Leave this on for some time before scrubbing it off.
  3. Formulated cleaners are the final resort if you are combating a very stubborn stain. Just apply a small quantity of the required cleaner, and the deal is done.

Final Thoughts

There is nothing wrong if you choose to take your car floor mats out for serious washing. This becomes more pertinent if there are tougher stains on them. With the aid of an absorbent cotton towel, you can wash your car floor mats and get rid of the stain and any soap residue left on it.

However, you should ensure that the mat fully dries before you return them to the floor of your car. One thing you must not do is to put your car floor mat in a dryer or washing machine.

Cleaning the car floor mats can be tricky if you don’t have the strategy. Although they may not be expensive, car floor mats require a careful cleaning process as you do on your car body. 

Any of the steps above that you take will be a walk in the park; you won’t regret it. It isn’t very difficult to become a pro at cleaning your floor mats. Just take the required steps outlined in this article and boom! Dirty floor mats would become a thing of the past. But make sure you go for the best car floor mats.

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